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Oda Nobuna no Yabou

Alternative Titles

English: The Ambition of Oda Nobuna
Japanese: 織田信奈の野望


Type: TV
Episodes: 12
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Jul 9, 2012 to Sep 24, 2012
Premiered: Summer 2012
Broadcast: Unknown
Source: Light novel
Duration: 24 min. per ep.
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older
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Aug 5, 2012
When you look at the cover Oda Nobuna no Yabou, you would immediately think "oh, its just another cliche harem series", I wouldn't blame you if you did as it does look like one and I myself thought of it as one, but when you actually watch it you realize that there is simply more to it than that, its definitely not a tasteless cliche and although it has many female characters, it doesn't present itself as a stereotypical harem where they are all attracted to the male lead.

I won't bother with the introductions because I know you are smart enough to have read the read more
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Aug 8, 2015
This anime was a big surprise for me, first of was because i saw this was a harem and i don't mind harem but i have seen a lot of them and i thought this was going to be like the other ones, and i was really wrong in a way, second was because i didn't thought they were going to focus on the story and just in the girls but they made a great job focusing on both.

Well, the story was great, it follows 17-year-old high schooler Sagara Yoshiharu who one day time-travels to the Sengoku period, and that is the why i didn't read more
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Apr 23, 2015
The anime is about Sagara Yoshiharu, who travels back into the Sengoku era where feudal lords fight among each other to expand their territory and to inch their way into conquering Japan. The anime opens with our main, Sagara, trapped in a battle field. He meets the leader of the Oda clan, Oda Nobunaga. No, wait. He is shocked to discover that the man who unified Japan is actually a young tsundere blonde. She’s not Oda Nobunaga; she is Oda Nobuna. Sagara then decides to serve under Oda Nobuna and using his knowledge of playing video games about his conquest, he has proved to be read more
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Mar 18, 2015
When I read the synopsis without thinking much, the first thing that came to my mind was that all the characters in the anime, except for the protagonist, were females. I was wrong.

Story: 9/10

A story based on Japanese History, which actually entertained me and educated me a bit, mainly because I have Japanese classes. It wasn't boring, it didn't drag out that much and if it did, it would be fan-service/some comedy skit added into that. If I were to give a score on originality about the type of story being used in the anime, I'd give it a 9 but if I based it read more
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Nov 1, 2014
Unlike the other review, I'm just going to start off with why I graded them ( ).

Story 9/10

Main Male Lead, Sagara Yoshiharu, has been nicknamed by Oda Nobunaga ' Monkey ' or ' Saru '. No, I'm sorry. Main Male Lead, Sagara Yoshiharu, has been nicknamed by Oda Nobuna ' Monkey ' or ' Saru '. This anime is a historical, romantic and comedy with a large change of physical looks from the normal history (Gender swap). Plot twists are quite unpredictable. Main Female Lead, Oda Nobuna, is a blonde. I repeat. A blonde. I was quite surprised considering Oda Nobunaga had black read more
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Jun 5, 2015
My god, Oda Nobuna no Yabou, what can i say about this anime ?

I feel so ashamed that i judged this show by its cover. I thought it was just another ecchi-harem anime with lots of girls while it wasn't.

Well it actually is one of the most exciting history lesson i've ever taken in my life. I always love history and very interested in Japan history. While you may say it's not very accurate because every characters are girls for some reasons (moe?), it makes this show much easier to watch and we can learn exact what happened in history through the progress of the read more
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Aug 12, 2013
As many have already said, at first glance this show appears to be just mostly your standard harem rom-com, however I was quite surprised when it turned out to be more of a reverse-harem, especially since most of the cast consist of females.

Story: (7 / 10)
While the story itself isn’t really anything amazing, it well managed to keep me interested enough to finish watching the series. Throughout the show we basically deal with the different tasks Oda Nobuna has to do, or rather what tasks she has for the main character, Yoshiharu. It is an “historical” anime, but since I don’t know much at all read more
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Aug 2, 2015
Oh, where do I begin.
I don´t know how I didn´t knew this anime existed before yesterday.

At first I thought this would be a strange rom-harem thing with historical in it, ant turned out to be more less that but more like a historiacal with rom/harem in it, but no so much harem taking into account that the MC made more less a desition.

There are some things that I found rather enjoyable from this series:

1)The characters. I think the MC was spot on: not too much of a pervert, not too overconfident or doubtfull, and not a simple plot device that spoiled the whole war read more
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Jul 31, 2015
After watching Oda Nobuna , at first glance it look like it was going be another harem anime and very boring to watch . However i was definitely wrong , not only does anime have a good story ,it makes you want for more . Those who want learn little more about Sengoku period are in for a treat . Though music and art are pretty average . The story and characters make up for it . Especially for those who live outside japan , you can learn something from watching this . On top that the dub of this anime read more
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Dec 2, 2014
I love history. I love anime. Combining both of them is like winning a million dollars and the girl (or guy) of your dreams. In other words, it's heaven. Now, when I first started this show, I was a bit reluctant. There are two ways to go about making a historical anime, let alone one that has romance in there as well. The first is to make it as historically accurate as possible. The result of this of course is potentially boring your viewers to death. The second way is to make a parody of history, in which case you risk offending your viewers. The read more
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Feb 11, 2013
Just a little note before I start, this is my first review and I was compelled to write this because I truly enjoyed this anime.

So, Oda Nobuna no Yabou, first glance, you'd think "Oh usual guy meets girl after girl until a harem is made", well sorry to burst your bubble, but there's more to this anime than it looks.

Story: 8/10
Okay, so maybe some people don't enjoy this, but personally I like the concept. Time travelling guys arrives at an alternate past where all the "Leaders" are girls, could have been better, but it's not overused. Usual progression for the story, girl meets read more
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Sep 3, 2012
The story was great. It is that simple. The plot has some twist and turn. Some are unexpected, some are new and fresh. The plot is that good. I like most characters. Some fanservice is okay since the characters are pretty good looking. Well, at least they don't affect the story. The ending was awesome. As I'm writing this review, I'm listening to it. I enjoyed this anime. It's entertaining, it's epic and I like how the characters behave. So overall, I'm giving a 10. I don't think it's unreasonable, the plot is good; the music is good; the art is good; the characters are read more
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Feb 22, 2014
The life story of Oda Nobunaga is definitely one for the history books, and has been used as source material for countless works of literature for centuries, some of which are historically accurate and some of which are not. Oda Nobuna no Yabou would fall into the latter category, but actually not as far into it as first impressions might lead you to believe.

The premise of having a high-school kid *somehow* travel back in time to the Sengoku era as a replacement for Toyotomi Hideyoshi (a.k.a. Kinoshita Tōkichirō) and then having all the famous Samurai lords be cute girls instead makes it seem like nothing read more
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Jul 11, 2015
I loved the extremely fast pacing of the story. It's easy to just fly through the episodes forgetting about how much time passed. That in itself makes this excellent. What's fun about it is that it's all made according to actual historical events, so you also learn history while watching it... that is, if you don't care about genders of people or any inconsistencies with the actual history, introduced here by our protagonist from the future. It's interesting how protagonist's original life or the way he came to the past is never addressed, because it's not point of the story. This kind of fast pacing read more
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Feb 23, 2013
Among the hordes of harem comedy anime, reviews on here suggest that this is one of the more exceptional titles that's actually good. Let me just get one thing out of the way: This is NOT one of them (at least imo.)The historical setting does little to mask the flaws of this anime.

STORY 6/10
-This isn't a strong point of the series, as many would claim.
- Linear and boring plot
- Uninteresting developments. Battles are vague and don't make sense. How on Earth is Nobuna a Samurai Lord?!

ART 8/10
- Character designs are very good.
- Scenery and backgrounds are nice to look at.

SOUND 7/10
- Fairly nice read more
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Jul 30, 2012
Oda Nobuna No Yabou is a rather exciting new anime for me.

What i like about it so far is they took a old idea and gave it a fresh twist. Standard time shift backwards but the twist is when you meet all the greatest male figures in Japanese history, they are girls. The whole concept seems somewhat cheesy but they actually do this well.

They keep the strong character types while somehow making them a little cute. Character designs a i found interesting, when i look at Nobunas standard clothing it just seems so unique for anime. The colors of Gold/Black as always compliment each read more
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Sep 23, 2012
If you've ever played Civilization Revolution or Sengoku Rance or some conquer the world game in hard/ expert mode you know how hard it is to conquer the world. Of course the main character would need a lead to be able to be the chosen one and the helpful monkey which is from the future helps nobuna conquer japan.
Not exactly original. You gain allies and keep on conquering and make mistakes. The only twists are the fact that there is a "monkey" trying to win women ( his harem of friends haha), the fact that all the key historic figures and cute little girls and read more
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Aug 22, 2012
There is something that needs to be said about this show before this review proceeds. This is that this show can be a beautiful and interesting/different presentation with exciting fan service (No, not just tits and panty shots) of the Sengoku world to another typical harem/hijinks show. The first will probably be the opinion of people who have studied the Warring States period of Japan, played related video games of them such as Nobunaga's Ambition and Samurai Warriors, and is generally a fan of the numerous Sengoku shows out there. The latter will of course be someone who has no knowledge in this area. While read more
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Mar 14, 2015
I like the story and the overall all concept of this anime, it is not your typical harem. But i do have to say that the main male character annoys me to death! I don't get why so many people like this guy, the way he acts ruined the whole dang thing for me! Other than then the imbecilic character that makes me want to reach through the screen and STRANGLE him.....This anime was pretty good and i would recommend it to people who can stand guys like the guy your about to see.
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Jan 6, 2013
After viewing first episode I had an unusual sensation of deja vu still I didn't drop it and went on watching only to be pleasantly surprised by the comedy content and romance scenes developing. Also you cannot help but acknowledge the way the oda military makes every battle as strategic as possible. It is a typical history set series that is changed completely by one element: a time traveler. All this makes you ask yourself... What happens if?
The anime has done great about Artwork, characters are drawn very well, unlike some other drawings that make you go sick.
Also the OST are very well made from read more
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