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Hunter x Hunter (2011)

Hunter x Hunter (2011)

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Synonyms: HxH (2011)
Japanese: HUNTERxHUNTER (2011)


Type: TV
Episodes: 148
Status: Currently Airing
Aired: Oct 2, 2011 to Sep 24, 2014
Producers: Madhouse, VAP
Duration: 23 min. per episode
Rating: R - 17+ (violence & profanity)
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Score: 8.961 (scored by 62478 users)
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A well-thought-out story battle shounen which has not so much of battles but instead, more of tactics. Both are remakes with practically no fillers.
Personally i'm a huge OP fan since more than a decade and i have to say that it took me a while before actually giving a try to HxH 'cuz i wasn't sure if i would've liked it.. But. Woah against my expectations i really did like it more than i thought! Truth is that after i gave it a try, i couldn't stop watching it.
The more i was seeing it and the more it was giving me the same feeling that OP gives me. They have the same vibe and have the power to let you enjoyed more and more, this way your curiousity level also grows bigger and bigger by each episode. They really share a lot in common:

• first off: well, the genres, as you can see they both are Shonen, Adventure, Action, Superpowers genres.
• both main charas would look the "typical protagonists of a shonen serie" but they actually are able to surprise you, the more you get to know about them and their personalities.
• interesting enough, both protagonists' fathers seems to play a very important role (i would even dare to say "legendary"), plus obviously are very strong and full of mystery
• both stories are about dreams and all that takes to our main charas to realize them. In HxH, obviously, Gon wants to become an hunter; while in OP Luffy wants to become a pirate, but not just a normal one, he wants to become THE pirate King. In addition, their companions of both Gon and Luffy also have an ambition/purpose they want to achieve as well.
• both series face the adventure with a long Journey splitted in many arcs.
• still, both give a huge importance to friendship.
• let's not forget to mention that both of them are quite cured, as of course, like the protagonists, also the other characters in the series are intriguingly developed for the best together with their backgrounds, their actions and personalities.
• last but not least, the presence of the superpowers genre won't disappoint you either because "from big powers come big... battles!", yes, indeed lots of cool battles and the more you find out of the stories and the more you'll get interested by the way to fight! In HxH we have the "Nen" (Aura) and in OP we have the "Haki" (Ambition).. you'll really be amazed by the coolness of the battles!

As you can see a lot of stuff is a common point for those two series.
The only thing left me to say is: I seriously recommend both series, because they both worth it.
If you liked one of them, you'll probably love the another as well.
Because afterall, they both share one last significant thing: greatness.
In both anime the main characters are kids that are training to fight. There are a lot of action scenes and a side of comedy. The shows combine martial arts with supernatural powers. Both are obviously shounen!
These two anime are extremely similar, as one would expect since the source material for both anime come from the same mangaka. The two anime have similar themes, characters, and similar, overall atmospheres.
Both series look like light comedy/action at first yet both end up having much deeper and darker stories.
Despite it's bright colours, some dark themes get explored and both series are not afraid to kill people here and there.
They all have young main characters who are set on adventure where they meet a lot of new people and friends.
These two anime are depressing to watch. SnK is fully depressing but HxH is like cheerful at first then becoming a psychological kind of anime at the last part. Either way, these two have bad-ass female characters.
Bright colors, rich character designs in both how the characters look and act, not to mention a fantastical adventure to hunt down stuff. One series is darker "Hunter x Hunter", and the other has a more comical side, "Fairy Tail", but they both cross to the other side at moments.
this anime has a lot of comedy and adventure its very similiar to dragon ball in many ways for exmaple :
both main characters are young , both have adventures trough many places , there is a lot of fights and the main characters doesn't know who his parents are..
goku ( dragon ball ) was very impressive as a kid , had a lot of strength for his age and his durability / endurance was amazing
gon ( hunter x hunter ) is a very impressive kid , has a lot of speed and agility for his age , and his sense of smell is incredible .
besides both characters were raised in nature.
its a good anime if you enjoy dragon ball you will defenitly like hunter x hunter 2011
Two classic shounen series. Hunter x Hunter and Jojo Stardust Crusaders takes on the adventure theme and brings together a show chronicling characters' journeys. The main male protagonist from both series are strong, resilient, and deep down cares about people he befriends with. In particular, they have a connection with their parent guardian. Both series has a lot of action with supernatural abilities involved and fighting spirit. I recommend both series for fans who are looking for a show with engaging storytelling.
Both anime are of the shounen genre,the main cast consists of early teenagers that have supernatural powers.There is also the similarity in the story line of the arcs where a main characters is kidnapped by his own family and is rescued by his friends.Both characters's paths in life were decided by their families,but with the help of their friends,they are given another choice of the path they''ll follow(in Hunter x Hunter is Killua and in Shaman King is Ren).If you like to see characters develop,make friends and gain supernatural powers,those two are the animes for you.
Both animes have very similar main characters
While Pokemon is an older show, both feature very young adventurers setting out on a journey.
Both animes have a main character is determined and always optimistic and when they decide on a goal they stick to it and fulfill it with 100% and determination. Obviously before you watch Naruto Shippuden you'd need to try the first series of it which is also similar to HxH because there are exams at the beginning and minor enemies to fight off to improve strength etc.
Both are fighting shounen animes so overall Hunter x Hunter and Naruto/Naruto Shippuden are greatly similar in many ways.
reportRecommended by wank - Add to favorites
they both have a lot of characters. HunterxHunter is a lot longer than Baccano's anime. Baccano is one of the best anime plots ever and Hunter x Hunter just can;t live up to it because it's way to stretched out.

I love Baccano :)
-Both animes have a type of "intellectual" battle going on. They both feature battles of wits. Even though Hunter x Hunter focuses more on action and Death Note with more psychological aspects, they still closely coincide with each other.
-Both protagonists are in pursuit of a goal. Light to become God and Gon to find his father
Same idea of hunters
both are new versions of their original anime/manga
both pure and original Shounen
great story with good characters.
MC's family is dysfunctional
many of your shounen favourites were inspired or taken from these two.
some great seiyuu's in it.
even the bad guys are likable
Both have a group of heroes with special abilities. They fight for justice. They bot have great characters
Well both are Shounens, so the fighting to overcome powerful foes and gradually getting better and better throughout the series, both main characters have daddy issues,
and they are all about kids with special talents.
The exorsists have special privlages, getting to go wherever they want to with the keys. The hunters license is like a passport to anywhere. Each group goes on adventures within their group and they form friendships, despite dark adventures.
The characters in both shows are the kind that pull one along in the story, wondering what will happen to them next.
Both animes are epic fightiing series, with long running arcs. They are both focused about getting stronger through training.
From episode 59 onwards, Hunter x Hunter takes place inside a game call Greed Island. Like in Sword Art Online, if you die in Greed Island, you die in real life. The games are similar in their fantasy RPG style as well.

Apart from that, both anime have excellent stories, animation, soundtracks and voice actors. But most importantly, both have excellently developed characters and take place (mostly for SAO) in a fantasy setting with some real world elements (SAO is occasionally set in modern-day Japan whereas HxH is set in a completely alternate world very similar to modern-day Japan).

Both are definitely worth a watch
+ Both deal with Facing some of the toughest enemies in anime.
+ Both have very Awesome All-out fight scenes
+ Both have a Light and Dark themes to their stories through the concepts of good Versus evil.
+ Both share similar light-hearted humour and comedic aspects of its characters.
+ Both series have main protagonist who are similar to one another.
One of the Dark Signers members has a spider sign and that reminds me of the Spider Logo. HxH and 5ds have aspects: action, thrill, suspense, fast pace, and awesome moments that will catch your attention in each show. Characters desire to become stronger by overcoming obstacles in battles, tournaments, and other methods.
Another excellent Madhouse anime to watch. HXH's Story is a lot better but what has common are:
-Both are gritty, gore, and nudity
-Awesome characters
-badass action
-Bonds that could change the tide of the story (No Spoilers)
-Surprises which include tactics
-People are paid to do missions
-Fight to save the world
I recommend HxH cuz if you love Madhouse and are into shows that are loyal to the manga, it is an awesome addition.
These 2 anime's here are amazing animes, they consist of strong plot aswell as moving the story long towards lots of fight scences. More or so Black Bullet is more about saving the world and trying to train and become stronger, while HxH has more violence IMO.

HxH and Code Geass have a few things in common. But what really draws in the same fans are the tactical mind games that are played in both anime. Surely some shounen and superpowers are a nice addition to that, which only reinforces this recommendation!
There are no such absolutely unrivalled and invincible heroes in Hunter x Hunter as we see in Trigun, but the show still bears some striking similarities in both style and mood. The main hero, Gon Freecks, looks exactly like chibi Vash except for his dark green hair, and there are some other character designs being borrowed as well (e.g., Genei Ryodan's Franklin).
In general, HxH has a strong character development theme that Trigun lacks, but otherwise it explores and advocates the same kind of moral ideals.
HxH too like Berserk is another good story with development, drama, relationships, tactics, twists, and gore. HxH is shounen but gets gory at Chimera Ant which Berserk has common with-monsters.
Battle between the forces of good and evil is the same except that HxH is shounen and X is half shoujo/seinen and that HxH is more methodical whereas X is a prophecy show. It's worth a try if you try either one. Oh yeah HxH does have prophecy elements but in a different way.
After watching CGATE 2, the interaction between Akito and Shin totally reminded me of Killua and Illumi. Anyways a lot of intelligence is involved as well as tactics. Eye powers are the same as well.
Both shows are light hearted and funny at the same time first but as the story paces, it gets more serious and here's whats interesting: IT GETS EVEN MORE BLOODIER AND BRUTAL. Gintama and HxH has references to other shows but HxH only has one whereas Gintama has a lot including HxH. Gintama and HxH are set in a modern/fantasy setting with both humans and strange beings alike and they participate series of missions/adventures to get paid and to achieve status in society. Both have gangs who have different goals and are supported by unexpected and former allies.
i think those two anime are alike because they both have a deep meaningful plot. overall art, story , and the imagination-world are all necessary to define a well value anime. this recommendation isn't based on just a fanboy expressions but a well belief of knowing what is great.
Just like HxH, HU is too loyal to the manga with dark and mature contents. Both have excellent quality animation which are adapted by Madhouse (for HU, its just 5-7) and it's worth it especially if you're big into it. Both have awesome characters who are developed and strong. HxH doesn't get deadly serious until CA arc which is something that HU has common with. Action paced is too in both shows and are great.
They both have a lot of awesome characters. The main characters feel similar. They both are fantasy settings.
Shounen battle shows that spend more time talking about ambitions, rules, and mechanics than actually fighting, making the plot and action even better since the viewer fully understands the importance and consequences of every move the characters make.
Both shows shine in mindplays. If you like anime that makes you think along then these are for you.
Although HxH starts simple the storyline will get more mature and tricky as the story progresses.
Girly dude with chains, similar setting and events (tournaments, exams and so on) but with more action. Saint Seiya left biggest impact on Yoshihiro Togashi's creations.
Both shows are action shonen with well thought out stories and good action scenes. Also, in both shows the MC work hard towards a goal. The MC's are quite strong and there are no random bursts of power making the MC over powered in face of danger in both shows.
Shounen series with overbearingly comedic character designs and archetypal characters that are often misconstrued as brooding, dark, and realistic due to the "mature themes" like death in them
The storyline is dark, and the characters are interesting. The fighting tactics aren't usual either, "Air Gear" characters using blades and such, while Gon uses his fishing pole.
Both main characters dream of being Hunters without understanding what that all entails.
Both are about two boys chasing a dream. Very similar theme, and characters.
They both have the same feeling and character style as another. For example Apostles of the stars and the Phantom Troupe. Hunters and Sweepers. Tao and Nen. They both have assassins. They both have a guy with a suitcase.
Both are fantasy setting with magic. Both have contests. Both are enjoyable
The current arc in HxH is very similar to Mushibugyou. They are fighting bug like people. Both series has lots of action and great characters.
Both deal with child main characters coming face-to-face with their destinies. Both are doing what they were born to do.
They both contain great fight scenes. They have young boys out on an adventure. They are both set in a fantasy like world.
Both have great fight scenes, are remakes and continuations of stories, and have awesome main characters.
" Ghost Hunt " is a group of people who solve supernatural Mystery.

" Hunter X Hunter " is a licensed profession for those who specialize in fantastic pursuits such as locating rare or unidentified animal species, treasure hunting, surveying unexplored enclaves, or hunting down lawless individuals.
Both series consists of action and battle shounen sequences involving story arcs against certain events/antagonists. Of course, these battles involves supernatural themes and often times or not deals with the main characters utilizing their abilities to aid them in combat.

Both series' fights are straight forward and entertaining. There is also a similar theme involving the main characters participating in an exam/competition to reach their goal.

Both series also gives off an adventure like feeling.
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