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09-26-09, 4:48 PM
Only my absolute best of friends get a theme.

My theme XD:



Sadie (she may be my other self but she's deserving of one.)




A tribute to how I feel about everyone I've met here on MAL:
Posted by Tamoball | 09-26-09, 4:48 PM | 3 comments
Blueruby | 05-03-12, 6:48 PM
Have I told you lately that I love you? <3
Syrai | 11-05-10, 1:09 PM
Feels like I'm in a fighting scene. Awesomeness.
I almost thought it was Sakuya's theme song which would have been funny considering.....Lol you know. :D
Thanks I love it. :D
Blueruby | 06-21-10, 7:00 PM
I miss you.
Blueruby | 09-26-09, 4:59 PM
THANK YOU I SO LOVE IT!!! Best ever!
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