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Synonyms: DN Angel, D.N. Angel, DNAngel
Japanese: D・N・ANGEL


Type: TV
Episodes: 26
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Apr 3, 2003 to Sep 25, 2003
Duration: 23 min. per episode
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older
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May 27, 2010
'mkay, d.n. angel..

i remebered that faithful day when i accidentally stumbled upon the tv channel where this was showing. the first episode got me hooked! what i liked about this show was because of the art works. haha. the story is nice actually. it's unique in its own ways but interesting nonetheless.

art work is great! XD although i found some instances when they were a bit too skinny. haha. OST is great as well, i actually had the songs downloaded. i prefer the action over the love story (though the love story IS the side story) i just found it boring when they were focusing read more
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Jul 16, 2009
Based on the title, the genre listed, the badass looking dude with the black wings, and the first 30 seconds of this anime, I assumed this was going to be some kind of action adventure anime. You know, kind of like Shakugan no Shana, Inuyasha, or maybe even Outlaw Star. Just something with fighting + romance. Unexpectedly, it was not. D.N.Angel is really more of a romance shojo (more on the girly side) anime. This is not necessarily a bad thing, just not what I expected, so if you're not a shoujo fan, you might want to consider skipping this anime.

Story - Quite different from read more
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Nov 25, 2007
Story: The story has no story. This is just one of those animes that you watch for the hot guys. Certainly the most of a plot I could get out of D.N.Angel was that 12 year old Daisuke Niwa belongs to a family that has played host to the phatom theif Dark Mosey. The reason it's called D.N.Angel is because Dark is like a black angel (he has wings) and his DNA lives within Daisuke's. Meaning Daisuke's body has two hosts. Whenever Daisuke sees his crush (Risa Harada) he turns into Dark, and when Dark sees his crush, twin older sister of Risa, Riku Harada, read more
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Jun 18, 2010
I liked the idea but i was actually rather dissapinted, the plot seemed to drift and the character krad was barely seen. There needs to be more character developement i feel its to short. Great opening song and i love dark hes great. But after about 5 episodes although i stuck with it by the end i really didnt care what happened as the story seemed to come out of nowhere as though half way through the idea sparked up to have artwork contain power. I really feel more can be done for this anime as its a great concept.
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Mar 6, 2013
Way, way back in middle school, I read this manga. That was back when I snapped up every manga I could find, and adored phantom thieves (Kurama, and Tuxedo Kamen, and Saint Tail, oh my!). A friend gave me the box set of the anime for Christmas and I was so excited.

Until I watched it.

D.N.Angel can't decide if it wants to be an epic story of light vs. darkness or a show about a middle school love triangle. It starts out good enough with the phantom thief angle, but that turns into a completely different story about ancient magical rivals. Which would be fine except read more
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Feb 20, 2009
It's about a 14 year old boy named Daisuke Niwa.
And the year of is 14th birthday he turs into Phantom theif dark Mousy.
And he sends out warnig signals and for Dark to turn into Daisuke he has to
steal something. But as soon as you get farther into the series you will see why Daisuke doesn't won't Dark to do anything Daisuke wasn't confident enough to do like (ask Miss Harada out) hint hint.
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Aug 18, 2007
Really good one! It's sometimes very funny, but there is also a bit of a drama and it gives some good lessons. I find the art very good indeed, it's really beautiful, but that's personal opinion. The story it's not something very special, but interesting enough for me. The opening and ending are awesome, I like them very much. I really recommend this anime to all of you, because it's really enjoyable to watch. :)
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Jan 28, 2013
i just gave it nines on everything because it is one of my favs, but not number 1.
story- 9
i love the whole story. everything about it i love! i love how niwa has to get riku to return his feeling before dark will go away but he ends up falling for risa! I was so sad though when dark left, like for good!
I love the art! i dont even know what else to say about it other then that!
i love the characters! i think riku is a bit of a dits but she is super nice. i think risa is just great in general! niwa read more
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Jun 15, 2010
D.N.Angel is a short but entertaining anime. The story is simple, a magical theif named Dark, who steels things with his bunny that turns into wings, is sharing a body with a love sick boy named Daisuke, as it has been for generations in Daisuke's family. That's basically the gist. The story plot is pretty neat with random escapade episodes, then it all actually tying together in the end. I have heard odd stand points on how the plot symbolizes art history and how that in turn ties in with the story of angels and phanton art theives. Though this theory is much to profound read more
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May 24, 2010
D.N. Angel is a unique twist to the whole "angel" story presented in most anime. In it, both angels are male, and both exist for two very contradicting reasons. Dark Mousy exists to steal artwork created by the Hiwataris to prevent the sinister power in each one from causing destruction. Light Krad, on the other hand, exists as the second form of Satoshi to oppose Dark and continue the legend of the Hiwatari masterpieces.
The story itself is unique, but it disappointed me that the anime lacked in the thrilling approach I thought it would have, based solely on the plot itself. Yes, it was a read more
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Mar 15, 2010
This anime had the material and ideas to be great, but it had a lack of consitency, poor background story, and a barely acceptable character development.

The concept of good vs. bad, while being someone cliche', gave me the feeling of having a lot of potential when being coupled with the theme of a teenage romance, specially when topped with the main character having a split-personality, but since all the previous elements where loosely tied to each other, it just made for an anime that teased my interest to a great extent.

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Aug 7, 2009
DNAngel is a kids' anime, not to the juvenile level of Pokemon/Digimon [US dub version] but it's a kids' anime nonetheless. It's a good show but it's just not at that intense level that I usually prefer my anime. That would be the main thing to point out so if you are looking for a show with more of a grown-up theme then you might want to skip this one. Besides not having the gore, blood, violence and adult subject matter the show was still pretty good and entertaining. This show does have it's merits for several reasons: it has a solid and original story, read more
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Jun 20, 2008
since I start to know DNAngel from anime. I say it was very good, but something missed there, story development. but since I start to read the manga, I saw the big holes in the anime.
the problem of the animes they started way too soon when the manga was and is ongoing, I hate when this happens, they screw up the story, and don't fullfill it's purpose, is such a waste, when can be even better, could be almost awesome as the manga.
most of the episode are fillers. is very enjoyable the anime until you read the manga...
I love the art they did in read more
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Feb 1, 2009
one of the best animes ever. lots of romance, and the music was awesome. it starts out a bit slow, in the first episode, i almost felt like i didnt want to continue. i continued anyways because i was bored. then i started to watch a bit more episodes and they got better and better. i dont understand why this anime got a 7 score. it deserves to get a better rank
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Jan 13, 2012
how did I found this anime?
Because I was surfing the net and I found the name "Dark Mousy" and I also found the anime title D.N. angel.
When I started watching this, I sometimes liked to live a comment. Most of all, I idolize Dark Mousy because he is a thief that tells his plan to the police first. Eventhough he told the police what he will do, he still gets success.
And Niwa, he is skinny and incredible. He is 14 years old. His Friends is Saehara, Riku and Risa.
In the end, it is a good story. According to my studies, It maybe a twist or read more
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Dec 6, 2011
D.N.Angel is a series that truely does get better later. Too bad its kind of annoying getting there.

Story 7/10

I think that the story of D.N.Angel is a very interteresting concept. A boy (Niwa) who on his 14th birthday has another being awaken inside him (Dark) who then preceeds to go on an art crime spree. But early on in the series the main plot is bogged down with some stupidity. For example Niwa is only suppose to change into Dark when he sees his unrequited love Risa but they drop that later on and Dark pretty much shows up whenever he wants. They also do read more
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Dec 9, 2011
Before watching this anime, I'd never really been into anime at all. But I was instantly hooked by the end of the first episode. The characters are amusing, the voice actors fit them great and the comedy is great ^^

I absolutely loved the opening song and credits, especially being surprised when the theme began adding in the extra sounds, which- to me- just made the credits and song that much more epic :D

All in all, D.N. Angel is a great anime to begin your start into the world of anime- to me, anyway xD
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Oct 10, 2009
I liked this anime so much! sure the artwork could have been better but the story makes up for it. This anime i tought in the beginning of the show ok this is gonna be bad, but then it just blow me away. Now i just wish someone made my memory go away so i could watch it all over again and get that same feeling. It will give you enough doze of action, comedy and Romance.

so go watch it now YOU luckybastards!
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Apr 13, 2013
Story - 9 (Great) It Was Very Original. Including All The Lines. I Had Fun Watching This And I Was Very Excited To Know What's Next.
Art - 9 (Great) Like The Story, The Drawing Is Also Original. It Was Not Bad Actually. They Made Some Characters Good Looking And Very Fun.
Sound - 8 (Very Good) Well It Depends On What Player You Are Watching On But Some Of The Scenes' Sound Was Very Loud Or Soft, But It Was Still Understandable
Character - 8 (Very Good) I Loved Daisuke And Riku, They're Really Fun Characters Though I Didn't Much Enjoy Risa (No Offense). All Characters Have read more
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Apr 10, 2009
daisuke niwa is your average 14 year old boy, that has a specail genetic ability. on their 14th birthday they will be able to transform into the phantom theif dark. a infamous thief that was know for stealing artifacts, statues, jewery ect. daisuke has troubl with this as he transforms into dark everythime he sees or thinks about his crush, risa harada.
this anime follows the life of daisuke trying to put up with dark, steal items and school all at once without anyone finding out about him and dark being the same person.
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