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English: Chobits
Japanese: ちょびっツ


Type: TV
Episodes: 26
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Apr 3, 2002 to Sep 25, 2002
Duration: 24 min. per episode
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older
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Exact same storylines. Don't listen to everyone else, the stories are litterally exact. However, there are some quirks that are different between them: Ren is an Alien in DearS, while Chi is a Robot (Cyborg of sorts) in Chobits. There are other little differences that you'll notice when comparing them, but there's no doubt.. if you liked one of these, you'll definitely like the other.
Both are about finding a girl with no memory but both have hidden powers that awaken sporaticly in the story. Both girls could only say their names in the begining and have cute ears/horns. Both have ecchi. :D Only difference is Chobits is more of a romace and Elfen Led is full of violence and gore.
Main character lives with a none-human female. The setting and such are quite different, though the enjoyment factor is about the same. Plus there's the ecchi moments you'd expect from such shows, because of the circumstances that are brought up.
The characters are very similar..
Both titles explore the similar lore of human interaction and the border between seeing an android as a living breathing entity or appliance such as a stove or a car. relationships are key in both series as the protagonist have varying views on whether to follow the discrimination against androids, giving them 'real' feelings or simply accepting them as man-made devices for varying uses. Unlike chobits, Eve No Jikan does not hold the same aesthetics's in design, there are more fine lines and deeper colors along with 3D visualization and some computer generated effects. This gives Eve no Jikan a more mature look then chobits which is more directed to a teen audience.
In Chobits, the main male character finds a persocom that has been thrown away. Similarly in Kowarekake no Orgel, there is a male character who finds an android that looks like a human. The persocom and the android are child-like so the male characters watch over them with care.
reportRecommended by Enna - Add to favorites
Persocon = Cyber-Doll, helping "toys" that can help their lords. In that sense, they have similar motives throughout both shows.
reportRecommended by Mante - Add to favorites
They're both harem with incredibly beautiful girls. Both guys are loserish guys who get a hold of their love interests in interesting ways. Ah! My Goddess has less of a plot than Chobits but both are great fun.
They both have a main character that is not human... at all
Both series have a male character who "finds" the female character. The girls cannot speak much initially (aside from names) or have much knowledge, but they learn more and more as time goes on. They both also have romance in them.
Both are romantic comedies with harem in them. They both also have a main character that seems like a loser at first, but end up with a beautiful girl at the end.
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The series are about personal computers and/or personal robots who help take care of ones every day life and happen to be the in thing, not to mention a part of the daily life around everyone. The main robot character(s) happen to live with a young man who is living on his own too.
very cute, moe, both are funny and with cute creatures
Romance and robots, Hal is a much more dramatic take on the issue and less focused on the robots themselves, but it might please Chobits' fans, and vice versa.
Akikan! is about a boy who bought a can of melon soda from a vending machine.... the can suddenly transforms into a girl, a so called 'Akikan'. It is less ecchi than chobits and a bit more childish but it is about a boy surrounded by girls like chobits.
Both start of very funny and get really serious about romance and drama at the end.

Both are masterpieces!
As in chobits the main character finds an android and takes her in.
He shows her the little pleasures and at the same time she helps him get back the passion to play.
Both very sweet stories, which are in a way similar.
Both shows have a nonhuman as the female protagonist who ends up changing the life of the male protagonist.
Both are early 2000s Romantic Sci-fi anime with a little Ecchi thrown in. The main male protagonists are 4 years apart in age (Iwata is 15, Hideki is 18 - 19). The females are also 4 years apart (Rizel is 12, Chi is 16)


Chobits is considerably more dramatic than Rizelmine
Rizelmine is a Lolicon series
Rizel is a human with machine features, Chi is a complete machine capable of human emotions.
In both stories, lonely guys happen to meet and live with girls who aren't exactly human and under weird circumstances. As many comic and/or dramatic situations take place, they get closer. As a matter of fact, one can say that Chobits is like a modern version of Video Girl Ai.
Has an overall good feel, though does delve into dark and misterious pasts and scenes to give a deeper story that makes you wonder if theres more than meets the eye.
Non-human girls with feelings ^^ Both series are cute, funny and amazing!
reportRecommended by lirie - Add to favorites
They both have an air of innocence about the main female character. The whole idea that love can conquer all is a theme throughout both series. They both have a fair amount of fan service in them. However, Ai Yori Aoshi has a bit of a harem twist that Chobits doesn't really have at all. They're both well-animated, touching love stories that I recommend to anyone that likes to watch romantic comedies.
Although the main female lead, Chi, isn't an alien like Mizuho, it still gives you the same feel that Onegai Sensei does and it's a great watch, just like Onegai Sensei!
Both are stories about a guy who lives with a female-looking (very good looking, I must say) robot, and... both are ecchi. xD
Same stories. This is where Chobits likely pulled majority of its material from, minus all the ecchi.
Both series can give a lot of fun!
They have nice pop opening xD
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Girl appears randomly(To Love-Ru is in the bath while Chobits is in the Garbage Day)
The plots of both these anime originate from the same manga-ka, and deal with the relationships that can develope between humans and machines. They are both very sweet and very emotional with a little bit of humour thrown in. Chobits is a bit more mature, however, and has a darker tone to the plot at times.
Hideki is very similar Sato (MC from NHK!)
and you could also probably relate Chii to Misaki from NHK

These Anime both have their similarities and differences but I'm absolutely positive that if you like Chobits you will enjoy Welcome to the NHK! just as well.

Both main characters are technologically retarded / slightly perverted / and have a few other social problems of their own.
The main character is very awkward around women, although for different reasons. Chi and Miharu are very similar with their clueless selves. Both are funny
Angeloids = Persocoms
Main characters like to tempt to whatever comes to them and they support everything wrong or right to enthuse everyone around them.
Both have a protagonist who is forced to move away from home. Seita, because his village was razed, and Hideki, because he had to go to Cram School.
hilarious,lovable, well same people duh. and I think kyon the main male character gets closer to haruhi and mikuru. ^^
to me it's a little bit like Chobits.
Okay so if you've seen Chobits and want more, then I recommend Narue no Sekai, or, The World of Narue.

Both animes have a non-human life form (female protagonist) and a poor male who is mistaken for a pervert.

Both are cases of loving the non-human life form and well, Narue doesn't look like much but you should really watch it. Give it two episodes and you'll either love it or hate it, like marmite.

It's an ecchi & comedy with a boy surrounded by girls.
Steel angel kurumi is about a boy who finds and activates a humanoid Hideki finding Chii in Chobits... and she considers him her master and will do anything for him. It is less ecchi than chobits and a bit more childish though.
this is pretty much the same thing minus the fighting and action.
They both have characters that want to keep the person that is for them and only them and characters that try hard for the person that they love. Also, they both have a surrealistic aura to them.
It should be noted that this show is defnitely more focused on comedy than romance, so fans looking for some humor will definitely be pleased; this show is one of the funniest I've seen so far, right up there with Heaven's Lost Property on my list of favorite romantic comedies, and unlike HLP, this show relies far, far less on ecchi fan service to generate laughs (though it isn't entirely devoid of it).

FMP? Fomuffu places the socially maladjusted role on the male lead Sousuke, though the reasons he's so awkward are drastically different than those of Chii. He is a human, though he's been an operative of a large scale military mercenary group since a young age. Thanks to that, most of his logic and reasoning are drawn from his experiences on the battlefield and in war. Basically, he never lived the life a normal child would. Given the duty of protecting the female lead, Chidori, he's forced to attend high school and live a civilian life in order to stay close and keep an eye on her.

What this leads to is him often blowing even the smallest of problems way out of proportion. For example, at one point he finds a stray hair stuck to his locker and realizes it's been tampered with. His solution? Detonate a C4 and blow it up; there could have been bomb rigged to blow up in there after all. Of course, his general mannerisms carry this same wierdness leading him to be completely oblivious to Chidori's feelings, giving him an air of innocense. It may not be the same type of innocense as Chii, but it is there, and considering his background, the difference makes perfect sense.

As for Chidori, I'm just going to throw this out there; she's very quickly becoming one of my favorite characters. Far from being a damsel in distress (despite Mithril deeming a bodyguard necessary), she has a personality similar to Tomoyo's during the first half of Clannad's first season, though she isn't quite as...abusive...towards Sousuke, she isn't afraid to play a little rough in order to teach him how to be civilized. Understandable considering he's doing things like setting up electric shock traps just to protect some baked goods from the possibility of getting stolen.

And that's where the story shows some similarities with Chobits. Despite him being there to protect her, Chidori is often saddled with the task of attempting (fruitlessly) to teach Sousuke how to behave like a normal person. This often backfires in spectacular fashion, causing him to go to extremes in trying to solve common, everyday issues. At one point she tries to explain to him that if he wants to get some of the best food from a popular stall before they run out, he has to show some "spirit" in getting through the crowd so he can get what he wants. His solution? Fire a warning shot from a loaded gun and demand the crowd disperse so he can get a roll of bread. Common sense; not his strong point obviously. It leads to more awkward and hilarious situations than you saw in Chobits, and that's a good thing really.

That's not to say Chidori doesn't have a soft side; thats where the relationship between the two comes into play. Throughout the show, Chidori tries (again, fruitlessly) to hint at her feelings towards Sousuke, who remains completely unaware of her advances. There are quite a few times where you really feel for her, she tries so hard to get his attention, but all he seems to care about is protecting her...until he starts to realize he has some different feelings himself. And that's really about all there is to the love story, it's nothing too spectacular, but it wasn't really meant to be since this show was an intermediary between the first season of FMP and TSR. Still, Sousuke's loyalty and determination in keeping Chidori safe is more often than not sweet, and the whole thing is similar to Chii's constant attempts at making Hideki happy, though Chidori's tougher demeaner and Sousuke's various absurdities put a unique spin on it.

In the end, if you're okay with the lighter romance plot and the roles being assigned to opposite genders this time around, I'm sure Chobits fans will find FMP? Fumoffu an awesome experience...and to be honest, I'd recommend it regardless. Despite being a spin-off of a serious mech action/drama, this show is a huge success as a SoL-ish school action/comedy. Add on the fact that the show is completely watchable without needing to see a single episode of the first FMP season, and you seriously would never know where it got its roots from.
Both are good example of series that cant really decide if they want to go with the funny comedy style or the all series drama theme, which ends up ruining both series quite a lot. Both series have romance, kimi ga aruji doesnt have all that much though. Both series have an overall plot which isnt really focused on rather they both go with a bunch of short arcs.
Both are sci-fi comedies setted in world where android girls are everyday stuff and are designed in a way to help people with everyday problems.
Both are comedies about a relationship between a guy and blonde-haired android girl. While Chibits is sci-fi, Jikuu Ihoujin Kyoko: Chocola ni Omakase is fantasy
they are both about weird beings trying to live on planet earth, which isnt very easy for them. Both are very weird and surreal :D
First of all, I can't believe no one else has recommended this yet! The two anime's are almost identical, except for the female protagonists.

- Both male protagonists go out of their way to protect the female.
- Both male protagonists are very much older than the female.
- Both female protagonists are curious and have yet to know about the world.

I will guarantee, that you will not be let down.
Both main guy has to take care of a girl.

The difference between these two anime is that the girl in Chobits is a ROBOT!
while the girl in Sankarea is a ZOMBIE!

Both anime has dark theme and very serious drama and some ecchi moments. Although more comedy in Chobits
If you like the idea of the main character, being confused on who he likes out of many choices, then chobits has this.
What are the similarities? In both works, there is a character such as a girl-cyborg.
Nothing like a love story of "human and non-human"...........
Both of these have a main character that contains a great amount of power but neither of them are aware of it. Both of them find someone that truly care about them and want to keep them in their lives.
I think Metropolis should be given a chance if only because it was made by the godfather of anime. I'm sure that the creation was inspired by the other.
Its not really similar but.. the character thingy well i dont know but if you liked it you will like the other one...
Old but its good
Both series are about a guy getting a female robot to satisfy their desire for a girlfriend. Female protagonists in the 2 shows resemble each other as they both have long & golden ponytails.
both characters love his "boyfriend" and they do everything for him
Romance between a boy and a girl who lacks any sense of independance. Sakurasou is a bit more ecchi harem, but not much, and chobits is more chick flick and it felt somewhat cliche by comparison.
They share lots of similar riles even though Marie is less child-like and mindless than Chi. But if you liked Chobits you might like My Dear Marie, both feature guys with robot girlfriends in ecchi situations!
The atmosphere in both animes isn't very much alike, but they do have some stuff in common.
First of all, a young, pretty character having cat-like ears with lost memories suddenly coming into a relationship with a handsome stranger.
They both focus on relatioships, their hardships and, most of all, looking for the only one person to love. This is often mentioned in these two series.
They are both very touching, funny at times and romantic.
Very similar one-episode stories!
The both start out very cute but end with mostly romance and drama, and are both made by Clamp. :)
Both of them are about a guy who finds a girlfriend in a funny way and both of them have echhi moments.
Both of them are about a guy who takes care of a/some female character(s) and they do nice things for him. Both shows are heartwarming.
It took me awhile to understand which anime is most like Darker than Black. I know that Chobits and Darker than BLACK are two completely different genres, but if you think about it they are somewhat similar. Darker than Black has contractors that are used like machines doing the dirty work of people without the powers of a contractor. In Chobits the persocoms were normally treated as mere objects. However in the middle of both series characters begin to realize that both contractors and persocoms don't seem to be just tools but they may have some life within and act like normal humans. I'm not completely finished with Darker than Black yet, but this is the feeling I'm getting between both animes.

However be wary that the story will be slow if you ONLY have the idea that Darker than Black is about contractors being humans. This is a great anime filled with action, violence and a great story.
reportRecommended by Aji - Add to favorites
I think that relation betwen Renji and Chihiro and his problem with Chihiro is quite similar to Hideki and Chii from Chobits.
Both animes are romance and contain Androids
Features a naive robot girl as a lead character. Chobits is more of a romance story, but I found myself drawing a lot of parallels between Chii and Key, even down to their voice. Am I the only one?
Both are romantic ecchi anime, with girls who are not from this world. In Chobits, the main female character is a robot (aka persecom). In "Asobi ni Iku yo!" the main female character is an alien. They both have to learn the things in life. Both girls are being helped and live with a male character.
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Does artificial intelligence exist? In Chobits, they are in a way looking for it, for it is considered the thing to achieve in programing. In Bosou Shinki Moon Angel, it is an issue of not a good thing, because they go against orders.
There are a lot of differences between these two anime, the time, the feel, etc. but the characters relationships are similar in the romantic sense. Its a completely different story entirely, but if you liked the romantic comedy in Spice and Wolf, then Chobits is something you may want to consider watching.
Both have ecchi and have weird love issues ; mainly being love triangles and such
They both star a slacker guy who finds a extraordinary girl who doesn't no anything about the world and learns day to day stuff threw the guy and her friends.
Romance, Comedy, the odd Ecchi moments, although in Sukisho it is "male ecchi" and in Chobits it is "female ecchi",

Drama is amplified a lot during the second halves of the series
1 or more characters in both have alternate forms / personalities in order to help them find their love.

both involve "psychological experiments" in some shape or form
Both have androids and question about; can machines have feelings/emotions? So far I have not seen the whole anime of Android Ana Maico 2010, but there is a small relationship between the android and another human person. The android of both animes also seems to have a secret with their owner or creator.

I think Chobits is better because Android Ana Maico 2010 focus very much only inside of the radio station. Chobits also have much more to offer.
reportRecommended by XzaR - Add to favorites
Plots are similar, and in both main character are cute girls living with boy who found them. Both stories are cheerful and yuo'll definitly smile after watching them.
In both stories appears cute mascots in Chobits - Sumomo and Kotoko and in Tsukuyomi Haiji.
Both have a girl learning simple things about life. And the guys that help them.
Ichigo 100% could be considered as perverted or even more than Chobits. If you like the ecchi style, Ichigo 100% is for you.
If I gave away how they were similar I think I would provide spoilers for Ai Mai! Moe Can Change!? At least... the main reason. Both series are cute in their own way and they deal with "fan service cliches", one being more modern and more in line with the times as it has added things in it.
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