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Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch R2

Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch R2

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English: Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2
Synonyms: Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch 2nd Season, Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch Second Season
Japanese: コードギアス 反逆のルルーシュ 続編


Type: TV
Episodes: 25
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Apr 6, 2008 to Sep 28, 2008
Duration: 24 min. per episode
Rating: R - 17+ (violence & profanity)
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Both are about someone with a hidden power that is trying to change the world. Someone close to them is one of the main enemies. Something like that.
they are both about changing the world and both use mechas as a tool to achieve this goal... although code geass is smarter and has a genius protagonist, gundam offers loads of action and amazing mecha fights
All the plot twists right out of nowhere.
reportRecommended by toyks - Add to favorites
mech, chars that effect change of world, both must watch lot of fun.
While the series themselves are not that similar, the protagonists in both "deceived" the world. Not to mention they both have amazing evil laughs!
The pacing the two series go in and the thought put into the majority of the two are near similar in every aspect.
The history is very good, and the trama is great... and both are fantastic
The anime is very good.Judjing from Death Note witch the most of the fans like,this anime is the same for somethings ,but this is far more complicated and extremely suprising in every second,far more great and good.Even I,who underestimate this piece of greatness and coolnes,cryed like a little boy in the end.
both are roller coaster ride of emotion and drama
Ever heard great minds think alike? Yoshino is a great thinker, just like Lelouch. Both are powerless when it's hand to hand combat but excel when out thinking opponents. Both Lelouch and Yoshino need the strong opposite in the duo. In Code Geass, ita Suzaku and Zetsuen no Tempest it's Mahiro. Also, I can see a relationship between Suzaku and Nunnally almost like Yoshino and Aika. Lastly,C.C and Hakaze are women with an ability. Without that ability they become useless and they both cling on to the thinker.
Depth of sense!
Similar themes of human oppression and struggle. Both Lelouch and Eren seek to lead freedom movement in their own way. But unlike Lelouch whose character has elements of negativity, Eren is mostly a positive character.
Same seiyuu for the main character (Jun Fukuyama)as well main character wields a look-a-like geass in BOTH eyes!
Although the plot is a litte different, both main characters are very similar.
Hei possesses supernatural powers, wears mask on his missions and hides his true personality exactly like Lelouch. For both the most important are their younger sisters. Yin resembles Anya (similar hairstyle and emotionless). Both C.C. and Amber travel through the time, have many secrects and look alike (green long hairs, similar white clothes).
Those Anime are the greatest mecha anime, all of you should see them
-Masked protagonist
-Both Protagonist are intelligent strategist (Lelouch is smarter)
-Protagonist is the the leader
-Trying to figure out what happened in the past
-Lots of action
The deepness of the story, and the way the Main Characters Thinks at the ends are same.
to save the worlds.
This is something that might not be entirely obvious to begin with, but they do actually share a very common theme: obsession. Lelouch and Sato are both the most obsessed people on Earth. By the end of the series, you see that coming out. They are both spectacular series, but for almost entirely different reasons. However, if you like watching one person drive themselves, and everyone who cares about them, into the ground, then these two anime are for you.
-Rivalry between two friends.
-Girl with mysterious (kind of) power pursued by the government.
-Rebellion against a military dictatorship that oppresses those of a lower social class.
-Final showdown with two opposing military factions.
Note: The Britannian military forces fom Code Geass are also similar to military forces in Innocent Venus.
If you haven't seen either then don't read the following which contains spoilers:

Both involve a young genius taking over the throne of the empire and trying to conquer the world. However, it stands without saying that Lelouch's motives are vastly different than Ukyo's.

Also, both have mecha which are merely adding to the show rather than being the focus.
Both series have nations who strive for "true peace", but go about obtaining it in the wrong way, in a war stricken world. lelouche and nunally (both their characters and relationship) are very similar to luscinia and augusta sara. it becomes more noticeable as the story progresses.
Tons of action and plot twists, interesting character developments, epic plot.
They share similarities in their ideology to end all wars (while differeing greatly in the actual plan they try to set the stage to make the way for peace). They are also other similarities between the brother/sister conflict.
Similar endings though different conclusions (you'll see what I mean when you watch it). The chairman of ZAFT is similar to Britannia's second prince in his intents and how he acts.
Mostly recommended for Suzaku fans. This series has a main character who shares many similarities with Kururugi Suzaku: (Spoilers) 1. has committed a great wrong in his past, 2. goes beserk and becomes almost undefeatable when attacked, 3. has a 'curse' upon him such that he can't die. 4. Also spin kicks and cries abundantly. Secondary (female) character of the series also bears some similarities to Kallen.

In sum, if you enjoyed watching Suzaku angsting/brooding and trying to find atonement, you'll probably enjoy Casshern Sins.
When watching Durarara!!, I had that same feeling i had when watching code geass, that feeling of being their stunned and amazed at what had just happened.
Both have epic plot, interesting character developments, sibling situation similar, action pack, supernatural eye powers, plot twists, drama, and ideology to bring peace as well.
A lot of ends justify means involved, action, masked vigilante trying to fight evil, gadget, same tone, different setting, suspense, and the true focus of the main character by showing his true character.
While the plot of these two are completely different, there are some similarities. The main character is the commander of a group. During battle, he/she commands others to do things and outwits the opponent. Both use machines—tanks in GUP and Nightmares in Code Geass. During the battles, the atmosphere is similar, but the shows are completely different outside of the battles.
Both leave you wondering why something happened in most episodes and have unexpected series of events. The female character is a mystery in both of them.

Mirai Nikki doesn't look as good as Gode Geass but it is really interesting
Each show deals with friends turning enemies, and deals strongly with death. The fate of the world is determined by the willingness of sacrifice.
although Char's Counterattack and CG R2 are in a different format, if you take a close look, they are similar in some way as the story progresses. both stories are set during a war as characters Char and Lelouch fight to change the world despite having different roles and they are similar as well. The rivalry between the main characters Amuro and Char and Lelouch and Suzaku are similar.
>Those series are actually different, but there is one thing of Zero no Tsukaima (ZnT) that reminded me Code Geass (CG): the story start in a small place, like a school/magic accademy, and it develops throught the whole world, and so, if you appreciated that developement I'm pretty sure you will enjoy both series.
>By the way, CG is much more serious, there is poor fanservice, the story is kinda a mindfuck (oh god, I loved CG so much), and the mai character is a complete badass. Meanwhile ZnT have a bright atmosphere throught 90% of the episodes, ofc there are some good touching moments, but is more based on a slow develoment and high ecchi/funny parts then on a solid story.
>Personally, I think that CG is worth a 10/10, while the whole ZnT is a 9/10 (for me, as I said), while the very last season of ZnT is a bit better then the others.
>I hope you will enjoy both.
>CG: War, tactics and mecha. ZnT: War, ecchi and maho... ah no, magic!
Mechs on rollerskates!
reportRecommended by Serg - Add to favorites
Both start out as mecha shows with fun and sometimes outrageous scenarios. As they progress though they begin to show their true colors. While Code Geass questions why we lie and mask our true selves and whether it's a good or bad thing to do, Big O asks why our memories are so important to us and what would happen if we lost them. Both show corruption through god-like power (Geass and Mega Deuces.) Code Geass's mask symbolism is similar to Big O's stage symbolism. While Geass is all about Zero planning out his attacks and putting on dramatic "performances", Big O does the exact opposite as it's characters are pulled along by the play. Both shows were made by Sunrise.
Both have "heroes" in them who fight bad guys for peace. They have very realistic characters as well. Even though they both seem very different, they're quite similar and if you like one, you'll probably like the other.
Both being very dramatical and are both great series which are a must watch if you love romance. The tension created on both animes is just amazing.
Both have Powerful Eyes
Both are mystery
and same Char's Dis
both main character are same how evil for good rezen, both are real robot in not so far future
There is only one anime I've ever seen which comes close to Code Geass R2 for the "ridiculous trainwreck" factor, and that's Kannazuki no Miko. If you want something so silly you have to laugh your ass off and love it anyway, this is the anime for you.
there are elements of both mecha, action, romantic, and .. The characters look similiar.
and Kyoshiro .. he reminded me to Lelouch. His character, his face, his school uniform, looks similar. cool XD
Like Claymore it is packed with action-adventure and the story and the art are really great! :)
Again, just like Blassreiter, this anime is very serious, fast paste, and has its unexpected plot twist.
If you were to cut penguindrum into 2 seasons (1-12 ans 13-24), it is similar in a way with code geass r1 ending in terms of what happened to Himari and Lelouch.
Also as mentioned before Both anime starts out small and eventually ends up being involved with the fate of the world. Both anime are also about brothers doing everything they can for their sister. Code Geass is more political whereas Penguindrum is more focused on family.
reportRecommended by srsng - Add to favorites
similar drawing , similar main character , similar genres too ..
Similar lead characters, Suzaku = Dog soldier's protagonist & Lelouch = Dog Soldier's antagonist. Lead characters were childhood friends in both anime. Both involve military, warfare and deadly weapons.
If you liked Code Geass, you will LOVE Dog Soldier!
The main boys are both heroes who try to rule the country . They both put the blame on themselves to keep order and peace , even though it was not their fault and they are good , and only a few people know of how heroic they are . They both try to better the world . They are both intelligent . They both have a power like something where they can control something . There is both romance in both shows .
Has the same voice actor for lelouch. only 6 or so episodes out so storyline not developed yet but if you like lelouch, then you'll love him in a comedy style
In Code Geass, the protagonist Lelouch is basically a lot like Koumei in Koutetsu Sangokushi. However the difference is in the characters and tactical analysis--Code Geass's is...deeper. In Koutetsu Sangokushi the characters are bound by the power of the Sovereign/Imperial Seal, wanting to keep it in their possession, but in Code Geass, the "power/supernatural" thing is the geass--a power that differs with each person.

Of course I don't want to give anything away so therefore I won't say any more. But a recommendation is to watch the first code geass before the second or else you'll be confused in some parts.
R2 and 5D's are very similar in tone: they place priority on entertainment and wild aesthetics. Simultaneously both darker and odder than the previous installments of the franchises, the two shows present a wide variety of characters and are always trying to outdo themselves: every episode must be more flashy, more extreme, just plain MORE than the last one. They're fun to watch just to see what kinds of crazy stunts the characters will perform or what kind of didn't-see-that-coming plot twists will happen next. Recommended to those who just want to sit down and be taken on a colorful, crazy ride.
Both of the protagonists (Lelouch/Koko) are young and very clever people who portray themselves as villains, using illicit methods in order to obtain world peace. The motivations to obtain their goals seem to depend, more or less, on some younger companions (Nunnally/Jonah). Both anime also involve lots of violence and strategies to execute their plans.
Both series are about teenagers fighting against fate, in order to cause a much needed revolution. Both are full of great, thought out characters. Magic is used by characters in both, as well as underhanded tactics. Many characters are seen in shades of gray, instead of good or evil.
This is similar because the series of plot twist and off the roof mech battles scenes Kick ass. The main characters all have a past that effects the story in someway. If you like Code Geass, then I recommend Macross Frointer 100%.
two great science fiction titles with engaging plot developments.
Recca & Lelouch fight for someone they care for, but thts it totaly different & Lelouch is much hotter
Hot girls piloting giant robots in compromising positions. Lots of screaming and skimpy suits/outfits. Both are pure awesome.
this also deals with the rise of a sudden power and a brillaint young mans strategy behind it.
it also touches on tradistional royalty and traditional government.
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There's mecha in both and the main character tries to change and save the world.
They share the same basic concept of war and strategy. And also the use of robot machines that beat the crap out of stuff.
For the first time I saw this new anime the first thing came to my mind is that it somehow related in Code Geass, something like a war type or a apocalyptic genre of anime. Toshokan Sensou: Kakumei no Tsubasa is a new and upcoming anime that you have to check mostly the otakus there who like this type of genre.
Both are anime that are concerned with political issues.
Black Knights vs Britannian Government --> Code Geass
Red faction vs Blue faction --> K

Both also contains nice drawings!
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