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Higurashi no Naku Koro ni

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni

Alternative Titles

English: When They Cry
Synonyms: The Moment the Cicadas Cry
Japanese: ひぐらしのなく頃に


Type: TV
Episodes: 26
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Apr 5, 2006 to Sep 27, 2006
Duration: 24 min. per episode
Rating: R - 17+ (violence & profanity)
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Horror, Supernatural & a lot of bloodshed (neither recommended to be watched past midnight) *shiver*
Guy moves into a town which holds a mystery that unravels troughout the show. Higurashi has some lighter slice of life episodes, but that's cool because it's pretty long including -kai.
Highly reccomend both
reportRecommended by arnxx - Add to favorites
Both are very enticing supernatural murder mysteries
A compelling high-school romance-drama with a gruesome twist, School Days takes everything people love about the high-school romance genre and combines it with the suspense and bizarre twist of Higurashi.
Both anime have completely psychotic characters and an insane story line.
Both series promise murder and suspense, but where Chaos;Head fails to follow through, Higurashi delivers.
With Ookami Kakushi, think of a much softer, less violent version of Higurashi. Except, what we seem to be dealing with isn't a festial revolving around a god of death, but a wolf god. There are enough changes, for it to be it's own story, yet simular enough to ask, did the creator get some ideas from Higurashi? That includes some of the sound effects.
One major inspiration for Madoka Magica - a show which starts off like a bubbly, innocent anime but eventually descends into madness, mass hysteria and distrust among people, as well as murder - but ultimately shows the idealistic themes of friendship and trust.
Crazy girls "harem" for the main character, mystery and torture.
They share a similar eerie mood and atmosphere.
Both series contain things/people that control others, except in Higurashi it's not obvious what it is.
Both stories are not exactly linear, and both have some comedy dispite the violence.
Both are thriller anime with a great deal of suspense and mystery. They both start out with a light almost happy go lucky feeling then everything turns dreadfully..dreadfully wrong. They both have great plot's, and while at first they may actually confuse the other. Higurashi just has a considerably greater amount of gore than steins;gate, but both are excellent watches. IF you like one you will probably like the other too.
Both made by 07th Expansion and has the gore and time travel thing going on.
They are really similar since it's by the same guy, Ryukishi07.
And I mean.. the titles..
So, they are extremely similar.
Both of these animes deal with villages that harbor a dark secret. Both of the villages have residents that take justice into their own hands. In Higurashi, the secret is much more hidden. In H2O, not a lot of effort is made to hide the secret
Ghost Hound and Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni is similar in terms of the psychological things it might give the viewer while watching it. Although Ghost Hound has a more complicated and professional way of showing and stating things, it is still similar with HNNKN in terms of boggling your mind.
both are very good horror animes, although not very similar. And both have 3rd seasons to be out this year ^^
This may sound weird, but both have a guy that somehow changes, affects the other girls' life. Both have drama. In both we can see how a person changes the other's life and life is full of possibilities.
reportRecommended by Ozey - Add to favorites
Both have the same "Groundhog Day" theme, though Higurashi isn't as repetitive or annoying in my opinion.
Both are psychological, mindfuck, thriller, and for a mature audience.
Both creep you out, keep you wondering about what’s happening, and mess up your brain.
Both anime, in a way or another, deal with mysteries, split personalities, paranoia, and deaths.
Both have intricate plots, a dark atmosphere, and very few light-hearted moments.
Both anime even have a non-conventional god. :-D
Even though in Higurashi there are several protagonists and in SEL the only main character is Lain, in both anime the girls protagonists are young and cute, but actually hide something and can be scary at times. Higurashi is way more violent and bloody, but Lain also has some creepy moments.
Both are awesome and unique anime.
Both centre around the unique features of a small, remote village and the events that have transpired there. Kamisama Dolls is less severe about it, since the majority of the series takes place in a more urban setting and deals with the repercussions, whereas Higurashi definitely tends toward the worst case scenario -- but as each piece of the backstory for Kamisama Dolls is revealed, it becomes increasing obvious that it's not exactly sunshine and lollipops either.
What I liked about Higurashi was the way it spun a tale, even though it could be a tad violent at times. The storyline was one that kept you guessing, and I had been looking for something of simular storyline, perhaps not as violent or into the horror genera as that. I found that in Durarara!!... which has it's own unexpected twists into the realm of stretching the believability in just the right ways.
Both deal with characters who are paranoid and question reality. If you enjoyed one you'll likely enjoy the other as well.
Horror anime involving a group of students where many people die gruesomely (but the gore is much more extreme in Corpse Party than Higurashi). Some characters are driven insane and just about everyone acts unnaturally due to the extreme psychological pressures and fear at one point or another. They both have some supernatural elements.
While Higurashi no naku koro ni is a lot more Mystery and about mysterious murders, both of them contain a lot of gore.
If one is looking for a dark horror, somethig that pulls on the senses, but not necisarily something that makes you to afraid to go to sleep at night, perhaps these are it. Each is unique in their own way, not to mention they both have a crisp style, floating from dark to light, a gothic feeling through the whole thing.
Both of them are horror anime with their main strong point being the plot. The gruesome killings from the Kiseijuu can also be found in Higurashi or even more. There is another strong resemblance with Kiseijuu but it's a huge spoiler so only those that watched Higurashi will understand.
Normal teenagers go crazy and kill each other. Great psychological anime.
Both horror with a lot of mystery and questions. You may think you know something but then later you find you that you were totally off. Full of surprises.
Both of these shows feature time loops where the same plot is acted out, taking a different turn each time, and frequently overlaps, with things being told slightly differently. Higurashi is a lot more bright colors and slapstick humor, whereas Tatami Galaxy is somewhat darker humor, with less emphasis on little kids killing each other and laughing.
If you liked The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, you would find Higurashi no Naku Koro ni to be quite similar, as the atmosphere in both series is the same. Both series start off very ordinary as the characters go through their normal school lives, but as the series progresses, the plotline goes from boring and ordinary to quite fascinating and extraordinary. The whole genre of these two series is practically identical, so I would recommend Higurashi no Naku Koro ni and its sequel, Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai, for anyone who enjoys mystery and a litte horror, and anyone who had fun watching The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya.
both series have very happy beginnings, leading the viewer into immense shock and terror later in the series. in other words, both series's are very effictive works of shock and horror involving children as the perpetrators
well...they are both really awesome horror anime, and they have tons of bloodshed.
also dont watch ether if its nighttime :D
While not necessarily about murders, it is a twisted tale of paranoia (hence the title), strange stories and odd plot twists.
Higurashi is not a reverse harem, but both have a time loop plot that is triggered by a death. Keep in mind Higurashi will show that gore that this show has decide to leave out in place of a soft hearted love story, it seems.
Both have a bit of mystery.
I know these two series may seem not similar at all- Higurashi's action takes place only in one small village and there are only a few characters, while Code Geass talks about a world conflict and have a lot of charas. But, in my opinion, both animes have the same message- you have to trust your friends, and take responsibility for your sins.
Both involving strange/mad/problematic girls around a new man in town, temples and holy things. Both had alternative feelings (higurashi:comedy and horror, air:comedy and that sad drama)
Both start off as cute moe comedies before switching to a horror style.
Both are psychological violence that have characters with cute designs are overtaken by fatal violent encounters.
Both are violent, bloody series that show the dark side of humanity in an unflinching manner.
Both are happy on the outside but you can sense a darker plot forming
Both have this feeling of "moe, gore and harem" with them and are based on visual novels. Grisaia no Kajitsu's first ep ended up just like Higurashi would, with this dark feeling on it. I must admit I was going to drop it, but for some reason I ended up watching the whole ep, and I'm glad I did. It's not so bad, however, it has this feeling of "getting worse during next episodes" that I hate.

I guess that if you liked Higurashi you'll at least have this nostalgia feeling with Grisaia, since they're pretty similar.
Both involve time loops with one girl returning to the same past to change the future. Both involve certain rules to change the past. While Ushinawareta Mirai is more slice of life with a hint of science fiction, Higurashi is more horror. Also Higurashi's story is much more fleshed out than Ushinawareta mirai and has better character development.
Both are set in an isolated town that is quiet or 'boring' if you will. Experiments are conducted and both shows have a lot of gore and...just...both are very MINDBLOWING!
Things start mysteriously repeating, as time itself seems to bend around freely while keeping many secrets from the viewer up until the very end.
Both anime start off seemingly as a slice of life, but actually are both situated in worlds that have more to it than meets the eye, with antagonists in the shadows aiming for the main character's life.

Both anime have the main character grabbing a baseball bat to defend himself when he feels threatened by something observing him from a distance. Both main characters have cute girls attempting to kill them constantly for a deeper reason than just mindless violence.

Both shows revolve around the theme of friendship and youth, with a mystery element.
Both the Aoi Bungaku Series and the Higurashi series are dark in their own way, and both anime stories consists of arcs, which are smaller storylines that helps piece together the anime as a whole.
Haruhi Suzumiya(second season specifically) and higurashi both deal with repeating time and i found the atmosphere of clubs, brigade leader to be similar.
Both shows are very dark themed and very gory but RIN is slightly more adult but both offer plenty for the adult anime fan
Both focuses on the paranormal and scary aspects of storytelling. While Higurashi can be downright wicked, gruesome, and horrifyingly disgusting, Ghost Hunt dwells more on a Scooby-Doo type of investigations that can be just as scary and horrifying.
Most people think that Higurashi is a violent anime. But I think Kara no Kyoukai is even more so. While Kara no Kyoukai's plot development is not as strong as Higurashi's, it offers better action scenes with good graphics and an even better soundtrack. Both are high quality anime.
They are both seemingly cute on the surface. one more than the other. However the characters have to deal with emotional struggle, bloodshed, and unforeseen plot twists. At the core of these series though there is a deep message about love and friendship.
These 2 shows are very similar and i couldn't believe i didn't see it as a recommendation. One guy surrounded by crazy me there similar.
Both of these shows are high school dramas which swing from comedy to blood shed. Also they can both get away with killing all of the main characters but not have them actually die.
This has similar mystery and detective story elements to Monster. Has a little bit more of a horror tone to it.
Things are really confusing at the start of both these anime but get clearer as they go on. The way that Horizon is set up with the first 4 episodes reminds me of how Higurashi is set up. Higurashi is more of a horror where Horizon is more action. Both have little bits of romance in them
several of the characters from higurashi are in one of the episodes of this series. While there is unfortunately no yuri or even shoujo ai, the feeling you get when you watch it is pretty much the same. so are some of the themes.
Both involve cute, little girls in terrifying, violent situations.
Both animes are very strange and somewhat horrifying at times. They also have the ability to alternate between the mundane and much more intense scenarios. Both have superb characters, though those in BRS tend to be more believable and those in Higurashi tend to be more unique.
reportRecommended by owlf - Add to favorites
Same atmosphere and both are supernatural. Both contain blood scenes.
Both involve cute girls doing cute things. Personally, I find the moe aspect in K-On! a lot better than Higurashi, probably because Higurashi has more of a plot and its focus is driven away from moe.
reportRecommended by Orbin - Add to favorites
Both are mindscrewing have deep plot and mystery, involve fate, have comedy moments and cute characters, if you like the atmosphere of mawaru penguin drum or higurashi no naku koro ni and want to watch something that leaves you wondering whats happening , im sure you're going to enjoy both higurashi no naku koro ni (all the seasons) or mawaru penguin drum.
reportRecommended by darx - Add to favorites
While the studios are different, both anime series draw the audience into a mystery that requires some answers. They both give the same task for the audience, and that is to create theories to understand the events that happened before later episodes provide the answers.

The premise is nearly the same, where it's about a protagonist that ventures into a new setting and discovers the mystery that encircles a specific day. From there, unforeseen events are beyond the characters' control and lead them from one event to another.

They are both expository in story format, but Higurashi makes the events much more clearer than MCA's due it's chronology more pleasant to understand.
The two shows definitely have some similarities. Both have kids as the main character/characters, and both contain a mix of light comedic moments overshadowed by some seriously dark stuff. Kuroshitsuji is probably the lighter of the 2 (although it definitely has its share of disturbing moments)
Both concepts are a bit twisted. (I would recommend reading Aku no Hana because the anime isn't done yet.) I love them both and thought that they fell into similar categories because of the darkness of them both.
11Eyes has that same horror/mystery feel that Higurashi provides. It's always making you wonder "What the hell is going on?!" And it eventually tells you, as the plot picks up.
They're both horrors that both have relations with living life more than once, and they both have their funny moments too that softens the horror a little bit.
Both of them share the same blood and gore effects, but they also have a similar feel to it. People killing and getting killed but no one can figure it out.
Both of them involve crazy girls trying to kill the main male character. And has blood and gore. The main girl characters have very similar/sharp weapons.
This is the same ideology, which prove, that parallel worlds exist. After few episodes, there's reset and the plot is going diffrent way (including protagonist and one of main characters) and, in the very end, all storyline pieces are connecting to one.

That's the only similarity between this series, in fact, they've got totaly diffrent genres.
reportRecommended by 2Pack - Add to favorites
Once you dig in a little, there's this feeling of wrongness in the atmosphere and the characters. Murder mysteries that carry on for generations, curses, murderous impulses bequeathed upon people for X reason, usage of instruments of torture and murder, that sort of thing. The Higurashi series is far more bloody and maimy as it does follow through with maiming, murder and mayhem and we get to see a lot of that to a graphic degree, whereas Crime Edge is more about characters wielding cursed instruments of murder and controlling their murderous impulses by only imitating murder in order to stay sane.
reportRecommended by Numi - Add to favorites
Yandere, yangire, and everything in-between!
Both very Bizarre and Mysterious and stay that way throughout pretty much the Entire Series
Also they were both made by the Same Producers
Both of these shows are pretty misleading at first, with Shigofumi seeming like a magical girl anime, and Higurashi a harem/slice-of-life show. Both shows are also school-muder-dramas, and both shows have characters who scream "USODA" repeatedly.
I'll be simple and to the point: Both animé's make your head spin. It gets you on one track, and the next episode your expectation of what's gonna happen is completely changed! If you like animé's that you seriously need you to pay attention, these are the ones. Both also offer a small dose of comedy too.
Both involve a series of murders happening in a city.
In both the main characters are teenagers who have to deal with deaths and strange disappearances.
Both have scenes that repeat themselves, but seen from the point of view of different characters.
Both are gory, violent, creepy, confusing, and have a “desperate” feeling in them. Both are pretty psychotic. Both have a great soundtrack. Both also have a “god” or mysterious entity of sorta.
Both are amazing psychological anime.
What do these two anime's share? They share a build of suspence, a mystery that involves both the psycological and the supernatural, with a destinct building of the plot line. Both are dark, but also have an underlying aura to them or some sort of hope.
They both screw with you right from the get-go. Where Ga-Rei becomes somewhat normal after the first two episodes, Higurashi just keeps it up all the way to the finish line without ever stopping.
If youre attracted the beautiful gore and blood and guts found in Berserk, you live absolutely love the cute little demons in Higurashi.
Both storylines are dark and bloody. In Higurashi, one is left wondering who is controlling things from behind the scenes, while in the other, one is left wondering about the people's motives.
Exept the funny moments in Higurashi, they both gives the same "bad" feeling.
In Mononoke, just as in Higurashi, is some blood, you'll feel the creepiness and your head will be full of mystery. Yeah, mystery is the top of this recommendation - both, Higurashi and Mononoke, stands on this. It is very... psychotic.

If you liked Higurashi, you'll like Mononoke too.
If you liked Mononoke, you'll like Higurashi as well.
Both are somewhat disturbing (though be warned Higurashi has A LOT of blood in it)
Both have the common theme of fate
Both have different story lines every couple of episodes
Déjà vu and unexpected deaths. Nice visuals and characters. Misleading shows which alternate joy/harmless moments with thrill moments.
Sure, Higurashi is gruesome and disturbing while Zettai Shounen is a violence-free series that goes at a lethargic pace. However, the two are somewhat similar since both involve characters trying to figure out supernatural mysteries occuring in rural settings.
Both start of as funny, but gradually turn into dramatic and psychological anime, both also have different arcs which take place on the same day every arc.

Yosuga no Sora is Ecchi and Romance, while Higurashi is Horror
Both have Harem references in both however.

There is no incest in Higurashi but there is in Yosuga no Sora
Both involve a boy going to a town he once knew
Both have lots of gore and senseless violence also they both have characters with a hidden past.
Both male main characters look kind of gloomy (i can say they look kind of similar) and there are girls around them who do crazy stuff, and because of that they do crazy stuff, too. Blood involved.
Stories are actually VERYY different but i don't want to spoil :)
Both Anime's have a rather... dark motif to them, plus a supernatural twist in them that is not always evident, or becomes less evident as one goes on.
Both animes are about a guy surrounded by many cute girls. Both protagonists join a club and both experience weird things during their school life. They also both attend to a school situated in a creepy location.
Both are fairly standard stories executed FAR better and without many of the weaknesses most modern series possess.
While both series already have a scent of being "different" from the get-go, it isn't really touched upon until the final stages of the show.
Genres, lack of depth, and true coordination aside, these are some of the most enjoyable animes one can experience without any strings attached.

Oh, and they're not for those who can't tolerate blood and gore(especially When They Cry!).

Utawarerumono is a fantasy that, while based on a video game, bears NO weaknesses of similar adaptions.

When They Cry is based on a visual novel and uses a more extreme and puzzling storytelling method than most series do. Despite that, or rather because of it, it's even more alluring and fascinating than most animes in general.
Both are quite violent mystery animes taking place in small villages; in both crimes at first are thought to be committed by a demon, but everything turns out to be way more complicated.
reportRecommended by kkwt - Add to favorites
Both of them have lots of gore and psychologic drama in them, that makes them great, and you'll get hooked up with the story!
Both are taking place in one city/village. They also have a mystery murderer, some bloody scene and violence. Fate stay night is a lighter anime than higurashi, but if you like the other one, you probably like the other.
Both animes have a very similar dark/sinister feeling and in both animes a very tragic disaster occurs (you'll see if you see it [:) ...oh and they both have mindless killing >x]
In general, the similarity of these anime is that the heroes of the anime, hitting a certain area, are under the influence of so-called curse.
In Higurashi, it is called - "The Curse of Oyashiro-Sama", but Umi no Yami, Tsuki no Kage called "The Curse of Tutanhamon's".
Also, those cursed to be a physical explanation is that this is some bacteria, cat. alter the consciousness of the brain.
Accordingly, people exposed to this curse begin to lose their sanity and give vent to his goals and desires. And on the way to achieving its goal will not stop at nothing, even before the native twin sister.

Blood and dismemberment attached. ^__^
Surprisingly, both have similar themes about protecting the town and countryside from urban development, in both cases a dam, and both inolve the supernatural to a degree.
While they are both EXTREMELY different, they both involve cute characters(...Well, in Pussycat, mainly just the cat) being bloody and crazy.
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