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Kiniro no Corda: Primo Passo

Kiniro no Corda: Primo Passo

Alternative Titles

English: La Corda D'Oro: Primo Passo
Synonyms: Kin'iro no Chord, Kiniro no Chord, Kin-iro no Corda: Primo Passo, The Golden Chord
Japanese: 金色のコルダ ~primo passo~


Type: TV
Episodes: 25
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Oct 2, 2006 to Mar 26, 2007
Duration: 24 min. per episode
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older
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Exactly the same everything, drawings, genre, harlem and all but better because of they are idiols!
Both series focus on the «discovery» of the true concept of music by music students. While the theme might be the same, these two shows have completely different moods. In Nodame you'll spend half the time laughing, while in Corda d'Oro it's mostly a serious mood sometimes bordering on depressive. Not to say that Corda is a bad anime... I liked it very much. It's just that it has a completely different take on music. Other major difference: in Nodame there are many interesting and different characters and many plot twists... while in Corda there are less characters, who aren't very different, and the story isn't that unpredictable.
maybe the plot is different but this two animes share somethings in common : Female main character with standard abilities surrounded by professional & handsome male group who help her to be better + the fairy thing + school contests
Reverse harem, although La Corda D'Oro is more serious. There ARE quite a few funny areas too. Also, the main characters' (a.k.a. Haruhi and Kahoko) personalities are similar.
While both of these shows have completely different settings (La Corda focuses on classical music while Harukanaru is a fantasy and magic anime) they are both anime based on dating sims by the same creators. These two shows are both reverse harems, meaning a female character surrounded by a lot of males. The settings are different by the main focus is still present, that you the viewers will wonder who the female lead will end up with .
Four bishounens, free girls and funny actions! Both anime are very smiliar! Enjoy! ^_~
reportRecommended by Plusz - Add to favorites
Though this anime's more on music and playing instruments, both series have main characters obtaining special abilities by virtue of a supernatural being. Both anime also deal with how these characters eventually realize their own talent.
reverse harems with annoying fairy things
Somehow when I was watching La Corda, it gave me Fruits Basket vibes. I guess it's the pace of the storytelling and the kind of mystery behind certain characters that made me feel nostalgic (I watched Fruits Basket when I was 12 or 13). You could call both the series reverse harem too.
The mood in the stories is different - La Corda is much more shojo-ish, but both are fun to watch, comic at times, entertainment-related and have romance. Watch them!!!!
reportRecommended by as3 - Add to favorites
both these animes have revers harem where the main girl is surrounded by alot of guys they both have romance in them and the art looks the same :)
Both reverse harem, with the main female having something special about her that attracts other people.
Both shows have fairy-like characters that help the main character(s) achieve something.
reverse harem, pretty boy characters, ect.
Both anime are very similar in the way that the romance portrayed is similar in the way that can relate to high school love. Although Tokimeki has no music relation to it, the level in which the love is conveyed makes it very similar. And both are great anime.
they both about music
Both features Music and Romance with at least one bishounen in the series.

Aimed towards females, even if the characters and settings are not similar, if you like Music and Romance, you'll like this series.

Both also have cute little blonde fairies..accept in this Anime, the fairy is one of the main - this Anime has a bit of fiction in it.

It also features Violin Music, as with Chiaki.
Well, they are both harem animes.
However, Peach Girl is much more romantic.
reportRecommended by Rayla - Add to favorites
they have different story line and theme but both anime is School, Romance Genre
and here are the other similarities:
Both anime have 2 different class/branch in 1 school, the Normal Branch and the Music Branch for LaCorda and the Day Class and the Night Class for VP
Zero, Yuuki and Kaname love triangle reminds me of the love triangle between Ryotaro, Hino and Len where both Ryotaro/Zero who's the same class/branch with the girl MC is quite cold yet protective with them, while Len and Kaname are both cold, cool, but also care for the girl MC
Rui and Len are both introverted characters who the main female protaganists in both shows continue pursing as friends
both main females are intimidated by the rest of school because of their social standing in corda due to her lack of being in the "superior" musical division, and in hana because of the lack of wealth
both female protaganists are strong-willed and persistant
Both have a passionate girl n a cold guy who are in love. The girl in both anime warm the hearts of the cold and handsome guy.
Both are reverse harem themed anime with very [annoying] indecisive main characters with no special traits or talents. I guess you can say their only "good" trait is their naiveness to a fault but the main character in both anime (of course) ties the otherwise complicated and distant group of guys together with their meekness and can-do attitude. Typical for for otohime anime I suppose with relatively good art and different, handsome men.
Ok. First things first. Kiniro no Corda (La Corda d'oro) has almost nothing similar to Black rock shooter and vice versa. But when i watched Black rock shooter and Kiniro no Corda, I just thought that they were similar because in Kiniro the girl is occasionally freaking out about something, and then everything seems so... dark and her face is so similar to a girl in BRS when she is freaking out? I dunno. just thought that part was quite simllar. Also, the girls are so caught up in the activities they do that they part away from friends and they get angry or anxious. Then, when the girl finds out, their reactions are similar. Both have fantasy in it. I think the emotions, reactions, friendships, and relationships in the animes are what make it similar. BRS has a lot of action in it and Kiniro is not as violent, so I cannot gurantee that you will like both animes if you are up for actiony animes only or romance/not as violent animes (lol), but both are really good.
In Kamigami no Asobi, we have a strong-headed girl, (Yui) with 6 boys/gods falling in love with her, and all with different personalities. In La Corda d' Oro, we also have a strong-headed girl (Kahoko) with almost the same personality as Yui, and 5 main boys who like her. In both anime, the main girl has a cute little helper who guides the main girl in doing the right thing. In KnA, we have Melissa, whom I suppose is a spirit of some kind. and in La Corda d' Oro there's Lily, a music fairy. Well, in conclusion, they're both reverse harems that have characters with same personalities and similar plot.
Both are about young girls who are trying to become popular in the performing arts. The female leads in each anime are determined to do their best and overcome the obstacles that get in their way.
The main difference between these two anime is in Glass no Kamen, the two female leads are either acting on their born talent or hard work while in Kiniro no Corda, the lead is using a magic violin that anyone can play.
Both of these anime deal with music and a hint of romance. In Aikatsu, the protaganist is a bit too dense; however, in La Corda all five men fall for one woman!! <3
- Fantasy, Romance, Reverse-Harem, Shoujo
- The female lead also have a spirit/fairy guiding her along the journey
- Sometimes the Art may not be the best, but it's definitely enjoyable.
- The storyline is unique & has potential.
- Instead of having the male characters representing card suits, they're distinguished by their chosen musical instrument. (:
Kiniro no Corda and Uta no Prince-sama both involve with music, one girl with many guys in a group & go on a competition. Basely the exactly the same thing except Kiniro no Cora has a story with interments instead of singing like Uta no Prince-sama.
While Kiniro no Corda expresses a music theme with some magic, Princess Tutu expresses a dancing theme with more magic. Even though the stories are completely different Princess Tutu has classical music even though it's more fantasy genre.
reportRecommended by Azixe - Add to favorites
Both anime are reverse-harem style, and in both, the main character is trying to hide a secret about herself which would otherwise damage her reputation. They're both also pretty light-hearted and have similar art. However, I would say La Corda D'Oro is slightly more serious and revolves around music, whereas Kaichou wa Maid Sama is a bit more comical and revolves around the romance between the Misa and Usui.
Both have music, romance and lots of joy
La Corda d'Oro is specialized in clasical music
Sakamichi no Apollon loves jazz
Music lovers will enjoy!!
reverse harem ":D but instead la corda is more on music with some magic stuff.
Both are reverse-harem anime based on Koei's Neo-Romance video games.
Two more stories about pursuing your dreams in performing arts. Both stories have (sort of) magic, love and passion. Plus, they are both really good
reportRecommended by as3 - Add to favorites
Both learning what a true musician is and both contain beautiful classical music.
reportRecommended by Yxx - Add to favorites
They both revolve around music, and they both have a similar feel to it.
reverse harem kinda anime...

Yeay Bishies!!!!!!!!!
If you liked the musical bishie aspects of Kaikan Phrase (rock band trying to make it big), you might like La Cordo D'Oro (a reverse harem at a high school for music). Story-wise, they're not so similar, but the ingredients are kind of the same. The biggest difference would probably be the fact that one's rock and the other is more classical. ^v^
For the music fans out there, 'Full Moon wo Sagashite' and 'La Corda d'Oro' are for you. The characters are both talented and inspiring, and the music is beautiful. If you have ever dropped an insturment or choir, after watching a few episodes, you'll pick music up right away.
Both instrument or materials, are granted by fairies (and dinosaur) that makes magic. (I think)
both have a fairy-like thing it and they are both shoujo. and both are about girls trying to succeed at something.
reverse harems with annoying fairy things
both have guys who are always surrounded. in la corda secondo passo there are 2 guys with that description
The plots are completely different and they have very differeing tones but the characters are basically the same. (cold jerk, big brother figure, quiet girl that pwns, etc.) lol
Basic similarity: Both animes have a main character female that is cared for by a lot of guys, but one guy is particularly cold to her. La corda has a bit of corniness, with the fairy and all, whereas Itazura is on a somewhat more realistic scale. The lead male, cold and cool, are brilliant and the best at whatever they do (pretty typical), and though have cold exteriors, have kind hearts. One big difference: Itazura has a relationship evolve.
They're not very similar to each other since La Corda D'Oro doesn't really involve a romance between two people... but since Ai Shite Knight is about two guys and a girl--- and music, I think La Corda D'Oro is the closest thing to that.
Same studio, similar style, bunch of bishounens and in both a grup of seiyu sing a song (La Corda - ending, Miracle Train - opening)
Both are about a group of "special" students, variety of characters and animation are quite alike too. Both series also have very similar feeling to them.
Both are reverse harems with a very good selection of male characters. They're both fairy tale esque and have just enough romance without being over or underwhelming. Neither have amazing stories, and can never be called masterpieces but they both have a certain charm that will keep you coming back for more.
Both is about music a boy who is very good at it and a girl who is not so "grande" but has talent and willpower. La corda d'oro has a bit of magic in it, on the other side Nodame has a sad story from the past that only love can help. In the end both have great classical music in it. You must watch it ;)
Both of them have music and fantasy creatures that love music. Also the main characters can't play music and have to try harder in order to find the correct way of playing music.
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