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Haiyore! Nyaruko-san

Haiyore! Nyaruko-san

Alternative Titles

English: Nyaruko: Crawling With Love!
Synonyms: Nyarko-san: Another Crawling Chaos, Haiyoru! Nyaruko-san
Japanese: 這いよれ!ニャル子さん


Type: TV
Episodes: 12
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Apr 10, 2012 to Jun 26, 2012
Genres: Comedy, Parody, Sci-Fi
Duration: 24 min. per episode
Rating: R - 17+ (violence & profanity)
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Ranked: #20522
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-Both shows has a alien girl who loves the male protaganist
-Alot of comedy, parody, and development of romance
-To Love-Ru contains abit more fanservice then Haiyore! Nyaruko-san
Binbougami ga! started when Nyaruko-san ended, but the feel that those two anime brings are the same: supernatural elements in a comical way, lots of parodies of other animes, similar humor and situation and a little bit of romance. Watching Bimbougami ga! is like continuing watching Nyaruko-san.
Supernatural flavored lovey-dovey-bishoujo-fanfare anime. Sci-fi element is weak and less worthy of mentioning than your average Star Trek. The fun part of Nyaruko-san is obviously not wet tentacles trying to ass-rape random teenage boy, but hot chicks that spout sexy nonsense and wear easy-to-took-off uniform.

They both are anime with hot chick, slight of life, comedy and mild sex sell. But with some extraterrestrial topping. Possibly mark the era that the legendary romance harem like Love Hina is a little bit too boring in normal world setting, so Japan added robots and aliens to them. Now you understand where all those animes came from.

What else is worth mentioning? Not really. The pace are different, the humor are not at all similar, the art direction is all cool but not worth pointing out, the voice acting is not the same style for most part of the show. End of discussion. Now choose your porn, if you have high tolerence to everything, both are funny. If you hate overly fast paced comedy, go with Denpa Onna. If you fall asleep when watching Titanic and fall asleep again decade later when watching Titanic3D, go for Nyaruko-san. No one can sleep with that thing on.
Several crazy girls around the main male character and really really misfortunate and pitiful mc.
both are lovecoms about high schoolers.
Crazy randomness, awesome battle scenes, romance (?), cute trap character, and more crazy randomness.
Both have girls with magic powers, funny side characters, some ecchi and a lot of comedy. The female lead in both series are also non-humans, one being an alien and the other an angel.
Kugimiya Rie also voice acts in both series as Sabato and Hastur.
The female protagonist is protecting the male protagonist and the female happens to have feelings for the male protagonist. Although the female lead in Haiyore! is kind of annoying but she and the female lead from Witch Craft Works give off a comedic feeling.
Crazy comedies with tons of parodies and a small romance story that isn't really focused on. Moreover, the most parodied shows in both anime are Gundam and Kamen Rider.

Both have a sudden girlfriend appearance genre.

Both have comedy, harem, action and school genre.

Both chiquitas (female lead) are the ones protecting the reluctant muchacho (male lead)

Both have instances where the muchacho (male lead) is reluctant to get involved with the girl but seem to be stuck with the chiquita (female lead).


One has an extra sci-fi genre while the other has martial arts as its extra genre.

The girl in one anime is an alien and an otaku, while the other girl from another anime is a martial arts expert and good in doing household chores.

The muchacho (male lead) in the other anime has a childhood friend who also is his secret protector, while the muchacho in the other anime has no childhood friend.

Acchi Kocchi and Haiyore! Nyaruko-san are comedy anime that mostly take place in a school setting. The shows are sickeningly sweet with just the right amount of comedy, randomness, and of course, great characters. Both of these anime display wonderful artstyles, fluid animation, and just the right amount of "moe" which shows off the stellar work the folks at the studio put into these series. They're fun and if you liked watching one of them, you'll definitely like the other one as well.

Both chiquitas (female lead) want's to pop the muchacho's (male lead) cherries.

Both muchachos (male lead) lived a quite and simple life until the chiquita (female lead) came to cause mischief in the lives of the muchacho.

Both have a sudden girl friend appearance genre and school genre.


One muchacho (male lead) can control his chiquita's (female lead) sexual mischief, while the other is a pussy to even say no to the chiquita.

The chiquita in one anime is the one protecting the muchacho, while in the other anime the muchacho has to protect the chiquita from herself, due to the fact that she does all kinds of crazy stuffs.
They are both based off of comedy however Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka has a much more responsible lead and more of a plot
Contemporary fish-out-of-water stories. Maou and Nyaruko are both otherworldly entities that cross over to the human world and attempt to *discreetly* blend in (which Maou is much better at, to his credit). Trials and tribulations cross their paths, be they supernatural or otherwise...
-Both male protagonists have to take care of a peculiarly eccentric girl
-Both animes are school life that have a balance of comedy/romance/drama
Disregarding supernatural force in Nyaruko-san, they both are pretty much moe-overloaded comedy.

Looking for anything that lacks a lead male with actual facial features? YuruYuri is a better choice for you here. All lesbian high school probably with aphrodisiac in all the cast's meals. The rate is not 18+ but if you are not those people who took anime for the love of life but know only Naruto and Dragon Ball, your imagination can probably crank it up a few gears. Yuruyuri is, after all, a moe comedy you see popping up a lot from Japan over the last decade. It's imagination inducing, fap inducing, or any other word you would use to describe anime that make doujin artists want to draw the characters naked.

Please note that both feature plenty of horny girls trying to get into someone pants/skirts. You like those humor below the belt? You sure will enjoy both, with Nyaruko-san being a little more awesome.

That's right, Nyaruko-san feature cute girls as well, but they are more expressive about sexy time and are not bound by social norms. The graphic may be as safe as Yuruyuri but for the script Nyaruko-san is straight out of playboy sexual life discussion corner, with a little degrading to make it not adult-only of course.

Beings from earth enter main characters life.

Cute girls end up living with protagonist.

Protagonist hits the girls when they say something they deem inappropriate (at least I think Ikaros gets hit on the head a few times early. Tomoki doesn't abuse the angeloids much at all.)

Same art style.

Both very funny.
In both Haiyore! Nyaruko-san and Dakara Boku wa, H ga Dekinai, we have a main guy, who's living a peacfully life, untill aliens, demons and other monsters pops out everywhere.

In Haiyore, we have get a harem with 3 alien girls (one is half girl half boy... depending on how you look at it), where 2 of them is fighting to be his love.

In Dakra we get another harem with a main who is one hell of a perv, and somehow get quite a few lovers from that.

Note that Haiyore is not an ecchi, it lacks fan-service, and have no plot. But it's one hell of a comedy :)
Both animes parody other anime, including very brief yet entertaining skits about the Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya.

Ken Sugisaki, the male lead from Seitokai no Ichizon, is much funnier and more likable than his counterpart Mahiro Yasaka, from Haiyore! Nayaruko-san.

All in all, both shows have biting comedy, copious amounts of parodies, attractive characters, and a catchy OP and ED.

If you liked one, then you should like the other.
If you liked Nyaruko's boundless energy, randomness, zest for life, and charming insolence, then you should like Kyouko, who is the main heroine in Ebiten and has all the aforementioned qualities.

Additionally both girls have the same seiyuu.

Girls gathering around one guy...

Nyarko is less pervy
Kiss x sis is more to the "let's do it" way and Nyarko is more like "no don't!" way

Though you like this one if you enjoyed the other one :P
Girls/Girl trying to seduce guy...

Haiyore! Nyarko-san is less perverted than kiss x sis,
Kiss x sis has the incest thing while Nyarko has sudden girl show up thing.
Nyarko has Action as extra genre.

Though if you're into like "all girls like one guy and try win him" thing (and a bunch of ecchi scenes) you'll like this one :P
Both are incrediably random comedies and are constantly surprising
reportRecommended by Ozzey - Add to favorites
The girls in both animes are not human, but are crazy in love with a normal Human boy. The girls would do any kind of crazy act to get their attention, but are often a bit unsuccessful. Boys are a bit tsundere towards the girls, eventually showing their affection. While Haiyore Nyarko san is a bit more comical, Machine Doll has a more serious tone mixed with very funny misunderstandings.
The main female protagonist in both anime are aliens. Both are comedy based with romantic nuances; both are set in high school.

Aliens and supernatural creatures are crazy for human entertainment.
- Both are comedy shows with a lot of references
- both are a bit perverted comedies from highschool enviroment with a lot of references to other animes
-Both have ridiculous intense characters.
-Both have ridiculous action scenes.
-Both have a fairly sane tsukkomi MC.
-Both are comedies with small bits of romance.
The main characters in both of these anime are living normal peaceful lives until the appearance of a 'Different' kind of person in Dragon Crisis its a dragon named 'Rose' and Haiyore! its a deity called 'Nyaruko'. Upon the appearance of these characters in each of the shows the main characters so called peaceful live is turned upside down and makes every day into an adventure. Towards the beginning main character thinks of them as an annoyance but as the story progresses they start to warm up to each of them and form a strong bond even risking their safety to rescue them at times. Both Dragon and Haiyore! have a good element of comedy as well as abit of romance and are both enjoyable to watch.
I know it's not a incest but it is kinda similar from characteristics Nyaruko-a hyper girl who is madly in love with Mahiro and is always trying to do perverted stuff you know ecchi XD.Kuko-usually has a emotionless face but has very dirty mind and Hastur-I know he is a guy but he is shy and sweet and this has the same random moments and ecchi even though is its not a harem 1 girl and guy are in love with mahiro and kuko is in love with nyaruko
I was thinking the whole time i was watching MM! that it was a lot like Nyaruko. The love and the pervyness
Nonsense animes, both don't have lot of story and are focused on comedy. Also weird creatures (wolf in Cuticle Tantei Inaba and aliens in Nyaruko-san) and lot of fantasy involved.
These two anime are highly based on fiction/mythology and they both contain lots of supernatural elements.
Some episodes can be very random.
The main characters (Nyaruko and Sasami) are voiced by the same person.
If you don't mind a bit of randomness once in a while, check these anime.
Comedy. Harem. Monsters.
-Both male protagonists have to take care of a peculiarly eccentric girl
-Both animes are school life that have a balance of comedy/romance/drama
Both series have an agressive female character(Nyaruko-san for Haiyore! Nyaruko-san and Ryoko of Tenchi Muyo!) who lusts after the male lead and often makes unwanted advances towards their respective paramour. Both series are harems, although Tenchi seems to show more caring towards his than Mahiro does.
-- That Parody --
-Both animes are centered around comedy/romance
-Both are school life
-Both male protagonists have to take care of a peculiarly eccentric girl
-Both animes are school life that have a balance of comedy/romance/drama
both have fast-paced, high energy humor, and the story of an ordinary boy and a supernatural girl bound to each other. Great comedies!
They both have loads of funny references to the popular culture and have similar harem setting. Two very similar series overall, but Macademi Wasshoi is bit more decisive and its main protagonist isn't as much a forced tsukkomi character as Nyarko-san's Mahiro.
reportRecommended by Mauno - Add to favorites
Both have lots of cracky humor and random pop culture and nerdy references. They're set against dark backgrounds (hell, Cthulhu Mythos), though they are much more quirky than creepy.
Both anime have a lot of parodies involved that might be understood after watching a lot of other, unrelated anime.
reportRecommended by Smoku - Add to favorites
They are both very random. Nyaruko contains some characters that have very dirty thoughts which is similar to those of the characters of Panty and Stocking. The characters are all strange and have strange interests. They both contain characters that aren't regular humans.(Nyaruko:Aliens. Panty and Stocking:Angels.) They both have weird monsters that the characters fight.
ecchi love
similar screwball comedy
Cracked out slapstick parody.
reportRecommended by Numi - Add to favorites

Same mysterious girl meeting ordinary boy kind of thing.

Same mysterious wants to bang the ordinary boy but ordinary boy is no yet ready to have his cherries popped.

Both have the same supernatural and school genre.


The girl in one anime is a ghost while in the other the the girl is a deity/Extraterrestrial.

One anime has parody as its main genre while the other has mystery as its main genre.
+Both have a supernatural besides main male character.
+Both have barriers to avoid people from noticing the fights and supernaturals things.

-Both have same setting of plot but totally different.
Both take absolutely nothing seriously, including themselves. Both spoof other anime s. Both have alien girls who "torment" their male protagonists. FLCL really has no plot (or needs one), whereas Nyaruko-san seems to know where it's going. Both are absolutely hilarious. a laugh a minute. FLCL is a classic and one of the best anime s' ever done. Nyaruko-san might become a classic as well. I love em both.
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