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Japanese: アヴェンジャー


Type: TV
Episodes: 13
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Oct 2, 2003 to Dec 25, 2003
Duration: 24 min. per episode
Rating: R - 17+ (violence & profanity)
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Same idea of destroying old world for the sake of building new one. Ergo Proxy has a much darker mood though.
Avenger and Innocent Venus are, strangely, almost identical when it comes to story. Nei, from Avenger, and Sana, from Innocent Venus are wanted by the government because of something that's going on with the world and they are essentially the "chosen ones". The catch is, both Nei and Sana are young girls, and the reason they're wanted is because the government wants to run tests on them. The main difference with story is that Nei is traveling with a female and a male, while Sana is traveling with three males.

Nei and Sana aren't the only characters with similarities. Ashley, from Avenger, and Jo, from Innocent Venus, are practically alike, being the strong, silent protectors of the young girls. The only real difference with them is that Ashley is female, while Jo is male. Everything else is pretty much the same.

Another character similarity goes between Speedy, from Avenger, and Jin, from Innocent Venus. When you first see the characters, they appear to care more about the young girl their traveling with than the other people traveling with them. They're often the care-taker, being left to take care of the girl while their other companions go to fight when the time arises. As the plots develop, however, these characters begin to act differently and start to lose their similarities.

Both anime take place in a futuristic wasteland, where the government is after making the world better, mainly through fighting and war. Avenger, though, takes place without a lot of mechanic fighting while Innocent Venus focuses around fighting with mechas. Still, in both shows there's a wasteland with fighting for the better of the world.

In the end, Avenger and Innocent Venus have very similar feels and to say that they're similar is an understatement. Beside a slight change of characters and mechanic levels, the anime are basically the same. Although I would recommend one to the someone that liked the other, I can safely that if you've seen one, you probably know what will happen in the other.
In both anime human can't birth baby again but they are trying to solve that problem with any cost
Both of these have somewhat similar settings. IMHO [i]Gun X Sword[/i] has everything that Avenger should have had but didn't. In particular, [i]Gun X Sword[/i] has nuanced characters whose interactions are plausible, and a coherent,satisfying story.
the girl, the dog tags with a bullet hole in it, the music; i watched madlax first and then watch then and it just reminded me the main charaters were alike.
If you liked the action-packed episodes of Avenger, then you might just want to check out Claymore. This has all the action of Avenger, but all the extra episodes -- meaning more character development and a more drawn out plot -- that you wished Avenger had. Get ready for girls with swords kickin slicing up things left at right at the speed of. however fast animators can draw. enjoy =]
In both shows, the main characters are powerful, non-busty female fighters traveling about barren landscapes. Layla from Avenger is a bit older than the girl in The Third, but there are some similarities in their quiet, intense personalities and graceful fighting styles.
.hack//Sign is done by the same director and the style is SO similar. Like everything down to the animation and the super philosophical dialogue is the same. It has the same atmosphere. The only difference is that one takes place in an MMORPG and the other in spaaaaaaaace. But yeah. I can guarantee it, if you like .hack//Sign you'll like Avenger.
How are they similar?

A woman who's good in combat travelling across a desert land, accompanied by a blonde haired girl who's thought of as "special" by the bad guys - check
Human experiments on the "special" girl - check
Similar music - check
Blonde girl doesn't talk much - check

Of the two though, El Cazador is definitely the better show.
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