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Kamisama Hajimemashita

Kamisama Hajimemashita

Alternative Titles

English: Kamisama Kiss
Synonyms: Kami-sama Hajimemashita
Japanese: 神様はじめました


Type: TV
Episodes: 13
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Oct 2, 2012 to Dec 25, 2012
Duration: 24 min. per episode
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older
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Score: 8.091 (scored by 52196 users)
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Both have:
- A Highschool girl that moves to the house of the main lead.
- A main lead that is a kitsune (fox spirit) and had a darker personality in the past.
- Main lead serves the girl even though she has powers.
- Other youkai join them in the house as friends.
- Slow Romance and comedy.
It gives the same feeling that Inuyasha gives but doesn't take itself as seriously. Although, Kamisama is more romance then Inuyasha. If you like a bit of romance, give it a try. I liked Kamisama better then Inuyasha.
A Girl That Has Lost Everything (Family And Home) And Has No Friends From The Beginning. Later She Finds A New Home With Special Beings. And I Guess Both Are Heart Warming Stories.
Both are pretty shoujo series about humans and youkai.
Both have similar a feeling about them. Both are romantic, cute, and have characters are likable, unlike many shows like that. In both of them, you can find good humor and gentle romantic scenes.
Both have the same girl to deity plot and the same scenario where the deity has to deal with other deities. The girl in one anime is a weakling, while the girl in the other anime can kick ass. The deity's job in one anime is to protect the girl, while the deity in the other anime wants to be famous because he isn't that popular.
- Bot are romance, comedy, supernatural anime.
- Both have a cute and cheerful main protagonist.
- Both focus a bit on high-school life though Inari Konkon is more slice-of-life-y.
- Both involve the concept of Gods, shrines and familiars.

A treat especially for those who love shoujo-ish anime.
They have similar elements of comedy, and are fun to watch.

Both involves girl and deity relationship.

Both were set in a shire.

Both have the same supernatural genre.


The girl to deity relationship in one anime has a romance vibe, while the other was more of an elder to younger kind of thing.

The deity in one anime has a tsundere attitude, while the deity in the other anime is a bit lazy.

The girl in one anime is sweet, kind and shy, while in the other anime is also sweet, kind but stupid.
The same romantic atmosphere.
With a supernatural environment, our both white-haired main guys are fox spirits taking care of our main girl which in Kamisama Hajimemashita is a highschool girl and also a deity, and in Gugure! Kokkuri-san is a elementary school little girl who thinks she's a doll. While in Gugure! there's no romance, at least not between the main characters, in Kamisama there is. With a few differences, at least both have the same premise, the hot guys protecting the main girl, a lot of comedy, funny side characters and a slightly relaxing story to watch.
The leading girls in both series look alike
&Tomoe act very similar towards Nanami as Kei does to Hikari~
They're both alike with the main characters, a yokai and a human. A romance and a sci-fi genres.
In Kamisama Hajimemashita, a yokai became human's familiar. As time goes by, they both felll in love with each other beside the fact that a human and a yokai pair is a taboo.
The movie Hotarubi no Mori e is about the human boy who became a yokai/spirit and a human girl who was once lost in a mountain of gods. This is only 44minute anime film. The story revolves around how the yokai fell in love with the girl knowing that they couldn't be with each other and the fact that when the yokai touches a human, he disappears.

Kamisama Hajimemashita is still airing (but it's better to read the manga).
Reverse harem, both main characters have guardians or familiars, the main guardian (Takuma) or familiar (Tomoe) don't seem to like the main character at first, ect., ect.
Cute girls with tempramental guys, the story has magic and fantasy. Both anime has romance, comedy and a bit of action.
Both is about spirits, altough Natsume yuujinchou doesn't have all that romance
A schoolgirl finds out that she has became a goddess. Now she has to deal not only with her school troubles but also with supernatural things. But she'll meet many friends who will help her to manage with her new job.
Both of them have a MC that has a familiar , expert in everything
The God theme!
Reverse Harems with super cute/hot males that never fail to make you smile and have interesting personalities that won't bore you to death. Nanami is a much stronger female lead than Yui.
Both these anime show humans are not as weak as the Gods think and leave you with that heartwarming feeling after each episode that makes you want more!
Nanami, like Shizuko attends high school.
She loses her home (because of her father's gaming debts), and forced to live in a shinto shrine which has a demon, Tomoe who is not at all happy being bound to protect her.
After Tomoe saves her life, she fells for him and admits her feelings but he refuses her, saying he'll never love a human girl. The romance is funny,cute and heratbreaking at the same time, the storyline is very good. There is also competition for her attention: along Tomoe we have Kurama, Mizuki and other hot bishounen boys with a crush on Nanami.
- goddess-guardian relationship
- at first the male servant is unwilling but then acknowledge their duty
- both servant are rude to the heroine! but actually they have kind heart ^^
- shoujo genre!! from goddess-guardian to love relationship (>▿<ʃƪ) ♥
- Nanami personality is more fun, Izumiko is too...damsel in distress
- Both have female masters, Louise and Nanami, who are protected by their male familiars, Saito and Tomoe.

- Both Tomoe and the Pope have the same seiyuu, Tachibana Shinnosuke. They are also kind but ruthless.
thry both have a girl as the master and a boy as a familiar. at first in bpth thry hate eachother but as time goes by the end up liking eachother.
Both of these series have an upbeat female protagonist paired with a moody and troublesome male lead. Both have lots of comedy and share a similar art style and lightheartedness.
Both anime series involve gods.

Kamisama Hajimemashita is a story about a god who abandon his title and gives it to Nanami, making her a god.
For Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi, the god abandoned the world. Which made Ai, wanting to save the world that the god have abandoned.

Both girls in the show are working hard to protect what they love and doing what they think they're supposed to do. Both plots are funny in a way but Kamisama Hajimemashita involves romance. Both anime is a must watch!
They are both hilarious and lighthearted with romance and quirky situations.
a lot of comedy, romance and surrounding by good looking man.
surrounding by good looking people, a lot of comedy, really love it!!!
you see,the title has the kamisama which both anime also have gods in fact, kamisama hajimemashita is about fox demon protecting the girl, but the angel watches over the god in kamisama kazoku:3
The female lead has a crush on the male lead in which the male lead is somewhat an "asshole" to her. However, they eventually start becoming closer and slowly develop the same feelings for each other.

Both also include a fair amount of comedy in each with gorgeous art to compliment the series.
- earnest, hardworking, caring, and cute female lead (they have the same facial expressions and attitude!!!)
- learns to become stronger
- female was forced to leave her home
- male lead who is their protector and is very strong
- somewhat of a harem, but not the main point
- in KH, it is about gods and such,b ut is set in modern day
- in AnY, it is actually set in the past
Homeless because of their parent’s debt both main (Ayasaki Hayate-HNG & Momozono Nanami-KH) hero/heroine was forced out of their house, with a small stroke of luck they were taken in by a weird new home. New mysteries and comedy life both find themselves a new place to fit in. Both great series to watch!
it also has a sweet love story plot, and humor content
i think nanami and toukou really similar, the different is just nanami is a deity but touko is a daughter of glass artisant. and both from pony canyon.
tomoe and adam are total baddies. Kicking butts and taking names. nobunagun is more action pack and scifi with E holders while kamisama kiss is more a shoujo romance type. Both Tomoe and Adam have the same attitude with Nanami and Shio. Dont care really. i loved them both and want second seasons for both.

Both endings are eerily similar.
Cute girls, gods, humour and both animes have similar colours. However, KamiHaji's main theme is romance and it's more lighthearted than Sasami-san.
I strongly recommend it as it contains romance, harem but most of all high quality comedy. The anime is simply hilarious(not the typical stupid humour)Both main female characters are quite different even opposite...but in a way they are similar as well as they eventually evolve in character and become even more admirable
Yokai and humans collide in these two urban fantasy anime. Both more on the slice of life side with bursts of humor and action, they also share similar elements, like Tengu and humans who become something more. Both great anime that could please a similar audience.
-Both main character has powers without them knowing really much
-Both main character similar characteristics
-Both male character are very violent stubborn, thinks the main character is weak and don't like them/don't accept them,
-Both male character ends up developing feelings and falling for main character
-Both reverse harem sort of
-Both revolves around magic
-Both male main character use to be super violent, destructive, nobody could tame them before until they met a special someone
-Both really good animes that will keep you laughing non-stop in every episode. so cute, so good, you will not regret watching it! Don't judge an anime by it's cover!!
They have a similar feel: both concern the supernatural and a human learning about the youkai world slowly as someone who is part of both worlds.
If u loved Kamisama Hajimemashita, u will LOVE Ao Haru Ride ; and vice versa--

Both are/have:

1. Romance Shoujo anime

2. A lil' bit of comedy that are SO CUTE

3. Female Main character somewhat looks alike, Personality 99% match as well - Cute, Positive. Careless, Persistent and most importantly, LOVES Kou / Tomoe to the ends of the earth.

4. Male Main character both are SMEXY. Personality 90% match - Cool, Has a dark past, Always there to protect Futaba/ Nanami , Mischievous and always like to make fun of her. Always don't wanna admit that they actually likes the girl.

5. Simply too amazing that will make butterflies spawn in ur stomach XD
In both anime the main characters possess powers or blood other demons wish to devour. They both have a fox deity who protects them from these demons and at times other deities. Both of these anime delve in Shinto and Japanese tradition & folklore. Although these series both contain romantic comedy, they differ in that Wagaya no Oinari-sama is a Shounen genre whereas Kamisama Hajimemashita is Shoujo.
There is a distinct focus on the relationship between humans and demons/spirits, with art styles generally geared toward a female audience. Kamisama Hajimemashita has more of a shoujo romance feel to it, while Hakkenden has more of a 'bishounen deal with their problems' feel to it with a side order of shounen ai subtext (thankfully this is fairly lowkey enough for those not so interested in such things to gloss over).
reportRecommended by Numi - Add to favorites
Tomoe is like Kenshin. They were like wild beasts in the past but has become tamed and soft in the present time. Not to mention, they're both ikemens!
The rules for the worlds these two anime exist in are very similar and they both focus on aspects of japanese mythology/ideology and are very detailed with japanese culture. Main characters (though in very different situations) both have demon familiars that were famous in the demon world and have tragedies in their pasts that drive how they behave. Both anime have strong themes that demons and humans can never be together that the main characters are determined to over come. They also share the theme of accepting people for who they are and no who they were or based on how society views them. If you watch both anime you'll find yourself hearing similar things repeated and I'm sure if the main character of tactics had been female instead of male the two would have had similar romance stories as well. (Actually if you want to read between the lines they kind of do anyway.)
Both have supernatural fox/wolf creatures in it and have an element of romance between the two main characters.
Both Holo and Tomoe (the fox/wolf creatures) refer to the other character as a child and explain that they are from different worlds. Holo and Tomoe are also kind of arrogant and sometimes tend to be a little mean to the other character-their love-interest.

The Differences:
While Kamisama Hajimemashita takes place in modern-day Japan, Spice and Wolf takes place in an older setting. Also, Kamisama Hajimemashita is comedy, while Spice and Wolf is more serious.

Similar theme with spirits and building relationships over time.
Similarities: school life, girl being protected by a boy who falls for her. Both tomoe and shin are violent and wild, but they are gentle and protective toward their loved ones.
Differences: no supernatural elements in gokusen. (Maybe except fuji)
Nanami, like mei is a high school girl, with her own difficult circumstances. She is evicted from her house because of her father's gaming debts. Then she meets Mikage who let's her live in his shrine.
The romance is funny,cute and heratbreaking at the same time, the storyline is very good.
The difference is that Mey has one boyfriend, while in Kamisama Nanami is surronded by bishounen boys: Tomoe, Kurama, Mizuke and more...
Both are reverse harem-like around a little homeless goddess school-girl who needs protection:
Nanami=Karin (little goddess school girl)
Tomoe=Kazune (Romantic Interest #1/devoted-yet-prickly/classmate)
Kuruma=Ren (black haired singer/classmate)

Aside from having similar characters---no, that's about it.
Kamisama is of the shrine-girl/traditional japanese kami type, while kamichama is a magic-girl time paradox issue.
Both contain romances that can make your heart melt!
Another lovely romance story, Kamisama's art is better though.
Telling about Demons and supranatural power with a funny joke, but more action!!
Both are set in the human world as well as the demonic world, and the demonic world setting is very similar to Nurarihyon's.
High School girl and a God interfering in her life
Hilarious... Die laughing
Both of them had awesome OP and EP
I originally watched poyopoyo before watching this and I loved nanami immediately: "her voice sounds so familiar and happy and it makes me feel happy" and it has been verified.

The same voice actors does the main characters for both shows (no not the cat in poyopoyo, but for the very very lovable owner of the cat. she's just the pet-owner type person).

A lot of people were sad about kamisama hajimemashita being only 13 episodes; there are 50 episodes of poyopoyo but they are a lot shorter, (but each episode packs so much action and script it feels like the episode was much longer than 2 minutes. the sustenance derived = full length episode).

Both of these shows walk you into a cliche ("ahh...forbidden love and demons...cute cats...borrring") before its honest goodness just busts out all your smiles.
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