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Ergo Proxy

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Japanese: エルゴプラクシー


Type: TV
Episodes: 23
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Feb 5, 2006 to Aug 12, 2006
Duration: 25 min. per episode
Rating: R - 17+ (violence & profanity)
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*SPOILERS* Very similar themes about facing reality and not running away from your tribulations. They each deal heavily with self-discovery and finding one's purpose in life and accepting life for what it is. Plenty of symbolism in both; the plots are not straightforward at all and actually require the viewer to pay attention to fully appreciate the series. Neither series is for those who want the plot spoon fed to them. The viewer must piece together subtle plot points to fully understand it all. They're both extremely different from how they first appear. Eva looks like a generic mecha and Ergo looks like a generic cyberpunk but once you go underneath the surface you discover something entirely different. They both can be quite dark; the stories may not make sense at first and require much attention to detail and can be interpreted in various ways. The pacing of the stories are also very similar. Gendo and Proxy One are nearly identical in their goals and motives. Proxy One is basically a father figure to Vince who is used just as Shinji was used by Gendo. Shinji is a proxy for Gendo in a way. Vince has a revelation at the end similar to Shinji's "Congratulations". Also, technobabble abound in them both; while not entirely necessary at times it can enhance the experience in a way. However many people focus on the technobable too much and therefore have a narrow-minded opinion of the series and can't look past it to fully appreciate them as a whole.
similar themes and even look and style of the animation.
The similarities here are loose, however the mood is much the same. The color palette and art style are similar, particularly the use of muted almost washed-out colors with strong dark overtones. Both are set in a near-future timeline with a post-apocalyptic twist. The difference is that where Ergo Proxy has a strong, linear plot line, Texhnolyze's plot is somewhat disjointed and very far from being direct. For those that love a story you have to watch a couple times before understanding what it's trying to get at, Texhnolyze is an obscure must.
CYBER punk world ruled by advanced technology (the population's over-reliance on tech tools borders on unhealthy). Humans playing gods in a vain attempt to superfically suppress social malaises, ala Orwell's 1984. Dystopian narratives with elements borrowed heavily from loads of thought-provoking literature and philosophy.

Protagonists' increasing sense of self-awareness causes psychological alienation from blissfully unaware masses, leading them to be caught in truly tense, nail-biting Catch-22 situations and often tosses them between following their ingrained values and (eventually) questioning the system.

Antagonists are hard to hate anti-heroes who, unlike the former, have clear albeit destructive purposes in sight. They are often resolutely unwavering in the pursuit of their Machiavellian goals and will stoop to anything to get things done, i.e., murders, but they are usually well-justified in the grand scheme of things. Rationale being: What's a few human sacrifices, amidst the ensuing anarchy, compared to fulfilling a "noble" cause... which is revolting against a firmly-placed and unquestioned system?

Great dark art styles and BGM. Catchy titles.

Ergo Proxy is easily my favorite out of the two but I have spent years trying to find a substitute worthy of its greatness and I have to say, PP meets the criteria but throws in more action and gore/violence (not a big fan but yeah).
Very similar art style, and dark atmosphere. Deep psychological and a tad distopic with action. Also have the same director.
reportRecommended by Vesey - Add to favorites
Very similar characters. Both involve a guy who can't remember his past traveling a wasteland searching for his purpose. They each have some action and involve lots of philosophizing.
Both shows begin in a post-apocalyptic world. Both shows' characters are on a journey to a destination which they know nothing about. Both are relatively dark shows, but do not shy away from humor occasionally. Both have action in them, but only when necessary, and the action isn't overdone. Both have fantastic endings that leave you thinking.
Similar art and pacing. Deal with similar themes.
An atmosphere of darkness and mystery flushes both of these series. The main character in Ergo Proxy and Darker Than Black live a double life, they have masks which hide their true faces. But not only similar characters put these titles together. The worlds described in DTB and Ergo Proxy are results of great catastrophes, connected with the main characters' destinies.
reportRecommended by Iahel - Add to favorites
futuristic atmosphere, plot twists.
Both contain similar existential themes and rely heavily on events that occurred prior to the series to fuel it's main plot. Each contain a corrupt character who sees his world with a skewed perspective and tries to fix it through whatever means necessary. Similar cyberpunk/dystopian setting as well.
Both are serious, mysterious, mature, intriguing, and well written. Shinichiro Watanabe did the storyboard for them both.
Both Ergo Proxy and Death Note are anime that present battles of wit instead of pure strength and flashy moves. Anyone who feels up to it should follow up Death Note. And vice versa...
drawing style, fighting scenes and somehow the setting match.
Both Animes center around a capable female protagonist, who have similar personalities. They both deal heavily with android/cyborg forms of life and both take place in a futuristic cyberpunk setting. Ergo Proxy takes on a more gothic, dystopian atmosphere, however if you enjoyed one of these, you are more than likely to enjoy the other.
Very similar settings. No. 6 is like Ergo Proxy in cuter, brighter and more colorful, unfortunately also more childish and simplistic. Ergo Proxy is darker, cooler, weirder, more mature.
reportRecommended by lumi - Add to favorites
Well, at first view, these two are not similair, so many people will not understand this recommendation.

But there are analogies: Dark ambience, complex story, very depressing end, "creatures" with supernatural powers.

If you rely on the quality of story-telling, i would suggest you *not* to follow this recommendation. To me, the flow of Ergo Proxy's story looks much more unexperienced than that of Gilgamesh.
Action-packed shows that deal with the supernatural.
Both are about a futuristic post apocalyptic world. Main characters are unaware of the past and try to peace together clues on what happened. Ergo Proxy is more action based where as Pale Cocoon is more cyberpunk.
Both of them have the same quite glummy and mysterious atmosphere.
Both take place in the post-apocaliptic future, contain strange monsters & lost memories
At first glance there is not much similarity in setting, plot and characters but if you look deeper both series ideologically close to each other. Both are antiutopias set in the postapocalyptic worlds where societies work under quite similar principles. In both protagonists set off on a jouney beyond the borders of their little worlds. Each new episode is a revelation for it widens the horison and adds new pieces to the puzzle. Naturally, though different, both shows put very deep questions and go as far as they can probing into the answers.
While the anime are about different subjects, they are simlar in a way that they make us think about our societies and our roles. Both have intelligent and creative narratives, though Ergo Proxy has a bit more action.
reportRecommended by M_A - Add to favorites
If you were dissapointed by Blood+ like I was comparing it to the preview and what I expected, you should really try Ergo Proxy. It has many things that Blood+ would never have, although if you would here the story for both of them, you could barely differentiate them, and I'm talking about the atmosphere here. Ergo has the truly dark sceneries, ravages and atmosphere that you'd expect in Blood+, the conspiracy level is way higher and a lot less stereotipical and the difference of levels to what basicly exists in both would continue.
READ---> Both take place in the post-apocalyptic time strain, both are about a grandiose journey in which many truths are uncovered. Both are about a civilization living in a life support dome, under severly strict governmental rule, and both have strong routes in human will and the need for freedom and the truth. There are many more small similarities that you will pick up as you whatch these as well. If you've seen one, you'll love the other. Trust me.
Ergo Proxy is always compared to The Matrix, and with good reason. You'll find quite a few similarities between it and some of the stories in The Animatrix.
Road-trip too. Made by the same "Manglobe" Producer..
Both shows are set in bubble cities in the near future and have some dark vibes. While Ergo Proxy doesn't have mechs, its does still have some action packed combat. More importantly the characters in both stories delve deeper in the history and dark past of the bubbles cites to reveal some big secrets.
Both are science fiction and has a theme of controlling humans. However, Fractale has a MUCH MORE happier mood than Ergo Proxy. In both anime, people tragically die and change.
The art style, and the learning about the other part of themselves.. while in ergo, it's *actual* transformation, vs. persona, which is the idea behind the transformation of yr inner persona..
reportRecommended by Leha - Add to favorites
Ergo Proxy, like Kino's Journey shows human psychology through a series of travels. A major difference is that this study of human nature is embedded within a larger plot in Ergo Proxy, while Kino's Journey's main point seems to be the study of human nature.

Also, both animes involve a bit of philosophical thinking.
Similar story about a romance from the past and a guy trying to get revenge on those who have ruined his life. Both are very mysterious and keep you guessing.
Extremely similar plot, characters and themes. Both explore themes of self-discovery and accepting a predestined role or forging your own destiny. Both follow an amnesiac exploring a unique world trying to find answers and purpose. Lost love and betrayal are major aspects of each. Character development drives each series forward.
Kaiba and Warp are practically identical to Vincent and Ergo Proxy.
Very similar setting: dark dystopic and cyberpunk. The atmosphere has a similar feel to it.
Each anime has an environment which has been destroyed and characters who live in protective societies.
Oppressed citizens controlled by the government.
They both have outstanding visuals that blend 2D animation with CGI beautifully.
Ergo Proxy and Blame! are dark and unusual sci-fi titles. Both take place in a post apocalyptic scenario set in the future. A brooding atmosphere serves as the backdrop for the interaction between humans and thinking machines, exploring the thin line between them. Borderline supernatural creatures appear in both as well as living beings employed as powering devices. It should be taken into account, however, that Ergo Proxy is mostly a narrative driven anime that occasionally dips into speculations of a more philosophical kind while Blame! has hardly any plot to speak of and is one of the strangest experiences that any medium has to offer.
Ergo Proxy is Shingeki no Kyojin's moody older brother. Although the setting of Ergo Proxy is an alternate future instead of an alternate past, both stories contain humans struggling in a vastly changed landscape. In both stories, humans have confined themselves - one with walls, the other with domed cities - in order to preserve their survival.

However, what is the cost of living like a caged bird?

Alongside humans live humanoid creatures with superhuman strength: for Shingeki, the giants and for Ergo Proxy, the Proxies. Both creatures are complete mysteries to their human counterparts. In both series, the government strongly discourages curiosity of the outside world and prohibits the sharing of information they deem "dangerous" to the status quo of society.

If you enjoy the protagonists trio of Shingeki, you'll find Ergo Proxy's own trio strongly familiar. Both series revolve around men with seemingly no special attributes and a highly skilled, almost cold woman connected to that man for unknown reasons. However, instead of the intelligent Armin, you receive the adorable and sometimes illuminating Pino, an AutoReiv android in cat pajamas.

Although the genres differ slightly - Shingeki is heartfelt shounen bravado while Ergo Proxy is older, jaded reality - don't be fooled: these two are arguably the exact same show with different-flavored coatings.
An inner demon is present in both series that the MC must control. As the episodes progresses, there is emotion and drama. Also, supernatural and cyberpunk themes are present in both series that reflect a dystopia like setting.

Of course, saving humanity is another theme in both series.
Both plots centre around the main character suffering from amnesia and an alter-ego.
Ergo Proxy has a rather dark look on life much like Petit Cossette. It ask many questions about the torture of the mind and the ideas of why we are here. In my mind, if you like this, then you have a love of how the mind works and Ergo Proxy seems to have that.
Very similar dynamic between the male and female leads of each show - a bossy young woman and a somewhat clumsy man from a different origin.

Both also have the main characters getting involved in the supernatural and can have a dark feel at times.
They both have a very good air of mystery and supernatural thought.
Both anime have very quiet episodes and also have intriguing mysteries.
If you liked the mood and the atmosphere of Ergo Proxy, than you'll find Black★Rock Shooter an interesting anime. I can't ensure so much vibe as in Ergo Proxy, but I think Black★Rock Shooter is really worth watching. Even if it's only for those dark flashes from the shinigami world.
First of all, PB and EP are deeply psychological animes. They're both about people, whose life was severely deranged by their own hasty decisions and then settled as a result of painful mental metamorphosis.

Main characters of both these animes try to find out their true identity: Vincent, having lost his memories, has lost his way in life either and tries to recollect them to regain his raison d'etre, whereas Mima's dreams and desires has gotten at odds with her current life situation and she suffers, because she can't figure out, whether the way she lives is right.
So both Vincent and Mima experience some kind of ''personality clash'', but in EP Vincent is sure his past was an attempt to deceive himself and is moving forward to get rid of any bonds with his fake life, while Mima is trying to convince herself, that being an actress is the thing she has always wanted and that everything changes only for the better.

Also, these animes are rather dark, especially PB. But no wonder they're dark: one is a postapocalyptic series, the other is a horror (more likely a thriller) movie. Their darkness is expressed in the anguish vibes, pictures of rotten world in EP and hapless personality deadlock in PB.

Given PB is a movie, you won't see such a characters' evolution in it as in EP, a full season series. But i don't think it's a drawback of PB, because it's not so much a story of seeking for true self, it's a story of dreams, getting more real than their owner.
Although PB lacks characters' evolution that's not to say there's no character development in it. In EP we can see characters changing, we can see them interacting and the reflection of their actions and thoughts onto reality, but you won't see, what the world is like in their view. PB is shown with the eyes of the main character, so you can feel the emotions Mima feels and understand them easily, without excessive analysis as in EP. Character development in PB is one of its strengths.

To conclude, these two titles are very different, albeit they are both animes about soul-searching, uncertainty and loss of mental guideline. So if you like psychological anime, that's definetely the thing you need.
Similar feel, melancholic, character focused. It's science fiction, action and some suspense but all that takes a back seat to the characters' dynamic - again very similar in terms of feel - a combination of scifi and slice of life.
Both series deals with a female protagonist who is not your typical or normal girl.

Both anime composes of cyberpunk themes in a futuristic like setting.

Both series contain action, sci-fi, and drama as well as some violence and strange mood throughout some scenes.

Both shows have similar themes involving androids becoming sentient. However, the art styles, the characters, and the overall tone of the shows differ from each other.
Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou might take place in a fantasy setting with strong harem themes and a development of conspiracy and character purpose.

Ergo Proxy would be the plot-side of Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou following the equivalent of a Demi-god (a proxy) in a quest strongly related to the one here involving Gods and creators. The themes and general feeling are a little different where Ergo might seem more apocalyptical/dark and IUnD might seem more revolutionary/light.
reportRecommended by Akusa - Add to favorites
I think the feeling in both is the same; both of the animes are surrealistic and dark. The music in both is very good and somewhat similar.
Both series are set in the midst of a post-apocalyptic world, barren and inhospitable which have created closed cities where life is possible and where it seeks a perfect society.
In Datanias (DT Eightron) there is much emphasis on the control of citizens, like Island (Aldous Huxley, 1962), while in Romdo have addition of robots.
Also in both series the protagonists leave their respective cities and they discover things in the way.
From different perspectives (Ergo Proxy more psychological / DT Eightron more shounen) are interesting series.
Both of these are giving a similar feeling while watching. While ergo proxy has a more complex story, Xam'd has better fighting. Also the the plot in Xam'd gets wierder as you watch it, while in Ergo Proxy you have that feeling from the start. If you like this type of anime, this is something you must watch.
very original stories, science fiction, well worth watching!
Despite large plot and animation differences, there is something similar in the feel of these anime. If you're looking for something just like Last Exile/Ergo Proxy, this isn't what I am talking about. But if you like one, you may want to try the other. Of course the most obvious similarity is the cute little girl running around amid a world in chaos, but, more importantly both are about journeys navigating through different forces trying to manipulate the characters. Also, there a mystery (what is Exile and how is Alvis related to it/ what are the Proxies?) that is revealed as the series goes on. Neither story takes place in our world. Ergo Proxy has older main characters so it may seem a bit more mature than Last Exile, but neither dreadfully dark but by no means light.
Extremely similar themes about self-discovery, growing up and deciding your own destiny.
Both contain heavy amounts of symbolism and introspection into characters' psyche.
They're both about learning to take responsibility for your actions and thinking for yourself.
Both Shinji and Vince face a dilemma about whether to obey the will of a father-figure or whether to create their own unique path in their life.
Re-l's and Asuka's character development practically parallel each other verbatim. They each learn to become more open, less arrogant and show some compassion to others.
Action and symbolism abound in them both but that's not what either of them are about. The true meaning is obscured and may not be clear if taken at face value.
Despite what little significance something might seem to have it's all interrelated.
They both are very philosophical and dark. What is one's purpose, why am I here, etc.
Other than similar twin ponytail hair styles, Re-1 Mayer seems like a future Amasawa Yuko when she gets another world...of course.
reportRecommended by othic - Add to favorites
Ergo Proxy and Soultaker both take place in dark scifi worlds, and both have a very strong sense of mystery in them. Though their visual styles are very different from each other, both have black as the main color most of the time, which adds to the already bleak atmosphere. The main protagonists in both discover that they can turn into powerful monsters, and encounter other people with similar powers. Both characters also suffer from trauma and amnesia, and each go through some introspection.
While there are similarities between these two series, Ergo Proxy is far more psychological and focuses more on the mentality of the characters, while Soultaker has much more action and is more fast-paced.
Both titles share the "dark motive"
Both series feature handy and highly advanced robots/androids that humans become dependent on. Ergo Proxy has robots that have companionship with their owner, but Eve no Jikan has androids that are left as tools and often being discriminated.
this series gave me the same sort of feeling as speed grapher.. it's hard to define.. but yea, it's very dark and deals with the underbelly of society [though ergo proxy is quite a bit more futuristic].. upheaval, good versus evil, that sort of thing.. the animation is also on par with this one.. definitely check it out.
Ergo Proxy is darker than Jigoku Shoujo, but they both have suffering, killing, suspense so I think that they are quite similar in those aspects.
Both have intense story lines, complex and intertwineing episodes set in a sci-fi / fantasy atmosphere. Both very watchable. Main characters develop powers, many plot lines run parallel
This two anime are similar in many ways. Ergo Proxy have far more complex story, but Karas have much better action. Both anime is quite dark and have some kind of protector (Creator or Proxies and Karas with Yurine).
reportRecommended by XzaR - Add to favorites
Travling and discovring new places with new ppl in the first part of TTGL similer to the secound Part of Ergo proxy..and then in the secound half of TTGL the develpment of the city was similer to how the city was in the first part of Ergo Proxy.. that's what made me relate these anime to each other..
Both these anime revolve around a type of "utopia" in which people live in, which outside the boundaries of the city, it is inhabitable by humans. Both also have a type of robot or life form which are required to help society run.
Post apocalyptic setting
reportRecommended by hexaq - Add to favorites
Equally confusing and overdone ending. Just before the ending you really start to admire the movie/series but once the ending comes, it turned out you didn't knew anything and still don't know anything.

And also the vision of the end of world.
Ready for some more mind twisting, shocking, startling, and edge of your seat thrills? ChaoS;HEAd will surely mess with your brain, it's not your usual psychological thriller, more like an "Alexander in Wonderland," throw in a few friends to join the story and you might not be able to follow the events taking place. Add some time to think while these stories progress, you might find yourself in awe at how the author managed to write such a twisted plot.
Ergo and Chrome are both post-apocalyptic environments in which civilization sustains within domes, away from the toxic exterior environments. Each story focuses on monsters, or in the case of Ergo, Proxies. Aside from that, mood and plot highly differ between the dark (goth), mysterious, and mechanized-society of Ergo with the light, comedic atmosphere of Chrome.
Although it is not as a mindfuck as Ergo Proxy the dark elements in PH remind me of the show. Psychological breakdowns are in both shows.
Same idea of destroying old world for the sake of building new one. Ergo Proxy has a much darker mood though.
Animes that revolve around discovering the reasons why things are occuring to the main character, and while both feature fights its not the animes main focus.
Blue Gender and Ergo Proxy are set in futuristic dystopias, and follow the journey of two key characters, a no-nonsense woman and a man trying to grasp his identity. We see these characters grow and change as they form a relationship with one another, and it is this development that pushes the stories forward. Both series contain a political element and address issues such as social class and morality, offering the audience much food for thought. Definitely two titles for the scifi fan.
Both very Bizarre and Mysterious and stay that way throughout pretty much the Entire Series
Also they were both made by the Same Producers
First off, M+H pays homage to Ergo Proxy with an Easter Egg: several copies of the Vincent Law book (as seen taking up an entire library in Ergo Proxy) is seen in the show. But besides that, both feature some unique female leads that go on a journey.
Ergo Proxy has the same roaming feel that Third does. Although Ergo Proxy is a lot darker, by the end of the anime you feel the same, you don't want it to end, but want to continue on with the journey that the characters are continuing. There is more in depth exploration of the psyche in Ergo Proxy, but overall they have the same feel.
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