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Clannad: After Story

Alternative Titles

English: Clannad: After Story
Japanese: CLANNAD 〜AFTER STORY〜 クラナド アフターストーリー


Type: TV
Episodes: 24
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Oct 3, 2008 to Mar 27, 2009
Premiered: Fall 2008
Broadcast: Fridays at 01:59 (JST)
Licensors: Sentai Filmworks
Studios: Kyoto Animation
Source: Visual novel
Duration: 24 min. per ep.
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older


Score: 9.091 (scored by 254,032 users)
1 indicates a weighted score. Please note that 'Not yet aired' titles are excluded.
Ranked: #82
2 based on the top anime page. Please note that 'Not yet aired' and 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #35
Members: 400,162
Favorites: 37,114


May 6, 2009
I laughed...
I cried...
I experienced something that changed my life...

In a nutshell, Clannad ~After Story~ influenced the way I will live for the rest of my life and not just in some half-assed way like any other show would. It legitimately moved me to make certain decisions, for better or for worse. In that sense, no other anime can compare, as no other anime has provided an equivalent reaction on my part.

Before you continue, you should know that Clannad ~After Story~ is a continuation of the story from Clannad and an adaptation from the original Visual Novel by KEY. Although knowledge of the first season read more
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Aug 12, 2011
Recently I had the absolute pleasure of watching Clannad: After Story. I had previously seen the original Clannad and liked it as a light-hearted slice of life anime, good but not amazing. I went into After Story expecting the same thing, but what I got was something fantastically different.

Story- 10/10

As I said before, I started After Story expecting it to have the same light-hearted high school drama feel as the first season and, unfortunately, the first eight episodes did nothing to prove me wrong. The first eight episodes are Clannad at its storytelling worst, more specifically the Sunohara arc. Thankfully, Clannad read more
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Jan 9, 2014
Emotions are a powerful thing; they have the capability to override any modicum of rationality and force even the ficklest of beings to succumb to their emotional disposition. Due to this, often times, those of us who claim ourselves to be critics of various mediums fall short of our own expectations. “Clannad After Story”, a series described as “life-changing” by many is the perfect suspect; a production that captured the hearts of the majority that viewed it while instantly becoming a classic within its genre. Littered with subpar designed moe characters, irrelevant arcs, contradictory elements, forced plot devices, and a plethora of other obvious issues, read more
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Feb 8, 2015
After watching many anime and reading many manga, I would recommend Clannad AS to most people just as strongly as when I first finished it. (I cry to it just as much too.) What sets After Story apart for me is the encompassing world it develops in addition to the main story. The completeness of the narrative is beautiful and rare, since many other media products of our time give up on telling a complete story for a variety of reasons. A plethora of stories are all told at once for the imaginative viewer who appreciates all of the series' nuances. Without spoilers, by the read more
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Mar 22, 2009
*Yet another successful heart warming series produced by Kyoto Animation that surpasses its predecessor.*

“… an astounding series with a slightly less astounding conclusion.”

Due to the frequent references to Clannad (first season), from here on, the term “Clannad” will be used when referring to season 1 and “After Story” will be used for season 2 and the term “Clannad After Story” will be used when referring to the Clannad series as a whole. A few friendly reminders before we begin. After Story is a direct continuation of Clannad, thus it is not very “new audience-friendly”. Knowledge of certain key events and character relations are expected from read more
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May 5, 2009
"Do you like this school? I really, really love it. But nothing can stay unchanged. Fun things... Happy things... They can't all possibly stay unchanged. Even so, can you keep on loving this place?"

How does one cope in a world that is always changing? And are we ever truly alone?

The above questions are foundational to the series of Clannad After Story, a story of love, loss, redemption, happiness, sadness, togetherness, and change.

I will start by commending Key, the brains behind this show. Like other works of theirs, (Notably Kanon, Air, and the first season of Clannad), it is beautifully written and incredibly aesthetically read more
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Mar 31, 2014

Clannad: After Story is one of the highest rated and most beloved anime to ever be created; it's as simple as that. Rarely will you find a more passionate and dedicated group of fans who genuinely believe that an anime "changed their life". If that is the case, I am by no means trying to take that away from you; I would never tell someone that a show is meaningless if it legitimately meant something to them. However, I am going to be very harsh on this anime; I think I am very justified in giving it this rating. There are way, read more
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Oct 17, 2012
The original series, the highly rated "Clannad", was one painful viewing experience for me - not because it's full of tragic tales, but because of how dire it is. Female characters sugary enough to induce diabetes in a lump of rock, combined with atrociously forced "drama" fast tracked it to a lofty position on my "Overrated Shite" list. And yet its ratings pales in comparison to that of its sequel, "Clannad: After Story".

Given my experiences with the first series, I hadn't originally intended to watch "Clannad: After Story", but people kept telling me how much better it was and how different it was compared to read more
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Mar 28, 2014
If a work of fiction drags its audience into the depths of hell with tragedy, does it retain its artistic merit if the entire experience is nullified by the conclusion?

This is the principal question faced when attempting to reach a verdict on Clannad: After Story, a work of fiction which has a compelling power to manipulate the emotions of its audience: to make them laugh, to bring them to tears, and to leave their hearts warm with joy. Exploring themes such as redemption and heartbreak, it does many of these things wonderfully, but in desperation to end with a certain tone, it destroys everything it read more
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Jul 18, 2015
This is my very first review AND English isn’t my first language so I might have some mistakes. Minor spoilers from both seasons are included as well.

Oh, Clannad, one of the most beloved series of all times. Often called the best damn thing ever made. The amount of praise and 10’s that it gets in this website is INCREDIBLE. I’m concerned about how many “unhelpful” votes and insults I’m going to get because of my overall score, but I think it is necessary a review which tells the things Clannad actually DID wrong. I’m not trying to offend or to troll anyone, I have to read more
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Nov 12, 2009
To be frank, I despised the first season with a passion. For the life of me I couldn’t understand what was so great about it. Yet I still saw the fandom of Clannad everywhere; from the forums to it being favourited on every other profile. I promised to stay away from ~After Story~ after witnessing the fail or rather mediocrity of Clannad. However, seeing the rage of it rising faster and louder with it being currently ranked #1 on the site I caved. Like a kid being peer pressured into smoking I reluctantly watched it. And I’m glad I did.

This is a continuation of read more
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Apr 5, 2015

Disclaimer 1: Please excuse some colorful language that may or may not have found its way into this review.

Disclaimer 2: This review is NOT free of spoilers, so read at your own risk.

CLANNAD: Afterstory Review


-The animation is still great. Yeah.

-Extra focus on characterization. For some people. For the rest, it kind of sucks, but for Akio, Sanae, Yoshino, Tomoya and Nagisa it's great.

-More Tomoya! Afterstory builds up on Tomoya's development from the first season and kicks it into overdrive. We see him struggle to grow up, enter society, become a man, care for his family, etc etc. His character progression is solid and moves at read more
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Mar 1, 2015
Our life is like a cycle, sometimes we are above and sometimes we are under

Clannad ~After Story~ is a sequel from Clannad and an adaptation from the original Visual Novel created by KEY. The anime often heard in my ear as one of the best anime. I always ask myself, ''Why? Why Clannad very famous? Is it really that good?". But now, I know something special is exist in this story.

If you looked Clannad AS, there is not much to say about the plot. It told us a tale of a man that suffer the difficulties of living, and how he pass through it. read more
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Mar 26, 2009
I understand. I do understand. Yet all I can ask is why, why is this anime praised by so many people. Why is this anime given such high ratings that it is ranked 8 on MAL's toplist and in the top 20 on almost all other anime fansite toplists. It's ok, you can click unhelpful now, I won't mind.

This anime is ranked higher than Spirited Away.

I said I understand two times, yet it is really a mystery to me. Still I understand why people like this sort of thing, there are many fanboys and fangirls out there who wish they found that special no-personality, clumsy, read more
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Mar 25, 2015
"Sanae told me where it was okay to cry. It was in the bathroom and in daddy's arms."

Both Clannad and Clannad: After Story are amazing animes (and if you haven't watched Clannad and are planning to watch After Story first, make a U turn and rethink that... seriously), however none is flawless. For this review, I'll present, in the first place, the positive aspects of each category and then proceed to present the negative ones.

Story: 9/10
Clannad:After Story proceeds with Clannad's story and does a wonderful job at that. What makes this story so good is that it's a slice of life tale of forgiveness read more
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May 5, 2015
Honestly, I don't know where to start. At the part where I refused to watch this because "Who wants to watch something like that?" or the part where I found myself watching 20 episodes in one sitting with a runny nose and slightly red eyes?

For a while, I threw both Clannad seasons off because I didn't think it could interest me (and the first season almost confirmed that) but I stayed along because the amount of recommendations I received and I was not disappointed.

Personally, I believe that the stand out points for this anime are the sounds and characters. My God, the OST's! Just listening read more
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Jan 30, 2010
~After Story~ is an anime that touches people's souls. I watched it, and was blown away. This was just less than a year ago.

I just spent the last 4 days re-watching Clannad and Clannad ~After Story~.

It made me recall that the first season was actually good. The first time I saw it, it just paled in comparison to the ending of After Story, giving me false memories of it being bad when I thought back to it.

After Story was still even better. The second time through made me admire the pacing the script writers had to go through to achieve this amount of emotional connection read more
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Oct 15, 2014
*This contains at least one major spoiler because it's something I feel the need to state, so be wary. Some very minor spoilers might be unavoidable too.

- - -

The mighty Clannad After Story. One of the most highly praised anime in existence. Is it worth the praise? Is it really that good? No.

I've heard that this anime is of the highest quality with one of the most heartbreaking stories ever written. Hahaha, no. There are so many problems with this anime that the bad overshines the few goods.

Story: 4/10
Just like the first season, the first half of the second season tried too hard to force read more
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May 20, 2014
Many moons ago, I loved After Story. In my eyes, It stood as the pinnacle of emotional story-telling and a true triumph of an anime. I perhaps acknowledged the few flaws I thought were there, but I still claimed that the overall experience washed out these wrongs like a baptismal fount.

Those days are no more.

Now that isn't to say that AS is a complete pile of garbage, no no no. It's certainly good, and worth your time if you're one of the two people left in the anime community that hasn't seen it yet (that begs the question why I bother even writing a read more
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Feb 20, 2016
So this is going to be my first review on this site, and it won't be one that'll get me started on a popular note since it involves bashing a pretty beloved anime by many, the reason for which that is the case is still a mystery to me. Is there not surely a better anime to choose from to start your first review if this is the case? Unless you're trying to give off the initial impression of being a complete edge-lord then surely you could build on a more popular opinion, or at least start with something positive? Sorry, I've kept my feelings read more
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