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Japanese: うぽって!!


Type: ONA
Episodes: 10
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Apr 7, 2012 to Jun 9, 2012
Genres: Action, Comedy, Seinen
Duration: 24 min. per episode
Rating: R - 17+ (violence & profanity)
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The setting for these two anime are very similar, revolving around school-based gun battles. Stella Academy has a slightly lighter feel to it because it doesn't feel as serious because the use of air-soft but the feel of the battle excitement were the same or even better. The focus was on teamwork, tactics and STYLE. On the stylish movie type moves and exciting stunt-like teamwork and tactics.

Besides the gun and school setting the animes also share the humorous feel to it. Moreso I'd say in Stella Academy because of clash of a general view that such air-softers are too hardcore and a bit weird compared to enjoying the excitement of battle. Both Upotte and Stella Academy capitalize on the main characters being girls to make the comedy funny and slice of life in some respects. I also would have to say the characters in Stella Academy seem more funny because the character's interesting personalities and the comedy it creates.

If you enjoyed Upotte!! you'll love this lighter more humorous version with a similar school setting. If you enjoyed Stella Academy, you'll enjoy the familiar focus on combat school events and excitement watching the girls battle each other.
Both anime are about schools that have a particular competitive sport that is achieved through the use of military vehicles and/or weaponry.
Girls and guns are two themes in these two series. Did I mention the comedy, action, and bullets being shot every episode?

Anyways, both of these series contain humor and later action although Upotte focuses more on the comedy side while Strike Witches has an extensive plot with a much more serious story tone.

Both series are fun to watch though.
same concept except the people are guns instead and they are all girls
Young girls using guns, the differences is that 'Gunslinger Girl' is more of a realistic kind of anime with a darker-themed story-line while compared to 'Upotte!!?' which is more of a light-hearted, upbeat, and competitive kind of anime.

Both have the same male teacher to female student arc.

Both male teachers found themselves teaching in some very wierd school and often found themselves getting into all kinds of trouble with the students.


The teacher in one anime has to be wary of one students whom he did something stupid to, while the other has to be wary of all students who were out to kill him except one who always saves his life.

Both have girls with guns fighting, although in Upotte, the girls are guns and in Angel Beats, they are not. Both have some good humor in it, but Angel Beats swings more to the romance side. I highly recommend people who saw Upotte to watch Angel Beats.
Upotte is Busou Shinki on steroids. Both anime features characters that are Humanoid but not Human, and, both anime have the characters to serve and fight.
Both Anime have characters that aspire to become a great 'weapon'
Both have a military theme.

Main characters (female) are physically personified into human form, but are still in actuality weapons. Upotte!!- firearms. Aoki Hagane- naval vessels.

Upotte kind of played off the characters are weapons (Upotte!! tries to pass it self off as more of a high school/slice of life series). Where AHnA fully accepts & uses it to as a plot point (AHnA tells us repeatedly Iona is a submarine & is more willing to accept it's an action/battle/adventure series).

AHnA is only two episodes in at the moment so I'll try to update it further into the series.
Both anime feature female characters involved with guns. Both also have the narrator explaining military stuff.
Girl's fighting with weapon's and a little bit of shoujo ai in it too.

Same male teacher to female student arc.

Same male tecaher who has to watch out for something that involves the female student.


One is more into romance and drama the other is more into comedy.

The teacher in one anime actually is in a relationship with the feamle student, while the other is a mere suggested arc.
Upotte is K-On with guns.
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Both anime are about a group of girls and both have personification.In Kantai Collection it's WW2 ships in Upotte's case are guns.
Both animes are training schools that teaches the students weaponry.
Same genre and art style.
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Same genre and art style.
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Another 4 girl ensemble, although upotte has a more serious tone, (not by much), has a story and the characters have more background, and it has actual action. FNC reminds me alot of Akarin, the way they are. Yuru yuri is more comedy and slice of life than anything, but the characters are all enjoyable and every episode is entertaining. So if you like one, i recommend the other.