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Fruits Basket

Fruits Basket

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English: Fruits Basket
Synonyms: Furuba
Japanese: フルーツバスケット


Type: TV
Episodes: 26
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Jul 5, 2001 to Dec 27, 2001
Duration: 24 min. per episode
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older
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Both anime center around a lovable girl who is surrounded by a bunch of bishies (hot guys). Both also has a lot of sweet and comedic moments that will tug at your heartstring and make you laugh out loud. All in all, both are great anime with a list of characters that you can't possibly hate.
A Girl That Has Lost Everything (Family And Home) And Has No Friends From The Beginning. Later She Finds A New Home With Special Beings. And I Guess Both Are Heart Warming Stories.
Both their stories are driven by their own unique concept of magic.
Both of the main characters are extremely optimistic people.
Both series contain some romance.
Both series are somewhat funny slice-of-life anime with drama sprinkled around.
Both have some fantasy elements with them.
The characters in VK and Fruits Basket seem similar.

Both Tohru and Yuuki start out innocent to what's really going on around them, but as the storyline unfolds, both are determined to do whatever they can to help with the situation. (Both characters also have the same voice actor.)

Also, Kyo and Zero both have the anti-social, trying to be a tough guy and deal with my problems all by myself thing going on.
It isn't that much similar to Fruits Basket, but the main characters in Clannad remind me of the characters in Fruits Basket.
They are both shoujo titles based off very popular manga with one girl and two good looking guys. However Skip Beat has a more atypical shoujo lead, in a good way -- it's a refreshing breathe in the monotone repetitive world that is shoujo. Fruits Basket, though, has more interesting characters (other than the main female lead).
Both have great characters and story, each keeps you wanting for more. watching those series made me read the manga of each because both don't really "end" where they should. even if they are shojo i recommend them to anyone
Both series have somehow a strong zodiac-related theme in the story.
Fruits Basket introduce characters as part of the Chinese Zodiac, while Starry Sky introduce characters representing each of the Zodiac Star Sign.
Is quite interesting seeing once again an anime facing this special thing which is the zodiac.

Still, both anime are shoujo genre and reverse harem: a main lead girl surrounded by handsome amazing boys.

And both series share a very sweet atmosphere ♥
If you liked one of those, i highly advice to watch the other too ;3
If you like comedy and school, you might like School Rumble... It's a story about school life and their idiotic romance - really funny!
While Kimi Ni Todoke is more "slice of life" and less fantasy than Fruits Basket, they have a similar feel. The protagonist is a girl who is very sweet, and her kindness (or some might say naivety) touches the hearts of the people around her. Furuba is a little bit sillier; KimiTo toes the line on being a bit too saccharine. Tohru and Sadako both have two good girlfriends who are somewhat of social outcasts; Arisa and Chizu are VERY similar characters. Both series have a pretty soft color palette, although personally I think the art in KimiTo is a bit better. If you liked the cute, romantic side of Furuba, you'll love KimiTo.
Both animes have people in who are "cursed" into changing into other things (such as animals)... in Ranma 1/2 the cause is cold water in Fruits Basket the cause is being hugged by the opposite sex.
Both Shugo Chara! and Fruits Basket have a lot of comedy based upon characters making unusual transformations, but I think the biggest similiarity is in their characters. The heroine finds herself getting involved with two boys; one known at school as a prince, and the other identified as a cat. The "cat" also has a possessive relative who has romantic feelings for him.

Overall, I think if you enjoyed the light-heartedness and romance of Fruits Basket, Shugo Chara! is probably a good series to check out (both anime and manga). They also both touch upon heavy emotional themes, such as being true to one's self.
Well for starters I love Kyo from FB and the guy from KwM looks similar. There's romance and light humor. ^_^ Same good romantic feeling.
The thing that makes these truly similar is that the main character is a girl, surrounded by guys who she helps get through various difficulties. In fruits basket, Tohru helps them get through the emotional problems related to the Chinese Zodiac transformations; whereas in Saiunkoku Monogatari Shuurei helps the Emperor and those in the government work through their various problems. Once you've gotten to about episode 11 in Saiunkoku Monogatari and almost anywhere in Fruits Basket, you can REALLY see how they're similar.
reportRecommended by isss - Add to favorites
I consider Kodocha the sister show to Fruits Basket.

It has the same Japanese director and English dubbing company.
Voice actor ( Fruits Basket / Kodocha)
Laura Bailey (Tohru Honda / Sana Kurata)
Jerry Jewell (Kyo Sohma / Akito Hayama)
John Burgmeier (Shigure Sohma / Rei Sagami)

reportRecommended by Angus - Add to favorites
These two just seem so much alike O_O Hmm Shogo family instead of sohma family? Mahiro is like kyo with the short temper and charismatic personality, bunch of weird good looking men trying to protect one naive innocent girl? Same art an feeling I think x3
Both are very popular titles. Furuba has some serious moments and comedy.
Beyond the superficial silliness lies a dark past. The elements of magic, which are hereditary and involve transformations, play second fiddle to the relationships between the characters. There is romance in the air. All the male characters are bishounen.
Both about a girl who's life isn't the greatest, but they don't seem to be sad.
Fruits Basket and Gingitsune involve a modern-life setting mixed with presence supernatural beings. The main female characters get involved with these beings as they come to understand them.

The atmospheres of both series are similar and involve character relationships. Fruits Basket adds a taste of romance to its story, while Gingitsune generally maintains a slice-of-life tone. There is drama, comedy, and sometimes more emotions that come to surface.

The settings of both series are also similar.
In Fruits Basket Tohru Honda live with Yuki Sohma and his family, while Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge, Sunako Nakahara is sent by her aunt to live in an extravagant mansion with four ridiculously handsome boys.
Both start as comedies with a lot of fun until an unexpected turn of events which leads to drama and near the end somehow it becomes darker. Both have a naive goody goody protagonist that ends up befriending people who are in a supernatural situation[shinigami/cursed family]. Both have extremely cliche situations but extremely well executed. Amazing ost and voice actors.
Both have a lovely character that can turn into a bunny[Meroko/Momiji] and another one who can turn into an impulsive cat[Takuto/Kyo]. Both animes try to give you life lessons (the power of love, friendship, family, bonds etc).
it has the same sort of opening song and its about romance triangle
Both are romantic comedies and i really enjoyed each of the them. The main characters are both hard working girls who never give up. The main character Hikari in Special A, is similar to Tohru in that matter. Not only that, but they are continously wishing to make people other than themselves, happy. A major difference, however, is Hikari can't cook for crap, while Tohru is a fairly talented cook. Please don't let this fact sway youre decision. :)
In terms of appearance, there isn't much similarities but both plot has substance in them that is unmistakably heartwarming. Fruits Basket (or Fruba) is just one of those anime that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy and empathize with a lot of it's characters. Natsume has that kind of feel too, a sense of calm like your actually watching straight from your eyes and not from the screen. Comparing soundtracks, both are pretty neat, it's very pleasant to hear. Another thing that is pretty similar to both anime is the main lead's way of thinking, like, moving in to a new house with strangers and feeling a sense of acceptance, taking everything what life throws at them and being able to stand back up again and also handling the supernatural around them and learning to accept them as who they are. Both anime, in my opinion, are very excellent, but for those who can't stand slow paced stories (like Mushishi-pacing), I think it's still worth a try.
lovely complex and fruit basket has both a lot of their own magic but you can find similltary between them, in the humar department, they both would knock you out to the floor in several moments. although LC hasn't finished yet, i cant find it dropping it's quality an time soon. i would like more and more from both of them :)
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Both female main characters get mixed up in the troubles of supernatural people/beings, while at the same time have to confront their inner troubles and discover who they really are, and what they are meant to do.

Both strike a balance between serious themes and light-hearted comedy, but never smother you in either.
Though Zombie Loan and Fruits Basket are different in several ways, they are also similar, in several ways. Take the Characters for example. Yuuta, is like Momiji, Shita, is like Yuki, and Chika is like Kyo. Not to mention the main characters are females that are sorounded by guys. Both of these animes also go through a crisis situation at the end that seemed very similar to me. So these animes are mostly similar with characters, situations, and they both have the female charcters sorounded by guys.
Somehow when I was watching La Corda, it gave me Fruits Basket vibes. I guess it's the pace of the storytelling and the kind of mystery behind certain characters that made me feel nostalgic (I watched Fruits Basket when I was 12 or 13). You could call both the series reverse harem too.
Drama, love and supernatural are prominent in both (though Fruits Basket is the more light-hearted of the two). Need I say more?
Main girl character reminds me of Tohru Honda.
The other characters seem to have animal forms like in Fruit Basket.
They both start out with simple girls. They both are then surrounded by boys who help them through troubles or special powers with secrets.
it gives you the same happy and sometimes serious feel to it. it is funny and sad at some parts( not quite as sad as fruits basket ) and leaves you with a good feeling
Has an overall good feel, though does delve into dark and misterious pasts and scenes to give a deeper story that makes you wonder if theres more than meets the eye.
Although there's really no similarities [storywise] between the two shows (other than they're both technically slice of life comedy dramas), they both have the same look and feel to them. They're both heartwarming, and have a great deal of development in both the main and side characters.

If you liked Aishiteruze Baby then you'll like Fruits Basket.
Both are reverse harem, Have a shyish main character {not sure the main character from fruits basket is as shy} and great art style well ok art is probably not the best example to give. But one has more to do with curses and the other is or has to do with Amnesia like the title says.

Most it has in common is Both are reverse harem
Shoujo romance anime..female lead with multiple love interests..
The main character is loved by two other guys
Slice of life drama, has both comedy and sad stories. It can make you laugh one moment and cry the next.
Both have a female lead who's home, for whatever reason, becomes unlivable and she ends up living with the male lead/leads.
Both of these Anime are sweet and light hearted for the most part. They also have a main character who is naive and innocent.
Angelique and Tohru both live in house surrounded by bishounen.
Other similarities are that they are both oprhane and have the same disere of making people happy and protecting them.
They care about others...
Also Rayne and Kyo have the same attitude towards the protagonist at the begining and very similar personlatities.
The two anime also have fantasy, althought Neo Angelique Abyss has more than Fruits Basket.
Both protagonists in these series are really similar, both Tohru and Kokoro are innocent and enjoy helping others, their expression is also similar. Apart form that both series deal about how the protagonist lives her every day life and have slight drama.
-Both main character lives off and takes care of the home and everything while the parents aren't home

-Both main character, nobody knows what the main character's life is really like, and thought they lived a really great lifestyle

-Both main character meets a sweet guy

-Both main character finds out the guy they meet turned out not to be the person they truly thought they were

-Both main characters and the guy made an agreement to never tell anybody about their secret

-Both animes are typical cute romantic shoujo school life animes that you will enjoy!
Makoto looks like Tohru, and there's some other things, but I would spoil it if I told.
Both the female main character causes trouble for the male, but the difference is in Mamotte Shugogetten the girl lives in the house of a boy and in Fruits Basket the girl lives in a house with three boys because of some unexpected happenings. Fruits Basket is better, honestly.
The two anime is abut : Love , Friendship , School life ,and the main girl is adorable and cute and Very Very Innocent .
Ok, so people might think, "what?!" about this recommendation but the major theme of having a really strong, kind, caring main character is similar between these two shows. As well as that the main character is emotionally helping other characters that have problems fitting into the world due to their gifts/curses.
reportRecommended by Oogie - Add to favorites
Over the whole series, you learn more about each main character and find out about their personality disorders...
Technically, the two shows are quite different. I thought that they were most alike with their humor. There's quite alot of quirky slapstick comedy mixed in with a bit of drama and romance (mostly with the supporting characters in Fruits Basket). I found both shows very enjoyable and extremely easy to watch.
The main story of each is about one character's problem and how another attempts to break down the walls that character builds to protect himself/herself. These stories also have important subplots with strong supporting characters. To me the main point of these stories is not so much "romance" as it is the process the various characters go through to make friends, help each other, and discover themselves.
First of all both Tohru and Yune are really similar. They are hardworking, carrying, stubborn, etc... Apart from that both of them live in house with men where they do house chores. Also Claude is really similar to Kyo in the way he behaves towards Yune, being cold at first and then finally accepting her in a rather shy way.
Both feature main characters who are extremely kind-hearted and naive, with only the best intentions for everyone. Also they are both comedies with romance, though Fruits Basket gets a lot more serious and romantic than Chuu Bra!!
A girl helps a cursed character while she makes new friends, both also can get pretty sad and are made in the early 2000's
Its about a girl who is surrounded my men who seem to care about her a lot. But the girl in Diabolik is a pushover and lets all the men push her around. In Fruits Basket she learns to speak up for what she wants and gos and gets it.
Almost identical. Both are about humans and people who can turn into different animals. Though, as of episode 8 of Mikakunin de Shinkoukei there are only 4 non-humans the female lead knows, while in Fruits Basket the female lead knows there are many non-humans that can turn into each animal of the zodiac. Also, in Mikakunin de Shinkoukei the Male lead is engaged to the female lead, while in Fruits Basket the female lead meets the Male lead family by chance. Both are comedic, romantic, and light (not counting the last episode, or two of Fruits Basket).
Easy-going series but with a lesson to learn. Very watch-worthy.
Both light and romantic comedies, they will please shojo fans immensely
In Fruits basket and Glasslip the Main girls (Touko&Torhu) always have a smile on their face and bring everyone together, they both have 2 bestfriends that are like sisters to them, also both Girls have 2 (guy) friends that hate each other and one of them likes her.(If you thought Yuki does read the Manga or the reviews.) In both animes supernatural things happen but focus more on comedy and then work on romance in the end.
These two are similar as they deal with a normal female main character who gets pulled into the supernatural world by god-like male characters. There's romance and humor. Both enjoyable watches
I know this may sound insane, but they are similar.
Both anime attempt to make a change in the watcher, or to teach you something. They have different animation types. They are both also great stories!
Somehow to me Fruits Basket is similar to Hana Yori Dango as Kyo in fruits basket attitude at first was quite similar to Domyouji,Tsukasa then later both fall for Tohru/Makino Tsukishi
they are similar b/c they both have some fantasy in them
-Reverse Harem

-The main character, Ema (or Chi), acts a lot like Tohru Honda. They're both soft spoken and very polite. They try their hardest to be on their best behaviors and are always kind to those around them even if treated poorly.

-Not only are the main characters similar, but the story is similar. It's about a girl moving in with a strange, new family. There are many possibilities and different experiences that the two main characters face in this new household.
Both feature main characters who are extremely kind-hearted and naive, with only the best intentions for everyone. Also they are both comedies and cute, though Fruits Basket gets a lot more serious and but idk if its Cuter than Then ichigo mashimaro
Both of these shows are quite enjoyable, they also both contain a light hearted story with the exception of parts of fruits basket. i believe that if you enjoyed fruits basket then you would also enjoy lucky star and vice versa
Both families have been born into a cursed fate.
Both have super hot guys that turn into fluffy animals!!!! Also, Nozomi and Tohru are similar characters but Nozomi is a bit more hyper, but she is younger than Tohru. The storylines are not that similar, so if you are a fruits basket fan and you like magical girls, try Yes! Precure 5. If you are a fan of Yes! you should watch fruits basket even though it is not magical girl, it is still fantasy.
In both anime the protagonist says things about life value in each episode. And they are both slice of life and very calm.
There are some similarites between the two. Hotarubi No Mori e also deals with supernaturall subjects. (Spirits and stuff)

But mostly because both of them deal with touching. In Hotarubi no Mori e if you touch Gin the spirit he'll disappear.

In fruits basket if you hug they turn into one of the Chinese Zodiac animals.

And it may be just me but Yuki and Gin seem a bit alike with there coloring and calmness.
If you love school romance drama and this anime is for you.
and both are definitely worth watching!
Main character likes to stick her nose in everyone else's business. Family has abilities based on Tarot cards/Zodiac Signs. Am I the only one who sees the similarities?
The plots may be different, but the characters' traits are pretty much the same. Tohru in Fruits Basket is given a choice of two guys, Kyo, the hot-tempered one or Yuki, "Prince Charming". Nina in Mamotte Lollipop is also given a choice, Zero, the one who always makes fun of Nina, and Ichi, the sweet, caring one. In Fruits Basket, Kagura is in love with Kyo and is supposedly his fiance. In Mamotte Lollipop, Kuku is in love with Zero and is also his supposed fiance. Fruits Basket may focus on the Chinese Zodiac, but Mamotte Lollipop also has something to do with fantasy. There are big differences in the two, but the characters have major similarities.
Like the main character of Fruit Basket, the girls in Lovedol are trying to live out their dreams. While for them it is to make it through to become singing idols and she wants to get through high school, they still have high hopes. One of the girls from Lovedol has a not so good life too.
has a good taste of drama
Both Trigun and Fruits Basket begin with much humor and get more dramatic as they go along. The hero in Trigun, Vash, is much more goofy than Yuki or Kyo, but was also cursed from birth except he was cursed with "what" he is. You'll understand that if you watch the show. If you like humor, action, drama, meaningful... and did I mention humorous animes, you will love both Trigun and Fruits Basket.
"Why would this cute guy pick me?" Both heroines think of themselves in terms of not being like the girls you would think the guy or guys they hang out with would want to hang out with. Soft and fluffy story line too.
At first these two seem to have nothing is common but actually, when you get down to watching it, the same feel-good, world-is-ok feeling washes over you in a summery warm cloud. Probably something to do with the slightly similar heroines of Ichigo and Tohru. Give it a try!
Both of these shows are cute anime series about animals that become humans and you find out more about them as the series goes on.
Both are heart warming stories that deal with the daily lives of teenagers and an occurring supernatural event. Both have a clumsy naive goody goody heroine, and some very sad moments. Also the main group is a group of friends who has a goal (in FB is to end the zodiac curse and in AnoHana is return Menma to Heaven).
The main characters must keep the strange, unlikely secrets of characters that had previously been strangers and in doing so become closer to them; romantic comedy with fighting ensues.
If you like a sweet, kind story that has a bit of magic, a bit of romance, a bit of comedy and good art, check out either one of these two - they are great
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Fruits Basket is full of hilarious, over-the-top humor as well as touching stories and a bit of fantasy. It consists of a very funny cast like Azumanga Daioh. The two anime will equally warm your heart, as well as split your sides with laughter.
Both stories have an incredibly similar feeling and led by a main character with great courage and virtue. The most significant similarity is that both series contain individual characters that you will fall in love with for their unique and dynamic personalities.
Thoru and Fuura are really similar, and both are very funny
reportRecommended by Lyle - Add to favorites
both arecomedy and gets serious/dark. they both have value you can apply to life in general.
If you enjoyed the drama in fruits basket,you'll love the heart wrenching, tear jerking episodes in Kanon. I saw only the remake - Kanon (2006), shall reserve comment for unwatched original Kanon 2002.
The main heroines of both animes are similar: a sweet, good-natured orphan who bravely struggles with life and then meets some guys who come to take care of her (and the other way round). Ghost Hunt also contains a series of ghost myseries the main characters have to solve.
Both series story revolves around Chinese Zodiac.
Both main characters are very nice, well-loved by all others, and have a beloved person passed away, who had taught them many things in life. Both are gentle and funny in theme. And they bring us very similar mood.
reportRecommended by yomu - Add to favorites
If you liked shugo chara, you WILL like fruits basket.It also has the same sort of shoujo thing going on and its also got a supernatural twist and its extremally funny!

Dont call me crazy but u would match these characters up for there postion and not personality

Ikuto-Kyo There both the much loved boy in the anime series (my opinion)
Tadase-Yuki There both the apparent popular in school but that isnt what they chose for it to be
Also both ikuto & tadase fight and yuki & kyo fight
Amu-Tohru Both are the heroine of the story and are both cute and clumsy!

Both have romance and kinda similar characters.
Explores the relation between people very well..
The characters are lovable and the story is hilarious, but it does become more serious and dark later on. Both 10/10.
tenma reminds me and kinda sorta looks like kyo
and akane is like tohru
I was constantly thinking of Fruits Basket themes when watching Ookami Kodomo and both series both share a similar plot with how the children turn into animals. The themes of dealing with a possessed child as a parent, the struggles of growing up, finding love, living in society, succumbing to animal instincts and using it as an advantage, and generally the paths of living as someone who transforms all made me compare it back to Fruits Basket which explores it to an even deeper level than Ookami Kodomo does. Of course, the animal aspect of both stories are used as an overlying premise to the story and the real thing that makes both these series so good is with the themes, emotions and characters.
Both are pretty cheery and warm comedy shows with a sort of 60's-sitcom feeling to them.
It's just that both heroines happens to live in the same house with the guy that they like...hehehe
The characters in each series have similar outlooks on life, whether it's Tohru and Misuzu's opptimism, or Kyo and Yukito's pessimism, or Shigure and Haruko's general irresponsibility as a guardian. Both have themes of life, love, friendship, hurt, comfort, but most of all what it means to be part of a family.
And as an extra, the English dubs also share a couple of the voice actors.
They both have that sad feeling at the end that makes you wish it could just continue. Plus, they make you fell fufilled when you do finish even if you do wish for more. Both are also great animes!! I love them and I am positive you will too!!
in both animes there are two boys one who is really nice on the outside and one who is nice but is stubborn and ruff on the outside and in both animes the girl had nothing to do with either of the boys and didnt really get anything but eventually becomes friends with them and becoming part of ther world
Romance, Comedy, Action. Lovable characters. They are both similar in that aspect. Love em!! Give it a try, you won't regret it.

So overall witty and lovable characters, great stories, nice artwork..
They are both cute, crazy animes...they are all worth watching. These animes are suitable for all ages
If you are satisfied after watching fruits basket, then Gakuen Heaven will also give you satisfaction.They are both pleasant, funny and great to watch.These animes are suitable for all ages .And believe me watching both anime will be a great experience.
The emotional scenes in gakuen heaven are less compared to fruits basket. Gakuen heaven is an amazing boys x boys cute and beautiful anime.The story of gakuen heaven is more simple than fruits basket, but both anime are similar in their ability to show a certain type of innocence.
Gakuen heaven is a boys X boys anime ...great story.The art is beautiful and bright and there are tons of bishonen to boot.Funny being the keyword, the slash is really teasing you, but there is hardly any real action going on except for that kiss and the hugs. However, the relationship of the main paring is very nicely built.
Both Watanuki and Tohru are very good at cooking and get famous around the spiritual world:) And both anime take a lot from japanese tradition - in FB the concept of zodiac and in Holic almost all the unnatural things that happen:)
The slice of life factors, along with the Romantic-Comedic, Its a great anime comparing to FB
A kind-hearted girl meets out-of-the-ordinary boy and family, and helps them. Focuses on relationships and love story more than Inuyasha, but also shorter! And with better character development. (as will all anime, the manga is better, but only slightly different, I suggest to read Fruit Baskets manga starting about ch 31 where the anime leaves off).
they bolth are cute and realy good for young kids that like animals
Fruits Basket and Damekko Doubutsu both have very similar characters. As well they both have animals, but Dameko is different, it's a sterotype of an anime character given to an animal. Just by watching the first few episodes you can see the resemblance between the characters like Ushara is to Kyo and the unicorn to Ayame. Also, the art style and humor is very similar. However Damekko doesn't really have a big plot but instead just the parody of characters.
Both series involve the main character being thrown into a house with strange characters. Both series are warm and heartfelt and if you're looking for another cute and fluffy series with a bit of a dark twist added in, this is a good one to check out.
Yuki fan club is basical in this for kujyou-kun, Also the girl in this has lost her family like Tohru. The two have a few similar cross lines though Kamichama is a little on the cuter side. where as Fruits basket is has a very dark underlying plot.
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