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Princess Princess

Princess Princess

Alternative Titles

Synonyms: PuriPuri, PriPri
Japanese: プリンセス・プリンセス


Type: TV
Episodes: 12
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Apr 5, 2006 to Jun 21, 2006
Genres: Comedy, School, Shoujo
Duration: 24 min. per episode
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older
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it is similar in sveral ways. 1. the main character haruhi is made to part of the host club for breaking an item in the club. where as toru is nominated to part of the princess system. 2. haruhi is a girl and dresses as a guy to pay her debt, b/c the host club is made up of all guys. where as toru is made to dress like a girl b/c he and the others in the system are morral builders for the boys at the school. and 3. both characters impact the other characters around them.
one of the the characters has to dress up as a girl, they go to an all boy school, and they all have the same hair color
It's similar with the all boys acadamy and the transfer student thing. Princess Princess adds more of a comedy sense to the anime. In both animes most events are quite predictable,both animes leaves you wonder what happens after words. Hey now why not give it a chance ^^
Princess Princess and Maria Holic follow the exact same premise, having males crossdressing as females in a school setting. The comedy element in both derives almost exclusively from the unlikely situations that arise from having traps as the main characters. Maria Holic is a parody that targets shows like Marimite with gusto while Princess Princess is not as referential and more interested in mocking yaoi conventions. They may be niche titles, to some extent at least, but these titles are very likely to share at least some of their fanbase.
There is always hilarious events coming along with cross-dressing, especially when boys cross-dress! In both series there are these handsome boys, who are forced to cross-dress either because of the long traditions of the school, or because of their grandfather's will. In either way, there are deffinitely hilarious moment and unexpected situations - for one thing, how come Mizuho doesn't like being in an all-girls school when he's a boy? Despite all the similarities, while Kouno and Yuujiro from Princess Princess want to escape from being mistaken for girls, Mizuho from Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru absolutely doesn't want to be discovered, afraid of the consequences.

Well then, have fun watching! =]
The series have nearly nothing in common, I'll admit. The outfits the characters wear on both series, though, are of similar style. If you've watched either of these before, you'll surely be thinking of the other as you watch the characters in their loli outfits :)
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Both Princess Princess and Kuragehime have males who dress up as women and act like ones. Also both animes have a lot of comedy elements and a great deal of dresses. While Princess Princess has some shounen-ai elements, Kuragehime absolutely doesn't. But if you liked Princess Princess you will surely like Kuragehime.
You might think there's nothing to tie these two series together, but there is one good reason - superficiality. Both series are made to cater to a feminine audience with bishonen fanservice. And frankly, Neo Angelique Abyss does eye candy better. It might not have cross-dressing boys, but it has a better animation budget. The bishonen in Angelique are a lot more attractive for a slash happy fangirl to pair up, and the plot is as negligible as it was in Princess Princess.
There's no use in kidding ourselves, it's not the premise we care about for these shows- it's the bishonen eye candy. Neo Angelique Abyss more than delivers.
There is a group of guys who are forced to wear very "girly" outfits and say embarrassing things that you wouldn't expect to come out of a boy's mouth.
Although they protest at first, the boys are quick to accept their situations and act the part accordingly.
Both shows are very funny and weird, but you can't help but love them.
the three main characters all have to dress up like girls and work for the student concile sort of and its funny as shit
Both series follow a clique of students and their silly adventures at an all boys school. Family troubles balance the mood and both have their own unique entertaining quirk: compulsory crossdressing in Princess Princess, episodic nonsequitur singing in Marginal Prince.
I'm surprised there isn't a recommendation for this yet. Both are very similar in many ways.

You see, there is an all-boys school; In this school, there is a (rather crazy) student council with a weird president. Mr. Weird President forces a bunch of random pretty guys, that are popular in the school for whatever reason, to crossdress. The guys aren't really amused at first, but end up engaging in it anyway, getting to know each other better, and having fun. This story will sound really familiar if you've seen either anime. In this sense, both are about friendship and acceptance, but above that there is the comedy.

The comedy, for both, is mostly about making fun of its own genre, mocking BL tropes, and also gay jokes and such. References and inside jokes are commonplace, too. In both cases, the actual BL content is limited to insinuations.

As for the basic difference - while Princess Princess is an actual series, and so has quite a back story going on and more developed characters, Graduation M only has 2 OVAs, so it's rather vague.

If you take them at face value, both will look kinda silly and shallow. They're to be taken with a grain of salt, though. In conclusion, if you had fun with one of them, you're likely to enjoy the other, too.
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The main character of Princess Princess and I My Me! Strawberry Eggs cross dress for school related reasons.
Both are genderbenders with weird love situations.
Although they have different plots, both are shounen-ai titles where the main boy is forced to crossdress as girl, and the artwork is quite lovely.