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Dennou Coil

Dennou Coil

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Synonyms: Cyber Coil, Coil - A Circle of Children, Denno Coil
Japanese: 電脳コイル


Type: TV
Episodes: 26
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: May 12, 2007 to Dec 1, 2007
Duration: 25 min. per episode
Rating: G - All Ages
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Both are the stories about a cyberspace layered on the real world. The concepts and details are bit more confusing and scientific in SEL. SEL is a must watch for anyone who like sci-fi anime like Dennou Coil.
Both have similar feels to eachother, and have a sci-fi element, and also involve a bunch of kids.
reportRecommended by Siing - Add to favorites
While the settings are vastly different (Futuristic computerized city, verses rural small town) the over all themes dealt with in the two series are very similar. Loss of loved ones and learning to move on, understanding what is real and what is fake, etc.
The kids in both anime use skills/technologies to have "souls" separated a while to go to alternative worlds (often in a condition of not being dead) that have creatures look black (ghosts/illegals).
In .hack,the virtual world is an MMORPG,in denno coil,the virtual world is accessed by wearing cyber glasses,both worlds have big mysteries and urban legends concerning their creations that the characters try to figure out,that's just the start,there's more similarities but i don't want to spoil the show,i'll let you discover them.
Denno coil has more action and comedy (the comedy is very present in the first half of the show,it almost completely disapears in the second half) while .hack has a slower pace.
Both are good sci-fis featuring children solving mysteries having to do with digital creatures, programs/viruses and a virtual/digital world. They are notable for being rather serious and realistic for shows featuring child protagonists, but also have their light-hearted and humorous moments.
Both are about a group of children with special powers fighting the system and searching for their purpose.
High quality sci-fis. There aren`t much similarities except the most important thing:the unique atmosphere is present in both.
reportRecommended by faye - Add to favorites
Both involve cyber warfare and the outcomes affect the real world.
Both series immerse you in a future of day to day technology far beyond our own, yet taken from a perspective of rediscovering the wonder of said technology. While Denno Coil's main cast is far younger than Eve, they both have their unique takes on what this future could be, and spin a story worthy of attention. Both are hidden gems - you should take note of.
reportRecommended by XXAA - Add to favorites
Cyber world, technology and it's influence on real world.
reportRecommended by Lucek - Add to favorites
Mysteries hidden in the alleyways and streets of human civilization, secrets that people hold and forgotten memories. Experiences that can be terrifying yet at times not so bad.

If the part of Dennou Coil or Durarara!! that you liked the best is the urban mystery (internet rumors, urban legends, unexplainable(?) phenomena) with a colorful cast of characters, try the other out.
Magical Slice of Life Adventure. Plus both are excellent quality in terms of animation and story!
The "encodes" used in Dennou Coil are very reminiscent of the enigmatic style of alchemy seen in Fullmetal Alchemist. Interestingly the symbols and patterns, despite being apparently pretty much just magic, are justified as "science" and technology in both series. Like Fullmetal Alchemist, Dennou Coil is also very much a "coming of age" story that has somewhat darker tones occasionally, especially towards the end. I would recommend that fans of Fullmetal Alchemist watch an episode or two to see if they enjoy it.
Both settings feature a world full of augmented reality interactivity, placed in future.
Children dealing with weird and odd invisible creatures or entities. Both are supported by an old person; but while in Dennou Coil everyone are able too see the invisible stuff, in Mokke only few humans can do it. Dennou Coil seems to be an urban and technological version of Mokke. Depending on the situation, children enjoy or face these strange beings which are spirits in Mokke and virtual stuff in Dennou Coil.

The biggest difference is the background: Mokke is country, and plays with the nature factor, while Dennou Coil take place in the emerging half-virtual world.
- the main two girls in both series both start off start off as enimies but one ends up saving the other in the end.
- While the theme of these anime are different, they both have an aura of mystery where you don't fully understand what is going on until the story is fully unravelled at the very end. This quality is what makes the storytelling of both of them so beautiful.
Something about the presentation of Dennou Coil reminds me of Moyashimon. The soundtrack is very similar in both shows, and both have a similar art style (even though Dennou Coil seems to have better animation).
They also both deal with little cute-looking creatures who run around the world. However, in Moyashimon, only the main character can see these creatures, while in Dennou Coil, it's anybody wearing the glasses.
Dennou Coil is also more focused on cyberspace, while Moyashimon is focused on things happening in the real world, but both shows have their fair share of lighthearted adventure.
Ghost Hunt and D. coil both have people investigating strange experiences. D. Coil deals with a technological occurrences while Ghost Hunt is looking into the paranormal. They both have great character development
Both take place in worlds where glasses are the most important possible thing, and almost everyone wears them and is fixated on them.
reportRecommended by Popka - Add to favorites
The two series take place in the not-so-distant future, with Dennou Coil being a couple decades from now with the influence of Augmented Reality glasses, and Planetes half a century with the space revolution reaching the general public. Both take a realistic approach at handling these future technologies that isn't too over the top. Plot-wise, they take a light-hearted Slice-of-Life start for the first half, and a serious dramatic plot for the last half too. Both series have their funny episodes, serious episodes, and a good amount of WHAM and character development. Both also have high-quality input production, with Planetes taking advice from JAXA and Dennou Coil having been in production for years with a veteran director/producer behind the project.
Despite the completely different setting, both tell the story about reconciliation with the loss and parting.
reportRecommended by xnaut - Add to favorites
Both have a bunch of children. The theme is basically also about getting over the loss of a loved one. Light-hearted. Slice-of-life. Somewhat cute and funny.
The two series has several similarities: A group of children in a futuristic setting, getting involved in an incident that eventually they'll have to investigate to explore and solve its hidden mystery that is affecting their very lives. While both series has mature themes, Loups=Garous contain scenes that may be disturbing for some viewers.
Although oriented towards a younger audience, Dennou Coil uses many of the same storytelling techniques and plot elements as Robotics;Notes: an adventure involving near-future technology (including augmented reality), friction between the worlds of adults and children, strange discoveries, characters with mysterious pasts, and life that exists only in computer systems.
Both titles explores on the dilemma of how being intimately close to technology might impact the emotional, social, and cultural aspect of humans as he struggle to adapt with its implications.
Similar character styles
Both involve a cyberverse overla of reality that is central to the plot
Most users will blame me to compare the masterpiece Akira to Denno Coil, but actually they are similar in some points.

Both storylines are focused in young characters (teenagers Tetsuo/Kaneda in Akira; kids Yasako/Isako in Denno Coil) that have a very unusual behavior in their society. They are "rebels", yougsters that goes against the rules of society to acquire more knowledge about a phenomenon (Akira in Akira; Illegals in Denno Coil) and in both animes they surpass a lot of obstacles to decipher the mysteries hidden in their world.

Another highlight on these animes is the drama: The mix of love/jealousy/betrayal/friendship that develops between the characters is well-build and fascinating. Well, enough babbling and watch Denno Coil and Akira, two great sci-fi anime!
Other than similar twin ponytail hair styles, Re-1 Mayer seems like a future Amasawa Yuko when she gets another world...of course.
reportRecommended by othic - Add to favorites
In both anime, the world has gone computerized and virtual; and children spend their time in the virtual world. Additionally, the kids are being attacked by a thing that is supposed to protect them: in Dennou Coil, it's Sacchi; and in Dennou Boukenki, it's the Web Knights.
Denno Coil and Kakurenbo focus on a group of children and their efforts to unravel the truth behind urban legends. Both take place in worlds filled with bizarre events with the idea of playing a game being present. Denno Coil has plenty of light hearted moments, though, while Kakurenbo is considerably darker, stranger, and downward tragic.
Very much the same premise, a bunch of kids find glitches in a program that is connected to the real world.
reportRecommended by Blaem - Add to favorites
Zettai Shounen and Dennou Coil involve children investigating unusual events related to rumors and urban myths/folktales of their respective locales. What is regarded as "real" is questioned in both stories, and the key to solving the mysteries is locked in the protagonist's murky past.
Brave Story and Denno Coil both deal with a "normal" child thrust into a world that is half real, half make-believe -- but which nevertheless is dangerous. Themes of alienation, fear, a personal sense of failure, responsibility and the essential fragility of a seemingly strong individual are all present in both anime.
The Ghost in the Shell series, specifically the 'Stand Alone Complex', and Denno Coil feature worlds where the internet has been heavily integrated into society. Each anime shares this feature; however, both take drastically different perspectives. Ghost in the Shell is what some would call a 'hard' science fiction, whereas, under the same scrutiny, Denno Coil would be considered a 'soft' science fiction. I think the adjectives 'hard' and 'soft' to a lot to describe the differences between the anime in terms of art, sound, story, and animation. For example, Ghost in the Shell takes the perspective of agents of the government who have cybernetic implants which they use to kill the bad guys. Denno Coil takes the perspective of children who frequently play games, and solve puzzles. In both cases connecting to the network causes an entire meta-world to open up for the characters to explore. People who enjoyed either of these anime should be able to find some enjoyment in the other for the above mentioned reasons.
The Future and Girls firin them lazers
tech - kids - intelligent conversations - good humor
Cencoroll and Dennou Coil are quite particular.
While Cencoroll evolves around "real" weird beings, Dennou Coil has "virtual-but-somehow-real" weird beings.
Definitely original interesting stories are another shared part of both anime.
Still, the two share the same sci-fi genre.

Also, somehow i have the feeling that designs can be considered a little similar as well, especially when it comes to the weird creatures around both worlds.

I highly suggest to watch both, since i think a perfect word to describe them is: interesting.
The more i watched dennou coil and eureka seven, the more it reminded me of eachother. the illegals and Coralians seemed so similar. there are even human like ones in dennou coil and eureka seven. Also, the Scub Coral reminded me of the coil domain. i think if you liked dennou coil, you might like eureka seven.
Psycho Pass is definitely a lot more mature and twisted then Dennou Coil, but the worlds are both very similar. The use of holographic displays in everyday use and virtual companions. Psycho Pass is more law enforcement mysteries, where as Dennou Coil is unraveling the truth behind their reality eyeglasses.
future full of electronics, mystery, teenagers work for some secret organization; and one more very similar thing is Adol Brinberg'sYuuko's complex: the character that actually isn't bad does bad things because of hisher ill sibling
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