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Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

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Synonyms: Kateikyoushi Hitman Reborn!, Home Tutor Hitman Reborn!
Japanese: 家庭教師ヒットマンREBORN!


Type: TV
Episodes: 203
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Oct 7, 2006 to Sep 25, 2010
Duration: 24 min. per episode
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older
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Both series seem to have a similar type of the main character: a good-natured boy who used to be a loser and then, through difficult training, he starts getting stronger and gets new friends on the way. In both animes the main character and his friends go through series of battles, increasingly more difficult, and their defeated rivals later become their allies and come to help.
Both main characters have look very similar and have very similar personalities in addition both anime shows are very hilarious while having their serious moments. The supporting casts for both shows also contribute similarly to their respective anime.
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Tsuna's glove and Natsu's Magic has Both Flame on their Hand
doesnt that remind you of both anime?;P
- Both heirs to their respective families, Nura Rikuo and Sawada Tsunayoshi are expected to take up the mantle as their next respective heads, and both are trying to evade their fate.
- Both have their respective cool transformations (Yoru Rikuo and HDWM Tsuna, respectively)
- Both have their own entourage (Nura Clan and Vongola Family)

- Tsuna's still denying it, while Rikuo accepted his role with a bang after the first few episodes
- Tsuna only found out about being boss at the first episode, while Rikuo lived with yokai all his life
- Tsuna seems detached from his HDWM, and isn't as cool when he's normal, while Rikuo tends to be badass even when not in Yoru Rikuo form
Hokage Is the Boss.
The main charactar start to be a lonely week drop-out, No-good, but as times flow they start to grow, and become stronger, Naruto Wants to become hokage, while Tsuna which is the main charactar in Reborn, is forced to become the Boss of the strongest mafia, Vongola.

To become a Boss Is like becoming the Hokage, The Boss's responsibility is to protect his "family" and the hokages responsibility is to protect the village.

Comedy is a big part in Naruto, and In Hitman Reborn too,
I think if you liked that on you gone like this one too
I think that if you like Katekyo Hitman Reborn you will like One Piece.
Like the Vongola Family in Katekyo, One Piece has a Crew With very powerfull members.
Like the 10th, Monkey D. Luffy is very powerfull.
They both have a serious and a hilarious atmosphere. The action is intense, and WILL keep you wanting for more and more!
The same mafia family theme with supernatural power. of coz with more shoujo feel/ romance in arcana than katekyo
well, both are based on Shounen Jump Manga series. it's the switching between random comedy and some action based plot without difficulty that somehow gives these shows a similar feel. Also, a main chast of charas are introduced and make (random) apperances now and then...overall randomness level is higher in Gintama though.
Both have partners which are babies and the main character always gets into some sort of trouble. When I watched Beelzebub, it reminds me of Katekyo Hitman reborn in every aspect and vice versa.
Bleach and Reborn are both a very energetic shounen and both have a very good story and of course interesting "powers" and I think both flow very well. in both of them there are cool fights and school life and great characters. And in my opinion if you watch bleach it would be great to try reborn as well.
Tsuna and Naruto are both no-good at the very start of both series. The hairstyles, I also noticed. But KHR has a more unique design for character hairstyles and a lot more humor comperd to Naruto Shippuuden.There may be times when the plot gets serious in Shippuuden and Reborn, but I actually understand serious terms in KHR more than in Naruto Shippuuden. I'm not saying Naruto Shippuuden is so bad, just try watching KHR to keep you busy while waiting for the next Naruto episode. Trust me, it'll get you hooked! Katekyo Hitman Reborn is very amusing and addictive.
The main characters gain power from an infant who can talk. They train in...strange ways to master their power and gather a group of friends that battle together. Two entertaining anime that I'd recommend for shounen lovers.
Well both are Shounens, so the fighting to overcome powerful foes and gradually getting better and better throughout the series, both main characters have daddy issues,
and they are all about kids with special talents.
KHR like in Kaze no stigma has these nature powers like fire,water,thunder and others..i think that's pretty similar to both of those anime and both are super awesome anime to watch!
You my think how are these two similar one has to due with boxing and extreme workout while the other also has to due with training but this one has powers. Well Hajime no Ippo and Katekyo Hitman Reborn are alike. Both main characters start as wimps like they are no good. The main characters work there way up from being weak to being strong and they never give up. They both go through extreme training and they may complain but in the end when they are in a tough spot they out of the blue find a way to win. Both are long running series but as of now Katekyo Hitman reborn has more episodes but I would recommend to watch them both.
They both have a lot of fighting and the characters improve their abilities throughout the series. They also get their powers from jewelry/objects (khr has rings while MAR has other jewelry). The main protagonists personalities are different but what they fight for is very similar.
The characters all have similar personalities to each other. There's a sadist, an energetic guy, a conceited guy, a wimp, and more.
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-main characters undergo similar transformation and appearance
+similar personalities
-both have a "tutor" figure
-similar atmosphere and soundtracks
Tsuan and Yuuri do act alike and do have a hidden powers !
The characters in both anime are illustrated by Amano Akira
Hibari and Kogami are similar to each other, with hair, looks, and some common personalities
Tsuna and Akane are both somewhat alike in some strange point. Maybe by looks?I'm not sure though. But it still gives me a feeling that they're both alike.
Makishima is like the love child of the KHR shipping, Mukuro and Byakuran, or similar to both of those characters.
Both series involve the mafia and a load of action.
Whenever I watch Pandora Hearts, I feel like I'm watching some side story of Hitman Reborn! because the main characters in the two shows have almost identical personalities. Besides that, the art style is pretty similar.
Both have lots of good looking bishies :P The plots are very different, but you should find yourself getting sucked in the story and enjoying both, although KHR is a lot longer than VK.
Lag is a weak crybaby just like Tsunayoshi and at first Lag in some kind of way doesnt want to be a Letter bee.
1.Lag is a weak cry baby.
2.Lag haves hidden powers.
3.Lag grows stronger and stronger.
4.He wants to become a Head Bee just like Tsunayoshi wants to become stronger when hes weak to protect his friends.Lag wants to find hes friend Gauche.
So i highly reccomendtion this Anime if you like KHR!
5.Also Lag haves a partner just like Tsunayoshis Ring Powerr the Sky Lion or something i forget.
6.So all thoose parts are just like each other
Both anime have fighting and consist of characters that become stronger through the duration of the story.
Full metal alchemist and hitman reborn are both good series that are fun to watch because they have good humor and action in both series the only difference is the use of the powers they haven in the episodes
Both are action-comedies that revolve around hitmen and the mafia.

Reborn has WAY stronger characters, though. Even if it's not as good as the manga.
Gungrave starts out with around 15 episodes of pure Mafia anime. It's a lot more serious and is more reallife like (Those starting episodes have close to none science fiction added. No fire shooting, magical animals, monster, you get the picture), but if you love mafia anime like KHR, you will love Gungrave.
-Both main characters, at first are really wimpy, not strong
-Both encounters somebody, and both the main character changes dramatically
-Both animes has a girl they like
-Difference, KHR is more of an action type, pedal is more of sports
Both protagonists have superpowers. Hei uses lightning and fighting skills, and Tsuna uses fire mixed with fighting skills.
Both start off with a wimpy and insecure main character. But later on the main character learns from a close acquaintance that they should grow up and be brave. When the main characters finally decide to fight for their friends they both become the coolest bad ass ever. It's true!
The main characters are pretty much the same and also the love stroy between male and female is very similar.
Both have people with magic/powers that could lead to disasters
They both have some kind of 'family' blood line (Vongola has the vongola blood line, magician blood etc)
Fate/Zero has more 'pairing' relationships, whereas Hitman Reborn has a lot more grouping.
Fate/Zero has 'Classes' and Hitman Reborn has 'Flames'
Overall, they're both great series, noting that Fate/Zero has a bit darker side to it.
(Personal opinion: All their openings and ending songs are really great)
Shounen anime both written by female authors, they bring two unqiue topics. Reborn! deals with mafias and Fullmetal Alchemist deals with alchemy.

The main characters both are young teens, whose father is a "bigshot" however, they have yet to know, and later, they are both involved in a pre-determined conflict. The theme of "family" is given an important role in both along with a world that is darker than whatthe characters believe.

Reborn! has a lighter atmosphere, laid-back and has much more comedy whereas Fullmetal Alchemist world is darker, serious and deals with much more mature theme.
The main character in both are quite self critical, but eventually realize through hardship and friendship that they are unique in their own way, in Hitman Reborn although he's less timid but he still ends up getting scared and beaten up (in a funny way) quite frequently similar to Mihashi
Katekyo Hitman Reborn portrays mafia, hitman, comedy, supernatural, and action in the story genre. While Phantom has the mafia/hitman quality, the series has almost little to no comedy with a huge amount drama/tragedy. I would only recommend the two if you are into the mafia type anime, even though both series are excellent!
Huge difference between the two series is the main characters. Tsuna from Katekyo Hitman Reborn appears weak and hopeless many times throughout the show. On the other hand Zwie from Phantom Requiem appears cool, strong, and cold-hearted = the perfect hitman.
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Both of these shows have a cowardly main character that toughs it out when its important to save their comrades. Both shows have amazing character growth, fighting, and humor!
Both contain supernatural elements that focus around a school. Both anime's start with full on comedy but then develop into something much bigger.
reportRecommended by valid - Add to favorites
Both feature a very cute character: Pikachu and Reborn!
Similar to the Millefieore part of Katekyo Hitman Reborn (Time Traveling and different worlds)
reportRecommended by Shin1 - Add to favorites
Both have a main character trying to run away or branch off form there family traditions why ones Mafia family and the other some sort of underground organisation that steals artifacts, both seems similar with weird items with strange powers and main characters who pull through victory for his friends.
They both involve some kind of animal getting out of a fighting box (in khr! it happens in latter chapters)
the boxes in khr! and pokeballs in pokemon
They are both interesting Shonen Jump series. Even though Reborn is a battle shonen and Kuroko no Basuke is sports, they give a similar feeling. In both there is a team of main characters, each of them is represented by a colour of the rainbow. And each character is unique and loveable.
Both series have really great action that involves organisations fighting against each other, as well as likable characters and elements of comedy.
they both are action, Nabari and Reborn both have clans fightings, characters have each own technique or power. Tsuna and Miharu are both good for nothing at the begining and they have to bear kinda responsibility for lots of people and they both keep hidding power inside ;p
there're huge variety of cute/cool characters ;] and both animes are interesting and easy watching

P.S Katekyo Hitman Reborn is droller XD
two ordinary school kids getting power
They are both funny. 'Reborn' has more action scenes than 'hayate' but they are both pleasant to watch. Reborn deals with the mafia world while Hayate is more associated with randomness...however they are both happy, happy in a sense
they are both funny animes and not tiring at all, both story's have a really strong idea of friendship .
i recommend u all this anime plz watch


main character both use flames, and they have gardians
Both KHR and Soul Eater has a group of main characters who are introduced one-by-one, and got together later because of some incidents. The main characters then encounter problems among themselves, and face-off with a common enemy.
Both anime also has the 'work hard/fight for the sake of their friends' theme.
They both have The Mafia part in the story, the plot and charcter personalitys are really different though.
They're not exactly alike seeing as to how one deals with magic and the other deals with the mafia. Actually, Katekyo Hitman Reborn does have something that can relate to magic - the dying will flames. Anyway, in both series, the protagonist is a boy who isn't very strong at all and is usually constantly protected by others (at first anyway). But when you're hoping something unexpected to happen to save the day, it usually happens with the cause being Tsuna/Itsuki. Both characters get pretty strong and it just looks really cool to watch. (Well, not really Tsuna at first per say, but later, yeah.)
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Both are very funny animes the one thing that reminds me one of the other is that they keep sayin the same line "WHAT IS THAT!!" Both of these shows are full of surprises and great to watch...
The main characters are sort of similar, in that both use flames and can't control it at first.
the fights they have the same feeling
Well, Kuroshitsuji's idea is different from KHR but, they have similar characters. If you love Sebastian, you'll definitely love Mukuro, one of the hot guys from KHR. They both have the same hotness, smile and both came from hell!

Besides Sebastian and Mukuro, there are some other similar characters.
Such as, Lussuria 'n' Grell, they're both weird ,Toma 'n' Bell, they're both stupid princes, Chrome 'n' Ciel ...the same eye-patch lol.
BTW: They both start with the same letter.
...Yea it may seem weird, but it actually gives the same feelings while watching. KHR, may take a little while, but keep watching it gets more interesting. KHR is just almost like a longer version of gangs and stuff like that...
You would eighther of them if you like gangs, mafia and stuff like that.
If you want to see anime where the main character is weak at the beginning but gets better by time then they are both watching. :) The main characters actually look similar too.
both anime revolves around a normal teenage boy who lives his normal life until one day his life completely turn 360 degree after the arrival of a stranger..
D. Jackal = Bel ( Knifes )
Himiko Kudou = Bianki ( Poison )
Amano, Ginji = Lambo ( Light and Native XD )
Mido, Ban = Mukoro ( Mist )

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The animation is similiar to the animation in REBORN! near the end.
especially the male characters.
KHR and Gokusen are similar they are funny. They are surrounded by mafia families
The characters are lovable and the story is hilarious, but it does become more serious and dark later on. Both 10/10.
These anime have similarities because both fight to overthrow an organization or a government and gain beastly power during the process. Katekyo Hitman Reborn is more comedic and has more variety of powers while Code Geass is a very serious anime and mainly focuses on the main character's power of the Geass.
Katekyo Hitman Reborn and Air Gear are both a very energetic shounen. In both of them there are cool fights and school life and great characters.
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they are only similar in a few ways
-a boy being told he's going to become something
-he has powers he's unaware of
-obsessed person always calls him"boss"
and thats about it.
Friendship. Group fight.
Fight to save the world from dropping into hands of the evil.
Both anime are about mafia and secret organisations.
Gunslinger Girl takes place in Italy, in KHR there are a lot of references to Italy.
Awesome fights.

Gunslinger Girl is of course much more serious, but both are very touching.
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