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01-31-10, 2:50 AM
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From friends :)

Posted by asinankurus | 01-31-10, 2:50 AM | 4 comments
asinankurus | 05-01-11, 8:01 PM
Err, these messages has already been here for one year...?
Now I feel so bad for not checking my MAL blog regularly...
cutiep809 | 04-21-10, 6:33 PM
Love the cards! :) how do u do the shapes? for the first one?
Vcruzer | 03-17-10, 7:38 PM
I love every single one of these, especially the KyouyaXTamaki one *_*
anime-luv336 | 03-05-10, 4:55 PM
haha u posed my thnx card!
well thnx for posting it :)