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Inu x Boku SS

Inu x Boku SS

Alternative Titles

English: Inu X Boku Secret Service
Synonyms: Youko x Boku SS
Japanese: 妖狐×僕SS


Type: TV
Episodes: 12
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Jan 13, 2012 to Mar 30, 2012
Duration: 24 min. per episode
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older
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Both have:
- A Highschool girl that moves to the house of the main lead.
- A main lead that is a kitsune (fox spirit) and had a darker personality in the past.
- Main lead serves the girl even though she has powers.
- Other youkai join them in the house as friends.
- Slow Romance and comedy.
In his beautiful animation, in his style, both are romantic comedy with dramatic touches, have exciting moments, in his relationship between players or because Takumi and Soushi are very similar, and because the two players have strong character and they are good at everything.
reportRecommended by Dixy - Add to favorites
The main female character has demon blood running through her reigns. Both Anime deal with being different from normal people and the designs are intricate.
They are very similar -- a story of a demon serving a child from a rich family. Perhaps a bit darker with less humor, but the core is the same.
Ririchiyo and Taiga (the main female characters) are petite tsundere from wealthy families, with deeper reasons to behave the way they do, instead of just your typical tsundere traits for moe purposes. Bonus! Both wear thigh-highs.

Miketsukami and Ryuuji are both gentle male characters, with talents at "domestic" chores, and enjoy taking care of the main female characters.
Both Anime deal with Demons. The main female characters have similar personalities, the story line is told in slice of life and there is a similar feel to the actual story line, not to mention the art style is similar.
Beyond the superficial silliness lies a dark past. The elements of magic, which are hereditary and involve transformations, play second fiddle to the relationships between the characters. There is romance in the air. All the male characters are bishounen.
A sheltered/aristocratic girl who gets a bodyguard/manservant who changes her life for the better.
(Kind of) slice of life, both have eccentric characters, and a funny everyday life, although Acchi Kocchi is more "normal" and InuxBoku takes place in a unusual mansion.
Both Anime deal with people that have demon blood in them. There is fighting and romance, not to mention the story lines draw you in.
Both of these stories contain those who are fated by blood. The art work is also similar and very detailed.
Both feature similarities between Japanese belief about gods and demons, but mainly demons. As InuxBoku SS includes protecting in a servant/master relationship Yozakura Quartet on the other hand only includes protection of their city. Both have very unique characters that are disguised as human but are in reality another form of demon. I would recommend both animes are good, even though the Yozakura Quartet doesn't make much sense.
reportRecommended by Azixe - Add to favorites
this anime has similar romantic feel to it.
In the mood for a comical romance? With these two anime you'll be sure to get what you're looking for. With enough handsome guys, comedy, a little bit of action and reverse harem elements, I think a lot of girls will want to be the heroines themselves after watching these lovely shoujo anime.
Both shows have the common theme of service in them(Butlers and Body guards).Both are romantic comedies where the Charcthers have a secret they must keep hidden.Both are romantic comedies where the Charcthers have a secret they must keep hidden.Both female masters act kind of the same where they are rude on the outside but secretly a nice person,and both are rich.But in Mayo Chiki the story focuses on someone who finds out the secret and is much more of a comdey while I Inu x Boku the story focuses on they master and we body guard and has more romance.
reportRecommended by Ozzey - Add to favorites
Pandora Hearts and Inu x Boku SS have the same type of relationships between Oz and Alice and Ririchiyo and Soushi. As Ririchiyo and Soushi are 'Master and Dog' and Oz and Alice 'Master (Man Servant proclaimed by Alice) and Chain. Both girls kind of don't think they belong either because of family (Ririchiyo) and loosing memories (Alice)
Both series features themes of the maid/butler theme mixed in with comedy, romance, and drama.

Although the main protagonists are somewhat different in terms of personalities, the colorful cast presents an entertaining mood that depicts the life of a luxury.

Both series also has gags and some fan-service.
-both have quiet and awkward female leads. both of which gain friends and become more open as the animes progress.
-both of which do not know how to go about their feelings for the male lead.
-both have a male lead wanting the female lead's attention.
-both have another male character also wanting the female's lead.

-inu x boku is a bit more crass, and cutesy.
-say i love you is more realistic and serious, with humor spread throughout.
Ririchiyo=Natsume ( prestigious family) and Soushi=Harutora (dedicated to protecting her)
Inu x Boku SS is similar to Zero no Tsukaima because both anime have a lead girl character who is accompanied by a male character which they refer to as their "servant".
Both male protagonist in these anime was trying to protect a lttle girl
and both little girls don't like the main guy at first but eventually she's gonna fall for him
mitsuki and Ririchiyo have similar face, the main character guy always care about the main character girl, both mitsuki and Ririchiyo doesn't really like to talk in the beginning
reportRecommended by -Sch - Add to favorites
- Both Shana and Ririchiyo are similar
- They are both Tsunderes
- Both are romance anime
- Both are supernatural anime
- Both are fantasy and comedy anime
i couldn't say it has the same story or theme but it give me same atmosphere and feeling
Both shows have female characters that are canon lesbians. Those girls share some parts of personality because they both react in the same way when a cute girl appears.
Too, they live close to a lot of girls and admire them while they do daily things. Also, both girls are bounded to a guy they don't want to be with.
Both Naruto Uzumaki and Soushi Miketsukami have a Nine-Tailed Fox inside of them.
- Female Protagonist who thinks a lot about how she treats others, starts with little friends, and is not very social
- Male Main Character becomes strongly connected to the girl
- Show conveys very deep and serious tone paired with light chibi comedy

- Inu x Boku SS has darker artwork, slightly more serious tone, and a supernatural twist
- Kimi ni Todoke has more soliloquy, and has a shoujo feel
Both are about a relationship. You have two different people with distinct personalities try to understand each other better but they are both held back at first by each other personalities.
Both titles are slow romance as well.
Both of these also have minor characters with interesting/good personalities.
Both have handsome/attractive male lead.
Both are comedy.
- Both Soushi and Luca have the same seiyuu, Nakamura Yuuichi. They also serve a rich girl, who they fall in love with.

- Both female characters strive to become independent. Ririchiyo decides to move to Ayakashi Kan, while Felicita decides to participate in the Arcana Duello.
Both Servant x Service and Inu x Boku SS skillfully handle character relationships where you find yourself cheering as the plot progresses because the development is very well executed.
BOTH contains youkai , sword wielding characters , supernatural, romance and comedy. However omamori himari contains good ecchi
reportRecommended by CLken - Add to favorites
- similarly enticing /romance/, with two individually /lovable mains/
- same sense of /humour/ that ties in with the relationships, very enjoyable, with a /friend-family/ feel that sucks you in
- around the same number of episodes, so /similar format/, but different story
- very /unique music/ and themes
- /not too serious/ most of the time, but doesn't take away from the plot

~ In comparison, based slightly more on /attitudes to class, funny stereotypes, and romance/, slightly tongue in cheek at times
~ ever-so-slightly more slapstick
~ has one or two /filler episodes/, rather than a /final 'special'/
reportRecommended by Rokdm - Add to favorites
Both anime focus on a master - servant relationship and both have to do with the supernatural
Also, miyano mamoru voiced both Zange (ini x boku ss) and Joker (book of circus)
The characters attitude is just the same. Ririchiyo and Nagi is both anti-social and Soushi and Hayate both doing anything for his master.
Both anime centralized on comedy while expressing the story.
reportRecommended by mlcdl - Add to favorites
• Similar main characters
• Kind of a similar Secret Service going on in both animes.
Although these are not too similar, The main characters are very much alike, they are little delicate girls. Who have almost everything done for them, and don't have to do much themselves, but that makes troubles for them later on...
• Similar Character design
Both having all sort of characters with all sort of crazy personality
Both are funny and enjoyable
Both are about Youkai.
Soft and fluffy romance where the couple learns about each other as the story progresses.
Ririchiyo reminds me of Yamada and in episode 4, Maid 2 (in an incredibly weird way since he/she is either a tranny or a crossdresser) reminds me of Satou
Amu = Shirakiin
Arakawa Under the Bridge and Inu x Boku SS revolves around weird, quirky people in one location.

Except that Inu x Boku SS revolves around the 1%, and Arakawa revolves around the 99%(with an additional 1%ter)
Both shana clone, kuudere/tsundere female characters with male nice guy love interests. An extremely similar dynamic between the two main characters, with a more dominating female. Inu X Bokuu SS is more of an Urban Fantasy in modern day japan, while Gosick is a historical mystery set in Europe. Inu X Bokuu SS has more action and romance and is a bit funnier, with Gosick being more serious.

similar style, GC is a bit darker, and Inu x Boku is a bit cutesy
alot of the same cast
and love story
A lot of resemblance to the art and the characters personalities. Although both animes give totally different vibes than each other, if you enjoy the characters of this show then you probably will enjoy K-Ons characters..
Both deal with supernatural entities, such a youkai and ayakashi, and feelings of loneliness of the main characters.
reportRecommended by Balut - Add to favorites
Similar kind of "master servant" relationship that would develop into something else, both have supernatural and historical elements, and the two girls are alike in their situation and personality.
Both stories are about a lonely outcast who has supernatural abilities (with Watakuki it is seeing spirits). The stories show them meeting others like them and making friends, growing. They are both lighthearted with an element of drama.
Both anime have a male fox spirit who 'protects' a young female.

Gugure! Kokkuri-san seems to be a lighthearted feel good comedy anime, whereas Inu x Boku SS while also a comedy takes on more of a romance theme.
Both anime contains..

-- Both somebody knew from the past, but the main character could not recall them int heir memory at all.

-- Both main character tries to get rid of them in their lives, but failed.

-- Both main character, the person they are trying to get rid of contains magical powers, great looking, and loyal to the main character like a dog.

-- Both contains action somewhat + very good + romance + comedy, kinda.
the art is similar, both animes are somewhat simple and may seem to be all about comedy but it can be serious also. Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakamatachi
instantly reminded me of Inu x Boku SS, You could almost call it Ririchiyo and her seven companions, plus Soushi is also similar to Ryoushi (they both want to protect the girl they love) and Renshou is similar to Tarou (they both are very calm and look alike) and Ryouko is very similar to Ririchiyo (they both where mean to the main protagonist at first but then they started to like them) etc. both of the shows also have small hints of romance throughout the show and consist of 12 episodes.
Our main female finds herself in a new environment. She now lives in a huge mansion with eccentric people. Inu x Boku involves servants and ayakashi while Diabolik Lovers has Vampire bishounen. In one series she knows how to take care of herself with little help, speaks her mind, and a tsundere. The other series she seems to defend herself but only time will tell. Both series has unique art style and great voice actors too.
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