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Natsume Yuujinchou

Natsume Yuujinchou

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English: Natsume's Book of Friends
Synonyms: Natsume Yujincho
Japanese: 夏目友人帳


Type: TV
Episodes: 13
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Jul 8, 2008 to Sep 30, 2008
Duration: 24 min. per episode
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older
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Both of the main characters can see spirits. Both series are episodic, they can be watched in almost any order. Both have a lot of drama packed into these short stories.
Same basic idea - a guy that can see the supernatural. Natsume Yuujinchou is little more touching and lighter, while xxxHolic is a bit funnier.
Hotarubi no Morie e is like a longer Natsume Yuujinchou episode without Nyanko-sensei.
similiar style of heart-warming supernatural story with similiar facinating ghosts characters. Touching scenes & stories..
Both animes deal with supernatural powers (youkai) and in both animes the main characters are young men who have power over those youkai. Natsume Yuujinchou leaves a way more positive feeling, though.
Both are slice of life, very easygoing and heartwarming stories. I definitely felt that Kimi to Boku reminds me of Natsume Yuujinchou without any supernatural elements. Both also have very soft and sweet ED themes. There are cats in both series that play a definite role. The one major difference is KtB focuses on a group of friends, while Natsume Yuujinchou focuses on just a few characters.
Natsume Yuujinchou and Kamichu are both somewhat slice of life series which revolve around a young person with supernatural powers. And, of course, both series feature an awesome cat!
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both involve youkai's, and have a similar feeling, except natsume yuujinchou is not as lighthearted as oinari sama.
Both series deal with seeing/helping spirits.. Natsume Yuujinchou is a bit more serious while Hanada Shounen-shi focuses more on comedy.
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Both deal with exterminating demons or spirits. In both anime the protagonists have a demon follower (Nyanko - Natsume Yuujinchou / Mokkun - Shounen Onmyouji) which are very similar to each other.
Both concentrates on each characters development and self seeking.
Both animes follow the relation between a human and a supernatural being.

They're also both soft paced and leave a good felling afterwards.

Both great to relax, smile and take a break from heavier animes.
In both anime "youkai" play a keyrole. In both anime as well the maincharacter would like to hide the fact that he can see youkai/is part of a youkai family (In Natsume from his friends and family and in Nurarihyon from his friends)
Even thought Natsume is a slice of life another and Nurarihyon is an action anime, if you like 1 you like both for real.
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Both have a relaxing atmosphere, which is very calming, though it does get serious and there is some action.
However Natsume is more orientated towards the supernatural, and Erin is focused more on fantasy. Natsume also seems to be aimed at an older audience. Both are good watches to unwind though.
Although they differ in the genre, both animes give you a peaceful happy feeling. They also are about friendship and bonds. The main charas, Natsume and Sawako are also alike: they are very shy and at the beggining have a hard time, because they cant express themselves and so other people think of them as weird persons, but with the help of their friends they slowly start to open their hearts.
Both have similar main characters with little supernatural adventures each episode. Both are fairly episodic though xxxHOLiC definitely links more episodes together.
Thoughtful stories aimed at the heart examining small happiness and sorrows in our lives. A tad too "lighthearted" for some, but any story that can warm people's hearts and sometimes bring tears are notable series worth checking out. Absolutely beautiful music and scenery rendered gently makes for a perfect escape for the tired.
Natsume Yuujinchou and Gingitsune gives off a supernatural and slice of life feeling in a story filled with serene atmosphere.

The main characters from both series possesses the ability to see what others cannot. What they see though is a supernatural being whom they have an odd relationship with. However, they often are able to collaborate together to serve their communities and bring peace to their worlds.

There is lighthearted comedy, meaningful dialogues, and fun interactions between various characters.
Although they seem like completely different genres etc, they both have the same relaxed and calming quality to it. natsume yuujinchou is more supernatural, and though aria has its supernatural moments (the mysterious cats), it is more relaxing slice-of-life. however, after watching an episode, they both give you a nice warm feeling.
Both can see ghosts, and have a similar, easygoing calm pace.
Both give a similar feeling. Stories aren't alike at all but both share a quiet and mysterious atmosphere.
The friendship is important in both. Natsume and Oreki aren't social people, but they finally create a group of friend around them.
Plus, both anime refer to a traditional aspect of Japan.
Both protagonists suffer because they see Youkai / spirits and are judged by those who can not. In both the main character finds a round and fluffy creature that protect them and begin to live together.
In terms of appearance, there isn't much similarities but both plot has substance in them that is unmistakably heartwarming. Fruits Basket (or Fruba) is just one of those anime that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy and empathize with a lot of it's characters. Natsume has that kind of feel too, a sense of calm like your actually watching straight from your eyes and not from the screen. Comparing soundtracks, both are pretty neat, it's very pleasant to hear. Another thing that is pretty similar to both anime is the main lead's way of thinking, like, moving in to a new house with strangers and feeling a sense of acceptance, taking everything what life throws at them and being able to stand back up again and also handling the supernatural around them and learning to accept them as who they are. Both anime, in my opinion, are very excellent, but for those who can't stand slow paced stories (like Mushishi-pacing), I think it's still worth a try.
Both series focus on characters involved in the supernatural world and take a "monster of the week" approach (though Noragami is more action-centric compared to Natsume Yuujinchou which is more character-centric).
They're both about the interaction between 'ayakashi'/'youkai' and humans.
Both the main character in Mokke and Natsume Yuujinchou are able to see youkai, which ordinary people can't, which makes them special. Both series also show the main character trying to deal with them in different ways. Natsume give them back their names, while the main character in Mokke tries to protect her sister from being posessed. Both series have a nice feel and where mokke perhaps is a bit moreslice of life, they are both good anime series and if you liked Mokke, then you'll perhaps like this, since it s a bit similar.
they both have this kind of calm/soft atmosphere
The lead characters have inherited a book that belonged to their deceased mother/grandmother and that it has something to do with ghosts, spirits and the like. :)
Both follow an episodic structure with a slower, gentle pacing. The vignettes are often somber in tone, with quite a few sad moments in both series. If you enjoyed the thoughtful nature of one, you'll like the tone of the other.
-Both main characters can see yokai's/spirits
-Both relaxing animes that give you the same feels
Both relatively quiet anime revolving around the secret world of yokai that runs parallel to the human one in urban fantasies that weave together perfectly. While they have their share of action and humor, their effortless psychological and emotional depth elevate them to something more than your average anime without falling into the "Obviously trying to Hard" syndrome or becoming something that hurts your head to watch. Both awesome anime that should appeal to people who like fantasy, yokai and a little something more.
The protagonist is a boy with strange powers, (while Natsume has the power to see Youkai, Lag has the power to show the "heart" of people contained in letters) and has a funny friend that follows him, protecting him anywhere he goes to help someone. Its mostly about bonds and true friendship, where every episode is centered about different characters and their touching stories. There is also a very important character from the past of the protagonist that appears a lot in flashbacks (Reiko/Gauche).
"Beautiful" is the word I'd choose to describe both stories. They both leave you with this heartwarming, happy feeling. Ojiisan no Lamp is a lot shorter than Natsume though.
Both are on friendship and trust theme...both are on slice of life and have comedy in them..
Both are peaceful stories exploring the relationship between humans and the supernatural
The reason I started to compare Bakemonogatari and Natsume Yuujinchou actually is that the male main characters are both voiced by Kamiya Hiroshi. Then I started to notice that the themes and the atmosphere is quite similar. And even if the animation is different they share high production values.
These shows are about high-school boys who get mixed up with supernatural creatures and phenomenon. The main characters take notice of things that normal humans cannot see and try to help out, even if it is dangerous. The arcs of the different stories are not very long but characters frequently show up again. There is an unique mixture of peacefull daily life and violent supernatural occurences. Bakemonogatari has more graphic violence, Natsume on the other hand always tells touching stories...
They both entail demons/youkais and humans understanding each other. They both are visually appealing and not to mention cute!
Both main characters are in a lot of contact with monsters—as friends, not as enemies. A nice change compared to all the monster-slaying anime out there.
Natsume Yuujinchou gave me same feeling I felt while watching Ghost Hound. Even if the stories are quite different, they have this power to absorb you. Simply marvelous.
relaxing atmospheres, yet natsume has more action and supernatural element as well. yet both seem to show how beautiful world it is and ends each episode with a nice calming feeling
I recommend Durarara because it has a similar feel to Natsume Yuujinchou , its mostly a peaceful anime even when there is violence just like Natsume Yuujinchou and there are charactrers and types of people similar to the anime, i dont want to give any spoilers.
Both series have a relaxes, slow pace to them, while telling a story that involves a lot of action. They have a similar brand of humor, and tell a story of a young, lonely, powerful boy
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At first it doesn't seem similiar at all.
But there is some things that connect these series and I probably only noticed because I watched them one after another (I watched Natsume immediately after Kuroshitsuji).

Both have a contract with a demon who promises to eat them after all is done (or in Natsume's case when there is an opening.)
In both cases the main lead is about the only one who knows about it.
Furthermore the male leads seem similiar in personality, appearing adult, serious and short-tempered.
Both is about spirits, altough Natsume yuujinchou doesn't have all that romance
natsume is more relaxed, whilst ghost hunt is more complex and less supernatural/mystical. however same humour, and both amazingly enjoyable watches.
Both of them are episodic anime.
Both of the stories are based on supernatural events and spirits.
Both deal with supernatural entities, such a youkai and ayakashi, and feelings of loneliness of the main characters.
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Guys who can see spirits and have side kicks
Having seen both Natsume Yuujinchou and Kyoukai no Kanata, it's easy to spot the similarities. In fact, it's very easy to see the two animes taking place in the same world/setting. Both animes have spirits, first off. The youmu and the youkai are practically identical beings. In both animes neither the youmu or youkai are visible to normal people, which is a huge similarity. Then, the Spirit World Warriors in KnK are very similar to the various exorcist groups in Natsume Yuujinchou (think Matoba clan). It's all the same stuff. Curses, fighting, friendships, all that. The only glaring difference is that Natsume Yuujinchou goes at a slower pace, with less action. You most likely won't find yourself crying at Kyoukai no Kanata, while Natsume Yuujinchou sets most off on every single episode. Sure KnK is less feelsy, but it has them.
Also, in both of these fantastic animes, you'll find yourself becoming attached to the mains, Natsume and Akihito. They're very similar in appearance, but also in personality. Neither of them fail to be persistently naïve. Ever. In fact, there are a lot of character similarities. The youmu appraisal woman in Kyoukai no Kanata is very much like Hinoe from Natume Yuujinchou, with that ever-calm personality. Both of them smoke, even! Then the second main in KnK is very much like Taki Tooru in Natsume Yuujinchou. Both are secluded, shy, nervous, and withdrawn from society. In fact, they even both have curses! Of course, both warm up to the mains.
All in all, for Natsume Yuujinchou lovers, Kyoukai no Kanata is a wonderful follow-up, and at 13 episodes is basically another season of the prior.
Both of them give off a relaxed, somewhat calm atmosphere which magically draws in the watcher.
The main characters are lonely teenagers with paranormal powers.

Both are rejected by family and childhood colleagues, because have strange powers. When they move to other city and other school, they realize finaly that can make new friends, because that people accepted them like they are.

Both have comedy and drama.

There are some only differences...

1 - Koutora-san : The main character is a girl, ( Haruka Koutora ) and her power is telepathy. ( She can hear people thoughts )
Has romance and ecchi, but no adventure.
This is the first and only season at moment.

2- Natsume Yuujinchou: The main character is a boy ( Takashi Natsume ), and his power is see youkais and spirits.
Has adventure, but no romance.
In total, included this, are 4 seasons.

If you like one, probably will like other!!!
Both are very introspective with a slow pace and a
generally muted color palette.Two sometimes somber, sometimes uplifting anime about loneliness.
Makai Ouji and Natsume Yuujinchou are dissimilar in perhaps more ways than they are the same, but there is one striking similarity that I feel makes these two series connected.

The vibes are completely different, as are the protagonists. Makai Ouji has a sort of ridiculous feeling to it, with characters so over the top as to seem unbelievable, as well as a protagonist who is centered around wholly unimportant things (such as his grades). Natsume however has very well rounded characters who in many ways lack the eccentricities of the characters in Makai, but are deep enough to seem real to the point of tangibility. Natsume also has an overarching slice-of-life feeling to it, which differs considerably from the shonen overtones of Makai Ouji. The art and music for both are very different too -- I personally prefer the softer palette and lines of Natsume Yuujincho, with its beautiful watercolor backgrounds, as well as its intriguing and extremely well suited instrumental music; whereas I didn't find Makai Ouji particularly enrapturing musically or visually.
The supernatural background for both of these shows is also very different. One deals with very biblical mythologies (If you're familiar with judeo-christian mythology its funny to see the subversions present in Makai Ouji), and the other deals with more traditional Japanese shinto beliefs -- the idea of a 'god' is not present at all.

The Similarity:
The similarity lies in the main plot elements of both shows. Makai Ouji features a protagonist who is the descendent of Solomon, a great king of Israel who subjugated 72 demons, which has modern day (like, 1800s modern day) repercussions for his descendent/reincarnation William Twining. Because of Solomon's actions, William must deal with the constant incursion of many demons who want his political support, and one demon comes to his aid to protect him from the constant besiegement of these vying supernatural factions. Natsume is similar in that the protagonist, who has the unique ability to see spirits, finds himself the focus of many spirits' negative attention, as he has inherited his grandmother's 'book of friends'. Like Solomon, she subjugated many spirits and bound them to her, and Natsume must decide what to do with this powerful inheritance -- in this he is also helped by a strong spirit who protects him from the more malevolent ayakashi that seek the book of friends.

These two anime are definitely more different than they are similar, but despite this they share a strong similarity in plot and the situation that both protagonists find themselves in. Despite this, the protagonists still are completely disparate personalities.
Both have a similar interpretation of the slice-of-life genre: appreciating the beauty in small actions and especially the relationships that develop because of them. Through these small interactions and the main character's gradually developing awareness of the feelings of others, these two anime also both subtly suggest (to me at least) the idea of mono no aware, or the sadness of transient things.

The protagonist's character development is also central to both plots; Rekki and Natsume are essentially coming to understand themselves and accept their unique life situations through their experiences with the various characters they meet along the way. They are both very character-driven shows, whose protagonists share a quiet kindness and genuine concern for others. Natsume and Rekki both struggle with their respective 'quirks' (Natsume being able to see ayakashi and Rekki being a Haibane) as these in some ways alienate them from other people and seem to detract them both from a 'normal' human experience.

Yet despite (or perhaps because of) these abnormal protagonists and the serene, sonderous lives they lead, both shows ultimately focus on what it means to be human.

Also, the setting for both is of beautiful countrysides, rich in color and pastoral accoutrements.
although jigoki shoujo and natsume yuujincho have a VERY different atmosphere, i feel each show is similar because...
-both have episodes which show the main character helping characters that mostly do not appear a second time
-both have a message in each episode
-involve main character helping people
Natsume Yuujinchou is about the daily life of a boy named Takashi that inherits the ability to see & speak to yokai from his grandmother whereas Nekogami Yaoyorozu revolves around the daily life of a Cat God named Mayu that was expelled from her home & forced to live on earth. Both series give a calm yet not so boring vibe that makes you yearn for more. Another similarity that both series have are the heartwarming friendships the MC's gain throughout the series. Also note that Nekogami Yaoyorozu is more comedy oriented.
Youkai Watch and Natsume Yuujinchou are similar in that both the protagonists befriend and are troubled by youkai (though one can see youkai because they are "gifted" and the other through the use of a watch-like device). Natsume Yuujinchou takes a more sad and serious tone to the youkai presence in the protagionist's life and focuses more on the protagonist. Whereas Youkai Watch takes a more lighthearted and comical tone and focuses more on the youkai. However, both series have a tendency to leave you feeling the same way. They both have touching and warm stories that can make you smile.
Well in both series, there seems to be a lot of mysteries going in the background. Additionally, there's this main protagonist who seems to have supernatural powers.

There's shinto themes in both series and makes it in a more lighthearted/fantasy like environment.

Both series also features a school in which the main characters resides in. The main male protagonist has many interactions with the characters and in essence, each of them have a different backgrounds but relates to the overall tone of the story.
Both do have such amazingly fat and lovely cats. There are many people who watch Natsume yuujinchou only for Nyanko-sensei. So in Poyopoyo Kansatsu Nikki the cat is the main hero and is absolutely round. Watch for cute cats :3
Both main characters can see things that other people cannot.
Both animes also seem very relaxed and light.
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Both are grat shojo anime with supernatural, the main characte's Yuuri and Natsume, both kind and naive ordinary students - when they got a supernatural power they use it to help others & become friends with them, sometimes succeeding and sometimes attracting uttention from dangerous characters that want to use them. Both anime have a calm & peaceful atmosphere that makes you want more seasons.
Both involving daily lives with human/humans and talking creatures/animals.
Both animes are about Ayakashi or Yōkai in the world of humans. They both highlight the incompatibly of humans and Yōkai with each other. Natsume is somewhat episodic while Ayakashi is collection of three classic Japanese horror stories. If you like the Book of Friends and horror anime you will love Ayakashi.
the mood of both is relaxed mellow with some humor and a little melancholy. Both are slow paced and focus on slow growth. The warm and slightly awkward, loving and appreciation Natsume and Arima have with their parents. Both worry about being burdens. Both struggle with scars from the past but want happiness. There is light humor/goofiness in both of them from Nyanko-sensi and Miyazawa Yukino who each have strong personalities. both nyanko and Yukino start off as enemis to the main guy and then their relationship changes. Both are slice of life but His and Her circumstances is has drama and romance where Natsume's book of Friends is supernatural
Both main characters deal with the struggle of not allowing people discover their secret power. Nyanko Sensei and Migi, the Protectors to both Natsume and Shinji, are only their to protect their masters in order for their own personal gain. Although reluctant at first, Both Natsume and Shinji develop a relationship with their protectors later on in both shows.
Both are very wonderful heart-warming animes with a little melancholia and deep personalities but also with many funny and lovely moments. Both protagonists are male and good-looking, also both series have light hints of Boys'Love atmosphere.
both anime deals with demons and spirits.
A guy who can control supernatural beings and has companions. Orphen is on a journey, Natsume is mostly in the same city/forest. Orphen has more action while Natsume is calm and emotionally intense.
They have supernatural creatures, are lovely and dreamy. Both warm your heart and enchant you in a beautiful adventure you'll love. It'll give you this certain feeling of "when I'll have children, I need to show them those beautiful, nostalgic 'fairy tales' ". Both are emotional in so many ways and embrace your soul. Both have some melancholic sides but Natsume's story is even more moving and so sad at times you might need to cry. At the same time they are so heart-warming that they bring you happiness. Natsume's story is more educational showing that superficially scary beings aren't bad at all, they can become friends and have reasons for being so scary at first (the same goes for Howl's film). It opens your mind for deeper thoughts and lets you value timely limited situations in your life more, especially when you get to know more about Natsume's story. The same for Howl's film: You begin to value other things more than focusing only on the surface of one's body and how one does look to others. Nothing's going to stop you, no matter what happens, if you feel things with a warm heart. Both have the same message.
The stories aren't similar at all, the idea behind the anime's are completely different, and the characters have little in common. However both Natsume Yuujinchou and Chihayafuru are very warm-spirited anime. In Chihayafuru and Natsume Yuujinchou you find yourself smiling unconsciously when the main characters succeed at one of there goals or a nice emotional moment happens. The most striking similarity between the two is the inter-character relations. Both characters are able to make friends because of their various skills and personalities and this friendships blossom into strong bonds which I think are the basic foundations which make each of these anime so great. Natsume makes fiends with the spirits that continue to bother him and Chihaya is able to conquer the challenges that face her because of her friends.
Although not too alike in terms of story, both anime involve a main character who is able to see beings that others cannot. In fact, they make connections with these beings and throughout the anime, both good and bad fortune comes along with it.

Both movies also follow a somewhat slice of life style type of story with a gentle touch of soft rhythm. Yes, there is also the theme of youkai involved in both anime which are present. They are the supernatural beings from the anime that other people cannot see while the main character can; supernatural addition. Both anime have a slow pacing but are enjoyable by the way it is presented through its backgrounds.
Kuragahime is a lighthearted, fun, interesting story that relates to Natsume Yuujinchou in ways that you have to see to understand.
-Both Tsukimi and Takashi are surrounded by interesting characters (sometimes troublesome ones), they are also somewhat loners who have heavy hearts due to their parent(s) death.
-There is also cute animal (sort of) companions in both and revolve around the characters every-day life.
The soundtrack/music are very similar. So much in fact that I wouldn't be able to tell if I heard either one by themselves.
Although they don't have much in common on the surface, they have that special feel to them that makes the story progress smoothly, and leave you with a warm-hearted feel.
Both series are set in a fantasy world. Both series incorporate a quest that the main characters are trying to achieve. The two series may have one universal prerogative but for the most part they are episodic in nature that try to connect with the main objective. Both series are laudatory and reverrential due to their fantastical world setting.
In both are many traditional Japanese ghosts and myths. They have a really good animation too. :)
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supernatural/fantasy genres. both excellent watches. natsume is more relaxing and more on the supernatural side, whilst shigofumi has action and is dark
Both lead characters (Natsume and Jinta) are able to see spirits, in Jinta's case its only Menma. Both are slice of life/dramas, but AnoHana is much more of a tear-jerker.
It has the same feel. She has to help people and stuff like how Natsume helps youkai and there are some funny parts.
Both of these people can see the spirits that used to be worshiped but have been forgotten. Each has their own spins on the situation but both inherit their powers from the grandmother.
Both of these Anime feature a male lead with semi to full slice of life style storyline dealing with the supernatural events going on around them that cause them to be different from the rest of the world. They are also dealing with their grandparents legacies.
they appear to be completely different, but the feeling and relaxing atmosphere of both of them are similar. slice of life with a tad of drama, and supernatural elements :D
Both main male characters are able to see supernatural beings that no one else (or rather, very few others) can. In Tasogare Otome x Amnesia it's ghosts, and in Natsume Yuujinchou it's ayakashi/youkai/mononoke.
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Both have a animal-like sidekick and are mostly about capturing things like animals and ghosts.
Both about a kid that inherits his relatives past ghost hunting ability's and powers. Kekkaishi is more so about hunting and exercising demons where as Natsume Yuujinchou is about returning the demon's names and allowing them to pass on.
The setting of the two shows is rather different, but they both have that really strong "feelgood aura" to them. They are both really, really sweet, and full of emotions. They pick you up after a bad day and leave you with good feelings.
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Both have nearly identical episodic formulae: establish a problem and resolve it emotionally. The "weekly dish" in NYC is a monster, in IGLOO it's an experimental weapon. While in the former the plot focuses on the actual weekly variation, the latter uses the Weapon of the Week merely as a backdrop for the story and focuses instead on characters.
Both anime are episodic, revolving around a central character who helps various others solve their problems. Natsume Yuujinchou focuses more on the relationships between characters and the heartwarming feeling, while Trapeze focuses more on the personal development of the self and the comedy of the process. The similarity is subtle and not apparent at first glance, but for me, at least, there was a comforting feeling common to both series.

Oh, and in my opinion, both are very, very good.
both this anime series have demons involved and also both of the main characters have supernatural powers,the anime Natsume Yuujinchou i recommend it to those anime fans who like mystery action
A human is unique in their ability to speak with spirits. Similar atmosphere and pacing. A person who enjoys one should enjoy the other.
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Soft fluffy story line with a similar tone, not to mention similar styles that have their variances.
The similarities in these two shows stems from the similar settings and the slow pace that both stories use to tell the tales of the protagonists. A high school student in Natsume Yuujinchou and a middle school student and an adult in Asatte no Houkou.

The narratives for both stories are slow and reflective, there are supernatural and mystical events in both shows, and the overall melancholy tone of both stories makes them comparable. Yuujinchou however is more episodic than Asatte, and the plot is superior to the lighter Asatte no Houkou. But if you liked one you'll probably like the other.
both have an interesting storyline, if you like mysteries, spirits, and comedy, then give this one a go.
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- Both main characters (male) can see spirits and are always involved in supernatural events.
- Both talk always about the feelings of spirits.
- There are more people with supernatural habilities that they end being involved with
Both main characters decide to live for both sides. In Natsume Yuujinchou, Natsume helps both the ayakashi and the human, and as for D. Gray Man, Allen fights for both the Akuma and humans. They both portray the interesting internal conflicts between the supernatural and themselves.
-Both anime's moods, animation, and flow of the story/plot are very lighthearted.
-Both are slow-paced and centered around Slice of Life over Comedy.
-Both have the calming quality.
both are calm,and enjoyable like a soft summer breath.
Okay, these series are polar opposites when it comes to tone and presentation, admittedly. However, they both share a common theme of dealing with loneliness. If you related to Shinji's struggle to feel loved and accepted, then you will probably feel for Natsume, too. Both protagonists have trouble relating to other people, and struggle with self-worth. So if you liked the existential musing more than the giant robot fights in Evangelion, I would definitely recommend Natsume Yuujinchou.
An interesting story that is fairly chill, that should be interesting for those who liked the mystical aspect of Tatami Galaxy.
Natsume Yuujinchou isn't a water related anime but both are equally fun!!!
Natsume (Natsume Yuujinchou) and Yuki (Tsuritama) are kinda similar in terms of how they have difficulty making friends. Natsume is worried about rejection while Yuki's isn't good with people. Both leard to open up and make friends.

Both of the anime is about friendship, opening up and learn to find happiness in the littlest things.

Both delivered a warm hearted feeling.
Both deal with the complexities of relationships and life. They have similar art and contain bittersweet and touching moments.
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The show is very calming and slightly slow-paced like this show but both are very enjoyable just the same. ^_^
Summer wars focus on a cyber world and Natsume Yuujinchou focus in spirits/ youkai but they have in common a male protagonist who spent a lonely childhood with his parents and only when he meets his "new" family he starts to enjoy and value a lot of things.
In order to help the "real" world, Natsume has cat spirit to help him, and has to fight and help other spirits, while Kenji has a cyber bunny helping him and he also has to fight and help the cyber world in order to help the real world.
Both are animes are essentially about the power of bonds, family and friendship.
The drawing style is relatively similar, and both include supernatural elements. While Natsume Yuujinchou is a bit -more- supernatural, it doesn't stop both the main characters from being bothered by otherworldly spirits and curses!
you will feel kind of the same vibe from watching it.
Both contain philosophical themes and stories with spirits tied into both. They each have deeper meanings. Natsume Yuuijinchou deals with a teenage kid who has an abnormal ability to see these spirits with a rambunctious fat cat supporting him along his excursions. It is also a more calm tempo style that lets you take everything in within an easy pace and less emphasis on horror.
Both anime exudes the same lightheartedness. Both of them deals with day to day lives of friends. One deals with supernatural while the other is not. Nevertheless they deal with bonds and friends.
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both relies the same message to the watchers. While Eve no Jikan focus more between the interaction of humans to robot/androids, Natsume Yuujinchou focus on interaction of a human with demons.
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