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True Tears

True Tears

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Japanese: true tears


Type: TV
Episodes: 13
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Jan 6, 2008 to Mar 30, 2008
Genres: Drama, Romance, School
Duration: 24 min. per episode
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older
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Mar 15, 2009
“Because I gave my tears away.”

That was the line that first introduced me to True Tears. Now I would like to use this same line to introduce you all to this realistic romance series. The True Tears legacy began with very disappointing visual novel sales that ranked it as 41 among the 50 newly released visual novels at the time. Shortly after the visual novel came a live action film of True Tears that resembles closely to the game. So now you must thinking the anime is naturally just another adaptation to the visual novel as well right? Wrong!

The anime version of True Tears shares read more
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Dec 6, 2013
"-What are tears?
-Let's see, when you're sad...
-Not when... what are tears?
-Well, to keep your eyeballs clean and moist the tear glands secrete..."

True Tears was P.A. Works' debut anime as a solo independent company. It wasn't based on a manga, light novel, visual novel, anything, it was a original production. Because of this, the studio was considered careless by a considerate percentage of the critics, however, this helped increasing the series' audience at its premier, it was an audacious move after all. With the show progressing and popularity constantly increasing, it prof itself a well played market strategy.
Then, someone might say "What is it worth read more
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Oct 10, 2008
True tears is a story that focuses on the life of a high school student and his interactions with the three heroines of the story. The story focuses on the romance and drama in the lives of the characters.

I think that the storyline was one of the best i have seen for a 13 episode anime. It was just the right length for such a story. The anime incorporates a lot of realism and really brings out the drama of a love triangle. The story looks at love from a path less ventured on and is different from your typical love story. Some may call read more
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Mar 30, 2008
True Tears was an anime adaptation of visual novel of the same name. Although, I’m hesitant in calling it an adaptation as True Tears the anime has nothing in common with the game. The story, characters, setting, and even the themes employed are different from the game version, with the exception of the name. I was initially excited a few years ago when I heard about it, but when I heard how poorly the game was received I had extremely low expectations. Thankfully, the anime was also extremely different in terms of quality.

The story itself is extremely read more
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Feb 17, 2008
True Tears is a fairly typical Slice of Life, Romance, Comedy, Drama based on an unusual theme of tears (amongst other things); nonetheless it’s just another “visual novel” – to – “anime adaptation”. From the beginning the story is pretty ordinary, for this type of anime, as it has a male protagonist (Shinichirou) and it introduces him, his surroundings and the heroines involved in the story (Noe, Hiromi & Aiko). However it is really difficult to tell what the story is entirely about or where it is headed, until things reach a certain point. That is when some major developments arise but it’s a shame read more
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Mar 30, 2008
There goes another short but awesome romance anime. True Tears. It's a simple, yet outstanding combination of romance, drama, comedy and slice of life.

The story is simple at first. One guy, three girls, seems like your average gotta-catch-'em-all harem, but this one is different from the majority. It starts lighthearted, explaining the relationship between our male lead, Shin, and the three girls in his life, Hiromi, Noe and Ai. What starts as a random encounter turns to be the ignition key for a beautiful story. No Deus-Ex-Machina, no things that seem out of this world, just a simple story about love, sadness and the read more
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Jun 29, 2013
Well wasn't this a doozy!

True Tears is the story of a young man with a talent for drawing who wants to publish a book, but the main plotline is his burning desire for his de facto "sister," Yuasa Hiromi. I'm exhausted and disappointed so this won't be much more than a brief overview.

I came to this from Whisper of the Heart, as I'd heard this series also involved an artistically-inclined character who's inspired to create something that truly comes from the heart. And yes, I can say Shinichiro does exactly that, but it didn't quite strike a chord with me as WotH did. Anyway, True read more
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Apr 25, 2013
True Tears is an anime that centers on Shin’ichiro Nakagami, the male lead of the story. He is friends with Hiromi Yuasa since they were children. When Hiromi’s parents died, she was taken in by the Nakagami Family. With that, Shin-chan (what Shin’ichiro’s mother call him) struggles and at the same time develops even stronger feelings for Hiromi.

He meets Isurugi Noe in an unfateful encounter. Shin’ichiro begins to get closer to Noe, and develops affection for her.

Story: (6/10)
“The you inside me is always crying. I wanted to wipe away your tears. But I never got to know the feeling of wiping the tears away from read more
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Sep 6, 2010
The first line of the show is your very typical drama-like statement, "The you inside me is always crying". Little did you know is that the Shinichiro was talking about the viewer and how much you wanted to cry after watching this show. You're not crying because your sad, and definitely not because you're happy, but because your body is so full with rage that tears have to be removed to make room for more rage.

Spoilers galore in here.

Let's go over the plot, oh goody, I wonder what kind of plot they have in store. Nakagami Shinichiro lives with his mother, his father, and his read more
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Oct 22, 2010
“The you within me is always crying. I have always wanted to wipe away your tears, but I cannot imagine the tenderness of wiping the tears from your face.” – Shinichiro Nakagami

I’ve actually just watched True Tears for the third time, (I have the DVDs) and my opinion on the series has varied with each viewing. The first time I saw it, I thought it was breathtaking and heartwarming. The second time, cheesy and forced. After watching it a third time, I realize that although this series is definitely not for everyone, it displays a very interesting mixture of dream and reality that you don’t read more
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Feb 18, 2011
Complete and utter disappointment is what made me write this review, therefore making the show probably sound worse than it actually is, or is it?

If you're thinking about watching True Tears, then let me give you a warning not to expect too much of it, for that was my mistake right from the start.

The series began, for my taste, extremely promising and I couldn't wait for the second episode, but alas it was late and myself tired, so the only way to proceed was to sleep and watch the rest of the show the next day in one go. Little I new in my read more
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Jun 5, 2009
“Momentarily tears has been flowing away“

# Story – 8 #

The center of attraction here is about deep romance and drama between characters that gives realistic thoughts. It’s about indecisive emotions and thoughts of characters that have been kept inside for quite some time, and with each passing day thinking to realize that it’s just too late or the perfect time to say it.

The story has a nice arc in a school life with limited characters to focus on to the main plot. A love triangle between a boy and three girls forms a quite harem, and then it developed to a true love. His read more
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Feb 11, 2015
I'm not sure how to even begin writing down the feelings this anime gave me, but it sure isn't positive.

I started watching this animation because of my admiration for PA Works, with the bright colors and beautiful setting. The first anime I've seen from them was Nagi no Asukara and I quite liked it. The next one I saw was Glasslip, of which the art was still to my liking but the story was all over the place.

In this anime, the artwork wasn't as pretty as the previous ones I've seen. Perhaps because the overall tone of the story itself is rather dark.

The story itself read more
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Sep 6, 2008
“True Tears” managed to grab from the first episode on due to its more serious themes and the different situations the characters find themselves in, which are not as shallow or simple as they sometimes can be. Especially the Nakagami family situation, and those some of the other characters are in lean closer to more plausible life situations and help make those characters less two dimensional. Not all is black and white, but more grey.
This continues throughout the series for several of the plots and characters involved, especially Hiromi and Aiko are slightly more complex and realistic characters.

Being more of a romance/harem series or read more
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Feb 15, 2008
Written with 6 episodes watched.

Story: At first, True Tears appears to be your typical guy meets girl(s), guy must pick a girl storyline, but as you continue to watch the series, several apparent underlying themes reveal themselves. Although it is somewhat similar to most romance animes, I particularly like how True Tears has all "contenders", if you will, continuously active through the series; instead of concentrating on 1 girl then moving on to the next through a series of different story arcs.

Art: The artwork presented in True Tears is simply breathtaking. Each scene is drawn with great detail, while the characters themselves are quite read more
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May 23, 2013
+Solid Story
+Really nice art style
+Some twists you might not see coming
+Good character development
+Some really gripping moments
+Does a good job of hiding how it was going to turn out, until the end

-A bit slow moving at times
-Ending wasn't the greatest
-Nothing new in terms of content
-Didn't keep my full attention the whole way though

My opinion
Ahhh true tears, was certainly a strange one to watch at first. The character Isurugi, Noe was really interesting and to be honest the only reason i kept watching the show, she was really one of the only things that made this read more
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Aug 10, 2008
___________________________________________ Review the 3rd

Chihuahua Review(short&sweet): A dramatic, HIGH quality romance with an unexpected ending(maybe just me) that keeps on making me think of "what if's".

------------------------------>In Depth Review:<------------------------
STORY: This romance is based around the main guy, Shinichiro witih the usual three girls fighting for his love. Wrong, one of them obviously has no chance. The the other two duke it out till the very end, which some say was not the prefered finish. However the rest of the story was pretty well done with an ordinary basis flourishing with great execution and "flying" and tears as the main theme here. In my opinion this is read more
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Feb 2, 2010
Every once and a while, you run into an anime that you find at random and completely knocks you off your feet and leaves you with nothing but good impressions. True Tears was one of these animes that left such an impact on me making it worth mentioning at the beginning of my review.

I'd like to begin by saying that the genre of True Tears is mostly drama and romance. True Tears should barely be considered a harem and if what your looking for is a bunch of girls on one guy, forget it. Another thing I would like to add is to also disregard read more
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Jan 5, 2012
I haven't felt so much rage and disappointment for a long time, since finding out that my girlfriend was actually a guy. Just kidding, but that's exactly what I felt after watching True Tears. 

Story: 8/10
The story is relatively simple, about 3 girls and their relationships with this one guy. Yes, it's a harem, but it's a romantic harem that is done correctly. No ecchi situations, no guy failing over girl and touching her boobs, no sudden banging into girl showering, (save maybe for one scene...) just pure dialogues and feelings that are well delivered to the audiences. The romance aspect is handled quite well and read more
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Jul 1, 2009
It made me want to cry 'true tears'.

True Tears is not a masterpiece, since it does not introduce something brand new in terms of animation, story, sound or characters design, but somehow everything blends in together so well, that it is one of those romantic stories that will make actually feel for the characters and their lives.

The story is pretty much a cliche, all of the twists and turns have already been introduced somewhere before, though this time they were mastered to the greatest detail so that viewer receives someting extra. The story makes sense, though sometimes it seems extravagant,but that's not such a bad read more
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