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10-20-09, 5:16 PM
Anime Relations: Kuroshitsuji, Kobato., Kuroshitsuji II, Gosick
This is just a random collection profile. Sorry for the length, I will put the spoiler tags back when mal working again.
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Kobato Profile

Allen Walker Profile:

Gosick Profile

Kanda Profile

Lemon Profile


Posted by Suzune-chan | 10-20-09, 5:16 PM | 3 comments
Niteshade | 08-10-14, 4:11 PM
OMG!! Wow these are soooo pretttyyy!! I really like the Allen Walker's profile!! xDD
Shishio-kun | 01-24-14, 6:18 PM
Nice! Really good use of colors and images all mesh together well.
Aki-no-Hime | 05-12-13, 6:58 PM
Amazing <3
akakuwings | 08-28-12, 1:50 AM
Awesome work! *.*