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Synonyms: Hyou-ka, Hyouka: You can't escape, Hyou-ka: You can't escape, Hyoka
Japanese: 氷菓


Type: TV
Episodes: 22
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Apr 23, 2012 to Sep 17, 2012
Duration: 25 min. per episode
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older
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Sep 16, 2012
"I don't do anything I don't have to. What I have to do, I do quickly."

For most people, the short years spent in highschool are often the turning point and highlight of their lives; a time filled with introspection and change, where some dreams end and others are born to take their place. On the other hand, there are some who reject this notion and choose to spend their days as uneventfully and routinely as possible, never straying too far from their comfort zone and established lifestyle. After all, why waste the energy on trivial matters?

Oreki Houtarou is one of these individuals.

Set during the read more
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Jun 30, 2013
"I'm curious; I can't stop thinking about it!"

Are you looking for an adrenaline pumping mystery anime about murders,deception, and crime? Are you looking for a mystery anime that has a badass detective? Are you looking for a mystery that will keep you on the edge of your seat? Well look somewhere else. Because Hyouka isn't that kind of anime.

Story-Hyouka revolves around a boy called Oreki Houtarou. An apathetic guy who has little interest in anything or anyone. His life motto is "I don't do anything I don't have to. What I have to do, I do quickly." But when her older sister who lives in read more
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Sep 16, 2012
Alright folks, let's talk some Hyouka. Time to exercise your brains and turn that curiosity light bulb ON.

Hyouka (also the same name of the first volume of the Classic Literature Club that's also a implied term of “Ice Cream”) is an anime series adapted from the mystery novel written by Honobu Yonezawa. The story? Well, if you're curious like a certain purple eyed girl in the series, Hyouka details the Kamiyama High School's Classic Literature Club and its members having fun while solving mysteries and enjoying the time of their boring lives.

It all begins with the unenthusiastic young boy by the name of read more
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Jul 15, 2013
"I'm curious," says Chitanda Eru, and Oreki Houtarou, unable to resist the sparkle in her eyes, knows that once more he has to give up on his lazy ways to help her solve a new everyday mystery.

Hyouka is a series that takes elements of both the mystery and school life genres, mixes them together, and churns out a product that is a very interesting blend of the two. At heart it is very much what you'd expect from a school comedy, from the cast to the plot. The cynical, dry male lead with a sarcastc streak to his inner thoughts and narrating, the airheaded somehow-top-of-her-class read more
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Feb 3, 2014
In retrospect, Hyouka only becomes a greater anime. My initial score was a 9. Now it's probably the most solid 10 I'll ever give.

The series is completely unpretentious and brilliantly executed. I know there are people out there who hate on slice-of-life anime because it's full of manipulative nonsense meant to make the viewer go 'aww'. Hyouka does none of that. Hyouka shows you why, ironically enough, considering the main character, ordinary life can be exciting and energising. That ordinary life, ordinary pleasures, ordinary amounts of logic, thinking, and effort can indeed result in something extraordinary.

The genius in Hyouka lies in its subtlety. The main read more
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Jun 18, 2014
At a first glance, Hyouka seems like an ordinary "slice of life" school anime with romance. In reality, Hyouka transcends the typical cookie cutter archetypes of school-slice of life stories with a great mix of mystery. While this anime can't necessarily be called "mystery" because it does not deal with thefts and murders like the Detective Conan series, it deals much more with "everyday mysteries" - small questions that sometimes need good answers.

I'll save you the summary, but let me say this: Hyouka's story is not only strong and enjoyable but also touching. This anime is a mixture of many emotions: happiness, curiosity, fun, read more
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Jun 12, 2014
Hyouka isn't your typical mystery show with elaborate murders/thefts, or intricate schemes and traps, or intellectual battles of incredible depth. Instead, Hyouka gives us a more relaxed take on the genre, mixing elements of high school life with light mystery cases. These mysteries are better described as unusual circumstances or situations that leave an explanation to be desired. Hyouka follows the activities of the Classics Club, their involvement in various problems and situations, and the daily lives of its members and their relationships. From deciphering the meaning of the word "hyouka" to figuring out why all students who shopped at a certain store were called read more
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Jul 4, 2014
Hyouka involves an "energy-conserving" protagonist in Oreki Houtarou. Put bluntly, he is lazy. He will not do anything unless he has to, and if he has a task to do, he will complete it in a swift, efficient fashion. That is his motto. "If I don't have to do it, I won't. If I have to do it, I'll make it quick" This all changes in his joining of the Classics Club.

The story of Hyouka revolves around the Classics Club and its members--mainly focused around Oreki Houtarou and Chitanda Eru. Chitanda's endless curiosity leads to the demise of his lifestyle, as he is coveted into read more
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Sep 19, 2012
Well, it tried, I'll give it that.

Hyouka, also known as "Hyou-ka: You Can't Escape" is the latest series by acclaimed studio Kyoto Animation, who, despite their huge fanbase, generally produce work of more style than substance. Hyouka unfortunately follows this trend, though superficially it doesn't fit in with the rest of KyoAni's back catalogue very much, as Hyouka is generally very dry in tone.

Hyouka is a mystery series, revolving around four high school students in the Classic Literature Club (an aimless club that happens to end up solving mysteries a lot). The students in question are main character Oreki Houtaro, whom I am about 99% read more
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Nov 6, 2013
''Hyouka: Mystery=Conan? think again!''

Hyouka is really something for me, it's not a complex mysteries shown here but there's lot of curious things to be found here.

Story 10/10
The story revolves around Oreki Hotarou, laid back guy whose notable for it's motto ''i don't do what i don't have to, if have to do, i'll make it quick'', Chitanda Eru, beautiful-energetic-always curious noblewoman, Fukube Satoshi, human wannabe and a walking database, and Mayaka Ibara, baby face but dangerous one- girl. they join the Classic Club and doing lot of fun things, mostly with mystery cases.

Hyouka is really KyoAni style, combination of SOL-School and moe, don't forget about read more
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Yesterday, 9:15 PM
Story: 8 - An engrossing and well-told character piece, but the episodic mystery format may fall flat for some.
Characters: 10 - A likable, dynamic, and nuanced cast with understandable personalities and emotional hang-ups.
Art: 10 - Gorgeously animated and directed, with expressive characters and vibrant backgrounds.
Sound: 7 - Strong first OP and seiyuu performances. Serviceable and appropriate, but largely unremarkable OST. No English Dub(as of this review).
Enjoyment: 9 - A compelling take on the mystery genre with striking technical merits and impressive character-writing.

Full Review:

Understanding people, even yourself, is pretty hard. So it's rather brilliant that Hyouka tackles this conflict using the frame of classic-era read more
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Oct 15, 2013
Ah, Hyouka - a series from KyoAni with a committed fanbase and a committed group of detractors. Both definitely have points, and hopefully I can help those curious about the show to figure out if it's worth their time. I can say I'm definitely glad I watched it now that it's all over, but I can't say that I felt that way the entire time I was watching (enduring at points?) the series. Let me explain: the first few episodes are dull. Just completely and utterly pointless and boring. Some will say that this is to the show's benefit, and I would say these people read more
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Mar 5, 2013
Too lazy to read this review? Yeah I know, just conserving energy.
Drink an energy drink? Yeah I know, too tired to even opening the lid, just conserving energy.

Houtarou Oreki is an energy-conserving boy who avoids non-compulsory activities at all costs. However, he joins his high school’s classical literature club at the request of his sister to keep it from being disbanded. In the club, he befriends a girl with boundless curiosity named Chitanda Eru, whose personality is outwardly the opposite of his. Alongside his friends Satoshi and Mayaka, Oreki finds himself unwittingly dragged into activity by Chitanda’s curiosity as they attempt to solve mysteries in read more
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Jul 24, 2013
(+) Well-done conventional character design. Nothing super exaggerated like the chibi-style in Mahou Shoujo or the large-face huge-eyes in Higurashi.
(+) Good attention to detail as in befitting of a 2013 anime and consistent animation quality as far as I observe.
(+) Some innovative ideas to capture viewer interest like the bizarre floating gears while Oreki(protagonist) is thinking which is somewhat reminiscent of those in OP of Stein's Gate and Chitanda's(main girl) trademark shiny purple eyes and catchphrase "気になります!".
(+) Interesting characters with the coveted 'development' that is so over-hyped on MAL but whatever, it's there. Also very well-timed introduction of characters throughout the series so as read more
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Jun 3, 2013
It's doesn't matter how the sound is, or the quality is in an anime. What matters is how the anime impacted on the viewers. How it leaves an impression for its viewers. And how it leaves the mind lingering in a positive way.

For anyone who is thinking about watching Hyouka. I won't say any spoilers. I hope my review will pique your interest on watching this anime.

Seems pretty common right? 2 guys and 2 girls. Nothing wrong with that. You already know what's going to happen. But that is just only a part of the show. They solve mysteries. YESS Mysteries. Not the boring read more
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Jun 13, 2012
At first, I really wasnt impressed. The characters, especially the two guys, talk as if they are hinting the deeper theme to each episode. That was a little unnecessary. I didn't mind the plot though. The trivialized version of mysteries interested me more than the big mysteries that are either too fake or too unreal. I understand that this might be disappointing for mystery fans, but I feel like hyouka is a breeze that can change the stagnant mystery genre.
I honestly look forward to this a lot each week. I got used to the talkative characters and the lack of character development. There are read more
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May 28, 2012
Ah Hyouka, an anime done by the ever so famous Kyoto Animation. Needless to say, I was excited for this, I really was. Kyoani has generally brought me nothing but enjoyment. Their shows are never anything close to a modern day masterpiece, but they tend to make typical, yet above average anime.

Well, tend to.

First and foremost I am going to say that as far as music, art, and direction go, this anime is top notch. The story and characters are where this falls flat.

This show is plagued with a specific character named Chitanda, a girl who wouldn't know what a real personality read more
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Jan 26, 2014
When my friend asked me what genre Hyouka was, it was a bit difficult to answer at first. I ended up telling him it was mystery, but it really is so much more than that. Hyouka is a story about how four friends who, upon entering high school, join the Classics Club and undergo a series of adventures together. During this time, Houtarou and Satoshi will begin to question their own natures, of which they were so confident beforehand.

Story (9/10):
In essence, Hyouka is a romance veiled by its mystery element. The puzzles that the Classics Club must solve follow a Sherlockian format; all of the read more
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Sep 9, 2013
I've always wanted to see a great anime with alot mystery. Something that would keep my brain thinking and puzzling over things. Well Hyouka did not disappoint. The fact that they solved little or big mysteries without involving something serious was amazing. When an episode ended I would I always just sit there and try to figure it out myself. I also liked how you would figure out what was going to happen or who the culprit was mid episode sometimes. It did get repetitive at some points. Alot of talking and solving. Definitely something I would not recommend to someone if they hated that read more
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Jun 12, 2013
I feel compelled to write a review for this anime since it's just what I wanted for the summer! It's not fast paced nor one of those surreal, fantastical, crazy psych-warfare works but its take on realism, deductive reasoning, and emphasis on the importance of culture and self-discovery makes it really worth checking out.

Hyouka, to me, is all about finding out the life that one wants while living it. As obscure as that may sound, it talks about a few high school kids transforming from being conservative and self-serving (in their own ways) to proactive and reflective. While on the micro-level it explores the life read more
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