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English: Witchblade
Japanese: ウィッチブレイド


Type: TV
Episodes: 24
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Apr 6, 2006 to Sep 21, 2006
Duration: 24 min. per episode
Rating: R - 17+ (violence & profanity)
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Although both series takes places at different settings, Claymore and Witchblade definitely has some similarities.

For instance, both series has strong female characters who are literally weapons and has powers beyond those of a normal human. Both series explores the identities, themes, and histories of some of these characters throughout the series.

Both series features plenty of action, drama, and also has violence involving gore.

Both series has a darker side to its plot as the episodes progresses that shows more emotions.

Both series' main female protagonist also has a strong will and is willing to do whatever it takes to achieve her goals and ambitions.
Chalked full of Action and ready to kick ass! Both series have a Female protagonist who has to do dirty work. While Witchblade has the protagonist wielding a special "power" called the Witchblade, Mnemosyne has the protagonist wield a power of Invulnerability/Regeneration. Mnemosyne is a bit more gory than Witchblade but its an Excellent anime by my standards. Mnemosyne is still currently Airing (at a slow rate) but the 3 Episodes that are currently out are a must SEE!

For the guys: Witchblade being the boob-a-licious anime it is, Mnemosyne has a bit of nudity here and there. so 18+! (NOT HENTAI >=O )

both a very action pack and both the main charaters are almost if not all the time not wareing very much.both are also a tragedy but have very good endings
Both feature main characters who are parents that would do anything for their children and have super-powered alter ego's. Both have to with conspiracy's and the main characters working for major corporations.
Deadly "suits" that possess their users, similar pro/antagonists, and lots of flesh (and blood).
Both are strong female characters at the forefront used as weapons. They both involve the government/ advancing of weaponry. Witchblade and Crystal Blaze have a very similar feel.
In spite of the descriptions and (Witchblade's, in particular) advertisement images suggesting the two are very much action series, deceptively enough the titles are actually character-focused stories of family and love. The sci-fi elements are never satisfyingly explained, and the pacing would put off those looking for non-stop flashy action/boobs/lesbianism.

The averages of the two being at around the 7.5/10 mark is probably down to them attracting the wrong crowd; those not interested in the bonds of love shared by a mother & daughter and two 'sisters'. Both are highly recommended to those who value characterization above everything else.
This is a very similar to Witchblade.
If you're looking for mother-child relationship, or in accurate a women and a little girl caring for her, then this is what you seek next.
These two series are in a totally different genre from each there, but they hold that point that will make you appreciate the bond between these two girls, and the thrilling moments they've been passing through.
-Both animes contain physical transformations (transforming into another advanced species)
-Both main characters have respect for human live
-If you like gore and stuff then i'd recommend watching both of them (tho zetman has more)

You should seriously watch these if you're interested in sci-fi & action. Enjoy ^^
Both quite dark and gritty in both storylines and animation style however one is rather lazier than the other in plot development and in the fullness and diversity on the character
Which one is the lazy one?
In both series, a single male adult opts to take on the responsibility of looking after a child (children) due to a force of circumstances
Similarity :
+ In both series, a single male adult opts to take on the responsibility of looking after a child (children) due to a force of circumstances.

Different :
+ Usagi drop is simple slice of life anime
+ Witchblade is heavy action anime (with some gore & fanservice)
Both contain protagonists that are significantly augmented by mysterious powers they didn't want in the first place.
Both have little kids who play an important role to the story. They help make the MC a better character. They add spunk.
Similarity :
+ In both series, a single male adult opts to take on the responsibility of looking after a child (children) due to a force of circumstances.
+ The MC (Segawa Yuuta & Amaha Masane) is the adult people that are still learning how to raise their children
+ Many events (in both anime) are associated with their children

Different :
+ Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai! is simple slice of life anime
+ Witchblade is heavy action anime (with some gore & fanservice)
main characters being led on without fulyl realising it but at the same time not blindly following orders completley. main characters in both are doing what they have to to reach their goals. witchblade is about mother who unknowingly has the worlds strongest weapon permenantly attached to her. And uses the weapon to work for a weapons company so that her daughter will not be taken away
reportRecommended by sw1c - Add to favorites
They are both based on popular American comic book series.
reportRecommended by TVC15 - Add to favorites
Both feature female protaganists in a mature and violent anime. Both also have realistic combat, at least more realistic than shonen anime.
Both anime have the character design of Makoto Uno, and involve ecchi, action, and super powers.
Both use the idea of superhumans and experients connected to greedy corperate rich guys trying to take over the world (long sentence, I know). Both mains have huge responsabilitys with trying to protect their loved ones.
Like in witchblade plays this anime around an intrigue of two big companys who rule the world.
At a first glance, but the main characters' glowy transformation from Earth Maiden seemed similar.
Both deal with characters with supernatural powers that ultimately lead to their own destruction. Both titles are also full of action and involve great storylines and character development.
Both involve a beautiful woman that can transform into a bloodthirsty superhuman being recruited by the government to fight people with similar powers that have gone mad, and the ending plot twist is similar for each.
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