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Nagato Yuki-chan no Shoushitsu add
Nagato Yuki, the shy president of the literature club, has never been very sure of herself around other people. But around Kyon, the only boy in the tiny, three-person club, Yuki finds herself falteri... read more.
Danna ga Nani wo Itteiru ka Wakaranai Ken add
The show follows the daily life of an earnest, hardworking office lady named Kaoru and her otaku husband, Hajime, who is totally immersed in a certain huge net bulletin board system. (Source: ANN,e... read more.
From Osaka with Cheer! add
A promotional anime for Osaka funded by the Osaka Convention & Tourism Bureau.
Kogitsune no Okurimono add
Three child kitsune break a precious family portrait an old lady had trying to get the offerings she usually leaves for them.
Hanamaru Koutsuu Anzen add
An educational film about traffic safety staring Hanamaru.
Tobidashicha dame! add
An educational film about traffic safety.
Minna no Doutoku add
DVD collections that feature various stories with morals aimed at children. The DVDs come with supplementary reading as these videos are meant for a classroom setting.
Nanatsu no Hoshi add
Based on Leo Tolstoy's retelling of the The Big Dipper. A young girl from a village suffering from a drought goes in search of water for her sick mother.
Kaneko Misuzu: Yasashisa no Fuukei add
Poetry of Kaneko Misuzu read while descriptive animations play in the background.
Jigoku no Soubee add
Based on a picture book of the same name. Four people that died have to use their special skills in order to get out of hell and into paradise.
Ijimekko Ookami to Nana-chan add
An educational animation on the problems of bullying told through the the fable of "The Wolf and the Seven Young Goats".
Kitsune to Budou add
An educational film about planning for the future. The story focuses on a fox pup that wants to eat all the grape off a new plant. His mother tells him not to and he didn't understand why. When he gro... read more.
Minna Ichiban! add
An educational film about seeing the best in people.
Hitotsu no Hana add
Based on a book of the same name. An educational film about the food shortage during the Pacific War.
Soba no Hana Saita Hi add
An educational film about environmentalism.
Mimizuku to Tsuki-sama add
An educational film about playground bullying.
Obake Nagaya add
A comedic tale about a haunted room.
Okaa-san, Nakanaide add
An educational anime about the importance of life.
Yakusoku: Africa Mizu to Midori add
An educational film about technology and perseverance can help those less fortunate. In the film's example, it's building a green wall and green sanctuary to combat the spreading desert in Africa in o... read more.
Tasukeai no Rekishi: Inochi Hoken no Hajimari add
An educational film about the history of life insurance.
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