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Japanese: クレイモア


Type: TV
Episodes: 26
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Apr 4, 2007 to Sep 26, 2007
Duration: 23 min. per episode
Rating: R+ - Mild Nudity
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Oct 23, 2007
Claymore is a Shounen, Action, Adventure anime in a Fantasy, Medieval setting. The story basically revolves around a specific Claymore "Clare" and her companion "Raki" as she goes from town to town, slaying monsters known as Yoma.

From the beginning the story is very easy to follow. You have Claymores (strong female warriors) and it is the job of these Claymores to slay the Yoma. The story basically follows Clare as she travels to slay these Yoma, which get increasingly difficult to defeat as the story goes on. As a character Clare is developed so well that your opinion of her will change constantly throughout the read more
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Mar 17, 2014
Claymore taking place in a medieval period consists of fearsome monsters known as Yoma that prey on humans. Humans, being superior to all other beings, were bound to find a way to deal with Yoma, they had to prove their superiority. So they ended up with an organization that creates human-Yoma hybrids to kill Yoma for a fee. These female warriors wear armored uniforms. The public refer to them as "Claymores," alluding to their Claymore swords.

The series begins when a Claymore who saves a young boy, Raki, from a Yoma. That Claymore, named Clare, makes him her companion and goes into different towns for slaying read more
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Jul 13, 2007
Claymore is one of the most intelligent shonen anime that has come out in recent years. It has a pretty good, though rather classic plot of revenge. For a story synopsis go to In any case, here's my review up to eps 14.

We see that the main character, Clare, does grow throughout the series so far, which means in each episode something happens and she is changed by it, and through out the story arcs, she is either benefited by the events or suffers the consequences whether she wants or not. I can talk about this character as if she were a real life read more
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Apr 17, 2014
The anime Claymore,is one that gave me a deep impression and I am willing to read the manga too.Awesome fights and intriguing characters,Claymore is an anime you should definately check out.

In this world,humans coexist with demonic creatures called Yoma,who feast with human innards and can take human appearance.For the reason of killing Yoma,exists an organization,which consists of female warriors called "Claymore".These warriors though are half-human,half-yoma and for that are detested by humanity.

Story 7/10
The story is not an extraordinary one but not a bad one either.Following the protagonist,Clare and her path towards her goal develops gradually.From just slaying Yoma it goes on to a much read more
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May 14, 2013
For me, Claymore has been an anime that has given so much mixed emotion over the past days that I have watched it. Emotions both surprisingly positive and unsurprisingly negative, to a point that I just had to write a review about it, both because of sheer enjoyment of how I experienced the show but mostly because of how much I was disappointed in its presentation.

To start off in the notion of why I enjoyed it, it was because not of its theme (humans< monsters< half-human half-monster< protagonist) but because somewhere down the line when I was watching the show, it gets interestingly good. read more
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May 14, 2014
If you are interested in a dark anime, with a decent plot, a flood of blood, and for once fearless women without squeaky voices, then Claymore maybe for you. Spoiler free.

Plot summary:

Basically, demonic creatures 'Yoma' consume human innards. To oppose the 'Yoma', we have a group of women known as 'claymores', who are half human - half Yoma. These silver eyed Claymores exist solely to eliminate the Yoma. Due to their Yoma anatomy, the Claymores are detested by regular humans.

Plot Analysis: 8

The plot, sure is capable of intriguing you. Raki, our main hero, sets out with Clare, a Claymore, after a Yoma attack. We see read more
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Mar 14, 2008
This show is really cool.

There are these women, Claymores. They are feared across the country, for they are half-monsters. And what do they fight? Monsters. Yes, they save the people from monsters, but are regarded as ones themselves. Irony, huh?

The story follows one of these women. She meets a normal human kid who isn't afraid of her, and they end up as traveling partners. At first, it starts as a standard "good-guys-killing-monsters" show, but it goes deeper. I've always felt that the organization for whom the Claymores are working isn't quite good, but let's just leave it at that. The story, as I said, develops read more
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Mar 4, 2008
When you first start watching the show you're greeted by a strange looking creature feasting on a dead human corpse. Unknowingly, a tall slender figure appears right behind him. He senses this new danger and turns to fight this opponent. But hidden behind this slender gorgeous figure is a sword just as tall as her. She unsheathes her massive weapon and a vicious fight ensues...

That is the backdrop of what you are going to be experiencing. Fortunately (or unfortunately), that should leave you wanting for more. This story is set in a fantasy land set in medieval times where creatures called Yoma hide read more
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Jul 23, 2007
Story: 9
The plot is great, even if it follows the outline of a typical Shonen: a greater enemy to defeat as final objective. The storyline however is enough original and rich of inusual particulars, for example the presence only of women as main characters to part Raki and Isley, the control of the enormous power, the awakenings, and the Organization that is incumbent every minute.

Art: 8
The design of the characters is enough anticonventional and inusual: some physical features, like lips or the face seen of profile, well, not everybody will like how they're done. However they are enough pleasant to see, and the read more
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Jan 12, 2008
I wasn't going to write a review for this, but I felt something less Bias than the over reviews were necisary.

Claymore... simply is an anime about blond haired chicks with bigs swords cutting up demons... or other women with big swords. Lots of decapitations and blood and action. The protagonist Clare is a "Claymore" or a 1/2 demon 1/2 human demon hunter. If these claymore use too much of their demon power they themselves will be engulfed by their dark side never to return.

This anime began as a potential masterpiece, but my expectations were crushed half way. What had started as a unique story read more
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Feb 4, 2008
I found this anime to be among the most disappointed ones. It started very good, and followed the manga, which is very good, too. Then... it went horribly wrong.
Story: As I mentioned, the story started very good. It was simple yet have some depth in it; love, hatred, revenge ... it had all. And slaying demons are never boring, in a good show. But all the potential in the world does not guarantee anything; from episode 20, the series branched off from the manga, and had one of the most disappointed ending ever. It made people feel incomplete. What is going to happen to them, read more
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Jul 19, 2014
Whenever I see or hear the word Claymore, from my knowledge it reminds me of:
1- A large, two-handed sword from the medieval ages.
2- An anti-personnel mine.

But, now that I've completed it, the word Claymore should have forged one more meaning into my own personal dictionary.

3- A GOOD shounen anime with a dark atmosphere and solid storyline.

Claymore is animated by Madhouse, a well-known studio which animated many popular shows, their works which include highly praised anime such as Death Note but also released poop-tier anime such as Mahou Sensou. Let me first say that, Claymore's plot doesn't bear anything too innovative: An Organization with half read more
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May 15, 2013
Don't let the creepy designs and macabre setup fool you, despite its appearance Claymore is a shonen anime at its core, which means lots of weird powers and grand-scale fight scenes, speeches about honor and friendship, a conga line of weird villains, and a whole lot of swinging swords and screaming. I know that the word "shonen" makes some anime fans cringe on sight, but it is not automatically a bad thing. There are many shone titles that have stood out positively over the years, whether through captivating heroes and villains (Rurouni Kenshin, Yu Yu Hakusho), a polished and distinctive style (Soul Eater) or some read more
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Jun 11, 2013
Claymore is a Shounen Fantasy anime that revolves mostly around a female protagonist, Clare, and her ventures with her cook Raki. Clare is part of an organization that essentially controls half-man, half-monster beings called 'Claymores'. These Claymores go out and fight monsters called Yoma, who plague the world of wherever it is that this anime take's place setting wise. It is a moderately well thought out battle anime with decent enough character development and a plot that makes you wish it was twice as long.


The story, in the beginning, progresses very slowly. As denoted in the quick overview, the anime focuses on Clare, a read more
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May 12, 2014
This is a short-review without spoilers based on my point of view. To check my likes / dislikes of anime, check my info on my profile. I watched this subbed.

Claymore is a show about female warriors, Claymores, that work for an organization which purpose is to defeat Yoma, and for the couple first episodes that may look like it's all there is to the show, however, the story progresses with mysteries and answers to said mysteries, building the world and developing the characters very well.

The show has good action backed with a competent soundtrack, Claymores are badass and kick ass, the art style isn't read more
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Dec 17, 2013
It's a typical Shonen Storyline
Though somehow enemies would block sword strikes with their arms which seem to be made of steel and then the next moment have those arms cut off by another sword strike

Art: 4
The art overall is very dull, most of the girl's look way too similar making it almost impossible to distinguish who is who at times
The majority of the cities and landscape was very dull as well
Any special abilities the Claymore's had were boring from an aesthetic standpoint

Sound: 7
Nothing to complain about here, the sound was average

Character: 5
Just a ton of one dimensional characters, specifically the enemies.
Arguably my most hated read more
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Dec 31, 2008
Set in a medieval environment, Claymore takes an interesting take on the girls with guns genre swapping the guns with a broadsword (or Claymore).

Starting off, the first few episodes set the foundations of who the Claymore are, and how they are tasked to battle the the Yoma (demons that have crossed into this world whom have a taste for human flesh - guts especially!). Although a tad boring but a necessary set up, the series really doesnt become addictive until episode 4 when we see the backstory of the lead character Clare and the entrance of fan fave Teresa (I love her!).

Although action heavy, read more
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Jan 24, 2014
Potential Spoilers:

After finishing Stein;s Gate, Berserk, and Fate/Zero, I thought that it was time to begin watching Claymore. It did not disappoint compared to the other three series. I'm a fan of Berserk, as well as Shingeki No Kyojin, so watching a show similar to their types of style and genre was a good appetite.

The story starts with a boy who lost his family from demonic predators called Yoma, as they feast on humans and are able to blend in with humans with their type of appearance manipulation. To face against such demons, an organization created a hybrid of female humans and Yoma warriors read more
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May 18, 2010
The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.
I will begin with saying that this is particularly true for Claymore. On the second hand i must note that this was the first of all anime I ever watched - my boat to the new unexplored horizons that awaited this review might tend to be emotional, irrational, illogical, subjective and biased :) This is of course because it holds a special place for me among anime world.

Story (7): Revenge, conspiracy, redemption, comradeship, existence and purpose are the key motives of this story. Story of finding something that keeps you going on, read more
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Aug 9, 2008
The first that one will notice about Claymore is that it is a heavily thematic anime: women with swords and armor, humans versus monsters/demons and the internal battles of strong, sacrificial yet feared and misunderstood warriors.

I'll begin with what I believe to be the aspects of Claymore that are both its best asset and weakness; this anime offers an awesome blend of beautifully crafted women that possesses awesome fighting qualities. "Claymores" is what they are called, and they represent a mysterious organization that fight demons or human devouring "Youma."

The story is revealed by a certain "Claymore" named Clare and her meeting with read more
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