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English: Wagnaria!!
Japanese: ワーキング!!


Type: TV
Episodes: 13
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Apr 4, 2010 to Jun 27, 2010
Duration: 24 min. per episode
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older
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Same mangaka, so the similarities are endless - humourous happenings between a bunch of quirky characters in a work-based setting.

If you liked one, you will like the other! 
reportRecommended by Xenograft
MM is built around a sadomasochistic pairing. Working isn't. So, when you first read Working's summary and note that it has a restaurant setting, you'd think it'd share few to no similarities with MM's school club shenanigans. BUT, Working may as well be about the members of a club interacting, so reliant on character gags it is--the whole at-work-not-school aspect getting overlooked... with school girls STILL being main characters. (Anime, I am disappoint...)

What makes these two super-easy to link is MM's Arashiko and Working's Inami. They have a phobia of all things male and react with EXTREME violence whenever one comes close to  read more 
reportRecommended by AironicallyHuman
Both slice of life anime with similar humour and pace. If you like one i suppose you would like the other 
reportRecommended by edwarx
Both of these slice-of-life Anime deal with the working class. Working!! takes on a more comedic look, while Hanasaku takes on a more realistic life approach. Either way, the work force is looked at and serious issues are handled, albeit one in a serious manner, and the other in a more comedic manner. 
reportRecommended by Yemi_Hikari
Working!! is very similar to K-ON! in art style, expressions, and character types. The two share the common ground of being slice of life and taking place in an everyday setting. 
reportRecommended by Detective
Working!! is pretty much Durarara!! except that it takes place in a family restuarant. :D Three of the seiyuus from DRRR (Jun Fukuyama aka Shinra, Daisuke Ono aka Shizuo, and Hiroshi Kamiya aka Izaya) play very similar personalities in Working!! Seriously. It's like the slice-of-life version of Durarara. 
reportRecommended by YakuzaDog
Both shows involve a small group of people, each having their own quirk or strange behavior.
Also, both shows are hilarious! 
reportRecommended by SerenityB3128
Even though 'Working!!' has barely started, it reminds me greatly of 'Toradora!'. Both feature tiny female leads, forward (sometimes violent) female characters, and slice-of-life comedy.  
reportRecommended by cptnsuz
Using the restaurant theme but actually can take place in any settings, Shirokuma Cafe and Working are pretty much situation comedy that happen to take place in restaurant and coincidentally share the common activity of arubaito (part-time work.)

Shirokuma cafe take a safe route of all-age and genders appeal. I double dare anyone to come up with demographic group that can't watch this.

Working is a male-oriented show that have lots of girls (as usual) and happen to appeal to female too due to it's neutral standing between male and female emphasis. It is made from female-mangaka manga that serialized in late-teen to  read more 
reportRecommended by lapisdragon
In both series, there's the idea of working. The environment is depicted with comedy especially with the characters involved.

The main male protagonist also seems insecure at many times regarding the setting he is in. However, he is determined to do the work he is assigned to.

There is literally humor and many jokes made throughout both series mainly related to the main male protagonist and the people he interacts with. 
reportRecommended by Stark700
Main characters from Mayo Chiki! and Working!! suffer from gynophobia/androphobia. (Fear of woman/men)

They're similar in that the leading characters are afraid of the opposite sex. 
reportRecommended by godotce
They're basically the same thing except Denki is in an Ero Manga Store. If you like this, you'll love Working.  
reportRecommended by AnimePope
Both have their main focus on different/unique/strange characters and both have a rather bizarre sense of humor. 
reportRecommended by Ultramario

Both settings are in a Restaurant.

Both have characters (Aizawa Chizuru of Shinryaku! Ika Musume, Sato Jun and Kyouko Shirafuji of working) which the main character (Ika and Souta) won't dare mess with.

Both were safe enough to be viewed by elementary school kids.

Both do have either a shallow or unstable plot.

Both characters (Souta and Ika) never intended to work in the restaurant in the first place.

And both have little bit lesbian that goes in it.


One was set in the suburbs of Hokkaido while the other one was  read more 
reportRecommended by Mugen900
Both of these Anime deal with following a particular job and the ups and downs. Except, the characters involved are not your average person, they all have various personalities with quirks in them. 
reportRecommended by Yemi_Hikari
Two comedy animes that can be referred to slice of life genres, both animes happen mostly in the cafes their working... Both animes seem to get their punch lines mostly on the worker's "unusual" sides too... If you like that format of comedy of Working, then you might also have fun watching Soredemo... 
reportRecommended by nightmaresag
Both very funy and fun to watch. The characters are very well made and it will bring you multiple smiles while watching. If you are a comedy lover, Lucky Star and Working! is the anime for you.
Remember: Working 2nd season in going to come out! XD 
reportRecommended by mepiggy
Laid back.
No main story.
Similar comedy.
Bit of romance. 
reportRecommended by hyokai
Both these anime focus on the relationships of a group of people (this is probably true for most anime though): in Ouran it is the 'Host Club' members while in Working it is the part time workers at the family restaurant 'Wagnaria'. Comedy, a variety of characters with distint personalities and quirks, a slow and comfortable pace and episodes following the daily life of the characters (in the Host Club and in the family restaurant) without a strong plot (this is more true for Working!!) are similar elements in both. Ouran has more character development and shows the pasts of the characters while Working!! has  read more 
reportRecommended by Haras
Both comedies involve the antics of high school students. The humor is off the wall, sometimes pushing the "willing suspense of disbelief" that a person has. 
reportRecommended by Yemi_Hikari
Both are a slice of life anime that deals with working in a restaurant. There's one sided love, and conflict and resolution. 
reportRecommended by makimagic
I think they got similar atmosphere ... Like seitokai no ichizon is in this council room and Working!! is in family restaurant. There are also similar characters like Tanashima is similar to Kurimu or Sugisaki is similar to Takanashi ... in their own way. Also has other characters which are alike. 
reportRecommended by Poeticas
Fast-paced comedy both adapted from 4-koma manga. They managed to fit a lot of gags from original into the anime and also have the enjoyable pace kept. Good work everyone, just please come up with some original joke once in a while, anime team. Those who have read original manga really have a hard time on your show. 
reportRecommended by lapisdragon
The lives of these characters who are around the same age is crazy and unexpected things end up happening. The comedy is also very similar. 
reportRecommended by Yemi_Hikari
Both are lighthearted shows filled with clashing quirky personalities that lead to much humor. Both comedies have a romance element, though in Working!! it's more of a subplot.  
reportRecommended by colonelpanic
Both of these animes have characters who are very sensitive about their height. 
reportRecommended by Spankdatmonkey
Both shows derive humor from personalities and character interactions. In both, characters sparkle or produce an aura. 
reportRecommended by colonelpanic
Nogizaka start hitting guys because she has never been so close with 3D males after all her life spent with anime. If that is actually happening it would be really cool, with plagiarism concern.

Both show are already uber similar in the way that they both have an interesting main couple going out in interesting way with a good supporting casts. 
reportRecommended by lapisdragon
I really recommend you guys to watch Natsu no Arashi.
It's kinda the same atmosphere.
The story takes place in a cafe/restaurant.
It's a comedy so you'll laugh as you did in Working, except that there's a little bit of a super-natural thing in Natsu no Arashi but still fun.
The only thing that Working really quite differs in is probably the character design.
reportRecommended by SuohMikoto-
Both are comedies with odd-ball characters and minimal storylines. 
reportRecommended by Miharu-Kun
Both include a character with psychological walls hindering them in various ways in their life. 
reportRecommended by s0beit
Both series have humor which originates from misunderstandings 
reportRecommended by xEWEx
Comedy harem with plenty of possible pairings that appeal to audiences of all taste. Note that this recs focused on possibility of pairing because there are not many solid romance element or author-arranged couple present in both show, allowing audience imagination to runs wild. 
reportRecommended by lapisdragon
Both of them are simialar in there comedy. Not in the story line, but both of the comedies have the same feel to them. Both leave you laughing, if you like Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun you'll probably like Working!! and vise-versa.

Also the two character that I think resemble each other are Satou and Kenji both blonde/ same mellow darkish personality.

reportRecommended by SecretAnimeLover
Both series exhibits the atmosphere of a working environment, the only difference is that the setting of Shirobako take place in an animation industry while the setting of Working!! took place on a Family restaurant. 
reportRecommended by Enmity_
They are both very care free and funny anime. They have very dynamic characters and both very fun to watch; both are filled with moments that just make you smile.  
reportRecommended by nguyenco
Working!! has romantic elements, but overall is a comedic slice-of-life journey similar to Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun. The main difference between the two is location. Working!! takes place where the characters work, a family restaurant, while Gekkan is split between working on the manga and school.  
reportRecommended by aiai_capn
Both are comedic slice of life with romantic interests. Although I can't say that the art or characters are alike, the general relaxing atmosphere is akin in both series. 
reportRecommended by Tildaquo
Both feature humour involving people working in a shop. Yuusha has a demon lord's daughter and is set in an Electric store, while Working!! is set in a family restaurant. 
reportRecommended by kvnstv1
Leading characters suffer from an obtuse aversion to men.
Both contain lots of light-hearted comedy with slight romantic undertones. 
reportRecommended by godotce
A guy taking care a girl because of her incapable. Slowly but sure there's a little romantic feelings. More than one lovely couples. Unique/weird personality friends and they almost meet each others everyday. There's a "trap" for each series. And good comedy anime :) 
reportRecommended by Ray_Light
Both are about a brown-haired guy with glasses who likes children. Takanashi has a fascination towards everything that's small, so people often think he's creepy, while Tsuchida is often mistaken for a pedophile.

These animes follow their respective protagonist's life as they get their first job ever : Hanamaru Youchien takes place in a kindergarten and Working takes place in a family restaurant. Hence, both are related to the comedy and slice of life genres. 
reportRecommended by PlzAllow
They are both incurably hilarious and unconventionally witty. Both have strongly established comic characters, hysterical running jokes, and agonizing romantic comedy. 
reportRecommended by PuddleBoots
The story line is comedic, the cast is rather out there and the animation styles are similar. At first glance they may not appear like series which will appeal to fans of the other series, and yet there is something which can very much appeal to fans either. 
reportRecommended by Yemi_Hikari
Both have really quirky characters that are defined by their irregularities. 
reportRecommended by cowshrptrn
Ririchiyo reminds me of Yamada and in episode 4, Maid 2 (in an incredibly weird way since he/she is either a tranny or a crossdresser) reminds me of Satou 
reportRecommended by SierraHotel058
both this anime take a place in the restaurant, but Kaidan restaurant is creepy and have a horror genre than Working!! 
reportRecommended by tsuntsunrage
Comedy based, barakamon has better character development for the main lead along with a very good story, in terms of comedy I can`t decide between the two but in terms of story it`s barakamon Hands down...

both are slice of life and both are really enjoyable 
reportRecommended by setogirl2
Definitely similar style. Especially when you look at the opening sequences. Both really inspired me to go to work. NHK, inspiring me to get a job. And Working!!, inspiring me to keep it and enjoy it. xD *used to work in a cafe*  
reportRecommended by Shirt
While working provides more of a comedy and A-Channel more of cuteness. Both series are good slice of life based on 4-koma. 
reportRecommended by ashton
Both animes are about some bussiness with many hilarious scenes, funny characters and a kind of romance. Some characters have similarities, like a guy who are always in trouble (Takanashi and Keitaro), a girl who are always punching the protagonist (Inami and Narusegawa), a girl with a sword (Yachiro and Motoko), a girl causing problems to everyone (Yamada and Sarah) and a lazy employee (Kyouko and Haruka).

reportRecommended by Mizorefan
Not much alike but in both have a girl causing problems to the protagonist and the characters Yamada Aoi and Gokou Ruri are a lot alike. 
reportRecommended by Mizorefan
Eve and Working make up two of the few restaurant-based animes that I know. Though differing heavily from the dark, mysterious aura of Eve and the light, happy-lappy atmosphere of Working, both animes' main male leads get sucked into their respective environments, discovering a unique array of characters while themselves maturing over time. 
reportRecommended by Shrackner
Though Working! is better than Pia Carrot, both stories happens in a restaurant.  
reportRecommended by biakudryavka
Both of these Anime have similar styles. They also take something that seems normal and turns it into something bigger. They're also both funny, in their own corny ways. 
reportRecommended by Yemi_Hikari
Both animes have a 'real life' aspect that is played upon but also riled up. Both set in modern times they focus on characters who may not be the generally accepted 'normal' to society, and show how people like this can connect to each other. Though Working is definitely less serious, I think they hold a lot of a similar feel. 
reportRecommended by selvania
Over the whole series, you learn more about each main character and find out about their personality disorders... 
reportRecommended by QueueQ
The overall atmosphere of both shows come out as very similar to me because they're both slice-of-life comedies that give off a refreshing feeling. While Gugure! Kokkuri-san involves fantasy and the supernatural, Working!! doesn't seem to showcase any of those, but both shows revolve around the daily lives of a strange group of people with peculiar personalities, and there is no deep story or clear plot involved; just pure, fun randomness. Also, some voice actors for the shows are similar (Kokkuri and Satou, Kohina and Yamada, etc.). 
reportRecommended by winkypinky17
Cute, sitcom antics, character-driven humor, and similar character design. It's also a slice-of-life comedy series, and contrary to notoriety, is not pedobear fanservice. 
reportRecommended by tanktnt
Both have work related theme, similar characters Haruka = Takanash Kozue, Marimo = Takanashi Souta (Cosplay). Both are good comedy/ Slide of life and radom. 
reportRecommended by darkquach
Comedy, no clear plot line with a focus on the daily life and interactions of the characters, attractive visuals are some of the aspects both these anime share. Kaichou wa maid-sama has a much slower pacing than Working and might, at times, be rather tiring. The former focuses on the two main characters, Misaki (student council president) and Usui Takumi and their evolving relationship. The other characters are not really given much attention nor are they well developed, though this may apply to the main characters as well. Nonetheless it is fun to watch - a little at a time. Working's characters are more important  read more 
reportRecommended by Haras
Pretty much both shows are just the about everyday life. Only difference is that one takes place at work and the other takes place at school 
reportRecommended by imprezagc8
Main character is dragged into a new life/work with a bunch of weirdos  
reportRecommended by darkquach
both anime have characters that are weird in a somewhat similar ways 
reportRecommended by pakin