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Elemental Gelade

Elemental Gelade

Alternative Titles

English: Elemental Gelade
Synonyms: Erementar Gerad
Japanese: エレメンタルジェレイド


Type: TV
Episodes: 26
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Apr 5, 2005 to Sep 27, 2005
Duration: 24 min. per episode
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older
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Both of these animes are pretty similar, they have partners that change into weapons. Also it seems that the weapons and person controlling the weapon seems to develop a love interest with each other.
this show takes place in the sky and land, but Eureka Seven took place on land first then took it into the sky and Elemental Gelade is the other way around. They both have that romance between man and something/woman.
reportRecommended by Gwing - Add to favorites
both of them are talking about the weapons that take form of the humans
The main characters are very similar and their purpose is to protect one girl, both have a lot of action using similar weapons too.
reportRecommended by Hatzi - Add to favorites
Similar "uniting" between two people to become weapons.
There is a guy protecting a girl and helping them go somewhere or get something, they also both love each other.
Bad guys try to take over the world or something, good guys with special powers fight back, and just like in practically every anime... boy + girl = well u know xD
Both play out like a RPG converted into anime.
Elemental Gelade has human weapons called "Edel Raids", which is really similar to the Demon Swords in Seiken no Blacksmith. Both main characters have the same point of views about their special weapons :)
Similar idea..
boy meets a girl who's not a human.
dargonaut and elemental gelade both are about people who turn into fighting machines...
reportRecommended by Lyle - Add to favorites
Index has a powerful secret, like Reverie from EG, and they look and act similar. The male protagonists both don't know why they're protecting her, and in parallel, an organization also want to protect her from someone who could exploit her power.
I am surprisingly shocked that no one has made a reccomended Castle in the Sky for Elemental Gelade. Princess Sheeta = Ren, Pazu = Cou.
Ren is an Edel Raid and direct descendant of the Metherlence bloodline while Sheeta is of a Laputan Royal line. Pazu joins Dola's sky pirates while Cou IS a sky pirate. In any case if you like one then you will most definitely will like the other
Both anime are set in fantasy worlds and feature kids about 14-15 years old as main protagonists. Both are also contractees to beings used mostly as weapons and in both anime they decide to help them find something.
reportRecommended by hajil - Add to favorites
Both feature a large cast and a unique(ish) fantasy world. The females of either series also double as weapons. So that's fun too.
SAO and Elemental Gelade are both adventure, fantasy, and romance (and in my opinion, are both kind of sci-fi). I really loved the end of both series. The female leads in EG (Reverie) and SAO (Asuna) are like polar opposites, Reverie is quiet (but not shy) and Asuna is very energetic. The male leads in EG (Coud) and SAO (Kirito/Kazuto) are kind of alike but they have their differences. I'm making this recommendation because they both gave me a hate/love feeling at some point in both the anime. Both are awesome anime, so I recommend watching both if you haven't watched any or have only watched one.
Both of these animes are pretty similar
both series get power from there stone on there forehead.
the main hero has a crush on the heroine.
and their purpose is to protect that girl makes them stronger.
They share: Alot of fighting, interesting characters, raging comedy and exploring.
They dont really remind me of each other, but I think if you like one you would like the other:))
they give the same kinda of air and presense
- both main guys have blond hair, same happy attitudes, they have almost literally the same past.
both have that medieval feel, with swords and all, though EG also has guns (but if gives this kind of final fantasy feel)
both have this girl thats a bad guy that joins up with the main guy.
both the main girls are super special for the plot and for their status.
In both shows there is a fighting male protagonist and a female companion who can change into his weapon [Yachi and Konoha=Coud and Ren].
Both have male/human protagonists with a female 'friend's (Dragon in Dragon Crisis!, Edel raid in Elemental Gelade)
Both have female 'friend's who are able to powerup the male character
Both have a certain word/chant they say before powering-up (pardon the crude word)

Elemental Gelade is where the female friend becomes a weapon, and the world is filled with people who can do that, while (for now) only the male protagonist has the ability in Dragon Crisis.
Elemental Gelade uses a unique chant where both the human and female has to say in sync, while (for now) both Ryuji and Rose say 'Engage'
These two series are extremely similar, they're both about boys who save a cute girl, and the girl gives them power - they even get the same power, the wind -, a tsundere helps the boy to get the girl where she wants - Edhil Garden in Elemental Gelade, Earth surface in Tokyo Underground. They learn how to fight, improve their powers, and fall in love.
The humor and adventure theme in both of these animes are very similar. The male protagonists are both underdogs who are trying to match up with their magical female counterparts.
Both anime are about protecting and saving the girl you love and both are action and romance
Both stories have a girl character that have amazing abilities and are initially viewed as only "tools" to be used by others. They meet a boy and they find out that they are more than that. The boys both try to protect her but sometimes fails; they have a good heart but not much strength. The stories fall into the genre of romance and a decent amount of action.
reportRecommended by Zomus - Add to favorites
They are both good anime with a dood dose of romance.....
In both there is a good romantic feeling and both are good romance animes. Also in both animes the female character/s have strong feeling on male protagonist.
I find this anime similar, maybe because both main heroine's (Mashiro and Ren) has the same personalities and both heroine's doesn't understand what love is in the beginning of the story.
Space pirates and sci-fi action are themes both present in these two anime(s). Additionally, there is comedy, action, great soundtrack, and inklings of romance in Ozuma. (more so in Elemental Gelade). The mystery involved in both of these series are also present as revelations are made and plot holes are formed.
In terms of plot they arn't really similar one being a adventure and the other sticking in one city Its main similarity is between Ren and Yuu. They are both unable to show emotion and rarely speak if at all.. ren because she doesnt understand and yuu because it affects the world when she does.
Both are about a girl travelling with a group who protects her from an unknown enemy seeking to capture/kill her. If you like long journeys with lots of action and devoted characters you should like these.
In both of these animes the main character is trying to protect the female lead from people who want to use them for their own good.
The relationship between Coud and Ren is similar to the relationship between Saber and Shirou.
the main protagonist, the guy wants to protect the girl, the girl helps him
reportRecommended by pakin - Add to favorites
It's similar to the protagonist that protects one girl and loves in the end of the story. Garoad and Coud had similar attitude but it differences in the situation of the story. Tifa and Coud are quiet person and doesn't understand the feelings of human. So they are the love pair with the same promise to fulfill.
Both are action Steam Punk Animes with a dash of heavy fantasy.
Shounen series about a contract between two people: one who fights, one who gives the power.
Both have action, magic, drama, and some romance.
both heroines are called "Ren" and they have similar personalities
This 2 animes kinda remember me of each other even they're really different but bote have allot of action and charackters are very simulair in a way. Very nice 2 watch bote.
reportRecommended by Lyfa - Add to favorites
both are epic adventure stories with lots of characters and similar archetypes.
main characters being led on without fulyl realising it but at the same time not blindly following orders completley. main characters in both are doing what they have to to reach their goals. witchblade is about mother who unknowingly has the worlds strongest weapon permenantly attached to her. And uses the weapon to work for a weapons company so that her daughter will not be taken away
reportRecommended by sw1c - Add to favorites
Both of these series have a male protagonist who awakens a mystical and mysterious girl. They end up having an adventure with them and there is also a romantic development between the male and female protagonist. The male characters are also very similar in their personalities
Both are shounen series that involve contracts, action, magic, and super powers.
While one is an adventurous journey, the other is mostly set at school.
Beware: SNQ has graphic ecchi scenes and bloody violence.
Guy protecting girl from going away ....
reportRecommended by kayze - Add to favorites
I can compare Elemental Gelade and Paradise kiss in their arts style, not in story or whatever..

For me, the character design in Elemental Gelade is clean and pleasant to the eyes, but there's nothing particular about it compared to Paradise Kiss. It's got its charm, though. The swift change from normal to chibi characters feels natural in the context, and you also get to see exaggerated expressions on the characters' faces which is quite normal in anime. They all match their personalities. Seeing Coud does give you an impression of a naive young boy, while Rowen has a mature aura.
There are also some similar things in both anime... They have adventure, comedy and the same kind of characters...
They both have a person who transform into a weapon for the other, it is use in time of battle. Also they both have a love theme, while Loveless have a minor yaoi theme, Elemental Gelade have a boy who crush on a girl. Enemies of the protagonist also have the same powers, human to weapon, in both animes.
the main charcters both go on an adventure in search for something
and i also think the twos personallity are very simular.also the main charcters match up some what. Al and coud, Cisqua and winry, Ed and Rowen you'll notice simularities in the anime. also both of the main characters weapon is a sword that is "attached" to their right arm. both are very nice shonen anime.
in both human make contract with non-human and fight tohether
Both anime are about young (less than 15 years old) boys, traveling a lot with powerfull and supernatural female companion in a fantasy world.
reportRecommended by hajil - Add to favorites
human looking non-humans contracting with humans to gain special powers and are used to fight each other, both have that "stay together" thing, though sekirei is more on the ecchi harem side
Both has a similar feel for me, Both female protagonist are used as weapon.
Both of these shows feel pretty similar, what with their action scenes, similar themes/tones and their plots have a bit in common as well. A high-school age battle couple that has to overcome the fact that one (or both, in SnS) aren't humans, everyone wants to kidnap one of the main characters, and both tend to have a bit of humor from the awkward sexual tension.
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