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Owari no Seraph
7 TV 1/12 Okay. First episode: Great. Second episode so far: "You have to make a friend to have your suspension lifted." ...What? That's one of the dumbest concepts I've heard in a while.
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Shokugeki no Souma
9 TV 18/24 ....Where has this show BEEN all my life? It\'s incredible to watch. And the cooking is just so... it\'s so accurate to what actual cooking should BE. And Soma is such a great main character! ^_^ I gotta take lessons from these guys!
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Ame-iro Cocoa
5 TV 2/12 ....Well, it\'s one of those short little shows... 0_0 But it has Mamoru Miyano and Hiro Shimono in it. <3 Eh, why not?
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Noragami Aragoto Airing
8 TV 1/- :D I waited so long to watch this show again, and it's as great as ever! I love how they gave more insight on Bishamon, I was hoping that they would, and it hasn't failed me yet!
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7 TV 7/13 ....And with episode 6... it has officially begun.
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6 OVA 1/8 XD It's honestly a VERY cute show... Little 12 year olds talking about love. Wasn't something I did back then, but still so cute.
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Angel Beats! Specials
7 Special 1/2 It was full of comedy. ^_^ Loved seeing another side of Shiina!
TV: 5, OVA: 1, Movies: 0, Spcl.: 1, Eps: 31, DL Eps: 0, Days: 0.49, Mean Score: 7.0, Score Dev.: -0.38