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Pandora Hearts

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Type: TV
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Aired: Apr 3, 2009 to Sep 25, 2009
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Both animes have similar dymanics in the relations between main characters: an older, stronger servant who protects a weaker, younger master. Also, the topic of hell/Abyss that threatens one of the characters is kind of similar. Both animes are very nice in the visual aspect, dramatic but with some humor to lighten the mood.
The main characters, Oz and Allen, have very similar personalities and go through a major life changing experience. Both series also have a dark horror type theme, many random comedic scenes, and a fair amount of action.
both includes demons and kinda same main character!
and both are epic! * you well like them both *
reportRecommended by Kaim - Add to favorites
Alice is similar to Merry. Both are rude, they like sweets, they look like cats, they have strong characters, but they can be weak. They both have an unknown past.
Abyss and Dreamworld are similar worlds.
reportRecommended by Tem95 - Add to favorites
Both shows take place around the time period, have similar voice actors, similar acting characters and plots involving time, magic and special watches.
Huey from Dantalian reminds me of a much older Oz Vessalius, while Dalian definitely reminds me of Alice. Both take place in a European setting, both are fantasy shows.
These are Gothic tales dealing with the tale of a rabbit that brings fear into the minds of the people said rabbit comes across. The time eras are similar too and there is the mystery element.
Both series have often creepy atmosphere, good and well developed characters, good mix of humour and drama (tough SE is a bit more centered at humour while Pandora is a bit more centered at drama), girls with Scythes, cool-headed male leads, interesting monsters, insane villains and are great at storytelling (in different style and with different topics, tough)... and there are even more similarities. If you have watched one of these shows, it is highly recommended to watch the other as well!
Although it resembles a lot Kuroshitsuji it has a plot like Tsubasa. Memories scattered around and the need to find them, also the events that surround finding those memories. I like it, it's fun.
Both places have a Gothic and surreal other world that effects the real world in supernatural ways. The cost of power is also rather great.
-Both of the main characters are both rich and noble
-Both main character have blond hair, sorta similar hairstyles,
-Both main character has a servant
-Both main character has a Demon partner
-Both main character are special and has powers but doesn't realize it
-Both settings of the anime are very similar, also gives off similar aura/sort of gothic aura
-Both anime involves going into another unknown dimension
-Both main character are stubborn
-Both main character has no parents, except for pandora hearts, Oz has a father
-Both involves contracts to summon the demons
-Both you will enjoy deeply
-Both really good

By far, this is the most similar anime that can get
Some people are unlikely to see the similarities, but they are clearly there in my eyes. Both anime have extremely unique looking characters and are very colourful. They have magic, supernatural stuff and all the products of creativity and imagination a mind can think of.
Both anime display some plot similarities like, for instance:
- A Powerful Organization (Pandora/Circus) & some weird monsters.
- An alternative fantasy World, where PH is set in an alternative Victorian Era and Karneval in a Modern Steampunk World.
- A blonde happy go lucky main character (Oz/Yogi) that apparently has no problems, but later on some secrets are revealed.
IMO, I like PH better because of certain elements you do not find in Karneval: While PH & Karneval start with a happy feeling, PH soon becomes heart wrenching,leading to a profound character development and an intricate twisted plot, while Karneval manages to keep the happy feeling by shortening the drama scenes and making soft transitions. Still, both are anime that heavily rely on the message of true friendship and that is the central theme: "your friend is your family, you will protect them, they will protect you" is a quote that could define both plots, even if they are dealt in a completely opposite manner. Also, in both mangas the males are predominately more well developed than the females. Take for instance, Alice (PH) & Tsukumo (Karneval) which are badass, but frequently overshadowed by the males´s strong and meaningful presence. In general, I would say if You like one of these anime, you'll certainly enjoy the other, they both have gorgeous artwork and most of all, very likable characters.
Both anime have a male protagonist that makes a contract with supernatural being to escape death. However, as soon is revealed the contract will kill him in time. Both supernatural beings (girls) have also a goal to achive in this world, for wich they need a contractee (finding a memories in Pandora Hearts and killing a sibling in Kurokami).
reportRecommended by hajil - Add to favorites
Both anime deal with English aristosracy and its morals.
Both have blonde bishounen as the main hero involved in some kind of contract with supernatural heroine. By the way Oz and Edgar have also dark though loyal servants.
And genres are the same: romance, shoujo, reverse harem.
For those who are charmed with English exquisite aristocratic atmosphere, both anime would be the best option.
There's a similar atmosphere in both of these animes - at the same time tense and playful. Both stories drop you into the middle of things and give you one piece of the puzzle at a time, as well as having a similar trio of main characters. There's a certain darkness in the background in both; a sinister something which we only catch glimpses of at a time, but which moves behind the scenes and may have power for either good or evil.
both start off with a happy day and then somthing happens and the main character ends up getting a power but in Pandora hearts the power is not used to take over the world.Lloyd remineds me of Break and I love both anime and hate none of the characters in both
got a similar feeling while watching it….both anime show a dark side of something that should be a light, happy situation (kuroshitsuji - a circus and pandora hearts- the oh well so known tale: alice in wonderland)
both anime have awesome characters
Similar setting, both are based around a rich kid bound by a life-binding curse and both having an older servant sworn to protect them in some way.
the important character it´s named alice, both animes with goth -loli girls and loli boys, the same kinda dark and fancy plot and scenary, abyss looks like rozen maiden´s worlds with the broken dolls that dark broken and ugly concept like suigintou´s world, the toy box from hinaichigo´s world, the mansions resambles rose mansion fom rozen maiden, there´s a contract and that contract means youe need to giva a kiss, and that contract makes the user more powerful [chain, doll]
The two Anime have detailed styles. The characters also make contracts that have some sort of cost in order to gain a special power. The characters also discover things about themselves and those around them as the story progresses.
Though they're both thrust into dangerous, unfamiliar situations, the protagonists in both anime are similarly detached from their predicaments. They're also of a similar age group (14/15). Recurring characters include... the older, concerned guy who starts to act like their mother; the spunky and dominating "girl warrior" type.
Both anime also have some very obvious yaoi overtones.
it has similar art work and both are very good to watch :)
When I was watching Pandora Hearts, the psychological aspects so far seemed similar to Shigofumi.
Both of these series somehow give off the same feeling, but Pandora Hearts is dark while Zero No Tsukaima has more light-hearted moments.

The female leads of both series, Louise and Alice are tsundere girls and possess unique powers, while the male, Saito (Zero No Tsukaima) and Oz are some kind of a servant to the female leads.
Take Alice in Wonderland and twist it up with a dark theme? Well, this movie or Pandora Hearts is what you might end up with. Both have a Gothic art style and the characters have similar personalities. A lot of work went into the art work too.
Saber and Alice, (the main girls of both animes) are voiced by the same seiyuu. In both animes, a boy has a contract with a powerful girl. In both animes it happened big tragedy in the past because of a war between evil and good. In both animes, the two main guys, masters of the girls, have a similar personality. there´s also romance.
Somehow Pandora is similar to Darker than BLACK - series shows a road to the important place, which is isolated and in here almost everything is explained, but there are some questions that left.
reportRecommended by Eriis - Add to favorites
Both are really dark anime and have someone and something from another world.In Pandora hearts Alice gives Oz a power that she has and in Death Note Ryuk gives Light a power that he has.Both are just really good anime and I love both.
Gives you a similar impression of darkness and mystery.
I felt like characters design in Pandora was very, very like this one in VK, and animation is quite similar too.
reportRecommended by Eriis - Add to favorites
Both anime are set in fantasy worlds and feature kids about 14-15 years old as main protagonists. Both are also contractees to beings used mostly as weapons and in both anime they decide to help them find something.
reportRecommended by hajil - Add to favorites
Both shows tell the story of a young boy who has to grow up quickly in order to fulfill his destiny and protect the people he cares about. Both Oz (PH) and Masahiro (SO) have a lot of heart and courage, and both wish to be treated like adults.

Each boy is protected by someone older than him. Both Gilbert (PH) and Guren/Mokkun (SO) have dark and difficult pasts but are able to rise above these things in order to protect the protagonist.

In addition, Akira Ishida voices a role in both anime and, though their personalities are different, Break (PH) and Seimei (SO) both fill the role of mentor and guide who, in their own way, keep the protagonist moving forward and learning more about their abilities.

The art styles are similiar, both shows feature the element of using special abilities to fight off spirits/chains and both are a mix of action, drama and humor.

If you like one you will probably enjoy the other!
Pandora hearts is just as great as FMA Brotherhood, though Pandora Hearts has an open end (something that really dissapointed me). I totally recommend it! Pandora hearts has a good plot, hot and mysterious characters, and more! (if you don't believe me, check it on google!) P.S.: If you watch Pandora Hearts, then you should read the manga!
Apperance wise they look different but both metion the abyss and the characters talk about the past a lot. Also main char. are not sure of who they really are.
If your one who likes to listen to good soundtrack along with the anime, then both of these animes have what your looking for! ^^

The soundtracks in both, i would give a 10!
both teamed up with famous partners
this show also involves contracts
well,believe it or not this anime is quiet and peaceful has the same aspect of an old town with similar music and calm lives the storyline is not similar at all but they are similar at one thing and that is that neither the characters from H.R and Alice the main character of P.H do not remember anything from their past,i enjoyed watching both although Pandora hearts is and forever will be my favorite anime of all time ^^
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The plot is similar - a lot of questions, supernatural battles. And in Pandora is a similar relation, between Gilbert (the servant) and Oz (tha master) to the relationship between Soubi and Ritsuka.
the main character alice reminds me of misaki .If you enjoyed pandora hearts you'll surely like this anime.Even though its not dark like pandora hearts.
On a scale of how similar 6/10
Both have great battle ost
The art is fairly good
They just give off a darker feeling
both shows have fairytales incorporated in them

Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakamatachi is using fairytales such as little red riding hood while pandora hearts is using the fairytale Alice in wonderland

pandora hearts is more drama fokused while Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakamatachi is more fokused on romance and comedy

I found Haru from TnK similar to Gilbert from PH, imho they look alike, except the colour of their eyes, so I think, that if U were in love with Gilbert's appearence U may like Haru too.
Both anime feature olden-day themed stories and themes. In Claymore, they hunt the Yoma. Pandora Hearts; they hunt chains from the Abyss. Both main characters lose what's most important to them.
Both anime's have the same sort of feel to them
Magic, action, mystery, comedy, you get adict only watching the first episodes ^^
Both male main character can seal powers. Both have a tint of fantasy. Tohka is like Alice while Oz is like Shidou
*Both anime have similar plot lines: the male lead is trying to solve the pieces of the female lead's lost memories.

*Upon solving the mystery, both main characters experience and develop into more darker and mature personalities.

*Same balance in comedy, drama, and mystery.

*Both anime have a dark, mysterious past.
In my opinion these two animes are really look a like.
First, both have dark atmosphere, althought there's some light comedy in Brynhildr.
Secondly, the art is really similar, and Murakama looks like Oz to me.
Their characters are also alike, Murakama tries to protect Kuroneko, wile Oz tries to protect Alice.
Murakama and Oz both are ordinary humans, while Kuroneko and Alice have magic powers.
Alice and Kuroneko both have dark past - Alice's been to Abyss (Hell) and Kuroneko has been basically a laboratory rat, which developed her to become a modified witch.
Both girls are running from their past, falling in love with the guy who saved them and having pretty strong enemies to fight with.
If you want some mistery, dark atmosphere, beautiful characters, interesting story and anime that will keep you glued on your seat, then I recommend these two
Both shows have almost identical 15-year-old, golden-haired MCs who keep their sad feelings of their past to themselves. They act happy-go-lucky and try not to think too hard about troubles. Both were sort of nobles and want to protect a black-haired girl they just met.
a special power is needed in both shows to win against the enemies. Alice from PH needs permission from Oz to unleash her full powers since he has the ability to control everything from the abyss. in Sekirei, Minato an Ashikabi helps unleash the Sekirei's full fighting potential. These series both have romance, action, supernatural. They're both an amazing show that you can't afford to miss.
Pandora Hearts and Inu x Boku SS have the same type of relationships between Oz and Alice and Ririchiyo and Soushi. As Ririchiyo and Soushi are 'Master and Dog' and Oz and Alice 'Master (Man Servant proclaimed by Alice) and Chain. Both girls kind of don't think they belong either because of family (Ririchiyo) and loosing memories (Alice)
-Both character goes into another world which has a lot of monster
-Both gives you a chilling feeling / gives you sort of same feeling
-Both main character mysterious
-Both have 2 guys and 1 girl
-Both have special powers within them
I am so surprised this isn't listed here. I don't really know how to put it, but the general feel between the two anime are two similar. Examples:

- The relationship between Shino and Sosuke can be found between the two main characters Gilbert and Oz in Pandora Hearts.
- Instead of demons and spirits as seen in Hakkenden, Pandora Hearts have these creatures called chains.
- both main characters are kids that hold some type of power

Just watch it. If you liked Hakkenden: Touhou Hakken Ibun you'll like Pandora Hearts for sure.
Both are mystery series, meaning you need to pay attention and fit all kinds a clues about events together.
They both have a very creepy atmosphere during the night which enhances the feeling of being kept in the dark (I don't mean that literally).
Both series manages to joke around despite the seriousness of the pretty intense storyline
They're not too similar in terms of premise but both Pandora Hearts and Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge has that majestic/fantasy like atmosphere. As such both series has some supernatural features such as the action and drama.

Both series' main male protagonist also has a normal personality while maintaining a peculiar relationship with the main female protagonist.

In both series, there are antagonists that plays various roles that often puts some characters and events at risks.
Both have relativly innocent guys who, for some reason or another, get sent to prison with a girl of 'varying' degrees of importance... amongst other reasons.
Same eerie atmosphere. Same inability to understand just what is going on. The difference is that Danganronpa explains everything to you at the end, whereas Pandora Hearts expects you to work it out for yourself.
When your protagonists kiss each other to form a contract and one member of each other those parties comes from a world parallel to the real world, you might as well call two animes similar, especially when they both involve fighting creatures from that other world that mean them (and countless others) harm.
Though the storylines in these animes are not similar the charaacters have some similarities. In both animes the main characters' fathers do not appear to care for their sons and often put their lives in danger.
reportRecommended by faiii - Add to favorites
Aside from having had Yuki Kajiura work on their respective soundtracks, both shows have a similar set up.

Both shows are centered around group of people connected by a mysterious past and powerful secretive organizations, with characters who struggle not only to find themselves, but with the revelations that are found.

Although Pandora Hearts is set in a fantasy world, and Noir is set in a modern venue, both are very good mystery dramas. We'll just have to hope for a second season to continue to flesh out Pandora Hearts story (unless you read the Manga, of course).
Now. I Know this wont explain much, because anime isn't similar at all.. but 1 thing. Amnesia really gave off Pandora Hearts vibe.. I'm not sure why. maybe because of "dark feel" and the forgotten memory (in which case would be Alice from pandora hearts and heroine in amnesia)
Female making contracts to gain more power, As for Alice and oz fighting side by side to regain Alice memories and Oz sins while for Makina and Ouri fighting side by side for revenge and humanity sake. Both of the Anime has light and dark sides, fighting scenes,missions for own sakes etc..
Both Male Characters (Oz - Pandora Hearts and Phoron - Shinkyoku) encountered a Girl which hold a Mysterious powers. In Pandora Hearts, Alice is a Monster or a Chain while in Shinkyoku, Corticarte is a Spirit.
Both Male Characters are able to command or give orders to those two girls. Also Both Male and Female Characters have Romantic feelings towards each other. And Both of them have Comedy which the Main Female is always like a Tsundere type.
Both series are inspired (more or less) by "Alice in Wonderland". Thought Miyuki-chan In Wonderland is more like Ecchi version of "Alice in Wonderland". While Pandora Hearts is Shounen, which contain also element from other titles, like for example "The Wizard of Oz".
both involve contracted people (girls needing to make a contract with a boy and chasing after her own kind) pandora hearts just started i can't pinpoint others similarity right know but i'm potitive that the on going episodes will show more so if you enjoyed shikabane hime you may enjoy this as well
Pandora Hearts and Kagihime Monogatari Eikyuu Alice Rinbukyoku both have a strong connection to the Alice In Wonderland characters and story.
In both:
- There is an alternative world with Medieval/Victorian setting where people have powers/chains/contracts.
- The heroine is a glutton and likes to beat the main hero.
- One of the "good" guys who is very friendly has ulterior motives and it has to make a hard decision concerning the life of his best friend.
- Best friends turning into enemies.
- Angst, reincarnation, romance, adventure, tears and twists.
- You have to read the manga to know what really happens.
Whenever I watch Pandora Hearts, I feel like I'm watching some side story of Hitman Reborn! because the main characters in the two shows have almost identical personalities. Besides that, the art style is pretty similar.
Not a big fan of this genre of animé, but Pandora Hearts is pretty god damn addictive, reminded me of Eureka Seven. Both have a male & female protagonists who eventually fall in love ( Eureka & Renton / Oz & Alice ) as well as a mixture of other genres including action, adventure & mystery.

Loved both of them /
Both take place in much older times Europe and contain lots of fantasy and mystery elements. Both of them also have quite a few good fights.
Both of them are also about a guy trying to discover the death of a girl close to him, and center around them solving the mystery of their deaths and lifes in general.
The two main characters remind me of each other, except I am more liking of the main character of Pandora's heart as the one in Suteki Tantei Labyrinth is even more naive and tends to see the world through rose colored glasses.
The style is a dark Gothic with bright colors thrown in, the stories focus around dealing with life and death and also have a fantastical theme to them combined with mystery and alternate dimensions that blends well.
Although it is not as a mindfuck as Ergo Proxy the dark elements in PH remind me of the show. Psychological breakdowns are in both shows.
While I feel calling either of these animes "dark" is inaccurate, they do both share somewhat gothic sensibility (more like loli gothic than genuinely gothic). What could be considered dark about these animes is greatly lessened or broken up by the characters' personalities and a healthy does of humor. I think the characters relationships have several similarities as well. Mainly I think the respective creators had the same target audience in mind and catered to them appropriately.
reportRecommended by eklie - Add to favorites
the main characters made a contract towards a chain (pandora hearts) and a company who loans lives (zombie loan)
both have characters who are connected to each other by shared events and forget their past,however;advancing in the series, all of them get to remember their lost memories.
they both start of with a normal guys, then after certain events the guys life changes ( adding magic and a fantasy theme) there also have faithfullness between freinds as a theme
Though I have not finished Pandora Hearts so far the plots look similar. Margaret Burton and Oz Vessalius have some points in common.
Both animes envolve collecting memories/feelings and both mix comedy with drama verry good .
They both share the idea of another world that parallels the real world. The art for the parallel world is similar in both.
Insanity. Watching mind games unfold before you, while you're helplessly lost in the story line. The more you watch, the more you want to watch.
The Main charchters are somewhat similar and they're both set in fantasy worlds
The feel about series is similar, both are quite dark, but feature some comedy. Also, again some group of humans vs. demons, special powers, hell gates (or rather equivalents), etc.
Both animes have a very similar dark/sinister feeling and in both animes a very tragic disaster occurs (you'll see if you see it [:) ...oh and they both have mindless killing >x]
The setting of each of these two series are alike in that they both have 15 year old main protagonist born into prestige, but similarly have dark emotions that serve as ghosts in their respective closets. Also in both series the main characters are charged with being/having some sort of flaw, neither knowing how or why it is so. In Scrapped Princess, Pacifica is "the poison that will destroy the world", and Oz has unwittingly committed a "sin" worthy of being banished from the earth and sent into the "Abyss" in Pandora Hearts. Overall they just remind me of each other, don't know why no one has made the connection yet. Ahah =)
Just look closer! They have a lot in common:
1. Alice and Horo both possess some incredile abilities.
2. Oz and Lawrence are both wise enough not to argue with their powerful patners.
3. They are always travelling or searching something.
4. Most likely they have to part with each other at the end of their way.
main hero is betrayed by his family and forced to become stronger in order to live and protect others
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