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Kamisama no Memochou

Kamisama no Memochou

Alternative Titles

English: Heaven's Memo Pad
Synonyms: It's the Only NEET Thing to Do, Kami-sama no Memo-chou, Kami-sama no Memo-chou, God's Notebook, Notebook of God
Japanese: 神様のメモ帳


Type: TV
Episodes: 12
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Jul 2, 2011 to Sep 24, 2011
Genres: Mystery
Duration: 26 min. per episode
Rating: R - 17+ (violence & profanity)
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According to MAL, Gosick ended on the very day Kamisama started airing. HMMM. There must've been some kind of loli detective craze over in Japan, at the time. (Either that or the anime people were running low on material to sell to those looking for 'daughters', at the time, and opted for the not-so-popular aging detective genre. Idk.)

These two are built on the same foundations: In both there's an all-knowing reclusive loli, solving every case with their intellect/deus ex machina powers. They recruit Mr. Plain Average to be their masochistic doormats; mostly only existing to go from A-to-B on command and have things thrown at them from time to time.

Gosick has more than in the way of romance; Kamisama only offering tsundere rage over teddy sniffing. Gosick also has its heroine display adult maturity, as well as be childish over sweets... where as Ms. Kamisama wears teddy bear attire and, outside of case-rambling, might as well be the preteen she appears to be. BUT, if you're proud of being unemployed and not receiving education, Kamisama is for you.
Both of these Anime are done in simular styles as each other and they start off being told from the same persepective, the point of view of the male character. There is a mystery element to both and the characters in both series have their own qwirks.
Kamisama no Memochou has a saying that the dead live on only through the work of a detective or the work of a writer. Hyouka... despite not having as dark of mysteries as Kamisama no Memochou runs along this train of thought to start off with. Both have similar art styles on top of this.
*This is a three way reccomendation, as this (likely threw coincidence) has taken popular elements out of Durarara and Deathnote, added a few modern cliche character types and tried to turn it into something new*
*Kamisama almost meets Durarara!! and Deathnote in the middle; whether or not it is of equal or even half good quailty is still yet to be seen*

Kamisama and Deathnote:
- Starts with young, passive highschool boys who come across as intelligent
- A 'high power' who goes by one name and acts threw technology
- Creepy smart child who still harbours innocents playing the high-up boss (Alice = Near)
- Same boss is quirky and enjoys sweet treats (Alice = L, the guy Near replaced)
- Immoral activity plays on the minds of the mains
- A decent, yet not too close relationship with his family (basically, he'd get away with a lot, parents not knowing better)
- 'Memo pad of the Gods', 'Deathnote' (a notebook of a death god)
Cute little bossy smart loli girl wrapped up in mysteries alongside a level headed, not-too-clued-up male (typcal tsundere victum) who has just stumbled into the situation and attained the status sidekick.

Both girls appear to be gothic loli's.
Expanding on what a neet exactly is.
reportRecommended by lumii - Add to favorites
Bot these shows have a great mystery set up. They both have smart, but physically restraint heros. Conan has a deeper story and better mysteries, but Kamisama is a fun watch bringing more personality to the characters at times. kamisama's mysteries arent as deep and difficult as conan's but that can also work to its advantage because you feel like you can "win" more often watching it as well. If you dont mind the loli and schoolgirl like giddyness, kamisama is a great show for anyone craving more mysteries.
Both of them have a Group, and well The main character loved the other girl than the girl who likes him.
And well both series character got serious problems in their life
Both have this weird intelligent girl with an average protag working together, with some side characters helping out. They solve some mysteries and chase some baddies. Both are very similar in the atmosphere and overall feeling in the show. It's not too intelligent, but has enough content to satisfy the viewer.
Both have maen characther that joining with weird group

Both maen character have same seiyuu

Both weird group have a gigolo, NEET, etc

Both is Interesting
Dark detective stories with a gothic feal to the art. Both have a simular feal, despite one being aligned to reality, while the other is aligned to the supernatural.
both series have a group of NEET that supports the main characters
The theme of mystery is something hard to ignore in both series in both of these detective fiction series. Comedy and drama are also present as well as some emotional moments. Both of these series are a must-see for anime fans into the mystery genre.
Mystery is the theme in both of these series so for you fans of detective fiction out there, these two anime(s) are definitely something worth checking out.

Many of the cases have plot twists that tests the protagonists to various points.

And of course, there is drama, comedy, and small hints of affection (not necessary romance although it may be interpreted that way).
Some how I can't explain how there similar but when you watch one you will get almost the same kind of feeling about the other.
Detective/Case Solving with loli('s) as main character(s). Milky Holmes is more random and less serious than Kamisama no Memochou but still are somewhat related to detective cases.
Let's just say that these animes are about detectives? Okay? Now tantei opera milky Holmes is about 4 girls while Kamisama no memochou has about like 10 girl / guy . Tantei opera is Moe so you can't compare this to Kamisama how ever i still recommend this.
Both anime feature a diverse cast of characters brought together by an eccentric loli.
Both maincharacters kind of wander off all the time, dealing with mysterious events, that makes both similiar.
reportRecommended by leslo - Add to favorites
Both include NEETs (No employment, education, training)
Both have a young girl with superhuman intelligence
They have a similar art style
They have similar comedic elements
Yes the genres are completely different, you can expect one to be more intense/dramatic while the other is easy going. But the enjoyment for both of them are roughly the same, the characters have a similar connection with each other plus the main females are adorable.
Slow-paced, dialogue heavy mysteries that really make you think.
Not only are they both epic but They both have that same feel
a show where the group work to solve mysteries and both have some cool charaters.
the difference is in kamisama no memoucho there are no super power,
also in hamatora there are more *cool* boys,good sight for female watchers.
reportRecommended by yakoo - Add to favorites
Detective/Case solving with as main characters loli('s).
Kamisama no Memochou and Sasami-san have similar aspects to them such as, the NEET factor and shut in they're strictly bound to being indoors all the time. Also both girls have a very high connection to the internet and have surveillance cameras. Kamisama no Memochou falls more into the mystery, drama category where as Sasami-san is a category of it's own.
The job of a writer is to tell the stories and bring people back to life. Both main characters deal with similar situations and growing up.
Both of these are gothic styled detective series that deal with the psycological asspect of a persons psyche to solve the case, whether real or supernatural. They speak for the dead because the dead can't do it.
Dark gothic animation about two female detectives who have some sort of socialization problem but also have an attitude of some kind.
Both of these anime are about young girls involved in mysteries,. One is set in the early 1900's, while the other is set in a modern time frame. Their personalities while not majorly similar are a soft type of personality.
Alice is like Haruhi while Narumi is like Kyon and their relationship is similar.

Also, there is mystery in both series.
The NEET of Kamisama no Memochou remind me greatly of the characters from Gokusen in the fact that they don't fit in. It also involves Yakuza that is not normal.
Their not really about the same thing but the but This and Toaru Majutsu no Index both have the same Animation and art work
Really similar style of animation.
The two series are fill with mystery, thriller, and gore. The main characters tries to unravel a case and find the culprits. Very detective-base and psychological, and will keep you thinking constantly.
reportRecommended by Lanet - Add to favorites
Let's just say that both involves guys who's is living a boring school life and all of the sudden got themselves into something which spells "TROUBLE" and the best part for them is.......they're enjoying it.
Although these are not too similar, The main characters are very much alike, they are little delicate girls. Who have almost everything done for them, and don't have to do much themselves, but that makes troubles for them later on...
• Similar Character design
•Both have gangs
•Both have a large cast
•Both have detective/crime work
•Both can be confusing at times.
Both have hard to solve mysteries, that there is always more to then first meets the eye.
reportRecommended by Jruru - Add to favorites
Same drama feeling
while watching Kokoro Connect it made me think of Kamisama no Memochou
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