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Inferno Cop

Inferno Cop

Alternative Titles

Japanese: インフェルノコップ


Type: ONA
Episodes: 13
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Dec 25, 2012 to Mar 19, 2013
Genres: Action, Police
Duration: 3 min. per episode
Rating: R - 17+ (violence & profanity)
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Recommendations Submitted by Users

Anime: Ninja Slayer From Animation
Inferno Cop and Ninja Slayer are like twins of the same feather. While Inferno Cop is more like a gag show, Ninja Slayer seems to have a strong plot. Both are highly recommended for people who want to have a good ounce of action and laughter. 
reportRecommended by Deus-Vult
Anime: Nekketsu Uchuujin
Weird and nonsense comedy shorts. If you like one, you'll enjoy the other too 
reportRecommended by _Ankoku_
Anime: Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt
While these shows have many key differences between each other, they are fundamentally similar for the most part. What strikes me as the foremost similarity is the bizarre way that these anime present their humorous moments. There is a lack of finesse in the way that the jokes are presented, but they more than make up for it with the sheer impact of their wacky situations that ultimately lead to a really good time towards the target audience. What's more is that the main characters are very memorable for their peculiar antics. If you enjoyed this show, then Panty & Stocking will very much be  read more 
reportRecommended by kenshin_sama
Anime: Vampire Holmes
"Inferno Cop" and "Vampire Holmes" are series of shorts with lots of physical comedy and other gags.

They both fit the description of being so bad that it's good with many trolling viewers praising them. 
reportRecommended by StevenHu
Anime: Samurai Flamenco
Both anime have awesome policemen. The main plot of these anime are about fighting evil and JUSTICE and the Main Characters are the only ones who can make JUSTICE prevail 
reportRecommended by Vetras
Anime: FLCL
While the premise are different, both are filled with random humor and overall bizarre style.  
reportRecommended by MurdocJones
Anime: Wooser no Sono Higurashi
Short episode lengths and completely random events, plus humor and great voice acting.  
reportRecommended by ManlyOpinion
Anime: Robo to Shoujo (Kari)
Short & random web animations about trying to be a hero. 
reportRecommended by Gegenschein
Anime: Angel Cop
Both are incredibly over the top anime involving cops. They are also gifts from the gods that no mere mortal is worthy of laying their eyes upon. 
reportRecommended by razortongue
Anime: Sonic X
Both are pretty fast. The quality is roughly the same. Everyone considers both a masterpiece. Inferno Cop is probably a sequel to Sonic X even. I made a fanfic about it on my deviantart, it is pretty rad. Http://deviantart/ for more. 
reportRecommended by Doughkey
Anime: Another
They both start off innocent enough, but once the plot gets rolling all hell breaks loose. 
reportRecommended by Garabon
Anime: Yondemasu yo, Azazel-san. (TV)
Both are outrageous and unapologetic seinen comedies from Hell. 
reportRecommended by Kurohiki
Anime: Mars of Destruction
So "juicy" with each of their own independent, horrific presentations that the audience can't help but chuckle, and be overwhelmingly astonished at it. 
reportRecommended by Stellio
Anime: JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken (2012)
Manly shows with fighting evil and some (mostly unintentional) funny moments. 
reportRecommended by Frezlaj
Anime: Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
Both share some of the same key staff including the same director. Similar in how "over-the-top" they are. Inferno Cop is a comedy, while Gurren Lagann is a mecha action show. 
reportRecommended by Elu
Anime: Detroit Metal City
Both shows have the same black comedy sense of humor, and the main character in both series is an anti-hero came from the depths of hell to rule this world with all his epicness! 
reportRecommended by BDL
Anime: Cipher
Cipher and Inferno Cop have the best plots available in anime. Nothing comes close to these two and if you loved one, you will love the other with the same amount of love for reasons only someone who watched Cipher or Inferno Cop can understand. 
reportRecommended by NataliaIsMyWaifu
Anime: Mudazumo Naki Kaikaku: The Legend of Koizumi
Both series are littered with over-the-top 'manliness' in lue of Fist of the North Star and other older preposterone series. Both are parodies that are not afraid to be absolutely absurd. 
reportRecommended by Amberleh
Anime: Koroshiya-san: The Hired Gun
They are more similar than one would think. Basically, you have two shows with a parody of anime plots that completely go off the rails. These are comedic geniuses less than three-minute long skits filled with anti-climaxes and surreal humor. 
reportRecommended by ShojoSamurai
Anime: Tentai Senshi Sunred
Similar story about an unconventional hero, similar humor and a little social commentary in both but mainly off the wall anti hero antics. 
reportRecommended by ReasonDesu
Anime: Shitcom
While they couldn't be any more dissimilar, they are both objectively the best anime the medium has to offer. Both are short ONAs and neither will disappoint. If you haven't watched these, then watch them. It'll take a few minutes, max. 
reportRecommended by Robin6128
Anime: Mad★Bull 34
Both have cops, obviously. While Inferno Cop was made as intentionally over the top and crazy, Mad Bull actually tries to take itself seriously. Imagine a show written by Japanese who have only ever experienced New York through American cop dramas. Look forward to power suits, sex, and the infamous grenade crotch. Watch the dub for the full experience, as British VAs don their best "New Yoik" accents. One of the best bad anime ever made.

Inferno cop should be experienced by everyone, regardless of whether or not Mad Bull made you laugh your ass off. If you haven't done it yet, watch it! 
reportRecommended by purplwig