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Eureka Seven

Eureka Seven

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English: Eureka Seven
Synonyms: Koukyou Shihen Eureka Seven, Eureka 7, Eureka Seven Psalms of Planets, Koukyoushi Hen: Eureka Seven
Japanese: 交響詩篇エウレカセブン


Type: TV
Episodes: 50
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Apr 17, 2005 to Apr 2, 2006
Duration: 24 min. per episode
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older
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Both are done by the same studios and have very similar animation, and the 'family' feeling amongst crew members in both series is very strong, particularly at the beginning.
Eureka Seven takes many MANY things from Evangelion, such as characters (i.e: Rei Ayanami = Eureka), use of mecha, some things from the plot, etc. Sometimes when I was watching Eureka 7 I felt i was wachting eva, altough Eureka is not as sad or phsicological as Evangelion.
Mecha anime, mixture of humor, mysterious "aliens", a large cast of unique individuals, not to mention both take place on a devastated planet.
A teenage boy meets a cute apathetic girl in which they are connected by a red string of fate to these unique girls. The closer these individuals become the more we see how deep of a connection they share.

Both series have a mecha theme when on the battlefield
Deep, thoughtful, but also light at times. Both these animes have strong plots and characters and feature interesting applications of the stereotypical mecha genre
Both these series has a genuin story, characters you really learn to like and they are flying in both series. Both main characters want to protect those who are close to them, and they both have a female flying with them. There are a huge storm in both series that they have to get through. Both series are great, and you should take your time watching them both.
Both Eureka 7 and Suisei no Gargantia feature unique sci-fi worlds that have similarities but fundamental differences. At their core, there are robots involved, a rather large cast of characters, and a beautiful world filled with secrets. Essentially, there is a sense of adventuring, of growing up, of dealing with a harsh world and searching for one's identity. Eureka 7 paints a fuller world with its length which is something Gargantia could've done better, but if you liked one, you're bound to at least be interested in the other. Highly recommended for sci-fi fans.
Both animes using a group of main characters, they are also travelling together as Gekkostate in E7 and with Freeden in Gundam X.

Jamil = Holland
Tiffa = Eureka
Garrod = Renton
Ennil = Anemone
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A youthful romance develops on a rebel airship with an eccentric crew and a charismatic captain. Although similar, they are not "alike." Still, if you enjoy one, you are likely to enjoy the other.
this show takes place in the sky and land, but Eureka Seven took place on land first then took it into the sky and Elemental Gelade is the other way around. They both have that romance between man and something/woman.
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The Director of Eureka 7 (Tomoki Kyoda) was also involved as Assistant Director for Rahxephon, and both series share a lot in common. Rahxephon, like Eureka 7, is also a "character-driven" mecha which I'd highly recommend to anyone who likes a good love story with giant robots thrown in, or a giant robot story with a love story thrown in - take your pick, you win either way.
Put it in a nutshell, Mars Daybreak (MD) is a rough sketch of all Bones' anime features. And Eureka is a linear heir of MD. So they share lots of elements - a crew fighting against regime, an high-tech awesome ship (that thing did fly even though it's a submarine), mecha, teh genki shounen with brown hair, aliens and other stuff including graphics, orphans and a Green Peace spirit.
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These shows share a similar plot development, many charismatics characters though FMA achieves a better quality on these topics.
Girl with no emotions pilots a Mecha-type machine, either way the girls meet the boy, and emotions appear. Also major character development in both boy and girl.
Both Mecha Anime where piloting the mecha revolves around the pilots loving and understanding each other.
FLCL was definately not as complex, long, or developed as Eureka 7, but both FLCL and Eureka 7 have coming of age stories lead by the development of very similar young male leads.

If you liked the first dozen episodes of Eureka 7, FLCL is a quick anime that's easy to digest and enjoy.
Kishin Taisen Gigantic Formula and Eureka Seven have a similar feeling to me. An average boy, a mysterious girl, and lot of secrets revolving around strange mecha.
Similar in telling a story that ends up on a much larger scale than it started! World and existential issues caught up in a coming-of-age type story. Both have lots of relatively complex minor characters. And both are frequently funny, while also tackling some deep stuff!
Both series incorporate the idea of the sky/flying. This is what drew me to both shows.
mecha, mecha, mecha. and a dash of character development and some romance
Facepalming the end of the Gundam Movie? It however even pales in comparison to the end of Eureka 7.

Aside from that both are mecha, include alien forms and a central topic is "understanding each other".
The protagonist Daichi has a similar background to Renton as they both are young boys who are not satisfied with the current life they lead and want to pursue something they love and feel passionate about. Their fathers are both intertwined in a series of strange circumstances surrounding the causes of their deaths. They also both share a strange connection with a young girl who seems to have special abilities and shrouded with an air of mystery.
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Both original stories made by Kataoka Jinsei and Kondo Kazuma. And share such things as sci-finess, main character getting involved in things he don't want to and mysterious girl as his companion.
Even though they quiet different in setting: Eureka is more light and colorful story with romance-lines, while DW is more dark and tragic.
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one thing similar is the ending i dont want to spoil it
the other similarity is a normal boy falls for a girl that has special powers and the girl is the only one able to save the world but the guy doesnt want to loose her
This anime is similiar to Eureka Seven in the fact that there is main mecha (like Nirvash) that is awakened by means of both main characters, Van Fanel and Hitomi Kanzaki. Both anime have a mythological genre as well, and both rely heavily on romance as well as a unique plot line that is unclear at the start, but reveals itself as the anime continues.
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• The robot needs someones 'soul' to control and power it.
• They both are comedy's.
• Sort-of got the same feeling watching them
• Good design and animation of the robots :3
Both anime are about very small group of outcasts on a single ship with advanced (super?)mecha against entire world. The reason of existence for those groups is also deeper than it seems (althought not the same)
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The pacing and feeling of both series felt very similar, with introductions to the characters in the first half and then with more conflict and tension at the later half. Both series take their time and strive forward at and easy-going pace that manage to be both serious and with a mix of humour
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These to follow almost exactly the same story line, guy meets strange, other-worldly girl, guy becomes pilot of massive humanoid robot that saves the world, end of story
Both have mechas check, both have some romance check, both have mysterious girls check, crazy crew and cool ship check, both are great check. What else do you need.
hmm... simply put, the plots are similar in that the main characters are on the minority side ( linebarrels in the later half). they also like the woman who use the mecha first. both mechas used are the best in the series. also for themes they both have romance, comedy,action, and drama.
Both revolve around a seemingly normal, awkward, young couple with a weak, unsure male protagonist. Both stories are changed by an unexpected twist and both deal with a "world changing" event. Mirai Nikki and Eureka Seven have pretty serious stories that are lightened by the romantic and comedy aspects that make them excellent!
Im surprised this isn't here already-- Girl with blue hair with special powers I got an extremely similar feeling from both animes. Of course wolf's rain is more dark, they are both amazing and deal with finding some different reality.
Both anime start with small but big in the end. In the beginning we get:
The Book of Bantorra: Armed Librarians vs Shindeki Church
Eureka Seven: Gekko State vs World Goverment
but in the end, the story tell about how to save the world while dealing with a new entity
The boy who's i total idiot but clearly talented with the female side character, both get picked on, get into fights, are in an organization with lots of friends and their purpose? To help and protect.
Eureka Seven and the Lucario movie have a few things in common: characters who redefine humanity, glorious angst and guilt, failures at communication, and perhaps most obviously, the theme of humanity's innate conflict with nature. They also feature bumbling young male protagonists, though Ash is much cooler and more able than Renton to start with.
I can't say much about Buddy Complex yet as there are only a few episodes that have aired at the moment, but from what I can see of this anime, it gives me a similar atmosphere to Eureka 7. Both anime have mecha and (spoiler alert for Eureka 7) the idea of the future and past. Both amine are set in the future, and have a mysterious girl that comes into the main character's life. The ship in Buddy Complex really reminds of of the Gekkou in Eureka 7, though BC's is blue, while E7's is green. If you enjoy Buddy Complex, I highly recommend that you watch Eureka 7 and vice versa.
Mecha anime, mixture of humor, and a bit romance
Great characters, well design and a great story
Both anime aim is to rescue the whole world.
Both series are great, and you should take your time watching them both ;P
Mecha anime, mixture of humor, and a bit romance
Great characters, well design and a great story
Both anime aim is to rescue the whole world.
Both series are great, and you should take your time watching them both ;P
Both have very well developed characters that throughout the series inquire you to find out about their motives and reasons. Both are also open-ended in various arcs.
Both are by Bones and have much romance, mecha and good music.
From the socially awkward and mildly irritating protagonists to the enigmatic girl with strange hair, these shows appear kinda similar. In terms of tone, both are gently comedic, mostly relying on the interactions between teenagers and authority figures with a background of war.
The concept is completely differently but the vibes are similar. The "feel good" factor is in both series.

Log Horizon is an anime where our characters landed in a world that is familiar yet different to them. As such, they spend their time trying to find out the degree of changes that have occurred, and, in the process, building up a fascinating world. Eureka Seven happens in a world quite different from ours, one that's full of mysteries that even our characters, who have lived there for their whole lives, do not understand. Constantly, they have to question what they understand about their world and explore it to a greater degree, which allows world building to take place simultaneously for the audience.

Both anime also have a large cast of likable characters, focusing on a few while not neglecting the rest.
Both anime aim is to rescue the whole world.
These are both mecha shows that revolve around a boy who joins a rebel faction. He initially has trouble fitting in but he eventually gets by. They also have green haired love interests.
I felt that the technology used in both anime's were very similar and they both had the same feeling. Anyway while I was watching the first episode of Vividred Operation I had a strong recollection of Eureka Seven.
Two Shonen, two heroes, two mysterious shoujo, two loves.
The cruelty of the world, very similar animes, you must go through 20 episodes of Eureka 7 to appreciate it though, it looks like a bad shonen at the beginning, but it is a true masterpiece, as Ima, Soko ni Iru Boku.
Although appearance wise they may have nothing in common- one about parasytes and the other being a mecha and such, the first thing that came to my mind when finishing Parasyte was Eureka Seven. They have strikingly similar themes.

They both deal with Earth and nature and the bond between two species. Their endings are pretty similar as well ^^
Both anime have brilliant coming of age stories.
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Sentient mechs, symbiotic relationships, homeships, little children onboard, somewhat balanced male/female protagonists... Plus they both have the war element, romance and something of a mystic nature inhabiting their planet.
Both have mecha
both protagist's fathers were great, Heroic Age is more parents
both have groups that want to destroy humanity, then later, part of that group joins the "good" side
at one point, the main char goes on a rampage without thinking
both have weird alien-like things
both mentions earth but dont live on earth
and the music is similar
These anime are both very similar in the way that the male and female protagonist meet and an instant connection forms, and it almost seems they were "destined" to meet. Also, as the story progresses you see the relationship grow stronger. Both anime have a very emotional side to them, which really make you connect to the characters and their actions.
only the plot is similar
guy "destined to be" with this girl because of his predecessors
main goal between the two is coexistence
KomD male likes bikes, E7 male likes boards and LFOs (mechas)
KomD is more spiritual E7 is more scifi
Eureka Seven and Kakumeiki Valvrave (Valvrave the Liberator) both deals with the usage of mecha in a world that has both mysteries and terrors.

The main male protagonist in both series leads a regular and boring life until a faithful one day where an event changes him forever. The main male protagonist also seems to want to protect what he treasures. Additionally, they have a crush on the main female protagonist.

There is science fiction/supernatural themes involved in both series. Additionally, there's military and action that involves the mecha used.
Both have main character that have special interactions with their mecha
Both have military under Evil CO
Main character doesnt really want to fight, but knows they have to
Kenchi was treated like Renton when he was with Charles and Ray
They feel like each other when you watch them
In ISM its is there isnt a couple,more of a harem, but in Eureka there is a couple
Both series features the usage of mecha in a more futuristic setting with technology.

Both series' main protagonist are pilots of mecha and part of an organization.

Both series contains plenty of action, drama, and as well as some comedy to go along with the story.

Most of the Cast are the same,dubbed, HeatGuy mecha- more of androids, Eureka Seven mecha- more like LFOs (similar to gundam)
Both feature a protagonist with family issues using their overpowered mecha to protect an enigmatic girl who falls out of the sky, getting involved in a war they didn't want and enduring out of the power of love.

Both also explore the reality of throwing children into a battle, and are heavily based around the themes of belonging and family.

Think of Gundam Unicorn as Eureka Seven with better animation, a more directed plot and without the mind-screws.
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Both series are set in sci-fi world, but are primarily driven by romance. Despite both of them having faults, they are both pretty transcendental when they're at their best. They both also have lovely and inspired visuals and soundtracks.
Both have almost the same art and fluid animation.
Both are romances which are involved in a sci-fi story.
Both takes places in another world.
The relationship between the main characters is dramatic and the girl in both series has problems.
After watching Eureka Seven, it instantly reminded me of Voices of a Distant Star.

- Both protagonist in each story share a deep bond and love for one another, and are around similar ages (teens).

- Sci-fi & drama: Involve similar battling concepts using robots (Tracers/LFO's) for combat.

- Both take place in the future
There is a romance in both anime and pretty similar Alicia-Welkin and Eureka-Renton. The girls on both series are special. However the male lead is normal.
Both male lead's father is a hero.
Gekkoustate and Squad 7 also pretty same, warm and sometimes crazy.
Both main lead's lost something dear to them too.
Oh and the ending is pretty same, I mean the last episode is really really alike. and how VC and E7 end also have a similar scene. Hold hand and etc.
Go watch for yourself, if you're a fan of E7 you definitely will loved this series also.
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Both are Mecha and have similar themes such as survival, romance and betrayal. Eureka seven has more emphasis on character development and has one of the better endings.
Main male is the loser at school, runs away with main female
Main characters have a link with their mecha
Main female "had a thing" (kinda a stretch in Eureka Seven) for the main males role model but then falls in love with main male
The group travels alot
Part of Rebelling group
Okay i know what you are thinking " how are they similar"
well story wise not that much. However there are videogames of each and they dont follow the story of the animation. There is mecha, (Prototype in Halo) and there are characters featured in the game, Dr. Halsey in Reach and Moon Doggy, Holland and Eureka in Eureka Seven Game
I like both even if you dont see them similar to eachother, I am obsessed with both
They're quite similar. Both are mecha, both have young protagonists, both contain elements of romance, main robots in both series behave autonomously sometimes.
Both series took the standard mecha genre and pulled a unique spin on it. Eureka Seven had the mecha sky surf. Basquash had them play basketball. Both have a wonderful setting, and great attention to detail. And both have a character start starts of rather arrogant
Both main characters are younger than the rest of the group. a lot of depressed scenes and the EvengalionzeroTYPE are samiliar.
Well the main characters are young and both love similar things which lead them on a grand adventure. Hey mecha anime is cool anyway and both have really good stories and Eureka 7 has some great music in it! Oh and Eureka 7 boasts very nicely designed mecha just like Gundam!
has the same theme as eureka seven.... you know, the end of days.
These two stories are similar coming of age tales, both featuring boys / young men thrown into a world much larger than anything they are used to. Amuro Ray and Renton also both have brilliant scientist fathers, and while the family dynamics are different, they both become pilots of a very poweful giant robot. They also join a state of the art ship piloted by a ragtag crew. The love interest (Eureka 7 -- Eureka) and (MSGundam -- Lalah, Sayla) is mysterious and holds sway over Amuro / Renton. Although MSG is much older than Eureka Seven (20+ years), the similarities in the main plot elements should provide a similar, but completely unique and enjoyable viewing experience.
I couldn't help but think of Infinite Ryvius while watching Eureka Seven. Although very different shows, the characters, interactions, and development between the two casts are very comparable. Both shows manage to develop a large cast very well, both with younger teen leads. There's also a lot of angst in these shows, but hey, people have issues right? The payoff for both is really incredible.
both animes have vast storylines with amazing character driven stories. the main grows into himself in both animes while the anime itself shows the problems that other tertiary characters have to deal with. both create a great anime that is fun to watch, blassreiter is a bit more dark and has stronger themes that E7 but both still share alot of similarities
While they may not seem very similiar on the surface, both Eureka Seven and Cowboy Bebop share a common love of 'western' pop culture. Everyone from John Coltrane to the Beastie Boys is either name-dropped or referenced in both series, while character's designs referernce famous characters from English-language film. Both drink deeply from American and British pop culture and have great music too.
Both are love stories masquerading as epic science fiction plots. Both have a greater than average focus on the characters and neither compromises its main plot to get across the character development. Both are concerned with their main characters maturing and coming to terms with becoming adults. Less importantly, both also have some similar dynamics - e.g. both feature ship crews warring with large sinister organizations.
They are two diffrent anime, but they both have the same kind of mystery: Why is there a big wall in Darker than BLACK and why do Coralians appear, in E7.
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Turn A Gundam puts a huge emphasis on its characters as E7 did.
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Dragonaut will remind you Eureka Seven every moment while watching it. We have mechas, we have a newbie boy and experienced girl as a main characters, we have great airships, we have crazy enemies and we have a problem with the destruction of the Earth.
Watching them you can feel the same feeling of freedom and peace...
Eureka Seven is a Good recent mecha show while Gundam is the great classic.
both focus on a male protagonist concerned with getting better at piloting mechas each with it's respective sports element fare. REALLY GOOD !!
Great characters, well design and a great story
Reideen may not have the same unique feel to it, and it also may lack the sort of emotional draw of E7, but Reideen features great 3DCG, smooth animation, and plenty of action... The series is also based on aliens with giant robots fighting against humans with giant robots, although it technically wasn't that simple in E7, it still occurs... Also, there is a love story between the main character and another girl, although it was blatantly introduced in the first (and only so far) intro, it is very subtle in the series, and has not even come up yet, despite being pretty far in... Reideen 2007 is a series based on a Classic that I have not seen, so I can't tell you if it's faithful to the original or not... The series is one of my favorites overall, despite it being hard to get due to its lack of support, it comes out on random dates, and you're lucky if you find it while checking's front page... The encodes are Decent from Huzzah, and the subbing is pretty good too, just don't expect the best in the world, if you can go RAW, I can't because I don't know Japanese, but it would probably be the best option if you do... Reideen 2007 is a great series, don't pass this one up...
Guy with a dream, girl with a dream, starts off small, ends up big, involves motorcycles being driven with a far off backdrop in ep1, robots, space, extremely powerful person that just happens to be powerful for entertainment, main character looks like anemone, breasts... watch the breasts...
Hmm.... where can I start with this one? Maybe the fact that when I saw a magazine ad for Innocent Venus, Sana reminded me of Eureka. So I went to look up the series, and found out they have the same voice actress! Now besides that, I'd say the design of Sana is somewhat similar to Anemone as far as physical appearance, and Jo is almost an exact copy of Dominique's appearance! Both shows are about a girl that everyone's trying to use for her powers, mechas, and changing/saving the world. Oh yeah, and don't forget the rebel group of pirates. I guess you could say Shiba is similar to Holland, and Hee Jin to Talho, at least as far as personality and position in the show. Anyways, I basically see Innocent Venus as Eureka Seven's sibling who has fewer episodes and isn't as complex and love-y.
Not a big fan of this genre of animé, but Pandora Hearts is pretty god damn addictive, reminded me of Eureka Seven. Both have a male & female protagonists who eventually fall in love ( Eureka & Renton / Oz & Alice ) as well as a mixture of other genres including action, adventure & mystery.

Loved both of them /
Both Jinki: Extend and and Eureka Seven are "different" takes on the Mecha Anime Genre, but very similar. Both involve "young" pilots of Mechas (Eureka Seven has Renton and Eureka, Jinki: Extend has Aoba, Akao, Elnie etc), and both involve older Mecha Pilots as well (Eureka Seven has Holland , Matthieu, Hilda, etc. Jinki: Extend has Ryouhei, Genta, Mel J. Vanette , etc). Both shows have Mecha battles very different then other mecha shows (Eureka Seven the mechas fly through the sky on "ref boards" and fight like that[fast paced], while Jinki: Extend is ground based [slower paced then Eureka Seven], but the fighting is different then other mecha shows). Both have two "factions" of groups with Mecha's placed up against each other (but it's not "black" verses "white" there is a large grey area in both, not extacty "Good" verses" Evil" but rather "Good guy leader" verses "bad guy leader" with people who follow them and don't really know everything)and both have intense, heavy plots that go all over the place, but tie in at the end very nicely. While both shows have very different plots, they still have similar ideas behind them. If you like Eureka Seven then watch Jinki: Extend and vice versa! You will enjoy it!
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Both have very similar characters. Renton is just like Agito: sometimes stupid and funny but very heroic and brave when needed. Eureka is very similar with Tula: both are different from normal people, sometimes strange and heroic. In this movie main characters are two young people just like in Eureka seven. I find these very similar.
Main Female Characters trying to become more "human"
Light hearted, yet heavy on character development and moral and ethical issues dealing with tolerance and equality. Governmental manipulation of public opinion and hiding truth behind a veil of lies and misunderstanding.
Both are coming-of-age stories of a boy with his partner robot.
Both have a peppy, healthy boys who have a strong passion that's rivaled by few. Unfortunately, outward forces prevent them from doing as they please.... or even what's considered the norm!
However.... a female visitor(for one it's an intruder) comes into their lives and eventually becomes the sole(much to both of their chagrins) reason to doing what they want to do. Obviously, this means romance.
Interestingly enough, both end similar in that they're QUITE different from what the initial beginning impression would leave. And.... they're both HIGHLY satisfying, and quite fulfilling.

Edo Rocket has TONS and LOADS of tasteful humor that, instead of relying on "otaku-centric" uses their own universe for it. This.... makes the first few eps, a bit dry. Later eps will have you throwing fits! What's so brilliant about this humor is that it NEVER screws up the dramatic parts, nor does it lightly interfere. Also, the heroine is slightly different in that she's not a "social/emotional bumpkin" and has great fun with the cast. But... her attraction to the hero is HIGHLY similar.

Eureka Seven has.... mecha. Which, could be a plus or minus for some. The hero isn't.... AS lively or spirited as the hero from Edo, but shares the same drive and commitment. His powers to accomplish his mission is limited at first, but grows steadily. The heroine grows the most out of ALL the characters, which... might sound painful but makes a HUGE pay-off.
Romantically, Eureka Seven's power is rivaled by few, but development-wise, Edo Rocket greatly resembles it.
These two are the same because they both have-
Machine Battles
The two main characters have a little relationship.
Both series have a goal.
Both main males are ordinary school boys.
Both main females are a different being.
Both have similarity on character development, especially between the main characters. Both are mecha anime. Moreover, both of their mecha can interact with main characters and providing same reason for their fighting.... Protect the Love one.
Both have protagonists who undergo events(many of those events are unclear at first), which coerces them to change themselves radically to, both survive, and achieve their goal(s).
Both stories are quite mysterious in the beginning, but become clearer through clever, and acceptable explanations. The twists all come fruition during the climax.
Both have great art(more so leaning towards Kara), and relatively captivating soundtracks.

KnK 4's central mystery directly relates to it's prequels and doesn't answer anything other than that... KnK 4 shows how the lead gets to where she is, throughout the majority of the overall plot, but doesn't describe much else.

Eureka Seven's development of character is a primary, but not the only focal point. Also the events revolving around the plot, are explained wholesomely, but still haphazardly.
While the stories are incredibly different I get the same kind of excitement from these anime.

* Eureka Seven is full of action-packed flying mechas and battles while Bakuman's action is set in the everyday as the characters struggle and tension to become manga artists. While Eureka Seven has fast moving battles scenes it also strangely seems more talky and goes into long winded explanations every once in a while, but Bakuman keeps conversations short and to the point, making each episode move quickly.
* Both have a very sweet and awkward love story which part of what drives the stories but is not the focus of the plot. Making these both great for the Not Mushy Romantic.
* The humor is wonderful! Bakuman brings in lots of other manga and anime references (Fu-sion Ha!) and Eureka Seven's laughs come from the awkward love and the failings of our hero.
* You will cheer on the characters following their joy, triumphs and hardships along the way.
* Because of the subject matter of Eureka Seven, it is darker and more grown up their the young main characters.

This may seem like an odd mix, but I've tested the recommedation on a hardcore Eureka Seven fan, and he has been converted to a Bakuman follower!
Both animes have a character shrouded in mystery and both of them have another character who loves them whole heatedly in one way or another. The plot is surprisingly similar in many ways. However these similarities aren't felt until the end of the series. If i would compare these two, I'd say these two animes both contain the same plot while one took the dark and mysterious approach the other one took a more childish and lighthearted approach. At the end of the day, both contain the same deep meaning and may leave you with many hours to reflect on them.
60%-70% Perfect mecha example
They both have that certain magical flair about them. Both are of peculiar heroines and are both great to watch!
Kinda similar in mecha styles and the way of the worlds living scenario. Possible world destruction with another race being the cause.
Both shows are about rebel battleships with interesting crew which main hero joins, set in postapocalyptic future, on a planets which survived environmental disaster and are similar but not quite to the modern earth. Both involve protagonist growing up.
Robots, Young pepole. robots and love. They are similar yet very differant.
-Both Renton and Naruto hold some massive power they dont fully understand to start off with
-also both shows have a similar comedy element revolving around the main characters' romantic incapabilities
It is the same as a guy falls in love with a girl who is out of the ordinary, but with a cheerful ending.
The more i watched dennou coil and eureka seven, the more it reminded me of eachother. the illegals and Coralians seemed so similar. there are even human like ones in dennou coil and eureka seven. Also, the Scub Coral reminded me of the coil domain. i think if you liked dennou coil, you might like eureka seven.
love story across worlds makes both shows very similar, despite the big differences
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