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Synonyms: Maken-Ki! Battling Venus
Japanese: マケン姫っ!


Type: TV
Episodes: 12
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Oct 5, 2011 to Dec 21, 2011
Duration: 25 min. per episode
Rating: R+ - Mild Nudity
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Ranked: #41272
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Based on the manga series by Hiromitsu Takeda, this romantic comedy is about Takeru Ohyama, a typical perverted teenage boy. His new school doesn't require entrance exams, and it just turned co-ed! Unfortunately, his dreams of a happy high school life are dashed when he finds out the school is much more than it seems. All of the students wield a special item—a Maken—to unleash their magical abilities in duels! Can Takeru find a Maken that works for him? Even while trying to fit in at a new school and dealing with all kinds of girl problems?

(Source: FUNimation)

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Sequel: Maken-Ki! OVA
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Characters & Voice Actors

Amaya, Haruko
Amaya, Haruko
Shitaya, Noriko
Shitaya, Noriko
Rial, Monica
Rial, Monica
Himegami, Kodama
Himegami, Kodama
Yahagi, Sayuri
Yahagi, Sayuri
Lee, Myeong seon
Lee, Myeong seon
Kushiya, Inaho
Kushiya, Inaho
Nomizu, Iori
Nomizu, Iori
Ballard, Tia
Ballard, Tia
Ooyama, Takeru
Ooyama, Takeru
Maeno, Tomoaki
Maeno, Tomoaki
Sinclair, Ian
Sinclair, Ian


Ohata, Koichi
Yamada, Yasunori
Marchi, Jamie
Ise, Mariya
Theme Song Performance

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Oct 20, 2014
A school for magical combat. A loser kid with a heart of gold has several girls who are interested in him, although some of them won't admit it. It turns out he has a super powerful magic ability. Where have I seen this concept before? Oh, right. Everywhere. The plot isn't original. And the setting isn't original. And the characters aren't original. This anime follows the formula and does not stray from it one bit. If you like the formula, you'll like this anime.

Story: 4

A high school that teaches magical combat. Where have I read more
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Apr 16, 2014
The following anime review is excluding the fact that this is a fan service intensive ecchi. I’ll now summarise this anime, in a new section that I’m dubbing the ToyBox - feedback is encouraged and well appreciated!

This anime is bad; especially in comparison to other ecchis. The only ‘creditable’ aspects of this anime were: the concept and the fan service (for those who love fan service this is one of the best ecchis).

I repeat, this anime isn’t for people who like their fan service served with a good plot, you’d probably only enjoy this anime if you enjoy seeing pretty girls with inordinately read more
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Mar 4, 2012
Alright so I'll try to keep from bashing this anime as much as some of the other reviews have done. It may be hard to do, but I'll give it a shot.

Maken-Ki is not quite the standard harem ecchi show. It kind of wavers between having great potential to trying to blow it's whole load on fanservice and saying "screw the plot." In the end it rather tends to lean toward the latter, which is a shame for the potential it had early on.

Story: Surprising to see ecchi anime with a good plot. Takeru is your usual perverted kid that wants to spend his days read more
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Feb 20, 2012
Story 3/10
This story takes place at a school once exclusively for girls —aka pussy high— tenbi. The main character, Mr.Ohyama Takeru, goes to this school primarily because he’s looking for sex and also because he’s too retarded to hire a hooker. Actually, I lied. He doesn’t try to screw any of these girls. He just plays pervert and stares at their censored panties. Here my friends, we have the first problem of an ecchi series. Ecchi series always tend to confuse me. I can’t tell if we’re supposed to masturbate furiously while watching them, or just stare at them with a huge boulder—rock solid geodude— read more
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Both are panty-fighter shows, that is, with the heroines dueling each other until their clothes are shredded. Even when the heroines are clothed, the anime directors still insist on showing low-angle panty shots and exposed chests, along with the girls dressed in provocative clothing for their commercial breaks. Both series insist on giving the girls a nickname, a relative ranking (for Freezing), body measurements, weapon names, and special abilities, as if they were selectable characters for a video game.

The male protagonist joins a school full of fighting girls, lacking abilities of his own at first, but developing some based on his lineage (from family members who died prior to the series). Takeru in Maken-ki does not have a primary romantic interest but he attracts the same types of harem characters including a cold-hearted beauty with extraordinary powers (Himegami) and a childhood friend who latches onto him and who makes the others jealous (Inaho). The girls mainly fight each other but later they ally to support each other as they get involved with rival organizations with characters from around the world (Team Venus) and the over-arching conglomerate called the Kamigari who act as an antagonist. Maken-ki does have guys that also fight and have special powers.

Freezing is also centered about a bunch of school girls fighting, but there are more guys in the background as support characters, but outside of Kazuya and Arthur, they stay in the background. The main guy Kazuya is fairly useless at the start of the series, but stays loyal to the tsundere heroine Satellizer, while attracting the affections of a second girl Rana, who coincidentally uses hand-to-hand combat and hardened gauntlets like Minaho. He later develops some inherent abilities that surprise the staff, while Satellizer also shows an extraordinary ability to learn and develop her abilities. The other girls initially serve as rivals; like Maken-ki, they come from all over the world, and would later become allies for the common cause. Some of the authority figures from both the student body as well as alumni teachers are heavily involved in the series (Yumi and Elise in comparison to Minori and Aki). The faculty even get their own prequel series (Freezing: Zero) although Maken-ki’s prequel is much shorter, barely lasting a few chapters. The graduates join an organization called the Chevalier to defend the world from oncoming invaders, but the organization itself is suspect. Freezing is more violent as girls lose their limbs and get stabbed a lot, with explanations that they can regenerate them later.

Both series came out around the same time in both manga and anime form, and have been dubbed by Funimation, although it is interesting that some of the voice actors have disguised themselves under aliases for one of the series and not both. They both come in censored and uncensored formats.
reportRecommended by Angus - Add to favorites

Both were set in an all girls school turned coed.

Both muchachos (male lead) have lecherous tendencies as well as being losers.

Both involves usage of magic and superpowers.

Both chiquitas (main female lead) are a year older than the muchchos.

Both have the same amount of intense ecchi.

Both also has the same harem genre.

And, both muchachos (male lead) have special abilities.


The lead chiquita in Maken-ki is the muchacho's childhood friend, while in Highschool DxD there is no childhood friend to link the muchacho with.

In Highschool DxD the lead chiquita has no problems being naked in front of the muchacho because they maintain a master and slave relationship, while the muchacho in Maken-ki is sure to get a beating if he ever sees the lead chiquita naked.

The chiquita in Highschool DxD is a club president of the Occult Club and came from a long line of demons, while in maken-ki the lead chiquita is a student council Vice President as well a drom supervisor.

On has extra genre of action and martial arts, while the other has demon and supernatural as its extra genre.
Lots of girls. One guy. Powers. Action. Fighting. Love. It is almost the same thing except they aren't in school.
A single lucky seemingly useless (at the very least; boring, normal and/or plain) guy, gets into a school mainly comprised of beautiful girls that battle one another as part of their school days with super powers. Except IS is more sci-fi, and Maken-Ki is martial arts. Both male protagonists have a harem of girls after his affection without them having to lift a finger; you're typical harem anime.
The same fighting girls who can kick ass, and the same kind of harem where guy is involve and quite frankly both anime are not for the conservative ones, and it's only for those who are after the entertainment side of it.
Both their schools are weird, are harem , and have many ecchi scenes here and there.

Opening Theme

"Fly Away" by Mizuki Togashi

Ending Theme

#01: "Baby! Baby!" by Noriko Shitaya & Iori Nomizu (ep 1)
#02: "Baby! Baby!" by Sayuri Yahagi & Noriko Shitaya (ep 2)
#03: "Baby! Baby!" by Misuzu Togashi & Aya Gouda (ep 3)
#04: "Baby! Baby!" by Sayuri Yahagi & Misuzu Togashi (ep 4)
#05: "Baby! Baby!" by Noriko Shitaya & Shizuka Furuya (ep 5)
#06: "Baby! Baby!" by Iori Nomizu & Sayuri Yahagi (ep 6)
#07: "Baby! Baby!" by Rie Tanaka & Satomi Akesaka (ep 7)
#08: "Baby! Baby!" by Mariya Ise & Rie Tanaka (ep 8)
#09: "Baby! Baby!" by Saeko Zougou & Misato (ep 9)
#10: "Baby! Baby!" by Rina Satou & Rina Hidaka (ep 10)
#11: "Baby! Baby!" by Misuzu Togashi & Noriko Shitaya (ep 11)
#12: "Baby! Baby!" by Noriko Shitaya & Iori Nomizu & Sayuri Yahagi (ep 12)

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