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AKB0048 First Stage

AKB0048 First Stage


Type: TV
Episodes: 13
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Apr 29, 2012 to Jul 22, 2012
Genres: Music, Sci-Fi
Duration: 23 min. per episode
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older
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Both are stories about girls becoming idols and all of the challenges they must face. AKB0048 is set in the future and has battle elements while iM@S is contemporary and more realistic.
If you liked either, chances are you'll like the other. Love Live is more of a realistic take, while AKB0048 is like a really silly take on the same subject matter. AKB has idols fighting to save the universe, while Love Live is a lot more like K-On, but with more of a focus on the plot.
The genre for both is "pop idol". However, they both have action and sci-fi added in. Both Anime use bright colors and detailed art work. They also break from the norm.
Both animes use music, singers and idols as a way to fight in the world that they are living in, whether it is to survive or for power/hope.
The main characters in Aikatsu and AKB0048 happen to have spunky, cheerful personalities. A friend happens to introduce them to the world of idols and they start on their own journey to become an idol, growing as a person as they do. The styles are different, but the outfits in both series are designed in a nice manner. One of the great things is that both shows vary from the idol genre in ways one wouldn't expect, one being also of the card game genre and the other a sci-fi. The music for both series is also beautiful and the wide cast of characters means one is likely to find at least one character they like.
Both of these Anime have parts of the animation that has bright colors and other times it gets dark but still maintains those bright colors. Both Anime are also about fighting for ones dreams and finding out a big secret.
They both have to do with music and idol groups, but their are a few differences. AKB0048 is set in the future where entertainment is banned and the group known as "AKB0048" put on guerrilla concerts for their fans. It is also an all girl group. On the other hand Uta no Prince is set in modern day with an all male group who songs are written by a single girl, and it just goes through their everyday lives. All and all they both have to do with music and idol groups. 100% recommend them both!! xx
Both Anime take their genre and make it darker then what we normally get, one being "pop idol" and the other being "magical girl". Both have a devirce cast of characters and a story line that draws people in and makes one fall in love with the characters. The designs are also very detailed.
both telling about the lives of a group of women, the story of the music, is also about achieving success in terms of music..
Both anime have the genres sci-fi and mecha. In my opinion, the art styles and the whole fighting scenario are similar. However, if you liked the harem situation in Date A Live, AKB is not the anime for you. Similarly, if you liked the music in AKB, Date A Live is not for you. But they are similar in that the plots center around people being impacted by others, for example space quakes in Date A Live and music being banned in AKB. But in my opinion, AKB is more dismal and more sci-fi orientated.
both have to do with music, except that AKB0048 is all about just girls singing and fighting while Uta no Prince-sama Maji Love 2000% is abou guys singing songs a girl wrote.
Both shows feature a large, all-female cast of main characters that fight the bad guys to save the day! Both are also pretty dramatic (sometimes a little over the top, and not very subtle), and both have some very nice character designs and smooth animation.
Both are anime that are about an idol by the same name. Both anime also have supernatural elements — in Fran♥cesca there is zombies, in AKB0048 there is more sci-fi elements like space travel and robotics.

Differences are one is more comedic while the other is more sci-fi.
Both are about girls trying to become idols.

I-1 girls, the rival group to Wake Up, Girls! is also a parody of AKB48.
reportRecommended by Jruru - Add to favorites
Both are about FIGHTING THE POWER with the power of music.
Kind of similar plot, only Wake Up, Girls! is set in a current time and there no sci-fi. AKB0048 has more drama, mystery, and sci-fi. Both feature a several girls auditioning for an idol group and their lives as they try to become idols.
[include "AKB0048 seccond stage" here]Both take place in a universe where the media and entertainment have been banned, and the main characters are ought to fight and protect it. Thought in one is n actual military corp defending books and general media and in the other is an idol space opera defending entertainment as a whole, the similarities in plot are quite obvious (i wonder how anyone realized this before).
Cute 3D-animated girls are dancing.
Both are stories of becoming a star during hard training.
reportRecommended by SUPED - Add to favorites
Both feature females as main characters, both story lines strongly involves sci-fi and space elements. There is like the same amount of drama and action in both series although you can find comedy a bit more often in Mouretsu Pirates and a bit more drama on AKB0048.
Neither one of them follows the "omnipotent character-world belongs to me" formula (i.e. Bleach where nobody can do a usefull thing without K. Ichigo or Evangelion where Shinji is the only one or etc.) instead, the main and their team growns together and the burden of the plot falls on the main character and their team almost equally.
You'll just find yourself weirdly and helplessly attracted to the anime although both may sound stupid at first.

With that said, the magnet ability of AKB0048 is definitely higher than Girls and Panzer though.
Cute girls who dance and sing! Just like AKB0048 I recommend this it's so good!! There dreams of becoming a star they train their best like what AKB0048 members and understudies did!!
Macross: DYRL, and the Macross saga as a hole is "father" show to AKB in many many ways. Apart from sharing key staff, the concept of saving the universe through song, and idols, while robots battle was pioneered by Macross. Macross is where it all began, and this movie is the distillation of that universe.

If you liked AKB, you owe it to yourself to watch this movie.

reportRecommended by JonGC - Add to favorites
AKB0048 is girls becoming idols.
Koe de Oshigoto is a girl becoming seiyuu.
The atmoshphere is similiar but Koe de Oshigoto is more ecchi.
If you really liked the drama and stage part of AKB0048 then Glass Mask is where you probably want to go. Glass Mask is about a young girl Maya who has a great knack for acting. A former actress Chigusa comes across the less than well off Maya and decided to take her under her wing training her to take on the epic role of The Scarlet Angel. But you could read about that on your own.

Why should you give Glass Mask a chance? It looks weird. Kinda old but kinda new at the same time. Well this anime based on the 70's manga doesn't give you that dated feeling and at the same time doesn't change the core drama of the story.

Glass Mask deals with the drama of the stage, the drama of becoming an actress. It also has a plus which is in the rival aspect. Maya's rise to becoming an actress is fueled by her rival Ayumi. It becomes the ultimate story of nature versus nurture.

A classic shojo title that is brilliant and stays with you even after you complete it.
Both of these Anime groups revolve around idol groups that have some sort of next generation concept to them. AKB0048 is about succeeding the former generation while the girls in Lovedol try to be the next successful group in the Lovedol franchise.
Girls can pack a punch too, compared to the many sci-fi where it's the guys packing the punch. Bright colors, Gothic under tone, intricate details in the design and lovable characters.
Both Anime involve singing and finding ones voice. Not to mention there is plenty of action. The designs are all intricate and have wonderful designs to all the clothing styles.
Both Anime are about women who do great things through what can be called an idol career. It is also about remembering the past with fondness so to speak.
Even though the two series are of completely different genres, both series are uniquely focused on characters aiming to become idols. In addition, both series do tend to exaggerate greatly. Whereas AKB0048 is set in a pseudo-futuristic setting, Kirarin is set in a more realistic settings. Kirarin is first of all aimed towards a younger shoujo demographic and more children-friendly. The setting and plot are more comedy oriented. However, the songs are definitely not as professional as the ones performed by AKB48. On the other hand, AKB0048 is aimed towards the AKB48 fans and general otaku culture. The soundtrack of AKB0048 is based on past AKB48 songs and the animation quality is much more modern. Overall, both series are only suggested to people interested in idol characters. Personally, neither of the series can be considered very good. People who really want to see interesting plot should watch/read Skip Beat and many other great series.
While I know some people may disagree with me on this, both Anime feature females outside of how we normally see them in story lines. By this I don't mean outside of roles that are historically accurate for various time periods, but the stereotypes one normally finds in story lines.

The art work is also very detailed and the Anime is action packed and has a dark story line that progressivly grows darker. There is an interesting cast of characters that the reviewer can fall in love with or simply not like. As AKB0048 puts it, each idol has their fans, but they also have their haters.
Who is oneself? Both Anime explore this concept in different ways. Should one conform to what people expect from your outward appearance or should one be oneself. Both Anime featured detailed designs and a great cast of characters. Not to mention girls can be girly while being strong in their own way at the same time.
The main character sets out to fulfill their dreams despite the fact there are things set out against them. The art style has quite a bit of detail in both Anime and they both have their humor and serious points, not to mention fight scenes.
Made mostly by same people, it features idols and intense mecha action and has really similar feeling to it.
About a group of girls who want to be in a 'band/project' and it's both in the future.
Idols and war machines.
Singing idols helping each other out. I don't know what more to say than that. LOL
It is the girls who kick butt and save the day. Both Anime aired within a year of each other and have a lot of bright colors and intricate designs. The theme of friendship is also nice
Both are about a group that wants to become famous in the music scene. Both are also set in a technologically advanced world with mixed sci-fi and fantasy elements as well. They also feature great upbeat music in each episode. Cute, lively, comical, sparkly, and motivational in some ways, watching these two will definitely leave a smile on your face :)
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