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Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai

Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai

Alternative Titles

English: Haganai
Synonyms: I Don't Have Many Friends, Boku ha Tomodachi ga Sukunai
Japanese: 僕は友達が少ない


Type: TV
Episodes: 12
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Oct 7, 2011 to Dec 23, 2011
Duration: 24 min. per episode
Rating: R+ - Mild Nudity
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'Teen Romantic Comedy Gone Wrong', or whatever typically long-winded light novel jibberish 'Yahari Ore' translates into shows all the signs of being Boku Friendship DONE RIGHT. As another user noted with their recommendation, Boku Friendship gradually turns into something of a full-on ecchi harem fest. Unlike Yahari, Boku wa started out as purely lighthearted rom-com fluff--causing later developments that expand on previously 1D comic relief characters to be awkward & its lead's turn towards a more... emo stance coming across unnaturally. Yahari one-upped this by presenting its characters as humans with relatable social difficulties from the get-go whilst still retaining sharp, witty dialogue.

Instead of, say, a blonde Japanese guy everyone assumes is a thug without talking to him & a blonde American-tit'd #1 school idol that refers to herself as a Goddess and has men kneeling before her at will, Yahari presents a dysfunctional lead trio, consisting of: a misanthrope lead pushed away from social contact by rejection, a beautiful girl well aware that her physical beauty causes others problems & an average 'TRYING TO FIT IN' girl--her attempts to climb the social ladder being illustrated nicely in ep2.

While it's true that Yahari still leans more on the side of fantasy than reality with its 1x loner guy x2 beautiful girls in an empty club premise, the set-up/presentation/illustration of social woes is executed much better than in most other similar works. Paint me impressed!
These two are so similar that the OreImo cast made a 'from behind' cameo appearance, in episode 11 of Boku.

Kirino and Sena are the same character... breasts aside. Their spoiled princess attitudes, erotic game addiction, prideful arrogance getting in the way of friendship and fangs are NEARLY IDENTICAL. What's more, Kuroneko and Yozora ALSO MIRROR EACH OTHER--sharing 'bickering love' friendships with K&S respectively. They argue CONSTANTLY when together, oblivious to the how similar their personalities are. The only difference of note in the relationships between the shows is that Yozora clearly has the upper hand against Sena--often forcing her to run away, crying. THERE'S EVEN A GUY IN THE LOVE-TRI MIDDLE, IN BOTH SHOWS!

The episodic content is VERY familiar, also: making friends is central to Boku's story but even OreImo had an episode about trying to make friends. And both shows deal heavily with otaku/gaming jokes.
Both of these stories are about people who have problems making what can be concidered a true friendships with each other because of some sort of social stigma that they themselves place, or someone else does. The art style is also very simular.
For whatever reason, this didn't hit me until I watched the first episode of Tomodachi's second season but there's a SUPER OBVIOUS linking factor to be found between these two:

- Crazy bitches/galpals in a small school clubroom.
- One crazy bitch/galpal bullying the other in a "friendly" way.
- The male lead quickly becoming indifferent to the chaos surrounding himself; going with the flow due to being smart enough to know that it's pointless to either resist or intervene. (Instead, it's OBVIOUSLY better to commentate to the viewers with his internalized thoughts about what's going on.)

I suppose the whole love triangle thing is worth noting, as well... although it's only REALLY a love-tri in Tomodachi since the situation is far more competitive and up in the air compared to what's offered by Haruhi.

...oh, and the losers of the love-tri, according to the first girl rule, both have HUGE TITTIES!!!!! Fan-service. YES.
Lead male complained and avoided by his delinquent appearance but a nice guy in the inside, also both live alone with a naive and not completely independent female whom they care while doing the housekeeping. They both also interact with a set of ladies in an institute environment.
Anime that feature clubs that to normal students serves no purpose but for the actual club members serves as a place to belong. Both Anime also have a nice style.
Same inappropriate humor. Both male characters were forced into the club. One male with many females around him.
Haganai and oreshura incorporate light-hearted humor in the daily interactions of the male lead with the main female characters.

Due to joining a certain club, the male lead slowly discovers that he is placed in a situation where several girls are fighting to determine who will be his love interest. Drama ensures.
Both are about club activities with 1 guy and multiple girls.
Same situation where guy was force to join a clubs compose mostly of girls.

Same school, harem and comedy genre.
When it comes down to it, these are basically the same show. Male character is scorned by the school population in general, so he joins a vaguely-purposed club populated by mostly girls. Fanservice, romantic tension, and hilarity ensue. Several of the characters have rough analogues between the two shows:

Yuuta = Kodaka
Mio = Sena
Arashiko = Yozora
Tatsuki = Yukimura
Noa = Rika
reportRecommended by Zalis - Add to favorites
Both have a guy and girl starting a club together that starts to grow, both clubs have more girls than guys, and they are both romantic anime
Both are school-comedies where the main male character is dragged into a not-so-ordinary club. Also, I find Chitose sorta like Yozora with her slightly violent personality, Kenji a bit like Kodaka and Takao to be like Sena (she is wayyy better than her though) Also Kenji acts like a delinquent, same as Kodaka. Both are funny and lovable.
Clubs, high school, slice of life, romance.
Both are about people trying to get along with each other.
Both are love triangle anime
Kokoro Connect is supernatural,
Boku wa Tomodachi is ecchi,
Both are flippin good.
In both anime, the protagonist is in a love triangle with a childhood friend he identifies not at first sight and also with a busty blonde tsundere who has a crush on him.
A similar relationship with pseudo-delinquent guy, brunette osananajimi and blonde tsundere.
reportRecommended by Ksa - Add to favorites
Both of these are School Life and Slice of life anime, as well as comedies. Both of the main male characters try to fit in in their new school. Both anime have a lot of pretty funny situations, and the story is really interesting. The animation and art style are both really good, too.
Similar comedy, artistic style, and characters.

Haganai is a bit more random and toned-down overall in terms of excitement, while OniAi is more exaggerated and focuses almost exlusively on the romance/harem aspect. Both involve plenty of fanservice (just watch their OPs to get a sense of it).
In both series, it revolves a club with special activities. However, these activities usually are not so typical with school related ideas. Otherwise, Natsuo and Sena both have some similarities as being popular but also at times insecure and has a strange fascination in their minds. On the other hand, Yozora and Riko are considered tomboys and has a strange interaction with their club members.

There is many fun gags from both series and among other things...catchy dialogues, humor, and randomness. Both series also takes place at a school life setting.

tada banri- kodaka

The story of these anime are the same, its all about a childhood friend and friendship.
they're kind of similar. the guy in a group that consists of mostly girls, and most of the girls love him.
Both have this little group of people who do activities together, Both has quite a bit of ecchi in them (some more in Noucome though). The story and character development are really good in both animes, and both will give you a good laugh :p.
reportRecommended by Zen36 - Add to favorites
These two are very different in concept, but they both have an extremely similar humor, centered around absurd scenarios, ecchi comedy, and character traits and personalities. They also share the theme of being largely school-based, but having many scenes that take place outside of school, as well. The male leads of both are quite different, but similar in the sense that they are misunderstood and strive to be normal, while being surrounded by strange females, who they feel the need to protect. Not to mention, both male protagonists have odd and overbearing little sisters with strong attachments to their brothers.
The guy is liked by girls... kawaii...
reportRecommended by pakin - Add to favorites
Both about Clubs and childhood friends.
Both packed with fun times and romantic times.
Saku = Kodaka
Mihoshi = Yozora

in boku wa tomodachi
Kodaka don't know about yozora being his childhood friend, but in sora no mani mani he knew already.
Both of these animes are feel good stories of highschool "social outcasts" attempting to make friends while each overcoming their own unique difficulties. Isshuukan friends focuses more on plot and character development while Boku wa tomodachi ga sukunai has more comical/fanservice aspects mixed into it. Both are very good animes and i would highly recommend both of them.
Both are comedy and harem
Similar humour, lots of pervy jokes, sol.
Making friends isn't so hard... is it?
Both are "ecchi"/slice of life/romance anime.

The artstyle is different but it's a good show to watch after Haganai.
Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai (or Haganai) and Kimi ni Todoke have similarities in which both shows focus on a character who lives a troubled school life where all of their classmates misunderstand them and eventually meet someone who changes their life. Through out both of these shows the main character learns true friendship and what it's like to have true friends.
All the girls in this show like the male protagonist.
Both anime are harem,comedy and romance.
---- ------ --------
Haganai - club activities(making friends)
Rosario+vampire - making friends with supernatural girls.
Both are slice of life comedies that features an antissocial boy hanging around many quirky girls. They are in a club that helps people to socialize and make friends, but they always end up playing silly games or just doing ramdom things. Both anime are kinda harem and ecchi too, with hints of romance between the protagonist and the snarky girl. The music (OPs and EDs) in both shows are quite similar.
The characters all have to get over these get-along hardship. Sort of similar to Hentai Ouji. There are romances between the characters, and they deal with school life also.
Atmosphere similar, involving the protagonist's childhood ... not to mention that Ikusu Mizutani resembles the Mikazuki Yozora...
They are both light-hearted, romantic-comedy anime. Both of them are very funny and will brighten up any day. Both of them are very enjoyable to watch.
Both have a similar setting and each of the character have their own UNIQUE personality! Which is same to both anime! Especially the main character!!
Not to mention the similarity in genre -

Both are comedy, romance and school live as well!
i know this has no similarity to the plot but they are both very funny
they both have comedy,ecchi,harem in them
also has alot of girls going after the guy
Both anime share common genres which are harem/romance/comedy and focus on a male protagonist (of course). Boku wa Tomodachi is a full-on comedy that also deals with some important issues. I guaranteed this anime will have you up till 6 in the morning watching it because it is truly a hilarious, sexy, and enjoyable show. This anime not only targets male viewers but a female audience too. Anyway, enjoy ^_^ (P.S. There is a sequel to this anime!!!)
At least in the chapters 0 and 2 of "Boku wa Tomodachi..." the fanaticism for games (specially visual novels), and how the character gets into the unreality world remind me a lot at "KamiNomi"!
both anime have characters that are weird in a somewhat similar ways
reportRecommended by pakin - Add to favorites
Same feel. Protagonist surrounded by many girls, some with strange habits. Both have a "tsundere", "loli" and a girl with big boobs.
Overt perverse humor
The story about group of socially awkward people that trying to make friends.
They both prominently feature characters that are social pariah's and are unpopular. They are also both about making friends.
What do you get when you add Myself;Yourself, Kore wa Zombie, Baka no Test, Toradora, Yosuga no Sora, Suzumiya Haruhi and a bit of School Days?

You get this anime, albeit less drama, less gore, less violence but nevertheless the plot elements, characters and references can be found similar to the other anime.
School life has a way of creeping up on someone and giving the unexpected twists and turns. Both of these Anime deal with school life and have a rather crisp style to them.
Both of these Anime are your harem type slice of life that takes place around a school theme.
Both Anime's are about clubs that contain the most out there club members who honestly just want a place to belong. The Anime are also harem anime.
Colorful characters and fanservice that manages to be hilarious instead of distracting, no matter how over the top it goes.
reportRecommended by BMJ - Add to favorites
Love triangles, comedy and some fanservice
The main characters are pretty similar:

They are both feared because of their appearance

yet despite that they happen to find love
Similar character personalities. Yoroza from Sukunai has the same personality as Kirihime. While Shining is the same as Sena. Both clash at each other from time to time. Shining aka Sena is given a nickname that only Yoroza/Kirihime refrers to her. Kodaka and Kazuto both revolve around these two.
Similar theme. A club is created just to have fun and get close to one another.
Similar animation style, indifferent characters. Segawa is much more annoying then kodaka.
School life comedy;
two pretty girls are in love with protagonist;
boy who loves cross-dressing xD
Both animes are Harems. Their are two main male leads who are use to being loners and are suddenly surrounded by girls. Some of the characters are similar.

Kadoka and Souta,
Megumu and Yukimura
Nanami and Yozora
Both are involved with club activities.
Boku wa's OP is very similar with K-ON!'s 2nd season OPs.
Both have Blonde Ojou-sama's.
At the end of "Boku wa Tomodachi..." a chibi version of the characters appear, and this is very similar to "OreImo" chibis at the Animated Commentaries.
The theme of school and clubs are present in both of these series.

The main character has interactions with different characters of conflicting personalities. Although there is much comedy, both series have serious and emotional moments.

Also, there is hints of obvious romance present in both series that are shown in an unique way. One way of supernatural, the other one of tsundere.
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