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Japanese: ラムネ


Type: TV
Episodes: 12
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Oct 11, 2005 to Dec 27, 2005
Duration: 24 min. per episode
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older
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Recommendations Submitted by Users

Both shows center around a pair of childhood friends, who might share more feelings, than a simple friendship.

Though Tonagura! relies on heavily on humor and fanservice, while Lamune is more closer to slice of life and drama genres. Tonagura is based on a manga, Lamune is based on a visual novel (dating sim). 
reportRecommended by Radzeer
Both series deal with the strong bond between childhood friends who ultimately fall in love. Also, both are episodic in nature, and both are very calm, relaxing animes (there's very little in the way of angst or drama in either of these).

If you enjoyed one then you should enjoy the other. 
reportRecommended by Archaeon
Both of them are about childhood friends which are almost like brother and sister. But when they have grown up the question is: are their feelings still the same?

And both animes are really cute and pure love stories, you really feel happy when you are watching them.

If you liked Kimikiss, I think you'll enjoy Lamune, and viceversa. 
reportRecommended by naceale
Very similar content...hard to say... just a similar love story 
reportRecommended by gundamfranco
both series are harem type anime with one male protagonist and 6 female heroines. plus both female leads rimi sakihata and nanami konoe are both romantically linked to the male leads takumi nishijo and kenji tomosaka, plus both male leads have one of the 6 heroines as a sister (nanami nishijo and suzuka tomosaka) 
reportRecommended by mrpogi91
6 girls and one guy, though lamune is the dramatic version while koi koi 7 is the comedy version.. plus both series have a tomboyish and tough girls:Hikari Nakazato and Sakuya Kazamatsuri, and pink haired girls yayoi asuka and misora ayukawa 
reportRecommended by mrpogi91
both series featured the main male and female protagonists as childhood friends plus both male protagonists Kenji Tomosaka and Makoto Okano have comical male partners Tsutomu Tachibana and Hatano, and Both Series' Main Protagonists have one of the female protagonists as a Sister(Makoto and hinata Okano and Kenji and Suzuka Tomosaka; both of the protagonist's younger sisters even calls the female protagonists as onii-chan or the japanese way of addressing an older sister or female), and also the male leads, their sisters and the female leads are all friends with each other 
reportRecommended by mrpogi91
Both Series Takes Place at a Fictional Countryside in Japan 
reportRecommended by mrpogi91
both series are typical anime of 6 main characters each, though girls high is the comedy version while lamune is the drama version.
the most similar looking characters of these series are yuma suzuki and hikari nakazato for being the most quick tempered 
reportRecommended by mrpogi91
Both have a close friendship throughout the series of the main characters who grow closer. They are both surprisingly fun to watch especially if you dislike Violent retribution anime.  
reportRecommended by Moonmonk
Furukawa Nagisa - Konoe Nanami
Okazaki Tomoya - Tomosaka Kenji
And in both anime the male and female main character make a good couple/really cute couple
If you liked one you'll like the other at 100% the only different is the amount of episodes 
reportRecommended by martver
Furukawa Nagisa - Konoe Nanami
Okazaki Tomoya - Tomosaka Kenji
And in both anime the male and female main character make a good couple/really cute couple
If you liked one you'll like the other at 100% the only different is the amount of episodes 
reportRecommended by martver
they are both sweet and cute. they're background ans storyline is nothing alike but if you have seen both you will know how they are the same becuz they hold the same feeling. toradora has more drama and comedy and a little more romance.

but if you like toradora you should check lamune out...the begining is not the same but the ending is great and is almost the same 
reportRecommended by yeeleng2bk
Motive of childhood friend, the love triangle, main character don't have one of parents, exterior appearance of characters and their personalities are quite similar, and alike atmosphere- light-hearted story intersected with few problems. I recommend. 
reportRecommended by SomeoneLost
both series consists of 6 girls, though azumanga daioh has no guys. plus both have the most annoying girls tomo takino and hikari nakazato, and kagura's good-tempered nature is similar to tae isawa, although lamune is the drama version while azumanga daioh is the comedy version 
reportRecommended by mrpogi91
They both have similar character styles and story. 
reportRecommended by Laura-sama
Both are very cute :D
And in both there are old childhood friends and so on... it´s very similar :D 
reportRecommended by Traum
If you've seen Lamune you will easily hear the same VA for the girl with the pink hair in this anime to. She has the same cute, shy voice as she did in the other series to. This is why I feel in love watching this 2 episode OVA. ^^ 
reportRecommended by Lolifox
well, Lamune is a romantic anime while aria the animation has noting to do romanic, but there both .... well.... have the same relaxing theme to them, there is no complicated or twisted plots, they're both simple, easy to watch. 
reportRecommended by armageddonn
Its not so similar... but in those two animeis there area cute strange girls with one boy, and the endings is little similar too.
I enjoied kanon more but those two animeis are very nice, i recomended :) 
reportRecommended by Syaoran-kun
There's the culmination of a relationship, followed by the same tear-jerking event; similar setup, but different outcomes. With their similar setups and character driven story lines, it easy to see how this recommendation lent itself to be made. 
reportRecommended by AceOp
This anime has the same sort of relaxed feel. The story is slow yet captivating and the romance like that of Lamune is gorgeous. I think fans of Lamune could easily enjoy this. 
reportRecommended by Pinktiarapanda
Easy laid back anime. Nothing too much happens, but you get to enjoy the anime for its storyline and romance. 
reportRecommended by Tencellar
They both have that carefree attitude about them. 
reportRecommended by controlmajortom
The main characters are both childhood friends and like each other. 
reportRecommended by yukifanatic
Both are romantic comedies about childhood friends. Both are also set in a more rural setting. Lamune is a little more easy going but Myself Yourself is definitely a show that keeps you tied 
reportRecommended by Hisashikun
-Both anime's moods and flow of the story/plot are very lighthearted
-Both are slow-paced and centered around Slice of Life/Romance 
reportRecommended by MagicFlier