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English: Steins;Gate
Japanese: シュタインズ・ゲート


Type: TV
Episodes: 24
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Apr 6, 2011 to Sep 14, 2011
Genres: Sci-Fi, Thriller
Duration: 24 min. per episode
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older
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In both series, the characters struggle to decide the outcome of the future with what they already know. 
reportRecommended by Riftguardian
Both are designed to deceive viewers and troll them afterwards. :3
They also share some tropes (perhaps because of Nitro+) and deal with hopelessness and despair. Amazing mindraping shows. 
reportRecommended by insoo
Both series deal with unique takes on time travel and the consequences of changing the past. They both have elements of comedy and romance and both surprised me as they wouldn't normally be shows/movies I'm drawn to. 
reportRecommended by Ian-sama
The many-worlds interpretation and quantum physics. Not your usual anime bedfellows. Both series deal with time travel under the assumption that every choice we make can create an alternate, divergent time-line / dimension.

Noein is a lot more ambitious than Steins;Gate, which preferred to stay within time travel limited to days-weeks and the same area. In Noein, the other selves of the child cast time travel with enhanced bodies; conversing with their younger selves as they fight using superpowers and struggle to sustain their bodies in a dimension they don't belong in. The future involving an entity known as 'Noein' destroying all alternate  read more 
reportRecommended by AironicallyHuman
The idea that a secret organisation, according to the protagonist, is conspiring against him is a similarity. At the same time both series are perverted and both have a somewhat weird/special female side-character.

The main characters in both series also seems a bit awkward when trying to interact with 'normal' people, yet somewhat like a leader among their own small clique/group of friends (which seems to be a coding guy and the weird girl in both series).

Besides that, they also have in common that reality seems somewhat off or twisted to the protagonist. There might be more, but this is  read more 
reportRecommended by Skaya
Both have different worlds and the concept of time travel  
reportRecommended by Dashiawia
Both are thriller anime with a great deal of suspense and mystery. They both start out with a light almost happy go lucky feeling then everything turns dreadfully..dreadfully wrong. They both have great plot's, and while at first they may actually confuse the other. Higurashi just has a considerably greater amount of gore than steins;gate, but both are excellent watches. IF you like one you will probably like the other too. 
reportRecommended by kokopuffs591
Its about changing time/fate to save some one soo dear even if it means sacrificing oneself. So many twist keeps u on the edge of your sit every episode and story lines changes so you dont even know whats going one even when you thought you just had, it.

Both Amazing animes. 
reportRecommended by BeautifulViolet
Both have mysterious feel. And there is a similar point that both animes share. 
reportRecommended by atobesama
Both have the same sort of drama and similar feel at some point 
reportRecommended by Meau94
Both series superficially focus on conspiracies involving shadowy organisations and mobile phones, but are actually most memorable for their eccentric and charming protagonists, excellent humour, entertaining central romances, a strong sense of interaction between the cast and fat shut-in hackers. 
reportRecommended by Enderesonix
Durarara!! and Steins;Gate share quite a few interesting themes:

* Both start off with a slow paced "slice of life" ambience that, very subtly, foreshadows the following...
* ...Jump into a neatly intertwined plot.
* Insane characters;
* Norse Mythology references;
* A sprinkle of metaphysics: Time Travel (in Steins;Gate) and Norse Myth Fairies (in Durarara!!).

If you liked any of these aspects in one series, you'll most likely also enjoy the other.

Also, there's the "same voice actor" bonus: Mamoru Miyano  read more 
reportRecommended by aleatorio
Steins;Gate are similar in the way that they both require critical thinking and your absolute attention for a clear understanding of what is really going on. Both these anime"s are dark, though Steins;Gate starts of with a lot of humour.Also, the voice actor of the main characters are indeed the same. 
reportRecommended by TRiZZy96
Time traveling, Cellphones, romance, and plotholes 
reportRecommended by MagicFlier
- Non-linier narrative
- Butterfly effect
- Time leap (S;G) Time Loop (YST) 
reportRecommended by susususuck
This movie deals intricately with witty character interaction, good character development, and extremely similar elements of time-travel. The animation and art are both great, and the music will really pull you into the show. There are tense moments that will keep you on the edge of your seat, and there will be light-hearted moments where you can laugh. Either way, if you watch either, be prepared for one heck of a ride!

Important note:The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya is only a movie you can only fully appreciate if you have watched the previous two seasons adapted before it. 
reportRecommended by ShadowOfThePast
While the series themselves are not that similar, the protagonists in both "deceived" the world. Not to mention they both have amazing evil laughs! 
reportRecommended by Dashiawia
Playing in a cat-and-mouse game, Steins;Gate and Zankyou no Terror (Terror in Tokyo) crafts thriller from the essence of its story. The main characters are intelligent but faces against dangerous adversaries. Throughout both series, there are mysteries unraveled and plot twists that unfold. Tragedy ensures at some turn points as well when we learn more about the the motives of the characters and story. I recommend both series if you are interested in a thriller story with intellect. 
reportRecommended by Stark700
There are so many similarities between these two shows even though the plots/stories are incredibly different. first of all, both series are very dark and involve a lot of action. the main characters in both series are incredibly alluring and the female supporting cast is epic as well. mayushii and yin are both mysterious heroines whose roles and relations to the male protagonist remain a mystery throughout the series. most of all both shows own SUSPENSE!!! great thrillers that are both a MUST WATCH! 
reportRecommended by aelove
This recomendation is made specifically for those looking for any and every Anime dealing with time travel. I prefer Seikimatsu, but each series has its own charm and own take on the whole matter. One is also more supernatural then the other, where as the one that is less simply deals with time travel. The characters I think are the best part of poth, as they have characters who are quite gripping. 
reportRecommended by Yemi_Hikari
If you wanted to sound smart you can always take the line from these shows and try saying it wearing a lab coat. 
reportRecommended by lapisdragon
both are Sci-Fi and mystery.
both have something to do with gadgets like television in persona 4 and in moblie phone Steins;Gate .
both are based on games.
both have a girl partner besides them.
both have mysterious or dark atmosphere.
both have same feelings and excitement while watching. 
reportRecommended by TrOjAnHoRsE
Both are really boring in the first part, but get more and more exciting afterwards. Both are really dark as well. 
reportRecommended by Gladeo
The settings are definitly different and at a first glance it may not seem that they are similar. They are both humouristic and have a nice feeling to them, but in both shows there are some events that puts the main characters on the edge and the story becomes a bit more complicated and darker. There are supernatural elements but both shows focus on the relationships between the characters and how they develop and deepens through out. 
reportRecommended by JaeDough
Serious time travel plot which main character tried to save the one he love and both come from the same style of Visual Novel 
reportRecommended by SOS_Sama
Parallel worlds, mystery,... very similar, if you like amnesia you'll like steins gate too. XD 
reportRecommended by gapi200
Both has the same Visual Novel Company and it makes Science Fiction very realistic. A little bit fun in the first, but it will be getting very serious about the story and it can make you believe what will happen in the future. 
reportRecommended by getkampredx
Both anime are dark/realistc style, with good characters and some mistery.
one is about time machine and the other about the mafia above the security system. 
reportRecommended by Nay_Killer
Involve a repeat of time,somebody who remebers every timeline,and they are very good. 
reportRecommended by brlyan
Let's play the both game! Both:
Are based on video novel games
Are in the top 5 rated shows on the site (I'm talking about after story but that's Clannad to)
Are psuedo harems where the winner is pretty much clear from the beginning
Feature some altered timeline mumbo jumbo (Although in very different ways)
Have a slow start but likeable characters that suck you in

The difference starts to become clear after you've gotten to know the characters, these are very different series in almost every way. The main difference is that while Steins;Gate makes you feel miserable and very good and everything  read more 
reportRecommended by PawnDa
They both have a mysterious feel to it, with a dark atmosphere and based around supernatural events.
reportRecommended by Vodkas
Both dealing with unnatural phenomenons and surrounded in mystery. The emotional leaps and ecchi that were in Steins;Gate are not present in Another, but I would say you should at least give it a shot. I enjoyed it. 
reportRecommended by Lovelle
The male leads get themselves involved with matters they probably should have left alone, be it time travel or making wishes on cat god statues, and set off to undoing the damage that has been done by their actions. Both are assisted in their quest by a girl they meet by pure chance. 
reportRecommended by AO968
While Baccano is not about time travel, I feel that people who enjoy Steins;gate should try out Baccano. It is bloodier than Steins;gate, but full of mystery and you get the thrill of understanding more and more each episode. Once you finish the series, you will want to rewatch it to understand it better just like Steins;gate. 
reportRecommended by butterflystudios
Both Death Parade and Steins;Gate are filled with comedy and death. They both will keep you guessing and at the edge of your seat wondering what could happen next. 
reportRecommended by LovelyKatie-chan
Both Kuroshitsuji and Steins;Gate have there serious points and their not so serious points and have a bit of violence with something to do with a period in time Kuroshitsuji taking in place in the past and Steins;Gate getting involved with both past and future 
reportRecommended by lilkk4321
in steins gate, different world line is in the dream, and in black rock shooter the fighting is in the dream, realistic dream 
reportRecommended by pakin
similiar animation style, mystery and thriller and various well done characters. 
reportRecommended by Zockte
Both anime have this parallel world universe that makes the MC decide on his path. 
reportRecommended by YukiNatsu
1) Both anime focus on trying to avoid death and being captured, although Steins;Gate executes this differently.

2) Both involve a relationship between tsundere female and male characters. 
reportRecommended by liddymae71
both japanimations have a great romance with excellent buildup on both ends. as kiss x sis is a harem, steins;gate also develops into a harem as the anime progresses - with many different girls holding romantic feelings towards okabe. each anime cast share a close bond, which is essential to a good 'toon. one of the central selling points of both the listed animes is that the romance develops more over time, as initially, they did not feel that way towards their partner(s).  
reportRecommended by ObJ
Both have plots involving gadgets like television and mobile phones and are adapted from a video game. Moreover, each series' MC has a girl partner beside them (and the latest one for P4G, Marie). Plus they're both of the mystery genre. And last but not least... ...both have the same excitement and worth to watch!! 
reportRecommended by NajSuarez94
Powerful organizations target the main characters. Conspiracies/terrible secrets are uncovered.

While Steins;Gate deals with time-travel theories, avoiding world domination, and preventing death (and a serious love story), Canaan explores a past involving human experimentation, rivalry, and loss. Both involve a character shouldering a burden while doing whatever they can to save a dear friend.

Canaan has a lot more intense fighting, but lacks a traditional love/relationship development. 
reportRecommended by Corruptbomber
although different in the worls they are set in they share a common uniqueness in their style of presentation and the attitutde of being a cult anime 
reportRecommended by nawed_alam2007
Steins;Gate and Plastic Memories are both written by Naotaka Hayashi. Plastic Memories in this stage is still airing but we can already see similarities between the two anime. They both have two protagonist, a male and a female, who get closer and closer in their relationship as time goes on and the more time that they hang out with each other.  
reportRecommended by fillyy
Both shows are similar in that they have a lot of tension, mixed with occasional humor and romance; however, Steins;Gate is more focused on the science fiction aspect while Kyoukai no Kanata is more focused on the fantasy aspect. They both have more complex plots that unfold as the series goes on. 
reportRecommended by TsuiTsui
The thriller and the suspense. You will not know what is going to happen at the end of the series until you watch the end of the series. The story and the characters are well developed that will make you think that you are in their world. The difference is that Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood has more action and fighting scenes. 
reportRecommended by Duo02
Both have people that are sent back to the past.
Zipang, they have a vast amount of knowledge to draw from that will help change a large war and subsequent events to come but try not to leave any significant impact on the timeline for fear of the butterfly effect and grandfather paradox.
Steins;Gate, they use time travel freely and consequently create many paradoxes in which they need to keep using a time machine to go to the past and close/fix the paradoxes. 
reportRecommended by ADShieldWall
Travelling back in time and altering world lines by means of a catalyst is the most patent building block of these two exciting series. In addition, both are taking place during summer recess, has funny moments but can take a serious turn abruptly. 
reportRecommended by UNIC
Ookami to Koushinryou (Spice and Wolf) and Steins;Gate are similar in being both serious and humorous at times followed by the growing bond of relationships and the troubling events that follow. 
reportRecommended by LovelyKatie-chan
Steins;Gate has both sad and funny parts, just like Oda Nobuna no Yabou. Romance is also a huge part of the anime; without the romance, both anime will not have an interesting plot. 
reportRecommended by Kaxospere
The animation is very similar.
The main characters of each show are similar as they both start to lose their humanity.
Both shows have great music and stories.
Both shows are fighting against something bigger then themselves.
both make you take a trip on a feels train... /人 ◕ ‿‿ ◕ 人\ 
reportRecommended by Russell7x7
The two Animes starts with a humorous beginning where there are two male protagonists. The two protagonists are intellectual of their surroundings and will make the impossible into a possible situation. Although Steins;Gate was in more of a fantasy realm, and Grisaia no Kajitsu is more of a realistic realm, Steins;Gate is a very mysterious and mind-blowing Anime to watch. 
reportRecommended by Mik33o
While the whole plot of Monogatari is not centered about it, both deal with time travel, paralel worlds and the consequnces of small changes which then affect the whole world. 
reportRecommended by abystoma2
Althrough both made in different way, both are about parallel/virtual worlds. 
reportRecommended by abystoma2
Both have a dark, mysterious thriller theme. In Denpa teki na kanojo, the main character and some other people searches for the killer. In Steins;Gate, a group of scientists researches about well... steins;Gate. Therefore, both of them includes some form of investigating. There are also no fantasy, magic, supernatural whatsoever elements in either of them too.  
reportRecommended by InvisibleMelody
Future gadgets lab - check
Time Travel Cellphones - check
Unintended Consequences - check
The main difference is that one has cellphones that email to the past and the other has cellphones that call to the future. 
reportRecommended by cipheron
They both feature plots revolving heavily around divergence theory, though in very different ways. 
reportRecommended by NavyCherub
Both are mind blowers,if you want to change your perception of the world watch steins gate. 
reportRecommended by animescavenger
Similar feel, melancholic, character focused. It's science fiction, action and some suspense but all that takes a back seat to the characters' dynamic - again very similar in terms of feel - a combination of scifi and slice of life. 
reportRecommended by st-clouds
Psychological thriller with lots of romance. More intense and tragic than Steins Gate, but definitely has a similar romantic and dark vibes as Steins Gate. 
reportRecommended by st-clouds
I know this may seem like a bit of an odd recommendation, but I do genuinely think that these shows share a lot in common.
For one, although the humour in Steins; Gate only really lasts for the first few episodes before only appearing in rare cases it's very similar to the sort of humour in Gintama in that the characters are weird and quirky and have really amusing interactions with each other. So whenever there were humorous episodes/moments of Steins; Gate I was reminded of Gintama.
Another way in which these shows are similar is that both of them are really funny when they're  read more 
reportRecommended by SaraSlurpsCoffee
Shifting realities, trying to save someone you care about . . . Interlude is a 3 ep ova. Too bad because it could have been something quite good given time to evolve. As roriconfan said in his review of Interlude, it was original in its day but has been eclipsed by better titles. Still, if you are hungry for this type of theme, it is an o.k. watch. 
reportRecommended by lisnoire
Both animes have a great amount of psychological thriller, both keep you guessing, both have intellectual methods to counter problems.

If you enjoyed Steins Gate intense twists and suspense, then I assure you Kaiji delievers a lot better.

However if you would like to add some comedy + romance in, Steins Gate is the one. 
reportRecommended by CEMPUNK
Both series are very computer oriented. They also explore the concept of time manipulation and time traveling. 
reportRecommended by SailorKagome
Both are stories dealing with changes in time flow and main characters who notice the changes and their [mostly negative] effects.

C has more of an internal, personal conflict, while Steins;Gate's conflict is more external. 
reportRecommended by jigglyppuff8
Both involve a person trying to do the impossible to save others. Both have incredible animation and storytelling. 
reportRecommended by ninryu
They both have a dark story involving time travels. 
reportRecommended by raykable
Two quality sci-fi anime. Whereas Steins;Gate tackles the concept of time-travel, GitS 2: Innocence questions the ethics of making cyborgs/robots, and reveals the vulnerability of AI to hacking and viruses. While SG's plot is slightly stronger, GitS 2: Innocence makes for a more compact viewing, and the graphics are stunning for a 2004 anime. Since GitS 2 is reminiscent of a good old cop story, be prepared for some gunfights and explosions! 
reportRecommended by Deagle_zero
It's a surprise this isn't within the top recommendations. The art style is similar, creating an environment of surreal and realism at the same time. Main characters are similar, with both main lead male roles fighting desperately against fate for the person they care about. Menma= Mayuri
Daru= Hasida
Anju= Kurisu 
reportRecommended by celephaise
Both shows involve supernatural elements and as the plot progresses the audience finds themselves growing more and more fond of the characters as they are further developed. They both have extremely hard-hitting emotional moments involving these characters, and they both have very satisfying plots. In addition, both of these shows are masterpieces in my book. Definitely watch one if you have seen and enjoyed the other! 
reportRecommended by Drizzt611
It's absolutely obvious that Popotan is not even close as good as Steins;Gate , but if you like the idea of time travel and want to see the effects of it in a decent story about 3 girls, then Popotan is actually a fair choice to watch.  
reportRecommended by Leinchetzu
Similar to the Millefieore part of Katekyo Hitman Reborn (Time Traveling and different worlds) 
reportRecommended by Shin1
Steins Gate deals with time travel, while Saiyuki deals with demons trying to find out why demons are attacking. Both contain a great story and are worth a watch though. 
reportRecommended by crazyisgood
Both animes have a great amount of psychological thriller, both keep you guessing, both have intellectual methods to counter problems.

If you enjoyed Steins Gate intense twists and suspense, then I assure you Kaiji delievers a lot better.

However if you would like to add some comedy + romance in, Steins Gate is the one. 
reportRecommended by CEMPUNK
They are both very different, but they both contain characters fighting against the fate. 
reportRecommended by Nikkikomori
Both anime rotates on a group of odd friends that seems to have a common goal. A Lot of Angst will be shown. prepare yourself if you want to watch both for they are not really the happy type of anime one usually see.  
reportRecommended by akira_kuruza
Both have extremely deep and interesting characters with many sides to their personalities. Both have elements of the unreal while keeping true to a very realistic setting. Both have great endings. Both are instant classics to viewers who are somewhat experienced in watching anime. 
reportRecommended by SamuraiSnap
Both share a main character blessed (or cursed) with a special power. Allowing them to change the world. Or try to... Awesome soundtrack, character development, an impossible romance, lots of plot twists, incredible seiyus (voiceovers). In the end you can't stop watching this after 4-5 episodes, you're hooked and need to finish it off =) 
reportRecommended by Hyunckel