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Keroro Gunsou

Keroro Gunsou

Alternative Titles

English: Sgt. Frog
Synonyms: Sergeant Frog
Japanese: ケロロ軍曹


Type: TV
Episodes: 358
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Apr 3, 2004 to Apr 4, 2011
Duration: 23 min. per episode
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older
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Score: 8.021 (scored by 4488 users)
Ranked: #4772
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Keroro is a frog-like alien sent from his home planet on a mission to conquer Earth. But when his cover is blown, his battalion abandons him and he ends up in the home of the Hinata family. There, he's forced to do household chores and sleep in a dark basement that was once supposedly a prison cell haunted by the ghost of an innocent girl. He even spends his free time assembling Gundam model kits. During his stay, Keroro meets up with subordinates who were also stranded during their failed invasion.
(Source: ANN)

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Side story: Keroro Gunsou Movie 1, Keroro Gunsou Movie 2: Shinkai no Princess de Arimasu!, Keroro Gunsou Movie 3: Tenkuu Daikessen de Arimasu!, Keroro Gunsou Movie 4: Gekishin Dragon Warriors de Arimasu!, Keroro Gunsou Movie 5: Tanjou! Kyuukyoku Keroro, Kiseki no Jikuu-jima, de arimasu!!
Spin-off: Chibi Kero: Kerobouru no Himitsu!?
Alternative version: Keroro

Characters & Voice Actors

Watanabe, Kumiko
Watanabe, Kumiko
Haberkorn, Todd
Haberkorn, Todd
Hiramatsu, Akiko
Hiramatsu, Akiko
Nakata, Jouji
Nakata, Jouji
Palencia, Brina
Palencia, Brina
Kozakura, Etsuko
Kozakura, Etsuko
Koyasu, Takehito
Koyasu, Takehito
Huber, Chuck
Huber, Chuck


Sato, Junichi
Yamamoto, Yuusuke
Director, Storyboard
Tsuruoka, Yota
Sound Director
Suzuki, Kenichi
Episode Director, Storyboard

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Oct 20, 2010
Keroro Gunsou is one of those Anime-series you would think is meant for a very young audience due to the art style. "Looks like Pokemon" is an usual comment for this show. You couldn't be more wrong. In the USA, this show would've received a Teen rating, nothing less. And why? Because this Anime is filled with surprises: Parodies of 70-90s Anime, Nudity and the ocassional episode with outright disturbing scenes.

The show sorrounds a group of five frogs, named "The Keroro Platoon". Their job is simply to invade the earth and control everything there. With over 300 episodes with the same plot, it becomes rather read more
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Jan 22, 2007
I started to become a fan of Sergeant Frong (aka Keroro Gunsou) when the manga first came out here in the US. At first I though this was gonna be some manga I wouldn't like but eventually I fell in love with the crazy antics of the Alien space Frog, Keroro. I began to watch the episodes on Youtube and they were just as I expected to be. Though the show seems kiddy like, they have alot of adult themes. It also has sketches within the anime of scenes of many famous Japanese movies and Animes (Gundam the most).

The story begins with Fuyki and read more
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Both are random, funny with great characters.
Both have aliens and both were being made by Sunrise~
reportRecommended by Lyle - Add to favorites
These are two similar series that are SO similar - it's almost scary. Both main protagonists, Keroro and Ika, are "invaders" from very different worlds who come here to Earth in order to invade us and claim everything in humanity for their society back home. And, both end up becoming slaves to a pair of siblings to do hard work and labor for one reason or another as soon as they arrive unto Earth. Ika - a pair of sisters. Keroro - a sister and brother. The art style and emotion art between the two is even similar. The comedy is the same between the two as well. Slapstick and character torture [to a very light degree]. When Keroro and Ika do something that they aren't supposed to, they are punished by fists driving into their skulls [or other forms] and yelled at for their foolish behavior by the tsundere sister in the series. The sound effects, music, and setting are spot on with each other as well [various popping and squishing noises and electric/bubbly music]. The two protagonists also have the same sort of character motifs and actions and emotions, as well as a catch phrase/regularly used Japanese honorifics. Keroro - "~De Arimasu!". Ika - "~De Geso!". And lastly, they also are sheltered and befriended by their captures in return for their hard manual labor and being tortures. They also find out just what it means to be a citizen on Earth and what the humans go through in their daily lives. Episodes are also split into two parts - however, they are both tied in with each other. So, if you have watched on of these series watch the other. You're seriously going to like it and notice EVERYTHING that's similar with the other series in the first episode.

Opening Theme

#01: "KERO! to MARCH" by Nobuaki Kakuda and Juri Ihata (eps 1-51)
#02: "Zenkoku Musekinin Jidai" by GAGAGA SP (eps 52-78)
#03: "Kimi ni JUICE wo Katte Ageru" by GROUP Tamashii (eps 79-103)
#04: "Hareru Michi ~ Uchuujin (Omeera) Awaseru Kao ga nee!~" by JK (eps 104-129)
#05: "You-You-You" by POLYSICS (eps 130-154)
#06: "Kaettekita KERO! to MARCH" by Ichirou Zaitsu and Yuko Ogura (eps 155-183)
#08: "Nante Suteki na Doyoubi" by KERORO Shoutai (eps 206-)
#09: "HELLO DARWIN! ~Koukishin ON DEMAND~" by JAM Project (eps 232-256)
#10: "KERO! to MARCH (Shoutai Version)" by KERORO Shoutai (eps 257-)

Ending Theme

#01: "AFRO Gunsou (アフロ軍曹)" by DANCE MAN (eps 1-18, 27-39)
#02: "PEKOPON Shinryaku Ondo (地球(ペコポン)侵略音頭)" by ONDO GIRL meets KERORO Shoutai (eps 19-26)
#03: "KERORO Shoutai Kounin! Netsuretsu Kangeiteki Ekaki Uta!! (ケロロ小隊公認!熱烈歓迎的えかきうた!!)" by KERORO ALLSTARS (eps 40-51)
#04: "Katte ni SHINRYAKUSHA (勝手に侵略者(シンリャクシャ))" by Naoya Ogawa and Mayuko Iwasa (eps 52-78)
#05: "KOKORO no Mondai (ココロの問題)" by toutou (eps 79-103)
#06: "Shouri no Hanabira (勝利の花びら)" by Chinatouchable (eps 104-116)
#07: "Cycling Recycle (サイクリング リサイクル)" by Kirin (eps 117-141)
#08: "Eien ni (永遠に)" by AFROMANIA (eps 142-154)
#09: "Kurutto, Mawatte, Ikkaiten (くるっと・まわって・いっかいてん)" by KIGURUMI (eps 155-168)
#10: "NIKONIKO CHAMP (ニコニコチャンプ)" by NON STYLE (eps 169-192)
#11: "KERO Neko no TANGO (ケロ猫のタンゴ)" by Osamu Minagawa and the Hibari Children Chorus (eps 193-205)
#12: "Omatase Chikyuu Icchou! (おまたせ地球一丁(ペコポンいっちょう)!)" by KERORO Shoutai (eps 206-218)
#13: "Bokura no Aikotoba (僕らの合言葉)" by Natsumi Kiyoura (eps 219-244)
#14: "KE, KE, KERORO no Daisakusen! (ケッケッケロロの大作戦♪)" by KERORO Shoutai (eps 245-256)
#15: "Daijoubu SUPPONPON FRIEND (だいじょうぶスッポンポン・フレンド)" by Yoshio Kojima (eps 257-282)
#16: "HaRERUYA!! (晴レルヤ!!)" by JAM Project (eps 283-307)
#17: "Kuttsuke Hattsuke Wonderland (くっつけはっつけワンダーランド)" by Tamaki Matsumoto (eps 308-356, 358)
#18: "KERO! to MARCH (ケロッ!とマーチ)" by Nobuaki Kakuda and Juri Ihata (ep 357)

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