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Hyakka Ryouran: Samurai Girls

Hyakka Ryouran: Samurai Girls

Alternative Titles

English: Samurai Girls
Japanese: 百花繚乱 サムライガールズ


Type: TV
Episodes: 12
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Sep 4, 2010 to Dec 20, 2010
Duration: 24 min. per episode
Rating: R+ - Mild Nudity
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Score: 7.111 (scored by 32599 users)
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Both literally revolve around a bunch of girls becoming a type of subordinate to some guy through a kiss. Lots of fan service and magical type fighting in both. Crazy outfits and hot girls... need I say more?
for some reason they looked similar. Lots of ecchi and action
Girls are Great in Combat Battle [Many Girls too] , One male character surrounded by Girls and fight , with many ecchi things and harem
In both the main character is a girl with two personalities: one is strong and aggressive, and the other is innocent and childish.
both a harem set in a different world.
both the main girl has a split personality that changes only with som interaction with the main guy.
both guys are appaently powerful but it rarely shows
the split personality features a really kind and happy girl, and than its serious and powerful counterpart.
both of them involve their school
Well the main characters are sort of similar to each other in many ways, and both involve swordsmanship.
Both have to do with Samurai and mix old technology with the new. Both are based off historical names and clans but use literary creativity. Both revolve around those figures and names with beautiful girls instead of guys.
Seems to have the same backstory. Ikkitousen uses the Romance of the three kingdom, while Samurai Girls uses the Sengoku period of Japan. Also plenty of Fan service in both.
reportRecommended by komic - Add to favorites
Hot girls, crazy outfits, some guy with mysterious powers at the center, and fights that always end in torn clothing.
After watching the first episode of the ass'n'tit fest that is Hyakka Ryouran, the first thing I thought was Tenjou Tenge & Ikkitousen(with Ikki already being recommended)

...for anyone looking for voluptuous women combating with little on, then both series will be eye candy for any ecchi enthusiast...
Both have the swordmanship and Hirakawa, Daisuke as VA for the main protagonist.

Both have, ecchi, samurai, martial arts, action, fantasy and magic genre.

Both features, fanservice and BOOBS and Panty shots.

Both were set in an alternate Japan.

Both have chiquitas (main female lead) who were either ditzy, retard or stupid.

Both have main female characters who welds a samurai sword.


Though, both animes have fanservice in them, one is more of panty shots while the other has more to do with BOOBIES.

In MH, has an extra yuri genre while HRSG, has harem as its extra genre.

In HRSG, there is a muchacho who seems to exercise some form of influence with his harem, while in MH it is the chiquita (female lead) with big bouncing BOOBIES who is the head of the duo.

Also, the muchacho (male lead)in HRSG may be a samurai himself however he is seldom seen engaging in combat, while in MH it is the sidekick ( the one with the flat chest) who rarely gets into a fight.

Ecchi/powerful girls/harem. Same stuff minus the whole samurai theme.
these anime both have a future setting combined with a past old setting. both stories are samurai, but both have mechanical that looks like the future.
reportRecommended by pakin - Add to favorites
Simular main protagonist and Yagyuu Jubei look like Soga Keena. Much ecchi =)
both are ecchi + warrior girls + pseudo-historical plot.
Well samurai girls are fighting some echi stuff ;DD what could one ask more?
A kiss says it all. In Campione the male gains powers as they kiss the girl, in Hyakka the female gains powers from kissing the male
Both anime contanis ecchi / harem
Both very original in different ways.
Both involve kissing which forms a contract where the girl becomes extremely powerful
boobies and samurai blades. simply outstanding.
-Strong characters
-Some romance
Senran Kagura = Shinobi with big boobs and ecchi
Hyakka Ryouran = Samurai with big boobs and ecchi
Both have fighting and use of powers.
Both have same ecchi content.
Maji de Watashi ni Kio Shinasai! Has school life where Samurai Girls just has life in a dojo .
The main heroine have a lot in coomon) and it's also a harem)
Both are about Sengoku period people as girls, and both have a mysterious girls falling from the sky on the male main character.
Ecchi harem fighting shows about girls with weapons. The Rebellion harem is a yuri one tho.
Like the sengoku/edo period? Lots of awesome action in historical japan? This is the less tits equivalent with higher production values funnier jokes and all the semi-historical locales and characters you love.
Both is an anime about the old era, but Hyakka Ryouran mixes this with modern times alas technology. And they contain Sanada Yukimura and Hanzo Hattori.

While Yukimura and Hanzo is male in Brave 10, they are female in Hyakka Ryouran.
both seem to have then same priniple. They are both based in an alternate reality of Japan. Both have girl with magical powers that do most of the fighting. The only different is Samurai Girls is feature alot of Echi where this doesn't
reportRecommended by komic - Add to favorites
It's also a harem and some ecchi)
Opening sequence of samurai girls is basically strike witches meets sekirei meets highschool of the dead.
Same approach in terms of 'kissing to release/subdue the powers' of the girls. The protagonist has that special ability to lead these girls after being able to win them over..
Ecchi/powerful girls. Same stuff minus the whole samurai theme and the harem.
Super-powered semi-nude girls (angels in psg) fighting.
Both have a lot of fan-service, low brain in story-plot and tons of mediocre comic-gags. With both of them being fresh series, it remains to be seen if they stay on to be decent ecchi, "watch once - then amnesia - rating 7" types or improve though samurai girls has better art animation.
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