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09-07-09, 7:15 PM
This is what I created, using my hands and a bit of salt and lots of sugar:

Why did I create this? Because my friends were speaking their own language and talking about politics and religion.

Saskie XD
Posted by Saskie | 09-07-09, 7:15 PM | 8 comments
mandralyne | 11-17-10, 5:12 PM
Very cool. -thumbs up-
Jakarayi | 12-01-09, 7:52 PM
what boredom but still that is where creativity is created.
Retro8bit | 11-06-09, 2:36 PM
Wow, now that is some talent right there. If I were still a kid, I would ask if I could bring you to "show and tell!"
rym_alph | 09-21-09, 5:34 PM
wow better than i could do
Saskie | 09-15-09, 3:57 AM
You can see my shadow over the picture... Don't stalk me ^^;;

Tenno_Seremel | 09-14-09, 12:50 PM
Nice (^__^) I don't seem to have those kind of talents (^ ^)
Saskie | 09-07-09, 8:18 PM
XD Thanks <3

omnissiah | 09-07-09, 8:03 PM
wow what great art with salt lol
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