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One Piece

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English: One Piece
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Very high priority in both titles is loyality, trust and naming Nakama, main characters are near to each other. Very important is that, the both are just comedies.

One of non-many differences is that the OP is about pirates and FT is about mages :)
Both are great shounen series with "fight for nakamas" plot, and goals characters have made their mind to accomplish. Also it looks like naruto somewhat resembles Luffy. If you enjoyed Naruto, I'm sure you will find One Piece amazing.
reportRecommended by dacon - Add to favorites
Personally i'm a huge OP fan since more than a decade and i have to say that it took me a while before actually giving a try to HxH 'cuz i wasn't sure if i would've liked it.. But. Woah against my expectations i really did like it more than i thought! Truth is that after i gave it a try, i couldn't stop watching it.
The more i was seeing it and the more it was giving me the same feeling that OP gives me. They have the same vibe and have the power to let you enjoyed more and more, this way your curiousity level also grows bigger and bigger by each episode. They really share a lot in common:

• first off: well, the genres, as you can see they both are Shonen, Adventure, Action, Superpowers genres.
• both main charas would look the "typical protagonists of a shonen serie" but they actually are able to surprise you, the more you get to know about them and their personalities.
• interesting enough, both protagonists' fathers seems to play a very important role (i would even dare to say "legendary"), plus obviously are very strong and full of mystery
• both stories are about dreams and all that takes to our main charas to realize them. In HxH, obviously, Gon wants to become an hunter; while in OP Luffy wants to become a pirate, but not just a normal one, he wants to become THE pirate King. In addition, their companions of both Gon and Luffy also have an ambition/purpose they want to achieve as well.
• both series face the adventure with a long Journey splitted in many arcs.
• still, both give a huge importance to friendship.
• let's not forget to mention that both of them are quite cured, as of course, like the protagonists, also the other characters in the series are intriguingly developed for the best together with their backgrounds, their actions and personalities.
• last but not least, the presence of the superpowers genre won't disappoint you either because "from big powers come big... battles!", yes, indeed lots of cool battles and the more you find out of the stories and the more you'll get interested by the way to fight! In HxH we have the "Nen" (Aura) and in OP we have the "Haki" (Ambition).. you'll really be amazed by the coolness of the battles!

As you can see a lot of stuff is a common point for those two series.
The only thing left me to say is: I seriously recommend both series, because they both worth it.
If you liked one of them, you'll probably love the another as well.
Because afterall, they both share one last significant thing: greatness.
Both of these series can be very serious and very funny at times. They give off similar vibes about never giving up and how important friendship is.
Main characters are similar, lots of action, fighting and comedy. Both series place importance on teamwork and friendship. Interesting character designs, same animation studio.
Both series are primarily light-hearted adventure-series, but they also both have some pretty serious moments. (Though in Dragonball, they're mostly in the last third of the series.) One Piece is also partially inspired by Dragonball.
Because bleach and one piece are both action,comedy and adventure animes. The main character is a young man and he has special powers. They both have their friends to support them. They're both long ongoing series and they both got many plottwists. And both animes has got a lot of boobies, rangiku from bleach, nami for one piece
Both of the anime series have a character that isn't the brightest of the bunch as the lead, and they both feature similar themes of being friends with each other, and rescuing one another from harm. Another very similar trait that they share is dreams, while Naruto wants to become the Hokage and Sasuke wants to become powerful enough to defeat Itachi, Luffy wants to become the Pirate King, and members of his crew share amibitions. One Piece is a must-see and by far one of the best shonen anime out there.
reportRecommended by xedin - Add to favorites
Just as One Piece,Hunter x hunter is a pretty long shounen anime,both series can be really funny at times ,you will never get bored and always want to see the next episode,both anime have some awesome fights and also the characters are very likable,if you enjoy one of this anime you will most probably like the other one too.
reportRecommended by Zero - Add to favorites
Toriko and One Piece share a massive world which is build up brilliantly. Both feature a great cast of shounen characters that develop strongly throughout the series in a series of adventures and missions.
They're both about friendship. There are also people with special abilities (Power Users in TLoU and those who ate the Devil's Fruit in OP). These animes are both shounen and main character is a little (maybe more than little) stupid.

Later in both animes the main characters form a 5-man team. They are also similar in some ways: Ueki -> Luffy (stupid, brave, friendly) ; Sano -> Zoro (strong, manly) ; Hideyoshi -> Usopp (liars, weak in combat) ; Mori -> Nami (not very strong in combat girls) ; Chopper -> Tenko.
I think that if you like Katekyo Hitman Reborn you will like One Piece.
Like the Vongola Family in Katekyo, One Piece has a Crew With very powerfull members.
Like the 10th, Monkey D. Luffy is very powerfull.
Both are great shonen series.of the best.
Friendship,Loyalty,Courage are really important.
Also they say that you have to fight for your dreams.
And the Gurren Brigade has somehow the same feeling as Luffy's crew x]
They are both about a long journey to accomplish a certain goal. And both have long stroy arcs. And the characters in both anime have sad background stories.
Gotta love the slapstick comedy. ^_^ One Piece has more of a story whereas Gintama is just comedic, but both very funny and enjoyable.
Both are shounen action anime with carefree and independent main characters who nevertheless have a strong loyalty to their friends. Also I found much of the humor in both to be more situational and less slapstick than in your typical shounen genre show (though each definitely has it's share of both types.)
Very high priority in both titles is loyality, trust and naming Nakama, main characters are near to each other. Very important is that, the both are just comedies.

One of non-many differences is that the OP is about pirates and FT is about mages :)

Credit to the user -Karma- for this recommendation!!
both animes has the sence of advanture and fight to protect "Nakamas" .. and both has The "Baaka comedy xD"
Similiar shounen story about a boy who wants to become something. In both animes, main character goes long way, meeting new powerful friends, rivals and enemies along the way. There are high spirited fights with unique characters, lots of fun.
When I first started watching One Piece I thought "wow, this is like a mixture between DragonBall and Pokemon."
- main characters are similar (kinda slow, don't give up, their hats, their hopes & dreams)
- strong theme of friendship, dreams and never giving up
- similar art style and very similar music
- lots of travelling and seeing new places
- each new crew member in One Piece is like a new Pokemon or team mate is Pokemon
If you like Pokemon you will hopefully like One Piece and vice versa
Epic Fight, and lovely characters.
reportRecommended by Karez - Add to favorites
Very similar (silly) humor and comedy, and overall similar style.
Also, somehow the character designs are alike, especially the crazy facial expressions, large mouths, etc.
They have the same strong adventure shonen feeling.
Eiichiro Oda the maker of One piece was assistent to Nobuhiro Watsuki the writer of the manga Rurouni Kenshin. So that's why you can se the strong spirit in both of the series.
A lot of people may think why would I relate these two anime, but they both do have a lot in common. If you're looking for a great comedy, epic fights and simply an entertaining time where you'll always be wanting for the next episode, if you've seen one of these, the other is a must definite. Both shows pack in so many hilarious moments in between their emotional and epic plotlines.
reportRecommended by VK11 - Add to favorites
Shoutmon Wants to be the DIGIMON KING just like Luffy wants to be the PIRATE KING!
Heroes facing enemies with unique powers and making friends throughout their journey.
Tatsumi Oga is a delinquent and carries around a naked Demon Baby, whereas Luffy is a rookie pirate that's aiming to be the Pirate King. Sure... there's a large difference, but both are very comedic and there is action in both animes. :)
these animes are very similar in genra wise there both two young boys who set out to make a goal and reach there dream they are also both carless leader types which makes both aanime have the same sence of comedy so if you like ao no exorcist then i would recommend one piece
this moive seems to be inpirsed by One Piece
reportRecommended by RevM - Add to favorites
really same, but different setting and their mc is opposite while One Piece is a boy and Mouretsu Pirates is the girl
Similar: Adventures, Fantasy, Actions, Superpowers, Drama, Comedy.
Bonus: Horror/Demons.
Both are Steampunk, have Kaizokus and the main characters are voiced by the same woman.
Both series deal with friend ship. They also have a similar atmosphere and they both have an undeniable amount of humor. Plus these series are both shounen and deal with water. (little fishing in one piece and nothing about pirates in Tsuritama though.)

I really recommend both!! They both are very unique in every which way!! :D
reportRecommended by emif - Add to favorites
The characters in Mar really resemble the main characters in One piece and they are all fighting for a goal. In Mar its to bring peace to Mar by defeating the Chess Pieces in a fighting contest(DBZ kinda thing) while in One Piece it's to find One Piece the ultimate pirate treasure (title is main goal :)

~Luffy/Ginta who are similar. They are both the leader as well.
~Zoro/Alviss both don't like the leader at 1st but they come to. Similar personalities
~Usuop/Jack seem really weak at 1st but they both want to get stronger.
~Nami/Dorothy are both sort of thieves and they try to con Luffy/Ginta when they 1st meet them
~Sanji/Nanashi are both . . . umn what do u call it . . . umn I guess womanizing pervz kinda people but they are both hilarious :D

Both anime are have the whole protect my friends and my goals things going for them they both have their hilarious moments and the OMG WOOHOO!!! FIGHT!! moments where your just screaming at how awesome it is (you know what I mean if you've had it)
reportRecommended by jeans - Add to favorites
Bobobo-bobo bo-bobo and One piece share similar humor. Both have lots of action. Both are not so serious (bobobo is not really serious at all). Both are amazing!!!

Bobobo uses his friends as shields most the time. Where Luffy has strong feeling for protecting his friends.
Very similar aspects in friendship, trust, and helping others
And both have 10/10 in character development
reportRecommended by R3ep - Add to favorites
The comedy is similar. if you like the humor then you should watch this. but they aren't similar in any other way.
luffy and izayoi both want to find adventure/fun in the world both have power and both of them are crazy.

izayoi is more of a combination of luffy (the search for fun aspect), zoro (the fact that he is a badass), and sanji (the fact he is a bit perverted).
Both have similar feel to them and are shounenes with some badass battle scenes.
Protagonist's of both titles are very smart and unique characters with unusual skills.
Also both have very interesting style of art.
These series both have very detailed fantasy worlds that pull you in. They're also the best ongoing shounen manga right now. One piece is still better, it's got a lot more content which helps with character development and world building.
Luffy and Joe are similar in a few ways. They're really strong, have a lot a cool tricks up there sleeves, protect their friends, and are really funny. With both Luffy and Joe, when I first started watching they both came off as annoying but i grew to love 'em both.

Other than that VJ and OP both have great action scenes and a decent plot.
Both anime are a battle royal where everyone is trying to survive and progress,
In K it's trying to promote your king so that he gains the power of all the kings.
In One Piece it a similar concept keep your king alive and get him to the end of the ocean, to become the pirate king.
They're like the enegizer bunny, they just keep going and going. How many episodes will it take before they accomplish thier goal? The world may never know.
- The protagonists Luffy and Touma are both all about protecting and saving others regardless of any consequences. They both have limited amount of power but somehow manage to survive many fights against most powerful villains. They continue to grow with each battle and gain new companions in their journey.
- Both are compromised mostly of comedy, action, and fantasy elements
Both have:
a really really great story, and unique characters..
really strong characters that develop/ get stronger/smarter over time
Epic battles that have you at the edge of your seat & make you want to watch the next episode
Awesome char design that gets better over time.
A friendship priority in their story.
The main characters are both easygoing and funny but when the time comes they initiate super bad-assary
they have few similarities but they do kinda relate.
both main characters believe people 100% of the time and are somewhat foolish/naive
both are strongly focused on friendship
Both heavily focus on shounen and comedy. The male protagonists both start off hopeless as they are plunged into a new world (Kyosuke with Soccer and Luffy in the Grand Line). However, they grow and gain new friends and rivals along their journey.
Both heavily focus on shounen and comedy. The male protagonists both start off hopeless as they are plunged into a new world (Sakurag with Basketball and Luffy within the Grand Line). However, they grow and gain new friends and rivals along their journey.
They both have the same brand of humor. Additionally, both can draw you into the emotional moments of the story. Luffy is on a quest to become King of the Pirates, Ippo is on a quest to become stronger (aka, win the world feather weight championship). The composition, the mix of humor and seriousness, is the same. It doesn't really have similar setting and world , but that feeling you get from both anime are the same. Both are as great of a shonen series as the other.
Even though, Inazuma Eleven is more about sports, both anime involves a lot of characters, fighting techniques. Main character, Endou, protects his nakama, just like Luffy.
Also both anime have an easy-going atmosphere, a lot of funny moments.
Art styles are quite simple and similar.
Both anime line could be: "Keep fighting and don't give up".
Both series give off a similar feeling of an epic endless adventure.
Outlaw Star however, was only 26 episodes long.

Charimastic leads building up their crews, great female characters (somewhat rare in today's shounen titles), similar settings (Government, Criminals and Bounty hunters).
reportRecommended by drf - Add to favorites
They're somehow similar...
1st- they're wanted. yup. in one piece luffy's gang is wanted too, right?
2nd- pirates ahoy! sand pirates to be exact..
3rd- well, it's adventure-friendship genre.. they're both good! i can tell!
besides, world destruction's graphic is awesome~
Although Kekkaishi is more serious in several ways, and does a better job with animation and effects, One Piece is a shounen which can be compared to One Piece, tho' the size of the setting is different (as in huge and not huge :P). There are several characters which are similar in a few ways, so are some plots.
Both feature friendship, nakamas and teamwork. They also have the same slapstick comedy elements as well as a generally light-hearted attitude.
Well, in One Piece, Luffy and his nakama look for One Piece and in Wolf's Rain Kiba and his nakama look for Paradise. Both one piece and paradise are like legends but the main characters believe the legends and look for it. In both anime you can see the bond between comrades and how deep it is. Both contains a lot of good fighting scenes. In both animes, the main characters are not normal, one is about pirates and one is about wolf. Of course one piece is much lighter than wolf's rain but if you like either one, you'll like the other for sure!
I haven’t watched the entire series. But it got the same pirate theme as One Piece. A bit more serious, tho. So, due the rarity of pirate-themed anime, I would like to recommend this anime.
Similar expressive character design, animation and type of humour. Great characters and stories in both, but they're not much alike in these items. Goemon reminds me of Zoro and Fujiko resembles me of Nami, though.
It's all about swords, fights, islands, treasures and adventures.
kiba and one piece share a common subject; freedom. In one piece this subject is bond with pirates. In kiba it is bond with a future world and a different world and eventually spirits. Roia has big boobs and so does nami, says enough I think
luffy d. and kappei have the same seiyuu, who does such an amazing job. both aniem are crazy and funny, and both don't look amazing but completely makes up with actual content
They're both funny shounen anime featuring afros and pandas. They're competetive in nature (though one's Devil's Fruit combat and the other's... bread contests...) and they both have ridiculous but lovable characters. We all know Suwabara wants to be Zoro.
Leadership is a very difficult thing. Someone says you can’t learn it but only gain from God. For Luffy and Tylor it's absolutely true. Main screen time they acting like fools without realizing what’s really going on, but when time comes they somehow managing to turn everything for their own benefit. Two desperate heaven-born captains definitely put these series together.

If One Piece’s length and Captain Tylor’s release date doesn’t scary you go ahead and watch them. You won’t be disappointed because a great comedy is a one more reason to unite these series.
reportRecommended by Iahel - Add to favorites
the main character is good at fighting and happens to meet new people
reportRecommended by pakin - Add to favorites
Toriko captures the same spirit that makes One Piece so awesome.
Overpowered battles with Ridiculous attacks, colourful style with nice animation, Over the top personalities. Just pure awesome from start to finish.
The setting in both series are very similar. In Tantei Opera Milky Holmes you have detectives and criminals both with unique powers fighting each other. In One Piece instead of detectives and criminals you have pirates and navy with super powers fighting each other. In simple terms both series have the classic cops and robber war.
"Good" demons and "good" pirates even though that's contradictory to their very nature.
These two series are the best in the ultra long anime adventure genre. They have the most funny and memorable hero: Lupin & Luffy. You can not guess which one is the silliest of them but you will definitely know who inspired the most recent monkey. Their respective crew are both contains such enigmatic characters as: Goemon&Zoro, Jigen&Sanji, Fujiko&Nami etc. Both crew journeys the world together and they make history as they go both in their and in our universe!
Smart and agile Lupin/Sanji have weakness and this weakness is women, especially beautiful, greedy and sly female trief Fujiko Mine/Nami who always tries to substitute and outwit him (as well as other men). Joins the party strong but clumsy samurai Goemon/Zoro and skillful shooter Daisuke Jigen/Usopp. Adventure atmosphere and almost identical art.
Smart and agile Lupin/Sanji have weakness and this weakness is women, especially beautiful, greedy and sly female trief Fujiko Mine/Nami who always tries to substitute and outwit him (as well as other men). Joins the party strong but clumsy samurai Goemon/Zoro and skillful shooter Daisuke Jigen/Usopp. Adventure atmosphere and almost identical art.
Though they have a different setting they have a similar plot. Both series are a race between groups going after the treasure of a great pirate.
It has a lot of humor and style. though one piece (ワンピース)is sometimes more serious so if you like Hetalia (ヘタリア)You wil definetly like One piece and the other way around. C:

They have the same voice actor for the main character and the way he acts and fights
Both have nutty characters and hillarious antics.
Great for spontaneous humor!
Both shows deliver tragic events for the characters to face with their strong bonds of friendship to pull them through and the excessive use of the term "Nakama"
One Piece is the ultimate adventure story whereas Accel World isn't as bold or ambitious with the scope of its world, it does successfully characterize adventure and villains nicely. With regards to style and plot line not much is the same. Although accel world does have similar humor, a funny main character, and is largely about the bonds of friendship overcoming hardships. Accel world develops its characters adequately within a timely manner but always leaves a question about their past to be answered at a later date so that you can be kept questioning, similar to certain situations in One Piece anime and manga.
Both are about long journeys. And the most frequent phrase of main heroes in these animes is "Hara heta" - I'm hungry.
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