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Girls Bravo: First Season

Girls Bravo: First Season

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Japanese: GIRLSブラボー first season


Type: TV
Episodes: 11
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Jul 5, 2004 to Sep 27, 2004
Duration: 23 min. per episode
Rating: R+ - Mild Nudity
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A normal guy falls inlove with an alien girl. These girls don't know much about the planet Earth so they do some weird things while living at there "lover" place. Even through the guys don't have parents living at there house, so both of these animes are very similar...
at first main character comes to a place where isnt any men, only women and he gets chased there
Maburaho and Girl's Bravo pretty much have alot of girls. In some episodes of Maburaho relate with Girl's Bravo.
same ecchi comedy anime. both female leads have this weird sign in their foreheads. they are also both pretty identical in personality and both want to learn earth's way of living.
Same style and very alike in the echii department. Only difference is that main character in Ninomiya-kun isn't a complete wuss :=)
One guy, lots of pretty girls; That's the way things work in in the lives of both main male characters. Both of them develop a certain relationship with one of the girls, but due to the other girls, other guys and various negative circumstances, those relationships just don't work out the way they're supposed to, which produces some hilarious moments. Furthermore, the main male characters get treated like living punching bags by most of the girls, for performing unintended perverted actions.
The Main character in Girls Bravo is allergic to girls/ similar in maria Holic but she is allergic to guys
Both are silly ecchi comedies.
Both are ecchi, contain magic, and in a mystical setting. The characters are similar too. Also, in both the animes the main girl has pink hair and the main boy has blue hair.
There is some kind of fantasy element in both. Cute girl likes tiny guy. Plot-wise, Girls Bravo is better although both series lack strong development. As for fan-service, it exists in both but Kanokon wins by far. Both are good for ecchi entertainment.
These anime's feature fairly pleasant males who are regularly misstreated by close females and have thus developed an 'allergy' to girls.
Unfortunately; they have no choice but to be around females.

Both are loaded with ecchi related missundersandings were a girl has more-or-less, indirectly set-up a scene to make the male to witness her exposed, only for him to then get attacked for being a pervert.
Mayo' epsiode one even re-cycled a Girl's Bravo scene (also episode one); girl calls guy a pervert and punches him after he walks in on her in the bathroom - dispite the fact that she's in his house, using his bathroom without letting him know she was even present.

If the above does it for you, then go for it and enjoy. ;)
Both have gigantic anime breasts flapping or gyrating in front of your face every five minutes. Both also give only a little fine-tuning.. and surprise surprise, it's mainly in the fan service department.
if you only watched Girls Bravo for that tiny hint of romance and are searching for a romance then you would like Boys Over Flowers.
Females chasing after one male
Both of these animes sets the scene with a random, almost alien girl being introduced to the protagonist. The girl is a complete airhead, and causes problems for the guy. There is a mother-figure who attempts to control the female lead, but never succeeds. This is a combination of comedy and what I guess you could call "alternate romance".
Both eechi, with girls who have similar names.
Both about a boy who lives home alone until an alien/android starts living with him.
They are both about a pink haired girl from another planet coming to earth and meeting a weak male protagonist that has an illness and falling in love with one another. Both have some comedy and eechi elements to them.
These anime both have a sudden girlfriend appearances in them. In shuffle it is them wanting to marry the male lead when in girls bravo they want to date him. Girls bravo has a lot more fan serve in it than shuffle. Both also have magic. In girls bravo that magic is mostly black magic though when in shuffle it is not. Both are harem anime. They are both funny a lot of the time.
Unpopular, often abused for comedy male lead character meets an extremely cute girl (fell from the sky or came from another planet) who starts living with him.

His harem builds up with girls who are all really cute and provide decent ecchi and fan service.
Both are harems with fantasy elements.
Ah! My Goddess isn't anywhere near as ecchi as Girl's Bravo, but the stories are remarkably similar. The main character is a guy, whose kind of a loser, meets a beautiful magical girl, they start living together, and slowly fall in love. Also, for some reason at the beginning of the series it just starts out with the main character and one girl, but as the series continues the number of girls on the show continues to increase.

Both animes are packed with romance, laughter, and a little bit of sex.
Both animes are ecchi/harem type.
The MC is surrounded by very good looking female characters.
The art style is very similar in both animes.
Both have their share of comedy and a lot of ecchi moments (and nudity).
Freezing is like Girls Bravo but with more action and battles!

Oh and a storyline!

Around the same level of Ecchi but Freezing has more action in it while Girls Bravo centers on Ecchi mostly :3

If you liked either season of Girls Bravo, You will most likely enjoy Freezing :3
Both are harem anime. Girls Bravo seems to leave you wanting more and Ai Yori Aoshi actually ends with a relationship.
The Main character have allergy to girls except for only 1 girls
and the Ecchi + Comedy was Awesome BOTH!!
Both the main characters can't stand being around the opposite; weather its allergies and just pure hatred. However as the series moves forward it see these behaviors start to die down.
reportRecommended by Jmac - Add to favorites
Both have a similar humour style - that same random, perverted, and generally crazy funniness is present in both. Also both are harem in a sense, except that in Girls Bravo the main focus is on a guy, whereas in He is My Master, the main focus is on a girl. Chances are if you liked one, you'll like the other.
they are very simalar in everything ecept for the charactors. both are very ecchi, funny, wild, and the art is wonderful in both.
Both are rather unique ecchis, unlike most others
Both shows are based on a plot revolving around accidental interstellar travel of one or more of the main characters. Both shows have a lot of slapstick, ironic, ridiculous, and bizarre humor that you can't help but to laugh at while you think how ridiculous and bizarre it seems. Both shows also have a lot of ecchi topics. While Girls bravo has more blatant nudity, Those Who Hunt Elves has more foul language.

Both shows have a second season that finishes up the series but doesn't really finish the storyline.
The same dose of ecchi or even biger ^^
Both have a super lame main character that travels to a fantastic world with super hot chicks that for some strange reason likes the patetic loser. In Rosario + Vampire however the main character improves a little in the lasts episodes and in girls bravo the main character remains being a loser even in the secon season, lets hope that in the new season of R + V the guy becomes a true man and also in R + V the trama improves a little too at the end so the second season could be a better one.
Both series provides good laugh tho, so u can watch it to do so and to see hot girls
They both have fan-service and treat it like a breathing machine.

They have, overall, decent plots and have characters that are, for the most part quite enjoyable.

Yumeria's plot is largely drawn out and boring, and GB is slice-of-life and is slightly more interesting.
those two are very similar
naked scenes, check!
boy who's surrounded by girls, check!
fan service BIG, check!
The main character is very awkward around women, although for different reasons. Chi and Miharu are very similar with their clueless selves. Both are funny
Slice of life, and both with a good story
'To Love-Ru' series and 'Girls Bravo' series are about a mysterious pink-haired space girl who fall in love with a guy who isn't too girl friendly. Both series are comedy, harems and offer a good amount of ecchi for the viewers.
Okay both guys have like several women who are all over him, and they are all basically competing for his heart, but he only likes one of them in both. ^.^
great series for perverted men !
Both have pink haired girls. Great comedy moments. They will make you laugh. Naruto is a more serious anime though.
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