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Nurarihyon no Mago

Nurarihyon no Mago

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English: Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan
Synonyms: The Grandson of Nurarihyon, Grandchild of Nurarihyon
Japanese: ぬらりひょんの孫


Type: TV
Episodes: 24
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Jul 6, 2010 to Dec 21, 2010
Duration: 24 min. per episode
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older
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- Both heirs to their respective families, Nura Rikuo and Sawada Tsunayoshi are expected to take up the mantle as their next respective heads, and both are trying to evade their fate.
- Both have their respective cool transformations (Yoru Rikuo and HDWM Tsuna, respectively)
- Both have their own entourage (Nura Clan and Vongola Family)

- Tsuna's still denying it, while Rikuo accepted his role with a bang after the first few episodes
- Tsuna only found out about being boss at the first episode, while Rikuo lived with yokai all his life
- Tsuna seems detached from his HDWM, and isn't as cool when he's normal, while Rikuo tends to be badass even when not in Yoru Rikuo form
There is more than one similarity within these two series. The biggest one is the life of the two main charachters. In the morning Yoshimori (Kekkaishi) and Rikuo (Nurarihyon no Mago) they going to school having a normal life with their friends, classic Slice of Life anime, but when the Sun goes down they both become a different persons they both chosen ones - so to say, and they are not sure at the beginning are they fit to inherit they grandfathers place! They both protect humans although Rikuo is 1/4 demon!
The fighting, comedy and tension is mutual in both anime's. So there is no mistake, you will definitely like both anime's if you like demons/spirits action!
Nurarihyon no Mago shares with D.N.Angel a crucial premise: your average teenager dealing with his first crush that can transform in a supernatural, fascinating and strong being. Reason and plot are different, but the feeling the shows both give are similiar.
Both have protagonists whose appearance changes during fight scenes and both include demons (yokai) and exorcists.
A young boy must succeed his famous grandfather. Both also have supernatural and fantasy themes.
reportRecommended by Talu - Add to favorites
In both anime "youkai" play a keyrole. In both anime as well the maincharacter would like to hide the fact that he can see youkai/is part of a youkai family (In Natsume from his friends and family and in Nurarihyon from his friends)
Even thought Natsume is a slice of life another and Nurarihyon is an action anime, if you like 1 you like both for real.
reportRecommended by Lyfa - Add to favorites
Both main characters are partly human and youkai and have long white hair in their youkai form. They both are strong and get along with humans.
Both have the human yokai transformation for the main character, with alot of mystery of the relationship between the yokai part and human part of the main character.
Both happen to have stories revolving around Japanese demons, half breeds and have very bright, crisp styles.
both deal with supernatural non human beings and similar style of art
Both series are similar, fight of good v. evil, demons, small romance, etc... However, D. Gray-Man is a bit more serious and dark; might jerk a tear or two from you.
In these Anime's, the main characters live with there grandfather, their parents one or both are deceased. Their grandfathers are well known members of their society that hold great power and prestige. Both main characters begin to assimilate in there role as "Heirs" to there grandfather and work and meet different people. Creating different bonds and friendship, going through different complicated rough ships and more!

The difference between the two is that Princess Lover, has a huge Harem/Romance aspect. While there is a sub harem in Nura with a hint of romance. One includes normal Humans while the other is about Yokai (Demons).
If you're interested in Japanese folk legends
in this shonen anime there are no duel monsters but there are yukai and the hero has two personalities just like yugi while the heroine reminded me alot of anzu..thank god there is no seto kaiba replacement here!!
reportRecommended by tooth - Add to favorites
Two stories revolving around the interactions of Yokai and humans and what it means to be either one. Great animation, great stories and great characters set these two anime apart.
Omamori Himari and Nurarihyon no Mago are both extremely similar. Why? Because they both are based around the theme of ayakashi. In Omamori Himari, the male protagonist Amakawa Yuuto is the one that inherited the Amakawa family's powers, but does not want to be a Demon Slayer. Similarly, in Nurarihyon no Mago, the male protagonist Nura Rikuo is the grandson of Nurarihyon, the supreme commander of the Nura clan (the dominant clan), but does not want to be the one leading the clan.

They both eventually meet a lot of comrades, and accept their fate. Although Nurarihyon no Mago does not have elements of Ecchi or Romance, it is extremely similar, and both talk about the co-existence of both ayakashi and humans. Though Nurarihyon no Mago is generally more serious and has more action.
The thing that is similar is that both the princess and Rikuo are naturaly soft. Even though on other circumates (Rikuo has another side of his personality and Arita switched her body with another person), they both become rather cocky and very skilled in combat.
reportRecommended by Kyo- - Add to favorites
I got a similar feeling watching both of these series. Although Nura takes place in a more modern setting, both series shares similar structures that are similar to those of the Edo-era.

Both series also involves a group of characters in an organization/clan with their own ambitions and objectives. The antagonists of the series endangers the lives of others and it's up to them to stop them.

There's action, drama, comedy, and supernatural themes involved.
Both are quality supernatural shounens
Both deal with the balance between humans and youkais
Both deal with protagonists that have to take over from their legendary grandparent.
If you like one then you would like the other
the two animes are about spirits, in addition to finding similar characters and both have an awesome storyline
lots of similarities, starting with the main characters looking similar. both have that good verses evil thing and both prodginist's have heir own band of ''mosters'', negi's being his students with special abilities and nura with his monsters.
also both main characters have some form of special ability which makes them stronger than almost everyone else i,e, negi being a mage and nura transforming into an ultimately powerful ninja/mage

both have their cutesy and serious moments and both have their romancy love triangles.
-Strong protagonist
-Lots of enemies
-Lots of action
-Tiny bit of romance
-Leader of large army
-Multiple enemies
-Lots of action
-Self- conscious guy
-Smart protagonist
Similar theme and setting (although Nuraihyon no Mago tends to be set in the modern era). Battle involving historical weapons and ninja techniques are worth noting as well. Both series involves a group of warriors and the main characters has a hidden power.
Similarity between these might come from the same "level of seriousness". Not totally philosophical and not gory, but on the other hand not sweet, cute or hilarious. Lots of monsters here and there (all presented in convincing way). Young protagonists with problems of role in the world and identity. NnM is more graphical (nice 3D usage) and story is not as complex as 12K, imho mainly because setting in modern Japan and not in a parallel world.
Both of these animes are about the world of youkai and a boy trying to hide them from his friends. Otheer than that the plot are different but their both amazing
Both anime have supernatural non human characters in both urban/fantazy settings. Their styles are similar - with figting action and comedy+ drama. Though Noragami is a short series, it resembles Nurarihyon no Mago, just characters have kami's (gods) powers.
Both male leads defeat youkais, and said male lead isn't human, along with a lot of the other cast. One of the female leads are humans and is involved with the male lead. The male lead is extremely overpowered, but rather stupid. The said male lead is involved in a demon patrol, but that male lead is the only one who can actually fight. There is a person who uses ice to defeat youkai in both anime.
If you liked Jigoku Sensei Nube you will like Nurarihyon, the slight difference is that Nurarihyon is more teenage-themed with a big responsability of being half human/half yukai, and JSN is more like a dutty from Sensei Nube to protect everyone using his curse as a way of defense, but both main characters share the same feeling: BE STRONG, HIDE ALL THE YUKAI! or destroy the ones causing troubles if u cant argue with them...
Both animes deal with the main character fighting against demons known as yokai's, and both have a lot of other strange characters. They are both very interesting to watch.
Both involve demons and other figures from Japanese folklore. The main protagonist of both series has a prominent relationship with these figures.
Both are set in the human world as well as the demonic world, and the demonic world setting is very similar to Nurarihyon's.
Both protagonists can see youkais (which are drawn really cute) and has super-powers.
reportRecommended by Zeino - Add to favorites
Both are about Youkai.
"Good" demons and "good" pirates even though that's contradictory to their very nature.
In both comedies, the protagonist is an heir of a powerful clan, but tries to live a normal life and thus hides his true identity while having to solve the problems of the clan. Both also have a romantic plot line. Plus, both have supernatural (in Gokusen it is a human-like talking dog).
In both, the protagonist is a powerful heir of a supernatural (god/demon) family but tries to live as an average human, causing funny situations. Both also have a romantic storyline.
Both have a protagonist who have an "another self". In Nura, his other self is his Youkai form. Like in Yu-Gi-Oh! the other form is more strong and confident and eventually is what the protagonist want to become (and later manage to become). Both series focus on the character development and how they keep trying to change theirselves to face all the danger they are going to have to fight. The main difference is pacing, Nura is really straight to the point, where Yu-Gi-Oh! takes it's time and, for some, overstay it's welcome.
xxxHolic has the same athmosphere with Yokai. Another similarity is that both main characters are weak even through in Nurarihyon the character transforms into a strong Yokai
Both series involve the main male protagonist having 2 appearances while having the same memory (For Mago it's a while before he retains his memory of his other self).

And.... the male guy has a crush on a girl who likes his other self, and the girl thinks that the other self is his friend.

Differences: Mago is youkai-related while Kampfer focuses on ecchi and fighting between 2 sides: red and blue.
Both are with demons and swordplay
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