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Doraemon (1979)

Doraemon (1979)

Alternative Titles

English: Doraemon
Japanese: ドラえもん


Type: TV
Episodes: 1787
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Feb 4, 1979 to Mar 18, 2005
Duration: 11 min. per episode
Rating: PG - Children
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Nobi Nobita is a 4th-grade boy in Tokyo. One day, a round, blue cat-style robot (minus ears) pops up in his desk drawer. Nobita's great-great-grandson (or something) lives in the 22nd Century, but thanks to Nobita's mistakes, the entire family is living in poverty. To rectify this, Nobita's descendent is sent Doraemon back to the past, to help prevent Nobita from making mistakes. Of course this is a difficult task since Nobita is the weakest and least intelligent child in his class. Doraemon does, however, have a 4-dimensional pocket on his front, which contains cool gadgets from the future. With these toys, Doraemon will try to help Nobita. Unfortunately, Nobita also has the bad habit of misusing Doraemon's gadgets and landing himself in yet more trouble?

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Episodes  1787
Aired  Feb 4, 1979 to Mar 18, 2005
Status  Finished Airing
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Characters & Voice Actors

Ubaldi, Pietro
Ubaldi, Pietro
Ooyama, Nobuyo
Ooyama, Nobuyo
Gouda, Takeshi
Gouda, Takeshi
Tatekabe, Kazuya
Tatekabe, Kazuya
Escobal García, Alberto
Escobal García, Alberto
Honekawa, Suneo
Honekawa, Suneo
Kimotsuki, Kaneta
Kimotsuki, Kaneta
Scianca, Patrizia
Scianca, Patrizia
Minamoto, Shizuka
Minamoto, Shizuka
Valenti, Federica
Valenti, Federica
Nomura, Michiko
Nomura, Michiko


Ishihara, Tatsuya
Mochizuki, Tomomi
Shimatani, Hitomi
Theme Song Performance
Koorogi '73
Theme Song Performance, Inserted Song Performance

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Jan 5, 2014
Clear all of your previous jaundice, because Doraemon is not as clear and transparent as it would seem on the surface; it should not be simply considered as another anime on par with the pace of all of the classics of anime. With its immensely large number of episodes, and the repetitiveness of its plot line in line with flat characters that hardly undergo any change, it is easy to assume that the anime is simply about the numerous different gadgets that Doraemon brought back from the future. To change your perspective, you only need an open mind, then you will see the truth as read more
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Oct 4, 2008
A children's anime at best. I watched Doraemon as a child and as much as I loved it back then, I still love it now. Every thing is just cliche, but the endings are always so funny and classic. There isn't anything else I love more than watching Doraemon. I'm probably insane when my friends ask me what my favorite anme is, and I say Doraemon.

but really, this is a good anime that teaches children lessons, and probably a classic if you enjoy classics. It's a long anime, sure, but worth it. Every episode is completely stand alone, and easy to pick up, easy to read more
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Jul 20, 2014
Doraemon, the absolute classic.
I watched this every single day when I was a child, for 10 years. Yes, I'm not kidding, everyday I would watch the 2 episodes dubbed in Spanish on the portuguese kid's shows channel, Canal Panda.
As surprising as it may seem, I never got tired, and still today I could watch it with the same joy as back then. The plot was almost the same all the time, but the gadgets were absolutely amazing and interesting. I absolutely love the show, even if it's the nostalgia speaking, there are many occasions that I listen to the opening and think how read more
I found this review Helpful  Not Helpful
Apr 10, 2015
I was having a chat with my friends earlier about the shows we used to watch when we were younger. They were talking about shows like Doraemon, Shinchan .etc but when I asked them, "Have you seen Avatar The Last Airbender..."
Most of them were confused. So was I. How could they not have seen such a masterpiece. Then one guy said "We don't watch such stupid shows" and went back to chatting about Doraemon.

I was really not so sure what to think. On one hand I wanted to criticize and condemn them for what they had said but on the other hand, I decided to read more
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Both targets kids and have some moral lessons at end of the show.
Both were created by the Fujiko Fujio duo, and they share many of the same themes. A strange character comes to live with a young boy who always gets into trouble and he helps him deal with his problems. With Doraemon you see the inventions, with Hattori-kun you see a lot of his knowledge and ninja training. If you like Doraemon this is right up your alley
There are often time travels from the future for "save the past". The shows suggest teachings for kids in every episode.

Opening Theme

#01: "Doraemon no Uta (Weekly Program OP #1, Weekday Program OP #1)" by Kumiko Oosugi, Nobuyo Oyama
#02: "Boku Doraemon (Weekday Program OP #2)" by Nobuyo Oyama, Koorogi '73
#03: "Doraemon no Uta (Weekly Program OP #2)" by Satoko Yamano
#04: "Doraemon no Uta" by Tokyo Purin
#05: "Doraemon no Uta" by Misato Watanabe
#06: "Doraemon no Uta" by AJI
#07: "Doraemon no Uta (Non-Vocal)" by Twelve Girls Band
#08: "Hug Shichao" by Rimi Natsukawa
#09: "Yume wo Kanaete Doraemon" by mao

Ending Theme

#01: "Doraemon Ekaki-uta (Extra ED theme song)" by Nobuyo Oyama
#02: "Aoi Sora wa Pocket sa" by Kumiko Oosugi
#03: "Doraemon Ondo (Extra ED theme song)" by Nobuyo Oyama, Koorogi '73
#04: "Dorami-chan Ekaki-uta (Extra ED theme song)" by Keiko Yokozawa
#05: "Maru-gao no Uta" by Nobuyo Oyama
#06: "Boku-tachi Chikyuu-jin" by Mitsuko Horie
#07: "Aozora-tte Iina" by Mitsuko Horie
#08: "Ashita mo Tomodachi" by Yui Nishiwaki
#09: "Boku Doraemon 2112" by Nobuyo Oyama, Koorogi '73
#10: "Mata Aeru Hi made" by YUZU
#11: "Tanpopo no Uta" by THE ALFEE
#12: "YUME-biyori" by Hitomi Shimatani
#13: "Aa Iina!" by W [Double You]
#14: "Odore Dore Dora Doraemon Ondo" by Wasabi Mizuta

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