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Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu

Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu

Alternative Titles

English: Baka and Test - Summon the Beasts
Synonyms: The Idiot, the Tests, and the Summoned Creatures, Baka to Test to Shokanju, BakaTest
Japanese: バカとテストと召喚獣


Type: TV
Episodes: 13
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Jan 7, 2010 to Apr 1, 2010
Duration: 24 min. per episode
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older
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Similar type of useless main character who shines in the most useless of ways. Semi-harem type. But on top of everything they have the same kind of humor and ways of executing the humor.
If you like Baka to Test, I'm sure you are going to like this one too, as both are comedy/romance at school.
Very similar feel and humour. Aki from BakaTest and Kousaku from Nourin are spitting images of each other in personality! Nourin is smuttier though ...
They're both comedies that make fun of an overused topic (card battles and zombies). And they both have a male character that is used in a female role.
reportRecommended by hav - Add to favorites
These series have the same brand of humor behind them. If you like gay jokes, cheerful school settings, and light romance, both of these series fit the bill. They're both on Netflix too.
Who would think that you could get a serious Anime from either story lines, but somehow the people who came up with the idea for both made it work. There is humor built into the story line too and it is very enjoyable despite the corniness.
If you're looking for laughs, look no further.
Slapstick school comedies with lots of ironic humor.
The main setting for both Anime is a school. There are interactive avatars, more prevalent in one Anime then in the other. The main character is looked down upon in the real world because they happen to not have any ability that allows them to succeed in the real world, but once they get to the "game" they end up being important in some regard.
Both are probably the most random anime I've ever seen. Great school slice of life comedy, though Baka to Test has some supernatural elements.
Both series provides great laughs for comedy lovers
I don't pride myself on making strange recommendations like this one but this time it's actually waranted:
-Both are about a game like system in a school were students fight (Baka and Test is an actual game though and Angel Beats! just has a video game feel).
-Some characters have the same feel and sometimes appearance.
-They deal with a bunch of morons (while more emphasized in Baka and Test, they do call themselves idiots in Angel Beats!)
Note: If you like the humor and characters then one should be a fit for the other but otherwise they're worlds appart.
Well, gintama is random and parody on several animes and Baka test is random and a parody on several animes too and they are both funny, (in other ways though)! Gintama is sometimes a bit more serious than this one, but that's the only difference. I recommend both of them!
Main characters are very similar. They act weak and get pushed around by women that like them. There is also some cross dressing and random humor.
Really similar to each other, mainly by style of drawing.
Similar humor,both are random and funny :D, both have a touch of shonen ai between the main characters, similar art.
Both protagonist have extremely annoying screechy voices when they overreact.
So if you like to torture yourself (Darn, you masochists..) Go check it out..
Both series revolve around a battle game that features chibi characters of the players. Random humour and similar character designs for the main characters.
Both are insanely funny. For Seitokai, you need to have some general knowledge to understand their jokes though.
They both involve a school system using a sort of summoned beast in combat. They both have several similarities in genre: action and romantic comedy.
Although the plot is different, the setting is same, i.e. school. The character designs are also somewhat similar. The biggest similarity is the comedy style; I got a Bakatest feeling from D-Frag. There are great characters, and plus, it's a fun series. If you watch one, high chances are that you will love the other.
Battles between classes.
The best is Class S (Maji de) and Class A (Baka).
The worst class is Class F.
Crazy randomness, awesome battle scenes, romance (?), cute trap character, and more crazy randomness.
Both are very hilarious and revolves around a funny male character
both are romantic anime, although Baka and test is a lot more outrageous golden time is still hilarious.
both have a girl who is obsessed with a guy
-Both involve somewhat of a love triangle
-Similar animation (Off colored backgrounds, weird coloring of characters, strange effects ect)
-Both involve a shy girl and a tsundere
-Both are comedy-romance shows with a little bit of slice of life.
Main male character gets beat up a lot
They very much remind me of each other, not because their humor is very similar but because they have the same way of spitting at klichés. They both deviate from what is "classic" anime comedy, and both does so brilliantly.
Ookami and BakaTest have the same brand of funny, character-driven humor and romance as well as a large cast of characters that fit the general anime stereotypes. Each series has it's own tsundere, loli, bishounen, ect.
Ecchi. Comedy.
Baka to Test is more random though.
Both series has a lot of comedy in them, both has a "baka" character in them, one of the main characters has someone liking him and he/she doesn't realize it(kana&fujioka, akhisa&himeji), both has school in them, and main characters in both are living withought their parents.
If you like comedy, and like one of the series, you should enjoy the other one.
reportRecommended by Exold - Add to favorites
School life, and love triangle. And I couldn't help but notice the similarities between characters: Mizuki relate to Mashiro in that they are both really talented. Minami relate to Nanami, they feel in love with the main guy. Akihisa relate to Sorata, they want to protect (take care) of the talented girl.
Shouko and Yuiji, childhood friend in love (Jin and Misaki in sakurasou)
The differ in the fact that baka to test is funnier
Both animes share the same humor.

Both are about school, a perverted main character with perverted friends.

Both includes nosebleeds.

Both have tsunderes who hits the MC/other males for the slightest thing (perverted stuffs mostly).
reportRecommended by Kryki - Add to favorites
They have a similar brand of humor, and they both pull it off well. The characters are parodies of common character archetypes.
reportRecommended by Caeca - Add to favorites
Both anime are slapstick comedies with a touch of ecchi. To make it short, if you enjoyed light anime such as B Gata H Kei, you'll mostly probably like Bake to Test to Shoukanjuu as well, and vice versa.
reportRecommended by Wilio - Add to favorites
Both are hilarious school life animes with romantic comedy involved. Toradora is more serious during some critical situations, but is still light hearted most of the time. If you like comedy, don't miss out on either of these shows!
Both titles become random comedy for the middle portion of the series, while having generally uninteresting "story" portions at the beginning and end. The random comedy is what makes both shows worth watching.
The art and character designs in both shows are gorgeous. Perhaps this is no coincidence because the animation studio Silver Link is credited for both shows.

Also each Anime has a sister with a major brother complex and their over-the-top behavior produces hilarious results.

The comedy is voluminous and robust. Both shows are the epitome of laugh out loud humor.
Fast paced, sometimes random, comedies that have amazing art and enjoyable fanservice.
Seemingly normal schools but with a supernatural/abnormal twists.Baka to test is more of a comedy while Hidan no Aria is more of a Action.
reportRecommended by Ozzey - Add to favorites
Both are based around school and share a main character who is dense toward others' feelings. The comedy in the two is also similar.
It's similar in the sense of the character attitudes and mannerisms, even though the plot is completely different.
- Same Animation Production.
- Both series are School and Comedy Themed.
- Both series have an Uncommon specific topic, in Baka is summon test game, in Kokoro is body switching.
It's a rather fun show about a idiot and his friends having a strange life. The only difference, its in a school that worries more about grades then people sometimes.
The pictures is kinda similar to mitsudomoe. It`s about school life and they behave a little similar to the kids in mitsudomoe.
Similar style. Both deal with a school and romance story with some sci-fi dosis althought In Date a Live the main character have to go out on a date with the girls while in Baka To test he has to defend "class honor"
While Clannad is considered extremely emotional by many people, I find first season to be quite hilarious. The really sad/emotional scenes are in After Story. Clannad, like Baka to test, is about school life with comedy involved. If you like comedy with a little more drama involved be sure to check out Clannad
Okay I just have to step in here to tell you that IF you are a big fan of the character Shirai Kuroko from Railgun like I am, then you MUST watch Baka to Test as there is an extremely similar character (Miharu Shimizu) that both have a yuri crush on a boyish flat-chested girl and call her "ONEE-SAMA!"

Onee-sama love forever!
The male leads are both perverts, there's a love triangle, the art is similar and if you watch this you'd know what I mean Hentai Ouji to Warawanai Neko reminded me of baka and test instantly.
If you like stupidity with splendid humor these two anime got some things in comon you will like! :)
I love how the jokes are being treated like serious behaviour.
Baka to Test and no game no life both have the same kind of animation, and both have something to do with strategy to become the best while being the ones at the bottom in baka to test its class F and no game no life its the humans, they both have players who fight their way to the top with games and both are really funny comedies that also have a little of perverted stuff.
These are the same kind of slap-stick comedy series where in the end, there is a really good story.
It's the same comedy and fun-loving characters! :) The only difference really is that Working!! is more of a slice of life kind of show and does not feature the same "supernatural"/unrealistic seen in Baka to Test.
great animes , lots of fun watching them , never lost interest
Both have:

-Tsundere female lead (somewhat)
-Stupid/Pervert male lead
-Very fun to watch
-Lot of comedy

I recommend watching this very much if you liked Love Hina!
These two shows include their main male character possibly ending up with either of the two main female characters in a romantic relationship.
This is similar in a sense, but instead of using test scores to fight, you use money to fight.
the main characters are both clueless, about the girls that like them it's also a great laugh with similar problems.
-The main character who somewhat always gets teased by his friends
-School life-comedy anime
-A little romance
-Always put you in a good mood~
Both have a similar sense of humour, playing around with the most common Moe patterns all the while not taking themselves seriously. Both series are short, which gives them a more dynamic feel than other lenghier titles, but do not rush, since they have to give enough time for the jokes, obscure references and bizarre character choices to sink in. Overall, both are extremelly enjoyable series.
It's impossible to look at Baka and Test without thinking of To-Love-Ru. A bit of harem going on, and the girl the guy likes even looks like LaLa.
Co-director of Negima!? is the director of Baka... Both use similar kind of jokes.
Tons of fanservice.
Even though this animes have nothing a like it just that some characters are similar like
Himeji/ Kotonoha= both are super cute, shy big chested girls with a horrible cooking
Minami/ Sekai= both are tomboyish, flat chested girls (who complains about it) but are good at cookings.
Himeji and Minami/ Sekai and Kotonoha= are really good friends but they are both in love with the same guy.

On both animes there is a pool episode. Both have ecchi. Although baka to test is more comedy and school days is more drama.
school battle, sports battle, friendly battle, comedy and enjoyable, if you like all of that, maybe you can enjoy these both anime.
it also somewhat random and has a love story but this show has some ecchi parts but it is very funny.
it is also about school life but there turnover is the male is much more better than female i am not yet done finishing baka to test to shoukanjuu but their similar and also it has sam genes
Actually its for all the "Baka to Test" series but just for: Episode 2 and Episode 3

Because these two episodes include:
Comedy (sort of)
For one reason, both have the most popular traps in anime!
reportRecommended by Jmac - Add to favorites
Students are battling each other with their mascots to get to a higher rank. In Baka To Test it is to get a better classroom, in Selecter Infected it is to makes their wish come true.
chibi characters and both is cute romance
both have traps, and similar setting and comedy
Both hilarious parodies.
While KimiAru focuses on butlers and maids and BakaTest is a high school setting, I found both to have similar humor. If you found one funny, you're likely to enjoy the other. Both series have a similar length (~13 eps) with quickly developing paces. Both series also focus on social standing (the master-servant relationship in KimiAru and improving one's service skills, while the constant struggle of the idiots in Class F to be treated seriously by those in higher academic levels).

Sometimes, there are parodies (BakaTest has a very funny Evangelion episode, KimiAru pokes fun at Death Note), sometimes the humor is character trait-based... But both are enjoyable comedies.
Lot of comedy, school life, really funny XD
They both involve a school separating students into rankings of sorts, and they both include action scenes and romance undertones.
In both serials there are lots of satire on the other anime (on NGE for exaple)
I laughed for a long time, honestly :)
Pretty much Love yet no action
Action with abit of love and drama in it
School life comedy;
two pretty girls are in love with protagonist;
boy who loves cross-dressing xD
both anime are filled with baka people XD but they are both entertaining.
reportRecommended by 29523 - Add to favorites
Two girs one with big boobs and another with nothing. the only difference is that the main one on goshuushou-sama is stronger while the other is a idiot
Both include the totally knows nothing about love guy. Both in a F.M.F love triangle, except told by a different gender protangist. But other parts are really different...
comedy genre and likable characters,
Both pretty eechi.
Hilarious and just at a point drama comes in.
Who likes who...0_o
Pretty girls perverted guy.
I bet if you like baka to test to shoukanjuu you will love this anime.
Both shows made me laugh!
Different content, similar presentation with all these weird angles and random chibis ....
(Uhm, Pani Poni Dash had content ?)
same type of humor
Simple no action drama and love
Both shows deal with underdog teams competing against prestigious factions in various games to regain power, and also has a similar comedic atmosphere.
Both TV series have basically the same idea - a group of outcasts (in BakaTest it is Class F, while in KoiChoko it is a "useless" club) trying to fight for their rights and make the situation better.
The protagonists for both show look kinda similar, both pretty perverted, have two girls that like them (but oblivious to that fact), and special in a way.
Both animes have superpower
There is ecchi, harem in both
both their schools are weird

The male character is dumb who is not aware of girls feelings for him
Both animes girl like male lead one girl being his childhood friend and the other girl is strongest in school
Some of the humor is similar. Both short and funny comedies who don't fall into heavy fanservice, though Magikano is more suggestive than Baka to Test.
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