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Japanese: クレイモア


Type: TV
Episodes: 26
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Apr 4, 2007 to Sep 26, 2007
Premiered: Spring 2007
Broadcast: Unknown
Source: Manga
Duration: 23 min. per ep.
Rating: R+ - Mild Nudity
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Nov 5, 2014
The Claymore manga was written by Yagi Norihiro from May of 2001 all the way until October 2014. Yes, it just finished. Roughly midway through the manga's run, in 2007, it got an anime adaptation from Madhouse. Now, I have not read a single chapter of the manga, so I'm not going to notice how faithfully they adapted the portion of the manga they adapted. The question is, does the anime manage to be interesting and coherent with what it does use?


In the world of Claymore, monsters called “Yoma” roam around the land disguising as ordinary humans and eating their guts. In order to combat read more
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Oct 18, 2015
Claymore is a kind of an enigma for writing a review. For many people I discovered it was mostly hit or miss. For me this show was a hit but the flaws are completely understandable.

The premise of the show centering on a woman named clair who is a claymore; a being that is half monster half human. She works for an organization bent on ridding the world of monsters for a price.

I think the show had a few noticeable flaws like the main protagonist being Raki, a stray that Clair picked up on her travels, lacking development in his character. Additionally, all the read more
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Aug 10, 2015
Claymore is an anime, much like Berserk, is about a swordsman trying to find purpose, and unlike Guts, Claire is simply not as great, but she plays her part well.

The story is about basically Claymores, who are half-human and half-kyoma, or demon, and they fight to destroy these demons, so that the humans can live in peace. Claire encounters this boy named Rocky, who is saved by Claire basically twice within the first episode, and after that, he clings to her non-stop... This is the story, not the characters. I will get to them in a second. The story basically was a mix of just read more
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Oct 31, 2014
Scoring Preconditions: While I rate all parts, the overall score takes in most consideration from story, character, and enjoyment. Art and sound are not factors in the overall, although they can slightly enhance or detract from enjoyment portion. I score from as unbiased a view as possible and I view it in a critical sense, not in a simple enjoyment sense. Thus I give at most a one point overall bonus for enjoyment. Story and characters matter most. I will state exceptions to this rule depending on the anime.

Summary: Without going into to much detail, this anime had a lot of potential but wasted a read more
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Jan 27, 2015
I'm a sucker for super violent animes with lots of demons and/or people getting chopped up (Vampire Hunter D, Ninja Scroll, etc.), so this is definitely up my alley. Still, it has quite a few things that bug me.
Sometimes the animation is very obviously digital (Mostly the camera movements, some of the backgrounds as well. We're not talking well-integrated CGI here, it's obviously a budget thing), and it falls into some of the shonen cliches when someone busts out some badass new super power (though, admittedly, a lot of those really ARE super badass). There are a couple dozen musical cues, so that gets read more
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Jul 13, 2007
Claymore is one of the most intelligent shonen anime that has come out in recent years. It has a pretty good, though rather classic plot of revenge. For a story synopsis go to animenfo.com. In any case, here's my review up to eps 14.

We see that the main character, Clare, does grow throughout the series so far, which means in each episode something happens and she is changed by it, and through out the story arcs, she is either benefited by the events or suffers the consequences whether she wants or not. I can talk about this character as if she were a real life read more
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Jul 30, 2015
Since Claymore is one of those anime that doesn't adapt the whole manga and has an anime original ending; I never really bothered to watch it. The premise looked cool, but I didn't want to be disapointed. Now that I've finally fished it; here are my personal thoughts on it:

Claymore's setting can be descriped as Dark Fantasy; it's very grim, there's virtually no comedy or fanservce; it's violent and a lot of people die. So first of all,what is this anime about: Claymores are half monster girls (not as sexy as it sounds) who defeat actual monsters ("Yoma") with their giant swords. But read more
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Sep 1, 2015
The Claymore are an organisation of female half human half monster warriors that protect humans from monsters called Yoma. In the beginning we are shown a town where a monster had been killing people and they had to call for a Claymore. When she comes to town everyone is afraid of her but a boy named Raki who becomes the target of the monster, but is saved by the Claymore Clare. After she leaves he is exiled because of his exposure to the monster. Outside the city walls he almost dies but is saved by Clare, who at first wants him to leave but later read more
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Oct 23, 2007
Claymore is a Shounen, Action, Adventure anime in a Fantasy, Medieval setting. The story basically revolves around a specific Claymore "Clare" and her companion "Raki" as she goes from town to town, slaying monsters known as Yoma.

From the beginning the story is very easy to follow. You have Claymores (strong female warriors) and it is the job of these Claymores to slay the Yoma. The story basically follows Clare as she travels to slay these Yoma, which get increasingly difficult to defeat as the story goes on. As a character Clare is developed so well that your opinion of her will change constantly throughout the read more
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Jun 22, 2015

-I am going to make this short and sweet.
-I don't understand why people gave this anime 6's & 7's. This anime is truly great in its own way.
-I believe this anime came from nothing and evolved into something much greater than expected.
-I loved this anime from the characters to the story. Every character that was involved in this anime were really unique and made this anime really good and entertaining. The story was pretty cool too, it was something new to me that really peeked my interest I didn't know much about this anime before watching it all i knew was what the synopsis provided read more
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Mar 4, 2008
When you first start watching the show you're greeted by a strange looking creature feasting on a dead human corpse. Unknowingly, a tall slender figure appears right behind him. He senses this new danger and turns to fight this opponent. But hidden behind this slender gorgeous figure is a sword just as tall as her. She unsheathes her massive weapon and a vicious fight ensues...

That is the backdrop of what you are going to be experiencing. Fortunately (or unfortunately), that should leave you wanting for more. This story is set in a fantasy land set in medieval times where creatures called Yoma hide read more
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Jun 29, 2015
Claymore is a fantastic anime that's most definitely worth the watch if you're interested in a fairly good story with some really interesting characters and awesome action scenes, its an anime that in my opinion is very underrated and not talked about and i wish it had more exposure.

The story of Claymore is for the most part very good and very consistent well until the ending that is, but i wouldn't let that put you off as the anime is still worth the watch despite the ending seeming a bit anti climactic. The reason for the ending maybe seeming like a little bit of a read more
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Mar 14, 2008
This show is really cool.

There are these women, Claymores. They are feared across the country, for they are half-monsters. And what do they fight? Monsters. Yes, they save the people from monsters, but are regarded as ones themselves. Irony, huh?

The story follows one of these women. She meets a normal human kid who isn't afraid of her, and they end up as traveling partners. At first, it starts as a standard "good-guys-killing-monsters" show, but it goes deeper. I've always felt that the organization for whom the Claymores are working isn't quite good, but let's just leave it at that. The story, as I said, develops read more
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Jun 23, 2015
(Cause I'm a pretentious hipster who hates ratings I give any show a 10 no matter if it's good or not cause you can't just not rate it, try to guess what this show is if I have to put a disclaimer here)

You ever had aids? No? You want aids?
Look no further.

I've watched the first episode of Claymore a long time ago, but without looking at story or characters just the mere character designs were so unbelieveably ugly that I just couldn't watch it. I don't care how shitty the animation is, I can go with anything, but if the faces of the read more
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Apr 17, 2014
The anime Claymore,is one that gave me a deep impression and I am willing to read the manga too.Awesome fights and intriguing characters,Claymore is an anime you should definately check out.

In this world,humans coexist with demonic creatures called Yoma,who feast with human innards and can take human appearance.For the reason of killing Yoma,exists an organization,which consists of female warriors called "Claymore".These warriors though are half-human,half-yoma and for that are detested by humanity.

Story 7/10
The story is not an extraordinary one but not a bad one either.Following the protagonist,Clare and her path towards her goal develops gradually.From just slaying Yoma it goes on to a much read more
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Jun 23, 2015
===============STORY: 9===============
Claymore is a very well thought out story that is presented in an effective way. Although the plot has exceptional moments, what makes Claymore so compelling is its dark setting and masterful use of reveals and plot twists.
Taking place during a medieval era, the world of Claymore is full of mystery, horror, and evil. Its this strange setting that keeps viewers watching, even after establishing the basic Claymore vs Yoma premise. Viewers want to know more about this world: What are Yoma? How are Claymores created? What is on Claymores' bodies that is so disgusting? What is the Organization? Its questions like these read more
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Nov 18, 2014
Claymore was definitely a good pick and a fine watch despite the much repeated and disappointing fact that the entire manga hasn't been adapted and considering that the manga just recently ended it just makes one wish that they would continue.

Now to start off the review, the best way to describe this anime is... an amazing idea, a well executed anime but lacking in certain elements and those elements bugged me a lot. Just to state beforehand, I am not going to stress on it being an adaptation and bringing in the manga to quote everything - I'll consider the anime as an anime, not read more
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Jul 1, 2015
Short answer: Watch this. Watch it now.

Longer answer: The manga is almost entirely translated and volumized now, just waiting on the last book. This anime is great. The story is great, character design is great, and it's just awesome. My only wish is that the last few episodes stayed true to the manga. It's apparent they rushed it to kill off the series, even if you haven't read the books. Other than that, it's just a badass show with badass chicks doing badass things. Raki can seem like a whiny bitch, (and he is), but he's actually a good character later!

If you like blood, and read more
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Oct 26, 2014
This anime is bad. Avoid watching it at all costs!

First, let me say that I was unlucky enough to watch this trash in English Dub which made it even worse. If you really want to watch it, do it in Japanese.

(6/10) Story: The story of this anime is the one thing that is a little interesting and kept me watching it until the end. It's really stupid and meaningless though. Think of demonic girls fighting each other and the more they fight the more chances they have to become demons that have to be slain. Other than that there is this typical brain-dead shitty kid read more
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Dec 5, 2014
Claymore is an action, fantasy, supernatural based anime which was released in the spring of 2007. The show itself was adapted from its manga, spanning 26 episodes- although it should be noted it does cut off from the manga near the end in order to fit the anime in. This show gets going straight from minute one and from there on it’s almost impossible to stop. Almost.
The premise upon which Claymore is built is actually a very absorbing one, the setting and plot doesn’t seem clichéd and right from the first episode it is likely to have you hooked. The world in Claymore read more
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