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English: s-CRY-ed
Japanese: スクライド


Type: TV
Episodes: 26
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Jul 4, 2001 to Dec 26, 2001
Duration: 24 min. per episode
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older
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Alter Users or Needless . . .

The Lost Ground or the Black Spot . . .

Hardly much difference between the two.
reportRecommended by RodG - Add to favorites
Angry People with overpowered arms!
reportRecommended by Dim16 - Add to favorites
These are two of my favorite animes! And even though Scryed istant in a competion like G Gundam the fighting style is very simliar. In most battles in Scryed they are one on one (with a wide variety of oppents like G Gundam).

Also, both Kazuma (Scryed main protagonist) and Domon (G Gundam main protagonist) use one hand as their strongest/prime weapon in battle. This will eventually evolve into there whole being being used as their weapon. It's not so much their power that makes them srong but the combo of their natural ability with spirit.

Rebels to the system both have their reasons for hating "the man". A strong support system including a close female companion (sister in Scryed and lover in G Gundam) are present in both. Bitter rivals and once enemies become close friends and in whatever way help the protagonists eventually in both animes.

Finally, they seem to both be looking from the outside in. Always a main part of all the action yet they seem to be alone. They are on a quest to find some mysterious character that caused great tragedy in their lives.
In both shows:
- Main character is a criminal
- There are two guys who are to be eternal rivals
- MC has a younger sister (just pointing it out, lol)

They give similar feel because both are action-based and that rival theme between two characters. If you liked one you should give the other a try as well.
Similar settings and themes. Individuals in a particular geographic location are given special abilities, and there is conflict between those under the "protection" of the government/organization and those outside of it.
reportRecommended by Yitza - Add to favorites
Same good old brainless action: odd super-powers, no explanations, colorful suits/mecha/monsters, power of will, hot-blooded heroes, though "Sacred Seven" ends in much more positive way.
The Abnormals and Specials are the Alter users and chaotic battles
I got the same feeling from both of them...
Both are directional works by Goro Taniguchi with character designs from Hirai Hisashi.
Scryed has a story that is very comparable to Naruto Shippuuden. Kazuma is being hunted down by an organization, yet has the hidden power to retaliate. While the main focus in both Naruto and Scryed is on the hardcore fights that show off a lot of different skills, there is also a pretty gloomy story and a few mysteries to discover!
Action packed!
so much great action in both anime / 2 main character's / character's have a great power and can transform!
These two battle shonens have large casts, each member with a different superpower. Both series also focus more on plot than battles, and one Homunculus in Buso Renkin even has a powered up fist like S-Cry-Ed's main character.
"Akame ga Kill!" and "s-CRY-ed" both have an annoying character with a forced tragic backstory and a weapon that becomes ever more powerful the greater the "pinch" the wielder is in. (Yes, that is the exact wording from both shows.)

Furthermore, in both series, there exists unique individuals who either wield powerful weapons or incredible powers that render any opponents without them useless in fights. Of course, these two shows are action based and have the commonality of a lack of good direction in battle sequences.
In the world of "Tokyo Ghoul" and "s-CRY-ed", there are powerful individuals who are discriminated against due to what they do and what they are capable of doing. To combat against these groups of superpowered beings who often commit crimes or pose harm to society, the government has created organizations that use the same powers as their enemies.

With action being central to both series alongside "grey and gray" moralities, these two shows are also comparable in their level of complexity and world-building.
In the world of "Tokyo Ghoul √A" and "s-CRY-ed", there are powerful individuals who are discriminated against due to what they do and what they are capable of doing. To combat against these groups of superpowered beings who often commit crimes or do harm to society, the government has created organizations that use the same powers as their enemies.

With action being central to both series alongside "grey and gray" moralities, these two shows are also comparable in their level of complexity and world-building.
In both series, we've got a hot-blooded shonen protagonist who powers up and punches people real hard, though Attack on Titan has more drama. Their openings are both addictive rock songs too.
Alter Users and Alchemists are very much alike, in that each of them has one of many common super powers to fight with.
They use special powers , powers that where obtain ,or are link to a special land.
The land appear because of a special phenomenon that created a special land.
The main character do jobs for money using there special powers .
The plots are complex, driving the action, and the characters of both shows utterly wreck stuff with their fists.
The main characters of both series have a powered-up arm used to fight against bad guys. However, while Scryed's MC summons the arm at will, Texhnolyze's has a prosthetic arm. Texhnolyze is also much darker than Scryed, to the point where no one has any hope of saving the world (and its ending shouldn't be surprising).
fight, fight,fight, whatever they lack in story they make up in the action
Both revolve around charaters with special powers
They also just have a similar feel about them
it was really worth watching.
If you liked one you will like the other!
Both have the same animation, and the characters are almost inter change able. If you liked Kurogane no Linebarrels i highly recommend s.CRY.ed. Lots of action in both as well as a mix of comedy and passionate moments.
reportRecommended by -Kazu - Add to favorites
when i saw Ayakashi i thought Scryed right away because of the guy with the superhuman right arm.
If you liked Appelseed, s-CRY-ed carries a lot of similarities amongst them, "perfect cities" war torn areas, and unique abilities and mechs.
Well they're both shonen animes about rivalry between two men, err boys. Going further they're both between a rambunctious orphan and a serious orphan. With much more interesting side characters and annoying female support. So if like one you should like the other despite the differences.
reportRecommended by Vesey - Add to favorites
Superpowers, a single man persecuted by the military. Also the animation looks kind of similar. Plus both are those kind of series which you actually think are kind of ridiculous and overkill but at the same time you can't stop watching.
they both meet a girl with super powers............they both use guns , swords and have to deal with many strong and powerful enemies
Both Scryed and Sengoku Basara share the constant fight to get stronger, while boasting good quaility and story. Within both the main characters fight each other to keep getting stronger. Moral Lines become blurred in both stories; friends become enemies and enemies become friends. Both featuring hot blood.

The character relations are very similar and its full of action too!
reportRecommended by Hatzi - Add to favorites
The only thing similar between these 2 series is that there is fighting in both, but the fighting unlike in most series here is 'till one of the fighters is dead or unconscious and lying in a sea of blood.
where as angelic layer is more on the cutesy side of things both of these shows have a turnament in which the main character must win or overcome. the stories are really good but with the longer shows the characters just have to keep fighting in more turnaments.
Protagonists very similar in that they both have power proportional to their will to be victorious if you really enjoyed TTGL I would be very surprised if you didn't also enjoy Scryed.
Both are action-packed stories that focus on two warriors with a contrasting philosophies towards combat and life: one is a free-spirited, boisterous soul who relies on instinct and determination (Mugen and Kazuma) whereas the other is a taciturn, disciplined soul who beats his opponent through skill honed through training (Jin and Ryuhou).

Both series spend a large part of their running time exploring the contrast between the two outlooks and even have the protagonists adopt elements of his opponent's outlook as part of his character developement.
Both feature two fighters one taking a gentle, the other a more confrontational approach to their goals. first working against eachother then uniting after gathering the unlikeliest of allies as they approach their ultimate climactic battle with a egomaniacal individual bent on rulling the world.
Just like scryed in fma they use materialize weapons ,the main character easily get mad and try to fight everyone who challenge him. They live and fight in a imginary world,
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