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Hetalia Axis Powers

Hetalia Axis Powers

Alternative Titles

English: Hetalia Axis Powers
Japanese: ヘタリア Axis Powers


Type: ONA
Episodes: 52
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Jan 24, 2009 to Mar 5, 2010
Duration: 5 min. per episode
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older
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Although their plots are very different, both offer the same type of humor. The characters fall under certain stereotypes, as well. In Hetalia, the characters are stereotypes of the countries they represent. In Ouran, the characters fall under stereotypes of different types of men that would appeal to girls. And of course, both contain plenty of bishonen, but do appeal to all demographics.  
Hetalia and Danshi are both very very comical.

Hetalia is historical and a whole parody of countries, while instead Danshi is slice of life and a strong parody of "normal" high schoolers
They are both short series (Hetalia has around 50 episodes of ONAs who don't last more than 5 mins, and Danshi is a short tv-serie who counts barely 12 eps of 20 mins each) so you don't need to spend a lot of time to complete either of them.

If you are searching for a smile or you simply like to laugh then both series are very highly recommended ;3 
Both are funny ONA's. Hetalia is so much better, though. I guess it depends on your sense of humor and how much you tolerate overrated anime. The point is that they're funny and really cute and they have chibis.  
short episodes, comedy the protagonist is not very intelligent and both are very imaginative
chi doesn´t have ending, hetalia doesn´t have opening 
Even though Miracle Train has just been aired, it kinda reminded me of Hetalia.. and here's why: In Hetalia there's bunch of guys presenting countries and in Miracle Train, bunch of guys are presenting train stations. I think that's the only common thing between those anime's. And they're both really enjoyable. ^^ 
• similar chibi moments all the time
• both are comedy
• Similar drawing and shading style too. 
same concept except the people are guns instead and they are all girls 
While Azumanga is based off a four-panel yonkoma, Hetalia is based off very similarly styled webcomic. Both have the same slap-stick brand of comedy that make them enjoyable and easy to watch, with eccentric characters and a happy-go-lucky feel. 
Its similar that both are comedy and very funny. Main chacters are same i think, both them are funny and very cute. i just love konata and italy!!!! i treally hop you like those animes!!!!! 
It's a rather fun show about a idiot and his friends having a strange life. The only difference, its in a school that worries more about grades then people sometimes. 
Well, it's kinda easy.
-They both have a cast mostly comprised by males.
-They both have bishōnens and bishōjos
-They both have ships who aren't technically canon but still...
-They both are very popular amongst shippers
-They both are very colourful
You get the point.
Free! has a bit more drama and it's mainly about sports while Hetalia it's more of a 'history' anime and it's 90% (weird) comedy. They both are lovely, really. 
Both of these shows are comedies that contrast and poke out differences in different cultures. Kiniro Mosaic only does this for England and Japan while Hetalia does it for all countries though.  
Both Gakkatsu and Hetalia are comedy anime that last 5 minutes per episode. While Gakkatsu contains more slice-of-life elements, they share a style of humor. 
Both have 5 minute episodes, and both are comedy. They might not seem to similar other than that, but they both have the same feel. You know, that, "WTF am I watching!?" feel. 
Both Anime have personification/representation with human qualitites. Shirokuma has animals with human qualities while Hetalia has countries that represent them 
Similar comedy. Hasabe looks like Italy. Their senpai Ichimiya looks like Spain. One series is full length episode while the other is only five minutes long 
It may be a stretch to compare these two titles, since Hetalia is so silly and nonsensical while Fate/Zero is so dark and intense; however, both of them are anime that give history lessons while simultaneously entertaining the viewer. While Hetalia involves countries and their history, Fate/Zero (along with its alternative versions) involves various historical figures. 
Both are humorous shorts where the characters are anthro and represent different stereotypes. 
Both shows do not take them themselves Seriously and thats what I like about them both.
One is about war and other world problems

and one is about food and how it can fight BUt either way you look at it They're both Funny Really Funny. 
These two. I wasn't expecting to laugh as hard as I did. Both of these are super humorous. I just laughed almost every single second of them. 
Both make me laugh, have cute and well-developed characters, and are awesome. 
Both anime are about human personifications (In hetalia its Coutries as humans, in DD its Animals as Humans.) In Both cases All characters are seriously flawed, and the story focuses on their day to day failures in a cute wayxD Both are comedy, are 5 minutes per episode, and make absolutely no sense in an awesome way =D 
Both are very funny and cute. 
In Hetalia Axis Powers, we have characters that represent countries, while in Mahou Shoujo Taisen, we have magical girls who represent prefectures and towns of Japan. If that's not similar, then I have no idea what is. Both "parody" anime, in a way. Both won't take you more than two hours to watch. 
Both are short 5 minute episodes and adress political problems. 
Both are fun, light-hearted comedies that focus on certain cultures. "Hetalia Axis Powers" deals more with countries and the stereotypes that surround them, while "Boku no Imouto wa" focuses more on Osaka and the mannerisms of the people there. They're also both only a few minutes long.  
If you're looking for great comedy that will leave you rolling on the floor laughing, then either Cuticle Detective Inaba or Hetalia Axis Powers just might be for you. Though the plots may be essentially different (one is about countries personified while the other is about a part wolf detective), both series offer funny and eccentric characters, LOL- worthy gags, a bunch of fanservice here and there, and just pure awesomeness in general. Assuredly, either one of the two will leave you smiling after each episode :D 
The character design and animation reminds me so much of Hetalia series. Similar personality too.  
Not very similar I suppose, but Both are very short episodes filled with witty humor.  
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Both have short episodes and are hilariously funny. 
Hetalia and Kaitou Reinya are pretty much twins besides the plot (if there is one for either of them). Hetalia is a 5 minute long anime and Kaitou Reinya is a 3 minute long anime. Both hilarious, fast paced, and random with a unique drawing/animation style. You can't really say no to either. 
Both are short animation (5 min)

Gag manga Biyori is hard to understand and the joke is very japanese oriented. But if you familiar with comedy anime you should have no problem watching it.
Hetalia is a historical anime, knowledge about world history required to understand most of it jokes. But if you never read the original four panels manga, you may still have some trouble understanding it. Gag manga is more audience-friendly.

SUM : Gag Manga require some knowledge about japanese language and culture to fully appreciate the jokes.
While Hetalia require an A++ in your high school world history class,  read more 
Short, funny, and bishies! There's nothing more similar than this! 
Nonsensical, funny, and totally random.  
Both are short but funny. 
Both are short but funny. 
Both have "Italians" & are hilarious. 
Both are of these hilarious comedies have short episodes and know no shame. 
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Cute, funny and short ^_^ 
Hetalia is a 5-minute ONA and Nodame is longer than that but I felt that the atmosphere and some of the randomness were quite similar. The drawings kind of reminded me of each other as well.
Plus, "South Italy" (Feliciano) really reminds me of Nodame and vice versa.  
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Bright, mostly nonsensical comedies about cute guys doing silly things.
Both: Ridiculous grown men, history jokes and world leaders, short episodes, and 'war games'. 
History and cute girls vs. history and cute boys.
The history references and the big variety of characters makes Girls und Panzer smiliar to Hetalia. They are both light-hearted animes as well. 
Both are hilariously funny, and both also have a lot of in-jokes and tongue-in-cheek cultural references :) 
both have lots of bishounens and both deal with t he personification of certain hings:Hetalia with countries and Starry☆Sky with the astrological signs  
It has a lot of humor and style. though one piece (ワンピース)is sometimes more serious so if you like Hetalia (ヘタリア)You wil definetly like One piece and the other way around. C:

both are ONA's,are funny,and short