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English: Baccano!
Japanese: バッカーノ!


Type: TV
Episodes: 13
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Jul 27, 2007 to Nov 2, 2007
Duration: 24 min. per episode
Rating: R - 17+ (violence & profanity)
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Same author, same studio. Both animes focus on various characters from the underworld -- criminals, violent gangs and misfits -- with splashes of the occult and the supernatural but set in a thoroughly modern society not unlike ours. While Baccano! had immortals and mysterious elixirs propelling the story along, Durarara! has a dullahan, which according to Irish myths, is a headless rider. Like Baccano!, Durarara! is told by an all-seeing narrator, populated by a large cast, and initially seems very scattered in terms of its storyline but should begin to make sense the more episodes you see.
Both of them are themed around Jazz and Blues. Both animes display alot of martial arts and gunplay. Definetily check out Baccano! if you loves Cowboy Bebop!
Both revolve around alchemy , immortal beings, and a mystery is everywhere!
reportRecommended by saris - Add to favorites
Surely both series do share a big part together which is the alchemy.
Alchemy and all its related things: immortal beings, legends, immortality elisir/philosophical stone and so on.
Both stories evolve around the same epoch (first years of 1900) and share amazing main characters.
Even if, the style to tell the stories is very different, they both still share a very good music theme as well.

If you enjoyed one I'm sure you'll like the other too! I can definitely affirm that both of them are masterpieces.
If you liked the non-stop action and eccentric/intriguing cast of characters in Baccano! I have a feeling you'd definitely like Black Lagoon. Sure, it doesn't have quite the focused storyline Baccano! had, but it is well worth watching nonetheless.
Both stories are not exactly linear, and both have some comedy dispite the violence.
Looking for gratuitous violence that doesn't always take itself seriously, dark humor, and interesting takes on characterization? These shows have it all.
A simple deal of people who have the ability to regenerate anything from being shot in the head to having a thousand needles stuck in their body~
Darker than Black follows a more episodic structure, but both of them have memorable soundtracks filled with jazz.
The only story of any kind I recollect seeing executed like the fifth Kara movie, where the events switch between past, present and future on the fly for mindfuck purposes, is Baccano. Neither of the stories when told in order are complex, and Baccano in particular is easy enough to follow as is if you pay attention, but they can give headaches due to the mindfuckery.

Unlike Baccano, Kara 5 starts out totally linear, and stays that way for the first 40 minutes or so. Then, it proceeds to jump around like a rabbit on crack, and it left me pondering at the end whether I'd seen one of the best movies of all time or a movie executed in such a way that its flaws were well-hidden. Even without much understanding and a lot of confusion, it was totally gripping.
Though not similar in content, Boogiepop and Baccano share a similar dark, urban-magical atmosphere and web-like plot which reveals itself slowly through each episode in the fashion of Pulp Fiction.
When I saw the first epsode, it feels like Baccano! Lots of characters are introduced. And, with same dark and comedic feels to it.

No witch in Baccano though.
Both anime feature characters in certain organizations (an army special ops group in Senkou and the mafia in Baccano!) that have superhuman powers, but they do not distract from the historical setting of the anime. If you like how these two elements do not overpower each other, then I recommend this anime.
Same feeling. Incredible and unique characters. Each episode focus on a different character. If you like Baccano, you may like Dogs.
Both are intensely bloody, using physical decapitations/trauma and psychological teasers that bring interest and diligence. Their story lines are similar in the aspects of immortality, violence, power, and interest.
The way the story is told - that everything is related and linked to other events in the story.
Mafia families, need I say more? How about interesting characters and a supernatural twist? How about humor being built into this.
There is something about the way the two stories are told. There's the same sense of a story not necessarily told in chronological order, that slowly reveals more and more of the plot as it goes on. There is violence in both these shows, and a focus on several characters, although Michiko to Hatchin stays mostly with those two. It's a great combo of violence and plot in both of these anime.
Why these anime, they are so original, have a lot of action and comedy, if you watch both you will love them.
Both stories deal with the supernatural and both are much more than what you originally expect.
They have well develped characters, comedy and still manage to tell a deep story.
Great music and art.
Both of these Anime have a non-linar storyline, an obsure mystery element and a supernatural side that one doesn't usually see.
The stories take place during the same time period when science and the supernatural were decking it out to see which one would survive.
Both series involve the mafia and a load of action.
While Baccano is not about time travel, I feel that people who enjoy Steins;gate should try out Baccano. It is bloodier than Steins;gate, but full of mystery and you get the thrill of understanding more and more each episode. Once you finish the series, you will want to rewatch it to understand it better just like Steins;gate.
If you loved Book of Bantorra you'll love Baccano. They're both top notch anime. Both stand out with their awesome multi-layered characters. They both have stellar, fluid animations, awesome fight scenes and a solid, thrilling plot (imho most important). They both tell their stories in arcs, switching between characters in each, now some people say that's confusing? ....But that's bullshit. You won't have trouble following if you have half a brain. The storytelling from multiple prospectives is a plus not a minus.

I wholeheartedly recommend fans of one to watch the other. You won't be disappointed.
reportRecommended by Iro - Add to favorites
Both are slightly brutal, both have first episodes that are hard to understand... but both are awesome beyond belief
Both are action-packed and crazy series with unexpected twists, great villains and a bit of violence.
Both are thrillers.Both have numerous interesting and conspicous characters with no defenition of which is the main.Both have a fast pacing with something always happening but with quality dialogues as well.Both have supernatural elements and heroes with sad back stories.
The sense of adventure mixed with real life danger is present in both although Baccano is a whole lot more graphic. Plus Lupin and Issac feel like exactly the same character.
Though the plot and setting are entirely different both have a huge cast of epic characters so if you're like me and like anime with lots of characters you'd love both of these
Both of these anime are character driven anime with a bonus of a great story that unfolds in a non-traditional way. Giant robo is more serious than Baccano, but other than that everything that is good about Baccano is at least as good in Giant Robo
Both have many characters and action. Guilty crown has more of a hero character while in baccano all characters equally matter.

While in baccano there is action and kits if blood there is an up feel mood while watching it, and in Guilty crown there is more of a bad mood feeling that you get from it.

BUT, both are really good :D
reportRecommended by Kolle - Add to favorites
It locks us into a mysterious labyrinth novel in which he does not forget to leave lying Ariadne's thread so as not to get lost. At the discretion of the episodes, the pages turn imaginary, bringing to pass the pieces of a puzzle, a real investigation where you are the detective...

After traveling a few lines, if this is not done, a board, take the train. Destination: a world where extravagance and excellence jazzy become one.

Action - Fun - plot - investigation.
Both Baccano! and 'K' have the same method of story telling in the case of having the first episode not starting from the start of the plot in the hopes of getting the viewer hooked.
They are also both based off novels and have the brilliant skills of Shingo Suzuki (K: Director, Character Design. Baccano!: Animation Director)
Similar humor, both actually make you have fun watching it.
Both series are set between the wars, though Dantalian is set in Europe rather than the United States. The series are also both decidedly cerebral in style, though Baccano breaks up the piecing together of its mysteries with a lot of action and comedy while Dantalian has some light comic relief but tends to focus more on the mysteries. The art styles are rather similar as well.
These 2 are presented in multiple perspectives. What I mean is that the point of view constantly switches between different main characters. While this method may cause audience to be less attached to a single character, the story unfolds from many angles.
Also, both are really bloody and gory (surpassed my comfort zone).
Bloody things, hard to understand, similiar artwork. Both is from light novels.
The large ensemble casts for these series work well because everyone is relevant. Episodes (in the case of Soul Eater) or sections of episodes (Baccano!) tend to focus on a small group (i.e. a meister-weapon pair or Jacuzzi's gang) of the main cast, but when they function strongly as a united whole also. Soul Eater's length allows for more interaction between the many characters, but Baccano!'s multiple time periods gives it the illusion of being longer than just 16 episodes. Both also have a great balance of humor and drama. If you like supernatural without horror, I believe you will enjoy both of these shows.
- Unconventional storytelling methods (time jumps, not in chronological order, etc.)
- Short length (12-13 episodes) - more specifically, the short amount of episodes may leave you thinking that the series did not live up to its potential. A larger episode length could have lead to a better understanding of characters' motives, actions, and (in the case of Mekakucity Actors) backgrounds.
- Large cast - the episode count, combined with this large cast, inevitably means that characters will have to fight for screen time (figuratively, of course), which in turn leads to some characters getting more screen time and development than others. Whether or not said screen time is deserved or not is up to you. On the upside, a larger cast means more characters for you to like.
- Stellar soundtracks - seriously, if you need any reason to watch either of these, it's the soundtrack.

- Setting: Baccano (1930's America), Mekakucity Actors (?? Japan)
- Animation styles - do I really need to say it?
- Characters - Drawing similarities to any of the characters from these series may be a bit of a stretch, other than the fact that I found most of them to be likeable.
- Baccano's storytelling, though equally confusing at first, ends up being the better of the two.
-Both have a large cast with multiple plots with a "Main Character" who actually isn't that important in the big picture
-Both have great music (Hiroyuki Sawano, music director for Aldnoah also did AoT, Guilty Crown and KLK if u didn't know)
Both series...
1. Deal with fantasy or occult combined with gangs
2. Are written by the same author, Narita Ryohgo
3. Have scattered story lines that come together in a greater plot
4. Both series are Action and Supernatural
5. Have many smaller character groups
Anime that you can no longer stop watching, the story follows a perfect course every episode and all episodes intertwine * - *
is a dificel to understand, understand more when you realize it's perfect anime.
These are for people who can really enjoy an artful story. These are both quite unique anime.

The only real similarities between these involve immortality, but they play into the stories in very different ways.
Both series have lot of gore and have twists and turns that will keep you interested.
Both have characters whos motives and backgrounds are a mystery at first but are slowly revealed as the story progresses.
The mystery in Baccano! is also on par with Psycho Pass 2 and its definitely good at leaving you guessing
I think that anyone who enjoyed the art plot and characters in this show will enjoy Baccano!
Hunter x Hunter and Baccano! differ in plot completely, however, different aspects do come close to being similar.

- Have a unique character cast (With tons of likable characters)
- Contain tons of action
- Can get really dark and brutal
- Are very entertaining and enjoyable
reportRecommended by Wexik - Add to favorites
Both have unrelated characters that end up indirectly linked by a chain of events.
Same crazy natured plot and characters with a tint of the supernatural.
Both have gore and graphic violence and cool fighting women in the lead cast. Both have mafia and criminals. Black Lagoon is however more episodic and lacks an overall plot, and Baccano has a very tight, complex plot. Both series are relatively short, with Baccano having 13 episodes (16 counting the specials) and Black Lagoon 2nd season having 12 episodes (the first season has the same amount)
All the action takes place in a train.
Both have great theme songs. Both animes focus on various characters from the underworld. with splashes of the occult and the supernatural.
Storyline revolves around Trains ( one train in baccano)
Both are action anime but Baccano is somewhat more mature and awesome.
Main character is Railways employee and loves Trains.
Both anime feature over-the-top characters who provide lots of action and much comic relief.
The atmosphere is alike in these series, but Karneval is more bright, while Baccano is dark. If you like this anime you shoud try and watch Baccano)
Funny, random and occasionally violent.
The story line is comedic, the cast is rather out there and the animation styles are similar.
Immortals, switches between multiple timeframes, and some truly awesome stylish violence.
Both involve alchemy and homunculi, though their portrayal of them differs.
Dark but classy shows full of intelligent dialogue and super awesome action sequences. Both have some very weird supernatural stuff going down, in secret, in an otherwise ordinary, mundane environment.
A dark and intense atmosphere is what distinguishes both series! And the directing for both anime is extraordinary good. But I recommend both of them for an older audience.
Both involve mystery, one slice of life/arc based, the other built over a scattered timeline. Both deal with supernatural, (sort of, depening on how you look at it). Both happen to also take place in a yester year, have a simular gothic style, not to mention interesting characters.
Both are short but excellent murder mystery stories
Well, the genres are completly different if I may say so myself but when concerning the characters, both anime are on par. Both Gintama and Baccano! have instant love characters and they both invlude characters that are so crazy, it's simply hilarious.
Baccano is set in the earlier 20th century while Nijuu Mensou is around the mid-20th century. Both involves gangs, thieves, criminals and clans. Although the plot differs, they are very similar in terms of setting at least.
Both are non-linear and complex, with several stories and characters intricated in various places and ages. Both have immortal people, magic/alchemy, and comedy. Both anime are long 13 episodes (3 OAV of Baccano! excluded). Also, both Baccano! and Yamibou are set, always or in part, on a train.
Both involve trains, guns, action, and badass women.
Also, neither of these anime is set in the modern era.
Baccano! has more gore and comedy, while Phantom is slower, colder and more serious, anyway both are for a mature audience and have, in different amount, murders, guns, mafia, mystery, violence.
In both you'll find at least one cool and emotionless female killer (Chane in Baccano!, Ein in Phantom).
Both also have great music and animation.
Similar pace, both have more than a little eccentric characters, somehow keeping an air of realism between all the bizarre impossibilites it continues to throw in.
While Baccano is more lighthearted, and Red Garden has more drama:

They give a similar sort of feel (YMMV). Maybe it could be called rather artsy? (If you could call Baccano artsy at all).
The rather deceptive mood that yo-yos back and forth between a lighthearted piece (for that: Baccano has the comedy, Red Garden has the slice-of-life) and a dark and melancholy blood fest...Though Baccano can sometimes managed both at the same time.

+both have NYC as a major setting/Guns & Roses heavily reminds me of Jolly Jolly/both have smiliar-sounding jazz-styled BGM

Oh, and thar be lots of "Hey I'm back from the dead."
Alright, if any of you out there liked Gungrave, I can assure you you'll *love* Baccano! And vice versa. ;D

Both have the fantastic gritty mafia settings, plus plenty of violence, action, and even a bit of the supernatural.

I was surprised no one else had linked these two animes, I saw the similarities at once, even the art styles are very reminiscent of each other.
Lots of interesting characters, each of them are powerful, lots of action and most importantly, lots of fun
There both about history and alchemie. They both have confusing stories where if you dont follow along closily you will be lose.
Both involve the mafia and gratuitous violence. However, Baccano! is much lighter than the deeply disturbing Gunslinger Girl.
Familiar setting of the middle XX century World, mystic elements, characters who seeks revenge, MacGuffin, that gives a super power to the owner.
Not only do Baccano! and Heat Guy J have nearly identical Japanese voice casts, the two shows share many of the same themes: showing groups of eccentric characters (often criminals, and especially the mob) living their lives, all while backed up by a quirky soundtrack and very snappy dialogue. Both shows having psycho males named Clair(e) is a plus....
Blood , gore scenes and great fighting battles
both stories involve immortals or people who can regenerate and won't die even if they are severely wounded. Also there's lots of action in both shows.
Anti-heroes living on the wrong side of the law. War and competition between gangs and lots and lots of action and violence. There is a supernatural aspect in Baccano! you won't find in Tokyo Tribe 2 as well as more comedy.
You will definitely feel the same aura if you watched Black cat and baccano ! .. Both give you the same excitement .. If you Liked black cat you should watch baccano <3
Now, I know there's going to be a lot of people questioning my sanity for such a recommendation, but I'm going to do it anyway because, quite frankly, there are a lot of similarities between Baccano! and The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya that are interesting and scare me just a bit.

First, the stories are not normal for the time and place they are set in. Rather, the activities that happen with the characters during each series could be described as "paranormal". These happenings really do help make some of the characters, and give the "normal" characters defining moments in each series. This parallel between the supernatural and the normal give and interesting spin on something we thought we know, but we just didn't dig deep enough.

As for characters, there are many parallels that can be made. First, there is a definite similarity in Haruhi Suzumiya, from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, and Isaac and Miria, from Baccano!. From the surface, these three characters can be seen as flamboyant and annoying, spreading happiness to the groups of their choosing. Though its true that these characters act with different plans in mind, they also produce similar situations. Their situations go somewhat in this order - they plan, they act, they create a problem, they come up with a ridiculous solution, they preform a solution, the problem is solved, and then they plan again. It's a never ending cycle of, what some would say, destruction.

There's also a big similarity between Yuki, from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, and Chane, from Baccano!. Though, it's true that Chane starts to show more emotion during the end of the series, both characters have a connection with acting quietly with their own goals in mind. Chane does take a more direct approach, but they both end up solving some problems with violence. Yuki does talk more than Chane at certain points, and her emotions aren't shown much at all, but for the most part, they are alike in many ways.

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya takes a lighter approach to the problems, while Baccano! is filled with blood, violence, and a lot of different, strange characteristics, but these series do have plenty in common. The ideas behind each series are different, but if a viewer likes one, the other would be interesting to at least look at. Just be aware that The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya is lighter, a bit more childish, and has its hints of dirty humor while Baccano! focuses more on violence, character humor, and darker ideals.
Both have themes of immortality, great fighting scenes, and the story sequence brings you back and forth as well.
For some reason, I always compare these 2 a lot. Both have a huge set of characters, Angel Beats somewhat fails on this while Baccano succeeds. Both include comic relief breaks to make the pacing refreshing in the forms of T.K. and Isaac and Miria. If you love to see a big cast of characters go crazy, both are must see.
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